Zeta Global Radio, September 26, 2015

Zeta Global Radio with guest Akashianna
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Zeta Global Radio
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Calming the Mind during Chaotic Times with Special Guest Akashianna

Zeta Global Radio with Laine Sevante Quirk and guest Akashianna

Guest, Akashianna

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Medicine Women & Spiritual Guide
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Medicine Women & Spiritual Guide
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Akashianna is a medicine woman, visionary, spiritual guide, minister, beloved teacher and consummate lover of life.  She embodies true love for all beings.

Whether in prayer, counseling, guiding and ceremony, Akshianna shines spiritual truths through her embodiment of mindfulness and inspired actions for her heart, knowing that all is within us and all is one.

Her reverence for Mother Earth is demonstrated through her BEAUTY WAY CREATIONS FOUNDATION – assisting the transformation of lawns to gardens a sacred union of bringing beauty to our mother earth.

Akashianna’s greatest joy is her role as facilitator and holding space for individuals and groups to reunite and remember their inner perfection and wholeness in connection  and concert with the universe.  Her work is through sacred journey work, sacred travel and mirroring the sacred in each being she touches.

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