Guest Name, Dr Johnny Delirious

Dr Johnny Delirious
Dr. Johnny Delirious
Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor
In the early 1980s I  worked with one of the first pioneers of the scientific modality – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), finding the right diet to experience life free of disease. I then owned and managed an analysis laboratory but did not know I had life threatening hepatitis c. When I sold the business because I had no energy and went for treatment the doctors tested and examined me, I had 12 million hep c viral load and 96% scar tissue (cirrhosis). They said I would have to have a liver transplant because I had less than 6 months to live. When I choose not to get the transplant because I wanted natural therapy they said I was not thinking right and called me delirious. That was over 25 years ago. I  naturally recovered from my life threatening illness using my experience from the lab. Today, I work with several laboratories to balance the gut and balance every cell in the body. With my expert advice of 35+ years of experience as a professional in the health industry I help my patients achieve total wellness. The guessing game to achieve good health is over. There is only one Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor Johnny Delirious – The Master Survivor ™ his work is truly beyond Ph.D.