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Why Am I So Happy, October 25, 2016

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Why Am I So Happy
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with guests Chef Sharynne Frazer and then Tonya McLaughlin

Why Am I So Happy with don guests Chef Sharynne Frazer and then Tonya McLaughlin

Guest, Chef Sharynne Frazer

Guest Name
Chef Sharynne Frazer
Guest Occupation
Speaker, Author, nutritionist, healthcare advocate, fundraiser, celebrity radio host
Guest Biography

Chef Sharynne Frazer is a nutritionist, natural and oral healthcare advocate, fundraiser, and celebrity radio host in Las Vegas. Also a speaker and Barnes & Noble #1 best-selling author, She is a Brand Ambassador for the American Heart Association, and is the first non-physician board member to be named to their Multi-Social Task Force in 2015. Mixing restorative medicine practices with her 40+ years of experience empowering audiences, Chef Sharynne teaches others how to overcome their ailments with strategic lifestyle decisions and constructive prosperity. As a culinary specialist, she has offered countless individuals the skills to incorporate small changes in their diets that lead to enormous benefits for health and general wellbeing.

Chef Sharynne is the host of Vita-Myr’s Healthy Living Radio Show in Las Vegas, a Beasley Broadcast Group station. On her show, listeners learn helpful tips that educate and promote sound oral health and wellness practices. Instrumental in the teaching and promotion of the raw food movement, over a decade ago, She has since taken on the task of propagating an area of wellness that has been long neglected by many — Oral Health. The Surgeon General has declared oral health our nation’s #1 healthcare crisis; this neglect particularly affects children and seniors. Statistically, over 85% of the American population has some level of oral health problems that has gone unnoticed. Poor oral health is a contributing factor that leads to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, eczema, HIV and other ailments. Poor oral health is a silent killer! Chef Sharynne herself has been a long-time sufferer of periodontal disease for over 45 years. She has spent over a quarter of million dollars in dental care over a lifetime. After many years of pain, she has found the answer to this deadly disease and wishes to share it with you!

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Guest, Tonya McLaughlin

Guest Name
Tonya McLaughlin
Guest Occupation
Educator, Holistic Health Advocate
Guest Biography

Tonya McLaughlin is a Seer and a vessel of Intuitive Healing. "It is Ke Akua, It is Creator and the Universal Energy. I am merely the hands and vehicle for the Love to Shine through"

She is listening to your body and seeing your authentic soul self. The true you starts to emerge from under all the layers of programming and false notions. Transformation occurs at a cellular level and outwards. Through the Divine, she drops a pebble of Love sending ripples of transmutation and Light into all the areas that were before plugged.

Why Am I So Happy

Show Host

I love sharing a smile or compliment with others and being a positive energy in the world. I am so grateful for the guests and listeners I come in contact with everyday through my shows. I wish to be a beacon of hope, light and Inspiration in a harsh world. A place where others can tune in to embrace the positivity of others, leaving them feeling uplifted and loved.

Paula Vail is an IAOTP Top Wellness Coach of the 2017 and​ IAOTP Top Female Professional of 2018.

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