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Guest Name
Lotte Mikkelsen
Lotte Mikkelsen
Guest Occupation
Laughter Yoga Master
Guest Biography

“Laughing for a living - THAT is possible”! And she loves every moment.

Lotte Mikkelsen believes that there is no such thing as laughing too much.  She feels it’s important to “just laugh loads because it gives you a great set of joy-coloured spectacles for viewing life's ups and downs”.

She feels that laughter is an essential part of her. She smiles, too, without laughing, because it generates the best of mirror-effects in other people.  Laughter is like the great connecting glue.  As a Laughter Ambassador and the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the UK, Lotte feels it comes with a responsibility to laugh and cheer for smiles from everyone.

​If she could be anything in this world she would choose to be a Unicorn - why? Unicorns are magical of the purest nature and come with glitter and starburst and mother of pearl plus all the other features that are just out of this world!