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Truth Or Dare with Sophie with Sophie Mahalko
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Sophie Mihalko

Is it time you start having what you know is possible?

You are at the right place!

Have you done a lot of work on yourself and you have not seen the change that you know if possible?

Or have you been “dealing” with a situation for many years and you now know it’s time to change it?

Would you like pragmatic and empowering steps toward the money, relationship, business, career or body you want to have?

In these Strategy sessions with Sophie, you get to say and be ANYTHING you want. You get to explore what you truly want to create and / or get free from your most limiting thoughts.

Whatever it is, Sophie creates a SPACE of freedom, a space for you to get out of the box of “it will be hard, it’s not possible, I don’t know how, it takes time” spinning thoughts we often trap ourselves in.

After getting clarity on what you want to create, Sophie will design a strategy for you to get that. It will be a co-creation where you will get to see what it’s like to have someone on your side to create what you want.

Just don’t expect to stop at what you think you want

The Tools

The tools used in these sessions are pragmatic, easy to use and follow energy. Sophie will send you a PDF with some of the basic Access Consciousness® tools after the session if you are not familiar with them.


"Sophie is a sexy being of magnitude! Don’t watch any of her webinars or videos unless you want to smile and laugh while changing the world!"

K., Florida

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