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Shift Happens, December 25, 2019

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Shift Happens
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Our Demonized Emotional World!

Shift Happens! with Karin Weiri

Our Demonized Emotional World!

We live in a society where having a negative emotion for very long is extremely unpleasant and we want instant gratification and get rid of it ASAP! So we squash it with busy behavior, medication, alcohol, food. Anything to relieve the ache. What you are actually doing with this approach is stopping a very natural flow which then becomes congested. In this episode 20 plus year veteran of the world of managing and healing emotional wounds, Karin Weiri, will do a deep dive into how traumatic memories are stored dysfunctionally, which then causes other behavior patterns to occur that do not serve you. The GREAT news is that you are not stuck in that dysfunctional loop of getting triggered and acting out forever. Karin will describe how specifically EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) helps the brain take dysfunctionally stored memories and "update" the brain's software so the memory is stored properly. Once this has occurred you are free to be authentically YOU!

Shift Happens

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Who craves to know more, do more, BE more? How can we plow through the perceived or real obstacles that hold us back from shining our true inner light? The world needs you and your unique gifts. As human beings we are influenced by every sight, sound, touch, smell, experience, and taste. Some influences are subtle and others are traumatic. How do they all affect us?

How does gut health affect our mental health? How do you survive and even thrive after divorce? How can you take on dating as a personal growth journey? How do we build healthier and more engaging intimate relationships? How can something that happened when we were 4 years old still affect us when we are 57 years old? How can we heal our bodies with the foods we eat or eliminate? How can we tap into spontaneous healing with the placebo effect? What effect does our financial health have on our mental and physical health. We will take a deep dive into these and many more questions. Are you ready?

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