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WAMJ DB Radio, October 30, 2019

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Guest, Dr Johnny Delirious, Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor - Master of Survival

WAMJ DB Radio with Janice C Miller

Master of Survival

Guest, Dr Johnny Delirious, Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor

Guest Name, Dr Johnny Delirious

Dr Johnny Delirious
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Hearing my recovery story will give new material to your show. With fresh ideas and hope your listeners will be inspired not to give up but to fight harder. Life is always more of an opportunity than it is a loss. Many people forget that. Sharing my experience of recovery as well as helping my patients live that were sent home to die, I will bring to your show front and center how lucky we really are. 
In the early 1980s I  worked with one of the first pioneers of the scientific modality – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), finding the right diet to experience life free of disease. I then owned and managed an analysis laboratory but did not know I had life threatening hepatitis c. When I sold the business because I had no energy and went for treatment the doctors tested and examined me, I had 12 million hep c viral load and 96% scar tissue (cirrhosis). They said I would have to have a liver transplant because I had less than 6 months to live. When I choose not to get the transplant because I wanted natural therapy they said I was not thinking right and called me delirious. That was over 25 years ago. I  naturally recovered from my life threatening illness using my experience from the lab. Today, I work with several laboratories to balance the gut and balance every cell in the body. With my expert advice of 35+ years of experience as a professional in the health industry I help my patients achieve total wellness. The guessing game to achieve good health is over. There is only one Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor Johnny Delirious – The Master Survivor ™ his work is truly beyond Ph.D.


Show Host

Janice C Miller, R.N. B.S.N. J.D.
Nurse-Attorney, Administrative Law Judge (Retired)

Hello, I’m Janice Miller and I would like the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am excited about being the host of my own Radio Show and Podcast. I hope that as you tune-in this will be a journey that you as our audience and guest will thoroughly enjoy. As a Registered Professional Nurse and Attorney, I know the importance of real discussions, dialogue, fairness, compassion, listening and valuing someone else’s point of view, even though we may disagree. Voices of change, and communication is the key for bringing about real sustainable changes within our society.

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