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Submitted by Amir Meshel on 5 October 2021

Radio Toni and Real Estate with Amir Meshel

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Show Host:

Amir Meshel - Buyer's Agent

• Appeal to the vendor that isn’t ready
• Renovate for sale
• Master short term accommodation without becoming a part-time cleaner
• Write an option contract
• Grow on LinkedIn
• Market using ClubHouse on Android and Apple iOS
• Monetise on Facebook
• Attract on Instagram
• Secretly grow your income in a property without becoming a landlord

Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
11:00 am CT
11:55 am CT

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Radio Toni and Real Estate with Amir Meshel, October 12, 2021 The process of picking properties for investment potential
Radio Toni and Real Estate with Amir Meshel, October 5, 2021 Buying Investment Property, what to do, best excuses, do your own homework
Amir Meshel
New South WalesAustralia
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Investor, Real Estate Agent

A 2nd generation investor, Amir Meshel witnessed renovation secrets at the age of 10 and by 16 immersed himself in developing an investor mindset. Starting with $5k and the benefit of training in Financial Planning (RG146) at a “Big Four” Australian Bank, Amir invested in regional NSW, Tasmania, and WA. After consecutive years of 6 figure incomes and extending into 7-figure profit from real estate, Amir became a Real Estate Agent. Now Amir works purely as a Buyer’s Agent, negotiating on behalf of the buyer. Author of the series “Where’s The Bees Blueprint®️”