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Voices of Courage, September 1, 2019

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Voices of Courage
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Guests, Melissa Metcalf Le Roy, Hilary Paul McGuire and Kristine Jackson

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster

Guests, Melissa Metcalf Le Roy, Hilary Paul McGuire and Kristine Jackson


Guest #1 Melissa Metcalf Le Roy

Voices of Courage to feature Melissa’s Journey

Building your Fire through health and wellness

Fitness, Health and Nutritional Inspiration Igniter Melissa Metcalf Le Roy to Be Featured on “Voice of Courage”

“Voices of Courage” radio show welcomes Holistic Practitioner and Fitness Guru Melissa Metcalf Le Roy to their program

[August 2019] Melissa Metcalf Le Roy founder of OnFire Healing and Consulting, will be featured on the August 28, 2019 episode of popular radio show, “Voices of Courage,” at 10:30am PST. A replay of the program will be shared the following week on September 3, 2019, and the show can also be accessed via Facebook

Voices of Courage airs on terrestrial radio, internet radio, internet TV, and podcast around the world. The show reaches millions of listeners who tune in to hear host Ken D. Foster interview guests with uplifting, courageous, and impactful messages that inspire people to change their lives for the better.

Program guest Melissa Metcalf Le Roy inspires men and women all of all ages to take charge of their health and wellness goals through fitness and easy, healthy nutritional recipes with her blog featuring the 52 week eating healthy challenge. She also encourages everyone she comes in contact with to ignite and maintain their fire through her inspirational story. Melissa’s mission and passion is helping people heal themselves.

More About Crystal: Once over 226 pounds, a women’s size 16 Melissa (Melissa is currently 130 pounds and a women’s size 0, loosing close to 100 pounds!) suffered from a very rare disease that had her taking over 9 prescription medications. When she met Dr. Joseph Picone with Foothills Wellness Center, where she now works assisting him as a Holistic Nutritional Practitioner, her life went from bad to great. Today Melissa celebrates life daily and has taken her past love of “sports”, actively participating in road races, half marathons and Spartan Races. Her other active hobbies include Mountain Biking, Hiking and StandUp Paddle Board. In 2014 Melissa’s successfully achieved the Spartan Trifecta, competing in all three Spartan Races distances in one year. Melissa is certified in TRX, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Spinning and Yoga Instruction. As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner, Melissa has also earned a certificate in Culturally Based Native Health through Western Carolina University.

Melissa is a graduate in Entrepreneurship of Western Carolina University and a graduate in Nonprofit Management of Duke University teaches non-profit management classes throughout North Carolina and the U.S. for Duke University. She is a past board member of the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits. For four years she contributed a regular “Non-Profit Leadership” column for the Tryon Daily Bulletin, and currently offers her services as a consultant through her own firm, OnFire Nonprofit Consulting.

A Western North Carolina native, Melissa lives in Saluda, North Carolina with her husband Chris and their two dogs Chandra & Cali.


Guest #2  Hilary Paul McGuire

Hilary Paul McGuire had a classical education taught by Benedictine monks at St. Gregory’s High School and College in Oklahoma. He joined the faculty as Brother Hilary, named after the famed AD 300 author /Bishop Hilary of Poitiers, France.

While heading the math department, Hilary started men’s and women’s tennis teams at Saint Gregory’s and spent two summers coaching at the Kings Highway Tennis Club in Brooklyn, New York.

Br. Hilary was always looking for ways to broaden the lives of his students. In 1970, he was inspired to create a theatrical version of the first rock opera “Tommy.” Since the rock group ‘The Who’ had released the music only the year before, they readily granted permission for a staging. Hilary’s show was similar to the music videos of today with the actors adding dance and drama to the music. “Tommy” was not professionally produced until the Seattle Opera did so in 1971.

Hilary developed a line of unique and philosophical sculptures, employing the medium which he calls “antique iron with character” from Oklahoma farm equipment and railroad steel. These are reflective of his philosophical background and the approach he uses in teaching math. His most notable piece, "Justice?" appeared in a full-page photo with the artist in Southwest Art magazine, March 1977.

After ten years teaching math and tennis in Oklahoma, Hilary was sent to teach math and English in East LA. He started a National Junior Tennis League team with the organizational backing of famed tennist Gussy Moran. Local Chicano gang members joined his private school students and learned discipline the fun way. At the same time, he founded the tennis team at Cantwell High School in the nearby city of Montebello.

After two years in LA, his teaching continued in Oklahoma where he coached his men’s team to 18th place among 36 entries at the Junior College Nationals in Ocala, Florida in 1971. For his 15 years of gratis work promoting tennis, Hilary was awarded an honorary lifetime membership in the US Professional Tennis Assn.

Since leaving 20 years of monastic life, Mr. McGuire has taught math and some tennis for the San Diego Community College District. He met his wife of 37 years on a tennis court in San Diego. They have three grown children and enjoy playing tennis together on local courts.

His work with the gangs in East Los Angeles as a monk and later as a math teacher at San Diego City College forms the basis for his first two books "Hopie and the Los Homes Gang: A Gangland Primer" and "Homeboys in College." It is because of his membership in the USPTA that Hilary met Pat and Pam Stewart and undertook writing their story in the book "Tennis Saves: Stewart Orphans Take World by Racket."


1) Personal motto: “There’s not much I can do for the world, but what I can, I do.” 

2,3,4) Personal motivations: A) Realization that everyone is waiting for someone to speak to them, to smile at them, and appreciate what they are doing. B) Your goodness must reach out; world’s not coming to you. C) For God’s glory and the advancement of His kingdom on earth. 

5,6,...12) Life Lessons--leave some for your children: A)…from teaching Gangs and Muslims, everyone responds to love & vigor. B)…from making Sculptures, we’re all artists—whether we let it out or not. C)…from living life, see an unmet need—do what you can. D)…from writing books, if you can write a sentence, you can write a book. E)…on old age: meeting it without character and values, is a losing proposition. F)…from teaching math, must be done with vigor & creativity. G)…from teaching tennis, it builds character, self discipline & delay of gratification. H)…from jogging for exercise, not for self alone, but for community—pick up trash & recyclables. I)…from responding to every opportunity, we learn to thank, appreciate, encourage and love everyone. J)…from monasticism, let God lead. K)…on Courage: be willing to speak to strangers, be a good example when others are not, get your hands dirty, reuse before recycling, love the needy, face change w/o losing your values. L)…from writing songs: write a poem first, then musicalize it.

Keep on doing all the good, 


Guest #3 Kristine Jackson

Kristine Jackson bio and talking points

Clinical Director of Villa Kali Ma

After graduating magna cum laude with a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. She is certified in in several modalities including Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT), Motivational Interviewing, Eating Disorders (CEDS), and Experiential Therapy, (CET I). After being awarded LPS designation, She then got certified in co-ocurring disorders from UCLA.

Working with clients and families of those struggling with eating disorders and other mental health issues for the past 25 years, I continually discovered the importance of a therapeutic process to get a deeper level of healing. I have a passion for helping Seekers through the beautifully challenging time of exploring not just behaviors, but the beliefs that hold them. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and there is a gift in that. My hope is that you gain clarity, confidence, and true connection.

Talking Points;

- Choice vs. disease and evolution of neurological understandings 

- Addiction rules and progression of disease parallels in the family

- Grief:  Loss, longing and feeling lost

- Treatment considerations:  addressing the social, physical, psychological and spiritual 

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