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Unlimited Life, January 19, 2022

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Vincent Molina

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Vincent Molina

Topic: Vincent Molina - The General Contractor of Business

Description: Vincent Molina - has over 30 years of corporate experience in such areas as business strategy, management & corporate training. He became one of the youngest Fortune 500 trainers at age 20.

As a Business Strategist Vincent provides support at the executive & board level in areas of corporate engineering, business development & capital acquisition. His passion, commitment & expertise have led his dedicated clients to their achieved goals. Vincent has supported a variety of industries such as technology, consumer products & services, music, film, the green industry & others. He works closely with companies to support them in obtaining necessary professional & financial support & other resources required to achieve success. As a result of his work, other professionals have dubbed him, “The General Contractor of Business”.

Vincent is a Member of and Instructor for CEO Space International where he has taught classes to thousands of Members on various aspects of Business Strategy, Capital Acquisition & Networking. Vincent has also instructed classes in Identifying and Communicating your passion to CEO Space Teen Program.

He has participated on the U.S.A. Today’s Small Business Panel which serves 20 million entrepreneurs. He is a published author who has been featured on national television and radio shows and a contributing author of the Best Seller Law of Business Attraction.

Vincent has also served in the United States Air Force and was a Legislative Aid at the state level.

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Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

hi it's Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life we have such a special and extraordinary show for you today when I created unlimited life it was really my greatest dream and goal and desire to bring you the very best the top experts in their field from around the world really the very best tools techniques keys and secrets to living that unlimited life the kind of life you always dreamed of desired of new you deserve to didn't know you've known as the general contractor business and the first time I ever had an opportunity to win at work I actually just walked into a workshop I had no idea he was instructor I had no idea what the workshop was it was a teaching and business and I just wandered in the room and I
honestly say I was blown away I was mesmerized I was glued I was captivated and I was on the edge of my seat and I had to know who this guy was in a course I had to come back time and time again to learn from him just teaching is so profound and what he's able to do for individuals and businesses as launch them into areas and resist never knew were even possible and so with great honor that I welcome today's guests welcome to the show that was very gracious thank you so much you are amazing I was looking at your house that you were the youngest Fortune 500 trainer at just 20 years old
yeah you know it's very interesting because when I meet that one of the keys was like my my father taught me
and what are the keys going to integrate the spell to call is one of the keys is on it you know I don't you know Mike comes by service so that's all I do with that company don't listen I got called into the office this is something a lot of people don't do you have you're not afraid of competition
and you listen you learn you teach other people aren't you afraid of people stepping on you or taking your job and I was like why would I pull up daddy taught me that and that's what's up
he's like he's like yeah you'll be one of the youngest or youngest my sister the company as a fortune if you want it
it's one of my favorite questions to ask people that which is the did you know question so you're talking about when you were that you had this Grand birthday present anybody they want whatever and I know that you were saying that your father had and all these businesses so did you know when you were six seven eight 10:11 that was at in your nature to serve people to help people were you able to come up with ideas that can change people's eyes or help other kids are other teams or was it something that all of a sudden you just open your eyes one day and said Josh that's the career path I would love to go down
you know something I literally have Goosebumps right now from my whole body I've never missed a question but I Knew by the Aged between 10 and 12
and the reason I know is that I never got around to ask him because I work for my aunt and I became a cleaning boy house by whatever and Holmes she was very well today and I became that yard boy became a landscaper at 10 and by 12 I said I want to have my own business
and I didn't know what I'm going to do but I know that's fine I know what that time it would happen but I didn't make the least until 20 years ago and I'm 54 now so I'm going to go
that's just phenomenal I watch you except it seems an obviously it's not obviously it's years of knowledge and wisdom and information and strategy and business Acumen and all of these things to watch you it's like walking and breathing to watch
let you know I didn't think you you know what I tell people and want to listen to get this if you are a business owner you don't know I don't know if I learn from the people in the visualization if you were going to Corporation I'll make it very simple if it's a 10-story building what I did all the other company will accompany any of that and so I knew I need to learn for business skills skill sets to have a company launched it officially kerbals two years
and because I knew I had and listen to my my trainers I listen to copious notes talk to them people
entrepreneur planning
an action not action and planning
take action but they don't take planning so what happened that I was with many many years ago and they just trade market Resurrection is more costly and birth
resurrection's more confident you'll never go back and try to resurrect electronic
and if you just go to the action out of or whatever that's where it's at when I grow up
is a tribe needed to do and that's one thing I'll move on there's a difference between its two companies
AC operated let me know or not offering it that you don't know
and that's an estate and Michael in a service on spinners of all stages to take the bail off of what they don't know
as I'm very well known about this to get them stocked not an opinion how do you think
so when you're saying of all stages of business to make five basic decisions I'm so glad that you said that because I'm looking at your bio you have work on all different time you've worked with engineering and Business Development Capital acquisition and consumerism music film 24
it's the same formula to success or your existing the grow so for example for everything
you're so focused on I call it to regular tracks is cycling or I've done this for like 2 years to develop on the left because you looking real attracts what happens when you merge right they merge into one track
we're doing we're going to generating and making them so there is a scornful of course a requirement start at work and it's funny because the company or business partner
on a line really in-depth to and
and so people are giving people what they want but it doesn't get in your checked it and I'll make money but you may not succeed
if I'm really respect an honest and tell you that's not what you mean but you know I'm being a service you may not want to hear it. Okay
if you want what you need to be successful on what you want to think to be successful and that is a dilemma and the Consulting and coaching industry when I say separately I came like an Fortune 500 World many years ago was a trick question absolutely and so as you talk about helping all these companies I know that your expertise in your experience has led you to be able to help people and professional level and with financial support and resources and anything that they really need to achieve that ultimate success which is why I love that you're on a limited life and how to have unlimited business success and but I know that along the way you have been kind of dubbed the general contractor in business was just looking at that
makes me smile I feel like I'm dancing on there and I said the general contractor sterical and I didn't
just to develop ideas and I didn't had a lot of things which we can talk about the difference between
when people here raising Capital to SBA loan I'll take a lot of credit on my home that's boring money primarily selling stock and it privately held company just like the stock market so people actually have and abuser
and I'm like I don't like yeah because by the time they get to us if their client of yours you're on the phone so we don't have to like dick so hard and we know they're going to communicate what they're doing and you're going to sell the place because the challenge we have is professionals Legal Financial do what they tell us even though we ask them and then literally like no no no that's not what I wanted so try me money is a gentleman
if you draw a big circle on a piece of paper please and tell him I don't care if it's a bond paper
and you put a. Little
a picture of a spouse that has a job for you
the circle represents how big you want to go with your startup or just incomplete so for those of you who are a little more left brain like me
now that's the big circle put a lot of
do sexist represent your subcontractors architect framer electrician
landscaper plumber
my vision my drawings and when I want to come
and so people hire usually not all a general contractor because they know how to communicate your vision the house to the subcontractors
now let's just look at the Circle in the dark in the middle or the. Otherwise and you want to grow that big now
the exes represent your subcontractors attorney marketing person web development Brandon specialist Etc. It could be prototyping manufacturing all that
and you're like I'm nervous
that's why I got the contract
now you're not alone when I don't have ownership in a company so I work on the management executive board left in the center of the circle and help you communicate these people to build strong CEOs and management team am I going straight Independence versus I'm there to help you that's why this professional that's the similarity of building a house like the only business and why I got stuck with me general contractor
I love that I mean that was such a clear explanation thank you I also love the differentiation between independent and co-dependent
here's the thing I made sweet some people
therapist psychiatrist do they get the lesson at what point does this person
you're ready to go out the world or or whatever did you really learn the lesson
and they create codependent some of them I got to make some people that's okay but when it comes to a handful of people but we are here to do our job to build strong individuals I've done what I came to do my service and they don't have to come back unless they want something else or any area
not codependent because if I wanted you I would be work with clients for two three four years my gold with with either within 3 6 9 or 12 months since I transferred all my skills and knowledge to you
because that's what works as a trainer in a cup
because one day they're not going to be there and you're going to fun with that you know that either you've participated on the USA Today small business panel which serves I believe that 20 million entrepreneurs with Fortune 500 companies to work at that level with all of these millions of entrepreneurs around the world and then you so generously as you talked about serving have also been training the youth and working with a c o t program and and identify and communicating their passions and so how does that work with teens when you have a new
before they made mistakes before they take action before they planned and you can actually start with the idea to see where they're in the center of that idea in your next to them and then translated into the growth and to the CEOs of the future and young entrepreneurs of the future
show me this rephrases your question is about working with teams and molding that way might as well 20-plus year old friend and helping to come in and teach them about how to I want you to help them flush out their passion police at that age it's going to change and how to communicate it
and so
add an opportunity and she always asked she always calls her team at the end of the whole week when she has like three four times and I have been go to come back each time because
and I'm very honored by the humble because I believe in my heart
and when you work with anybody else but I know there's other things I need to address your ass
so when you talk to a team you talk to them like an adult with respect and you have to ask certain questions like I said
it's about the family their friends that you're afraid of looking whatever you know like a Sony nurture them and give them a space to draw out those things stand sections on Pat's Pizza Bella in Alexandria
it's so beautiful that you take the time to serve in this way I mean with just to teach and to train at the level with your training of internationally around the world for entrepreneurs for businesses can I had a question about something that you had said once about presentation
because I was away by your presentation and I think that you had said something like that presentation is 90% or can you talk on that pictures of deals
there's a lot of information on the training so you know I know I know my cousin is over 12 years old older
and I never lipstick for until last October I never mind.
it comes down soon
it also has a lot of questions about informations great
tell me your listeners I want them to check in right now cuz as you know I've spoken to trans 1000 people
small percentage
and by the way consistently and attrition rate in person for the long-term the rest of their life. You don't like it so bad it's a matter of how do you shoot on the most respected companies in the world that like a weekend just the weekend or whatever
donkey pictures
what is a management executive or employees can stay out there because
transfers of skills and showing people have to actually do as you're in the room not just take notes and talk to them like example
we're talking to the audience
and I'm getting chips I got so much more to share with you in the next 30 minutes it's going to blow people away is before I get off the phone I get off if you give them a action item because without action on information
and in the room I haven't been to work
so that's the difference that were talking about the you ask a question in the room to actually get results. I want people I work with companies individuals or audiences to be motivated by results information
text Ryan it's searching yes and with that and giving people action items I would love to go back because I know that we are people going crazy over here instead of borrowing money
oh let's talk about that
capitalism never an obstacle right
only if you want to be at Nicole's or anybody else
almost every business is under capitalized because you're thinking
I got a music artist that thought that she was a music artist
it could have powerful message to get out
and she has a wood-burning musicians for top
Grammy people vocal coach wider and she already launched on with section on my Facebook page and more songs like that and I said you know something what's your bigger
which is oh yeah
so what she thought she had a company of the music artist
so she has all these regular straight
so for your audience look at your business and on a piece of paper I'm very visual about
start thinking about
all the different ways products message to seminars Workshop books downloads c-note speaking
as a business owner reduce risk with multiple revenue streams noxious liquor stores in to raising capital
Jesse cancel it's called Legal compliance at least your company and the mess is you need to give control of your business to take on investors that is a choice so don't let these are you definitely there's Angel Investors individuals and groups
individuals Adventure capitalist groups and to convince you you're never going to raise all your money unless you give up control
and I'm going to say something that's going to take some people
stop watching Shark Tank
so capital is a fuel in your business tank your car
unless you learn how to raise money as my mentor taught me
and other people
it will set you free because you don't always keep raising money you have to come to a point where your burn rate is past what you're saying but that's what people they don't know how to raise Capital to people.
And the thing is is
I told you they take a lot of credit risk guarantee right
they chose the wrong location
and within two years they folded and they owed over $200,000 on
was it bad to buy the franchise know what's the location messed up some what it was about marketing marketing Market aside one little everything has to be
and take your time
it's like exercise you don't become in 30 days I'm going to take the time you require I will go out there again
should be planning an action
so I mean I can go on and on and on
your turn darling to loot Leo thank you I mean it's just really information it absolutely is at what point do people find you to work with you when they're just starting a business or when they paint walls and the bumps are there in a maze or just like his people that bought their own franchise and now they're in debt and where do you go from here at what point to somebody call you and say Vincent
well you know it's funny cuz I got to call
so like they're late like like like the scribes I was going to call the mother
financial advisors in coconut rain
and sometimes your phone calls to go
and I've actually heard this and I say this not to impress people to show them the difference I was going to hire you but I wanted to Payless and I'm not expensive that's what you didn't like but yeah I wanted to hire somebody else what's the what's going on well
they didn't give me but I thought they were going to
Dominic lost a little bit of there and I said okay well I may work with you but she knows when the cost money again
and I said send me the agreement from that person I'm doing a cup and jelly beans
your green so for your listeners
they're going to do something if it's not an agreement don't shine it in corporation documents bylaws articles everything contractor in with anybody
I want to see what your expectations were here in standing versus what they're giving me
and they have no recourse see I'm a client Advocate contractor I'll send it again
okay great we're she grimace
and this is a true story but of course not change out and I said well I don't like a nation which in paragraph should be a list of things going to do and description anyway I knew this person actually you know we went through the deliverable
the scope placed it all correct. So they put it in there now my client is not going to get everything you wanted
so I call myself the client Advocate on my website
I can see that I mean it's so wonderful and I know that you work with people all over the world and so do you fly two people work with you on Skype how can they find you to work with you
well here's the deal and I don't do this for almost 20 years and Vincent will you put on website know
and every page in the first page then drop down to read more extensive reading I hate websites with extensive
on the first page second page about me
a little bit about what we do like you know Consulting coaching I do weekend Workshop one day half day whatever you want and let me pay bill take me to email and say you know information
but if you succeed you know me you want to no more no more you want to ask questions that's question
I'm very I'm a different animal
send a blunt everybody but a lot of people because it's not a lot, if you want to email me directly at
but they have to subject matter
Nicole and Nicole Brayden or the show's name so I know because I have no idea who it's no big deal to me
no I would I request that you allow me to share a few things that I've been wanting to share I'm like no answer my pants right now. Share you're so brilliant I open the door and open the windows
what are the things that I've shared with
I'm a name-dropper but I shared the stage with some pretty prolific people out there
well now we know
and that's what he goes if I can bless and by the way
I think it up and say thank you so much there's a deal collectively you'll have more expertise than I do
more degrees than I do
so I will respect you respect me but don't communicate
what's this song
we all have individual expertise to share with one another and be respectful but I don't see myself being shared my guess
I love Barefoot tank top shorts tattooed local boy from Hawaii
and people look at me like oh my goodness
and there but relaxes top and shorts and Barefoot right now in my home
selected Michelin value mellow it's who I am
coming back and forth every black boy has to do what to do The Honorable thing to help my parents
and I'm going back to the West Coast this year
so it's in the United States right now
well I went at the pool this morning cuz I was too lazy to drive to the beach sorry guys anyway
Plies ago did you have to work through that challenge cuz we don't have to be however I have any clients fly out here or when I lived in Nevada you know to write off the master lights
I'll keep my wife for my husband to Hawaii can we need the whole thing
show me what I want to chill with your audience in 15 minutes
so after
corporate world and
2015 Oscar winner plus and a speaker trainer consultant coach whatever for 15 plus years
I realize that people say what the chance of success and I asked
thousands of people
I'm going to come up with all these answers
chillaxing well known person which I will not make
and he was like I really am looking for
I mean different if you like business and not this guy is like
if I wanted to compare which I'm going to right now but I'm usually don't because we're all equal he would be like your friend now
we were talking and I said you know by the way I used to hear problem we get Negative challenges these your opportunity to overcome
so don't call
anything you're doing a problem because that is going to suppress your ability to overcome it quicker if you called a challenge
Kids R Us whatever your business not to it's a challenge with never a problem out of it and by the way
I'm getting out of this right now do not use the word problem if you think that's not a big deal checking with yourself
psycho vertigo
they called yesterday flying eagle does not serve you
can I see what's going on call people
eagle has no place in your life unless you have a low self-worth
seriously or competition
I told you what I'm wearing right now I have only what you know
not an ego so you have a degree or degrees or skill training
Street smarts
3 honor what you don't know
and this is what people get stuck Nicole
I need to look good I can't tell them I don't know this I don't understand what they're saying their terminology I need to look good
410 ask for support of what you don't know and you're so stuck up there if I tell him I don't know week
got your voice know which immediately and a lot of my peers you are showing big management and we want support you don't want to help you
here's what we know and don't know what we're asking for support that is a strength in the eyes of people who are awake and Buster's businesspeople whatever it's not like oh well I'm stuck right now and see what I want to do
so let's recap no ego and ask for support now here's the kicker
never forget where you came from.
I mean look at me like
what do you mean
what were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth
did you come from a car accident
tell them that I got physically abused sexually abused
look honor which you don't know and where you came from where you came from I've made you who you are today
don't deny it from where you came from and any faster you get to let it go and move on
let go if it was an issue at all as miss you but you also build you and gets for your issues make you a better human being
hope it wasn't too loud this except I know people are writing just deleted
23 unless you don't know or ask for support if the strength not a weakness to ask for support and never forget where you came from now
we have lots of time.
Think outside the box
there is no button no service like there's a deal
again audience and I've done this for years so I know the pole
when I say
a box trap
guess what I'm cool if I stay if anybody says again on Facebook I'm going to be very gracious if I keep saying there's a box and then you find that you're in the question aside if I tell you there's no box
it's open field pictures of in a big raising sand 20000 acre field but I'm not going to get out of here is unlimited life stuff for those that are striving for a financial or happiness in their own personal life or how does one live that unlimited unbridled life
I'm sorry if there is no box and there is no fence what is something that you could share with our audience on how to really unlimited life way that I'm going to need to finance
we are people are programs I can program I'm still looking at my stuff by the way it's a silly audience
I know how to deal with it or I have my old coaches coaches
here's the thing how do you make a bottle light no Bridal note fence excetera
it's going to sound very
mondaine because all out there
really why did y'all get a composition notebook my favorite have a hard time sometimes running down
I'm going to tell you I'm so often and so far
and don't start with how much money you want to make start with what you want to do when he want to serve seriously if you start with vision boards
$69 trillion-dollar money to watch
write down what you want what do you want to do who's your onions
but then I want you to find it what's the problem
so I want to help people have a better life shoe jungle in what way
I want to help I don't use my old is my first book and what I should do with court issues
and then I found out the seven core issue taking off physical or sexual or
so what's but what do you want to do now
in a solution if we don't have a TV connected to General what shows are connected because that's become disconnected call me if you can hang out with friends and getting them all kinds of stuff that's the problem
quality choice
problem solution so that's where you think I can make money off of that
I love this in your advice and your wisdom and your knowledge it's just a match that it's fabulous that you share the way that you share and I appreciate you cuz I'm walking around like I'm doing right now
it's so crazy for all of this you can get a copy of Today Show you can just send a text message to 5 5 6 7 8 really simple 5 5 6 7 8 in a message to Nicole and a copy of today's show will be downloaded right into your phone or any mobile device so you can go through those five keys to success which I just absolutely love and how capital is not an obstacle and all of the things that you were sharing about serving and creating from the foundation and I love the circle with the person in the center of the circle and with you standing beside them
yeah I want to make one last thought search up the hour
it isn't your past your past does not define who you are your past does not define who we are and thank you for checking
thank you so much and we look forward to having you back again so this is Nicole Brandon and Vincent Molina wishing you an unlimited line

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