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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 18 May 2021

Shift Happens! with Karin Weiri

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Who craves to know more, do more, BE more? How can we plow through the perceived or real obstacles that hold us back from shining our true inner light? The world needs you and your unique gifts. As human beings we are influenced by every sight, sound, touch, smell, experience, and taste. Some influences are subtle and others are traumatic. How do they all affect us?

How does gut health affect our mental health? How do you survive and even thrive after divorce? How can you take on dating as a personal growth journey? How do we build healthier and more engaging intimate relationships? How can something that happened when we were 4 years old still affect us when we are 57 years old? How can we heal our bodies with the foods we eat or eliminate? How can we tap into spontaneous healing with the placebo effect? What effect does our financial health have on our mental and physical health. We will take a deep dive into these and many more questions. Are you ready?

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Karin C. Weiri, LMFT
Orange City
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Life Coach, Divorce Therapist, Reiki Healer, Speaker and Radio Show Host

Karin has her Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. She is a Stetson graduate, Licensed in Florida since 2003, EMDR trained, Custom Debt Payoff Coach, Level I Reiki trained, and started the radio show “Shift Happens!” on Voice America in 2018 where we Shift Your Mind, Shift Your Body, and Shift Your Money. We look at how to heal our old wounds physically, emotionally, financially, so we can begin to tap into our unlimited potential as human beings.

Her first job in the field was at a domestic violence shelter while going through graduate school. She worked at various local non-profit agencies and started her private practice in 2009 as a way to make her own schedule since she had a toddler and needed to spend more time with him. She works with military veterans, adult survivors of child abuse and domestic violence, and people who feel anxious and they don’t know why! She finds out why they feel anxious, targets it, and helps “update the brain’s software” so the intelligent part of the brain realizes that what is in the past, truly IS in the past. This is often done in 3-6 sessions using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing).

Her passion is to help people who have gone through trauma and suffer with anxiety using a powerful method called EMDR that targets cognitions, emotions, and the physical body to help release the body's memory of it on a cellular, neurological, and physical level. In essence, EMDR is a way to speed up neuroplasticity.

She works holistically and looks at each person’s emotional, physical, and financial health and targets the area that is most in need. Each area affects the other. Stress about finances will put a person in survival mode which affects a person’s emotion, relationships, and long-term high levels of stress cause physical health problems. Physical health problems will cause anxiety, depression, or certain medical procedures may have caused PTSD, and the bills that go along with paying for medical care can cause even more stress. With a software that uses algorithms to cancel out interest and accumulate interest and interest float to strategically pay off debts you have a financial GPS system to get ahead of the game. With an average 22 years and $106,000 saved in time and interest, you are well on your way to build your financial legacy. On the physical health side, Karin works with her clients finding the best food plan for your goals and natural supplements will best support a healthy lifestyle that keeps you active and involved in life. 

She also runs retreats to help people unplug from their every day running around taking care of business and learn how to take care of themselves on a level most people don’t ever take the time to do. She makes the retreats experiential as she finds it to be the most effective way to move people.