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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 10 May 2021

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez

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About The Show

The real estate market is undergoing a fast-paced and dynamic resurgence. The Real Estate Answer Man show offers straight talk, news and commentary on today’s real estate market. All facets of our dynamic real estate market will be covered. Industry experts join the host to discuss:

  • News & Trends ˜
  • Financing options & updates
  • New construction projects
  • Short Sales˜
  • Investment Strategies
  • Buying ˜
  • Selling ˜
  • Renting ˜
  • Foreclosure Defense ˜
  • Loan Modifications ˜
  • and Much, Much More

Featured Guests


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Tony Martinez
Fort Lauderdale Area
Licensed Real Estate Broker, Speaker, Short Sales Expert, Talk Show Host

Tony Martinez, “The Real Estate Answer Man”, is a licensed real estate broker and nationally acclaimed speaker. He is one of the nation’s foremost Short Sales experts having trained nearly 8,000 real estate agents on the Short Sales process. He brings a fresh, humorous and practical perspective to covering the real estate topics most important to listeners. The Real Estate Answer Man Show is heard Tuesdays from 6:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern time

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I really enjoyed your show last week on home inspection.
It is so important to ensure that your home is properly inspected.
The home I purchased a few years ago had a garage that was converted to a
living room by the previous owner. I soon started have water leakage and a
severe mold problem in this converted space. When I called a mold inspector
out I had discovered that no stem wall was installed when this space was
converted. It cost me thousands of dollars to make the proper repairs. As
this was not flood related this was not covered by my home insurance. So it
is so important to ensure that your home is properly inspected.

Thanks for the great topic -


Hi Tony. I listened to your show for the 1st time this week & love it. I live in the sf Bay Area & will be selling my condo soon. My question is this: it is a 30 yr old cond that really needs to be upgraded. It would take about $10,000 to put it in pristine condition to sell but would only increase the sale value by $20,000 or so. Is it really worth doing.

Thanks again for your show. It's a great addition to BBS radio

Joe from the SF Bay Area