Sophie Mihalko

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Sophie Mihalko
Los Angeles
Access Consciousness™ Facilitator, Comedian, Youtube Specialist, Video Productions Filmmaker, Workshop Leader, Coach, Speaker and Talk Shot Host

Sophie Mihalko is Access Consciousness™ Facilitator, Comedian, Youtube Specialist, Workshop Leader, Coach, Speaker and Talk Show Host.

Through her video and facilitation work Sophie asks "What if being you could change the world?" and "What other possibilities could you choose that if you chose them could transform your reality and the reality of other people?". Choice, Possibilities and Beyonds gives tools and processes to anyone ready and willing to create a life beyond the contextual reality we are living in. What if it was much easier and much more fun that we were taught it could be? What if we really had the super powers of our most awesome superheroes AND MORE? How does it get any better than this?


Sophie’s coaching is intuitive, sharp and takes into consideration the work you have already done. Sophie helps you see what is true for you in relationships, finance, business and creativity.


Sophie leads workshops all over the world to initiate the change and difference we all truly want to be and see. Some workshops are on specific topics and some give you a broad set of tools to create anything you desire.


Motivational Speaking is from the 90’s. When Sophie talks, she empowers the audience to create something different

Video Series

Sophie Mihalko and Gosia Lorenz give you many different perspectives on several topics like Business, Money, Bodies, Wrongness, Family and more!