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In the spirit of Christmas,"You Better Watch Out"   is the focus of tomorrow night's conversation, but we're we're not going to tell you why until tomorrow night.
Now, you may think that it's because a magical, mysterious know-it-all elf is coming to town, but I'm not so sure about that. I haven't believed in said elf since I was in college and read Hegel and Schopenhauer.
"Let's Face It," there are so many issues, problems and dilemmas demanding our time, attention and money which is why "Let's Face It," is the focus of tonight's program.
I'm thinkin' that "Let's Face It," is kind of the opposite of denial.  It certainly is a call to the task of taking a good look at what who we are, what we're doing, why we're doing it and what other options we may have.

Today's phrase is "That's More Like It."

Tonight's topic- "Now We're Talkin' "

Our guest this week is Sam Pressler - President and Executive Director of the Armed Services Arts Partnership. He will be talking about - an eight-week comedy writing and performing class exclusively for veterans and service members. By the end of the eight weekly sessions, participating veterans deliver a five-minute stand-up set to a public audience, and are then inducted into alumni meet-up groups.

President and Executive Director of the Armed Services Arts Partnership and Founder and President of The William & Mary Center for Veterans Engagement (WMCVE)

This week's topic phrase is "In Other Words."