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Unlimited Life, 22/12/2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Dave Phillipson

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Dave Phillipson

Topic: CEO Space

Description: Dave Phillipson has been a Business Trainer since 1987, working with such companies as Ford, AT&T, Remax, Century 21, Nordstrom and others, and while that may seem impressive in print, what really stands out is the results he gets for his clients.

Dave has been a producer for the WallSt. Network, where he not only helped produce “The Three Minute Press Show” and the first contracted original content on Fox Business News, he was a mentor to CEOs, CFOs and COOs, of numerous public companies.

He was also instrumental in helping put and keep Anthony Robbins on the map and then turned around and did the same for what is now known as “Get Motivated” Seminars.

Dave says his most valuable lessons in business, however, came as a professional Umpire. Dave Phillipson is now a representative for CEO Space which is income acceleration, entrepreneurial training and world class business networking organization, providing MBA-level training and development and an immersion experience of cooperation that results in income acceleration through exponential business growth.

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Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

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welcome to unlimited life is Nicole brand and wishing you a very happy new year and hoping that you had a wonderful holiday with your families with your friends and that you are now ready to launch into the new year in a whole new way what is the greatest things about doing the show like in another life is that were able to bring you the experts that can give you the secrets and the tools and techniques to lead a life and I'm so thrilled by today's guess because I can't think of a limited to have unlimited resources in her fears and how we go about removing them and really making different choices and today's guest is Dave Phillips
he is just as unbelievable as far as being a really really really learn so much that his background and cheese and his background in strategy and his background and doors in your life in a way that you never moved it before so I'm so thrilled and when we talked about when would be the right time to bring him on the shoulder so why don't we kick off the new year and really talk about Solutions in a different way what people are doing with the money and the choices that we're making and so we're so grateful that today we're starting your way back since 1987
really stands out is the results to success he's able to show them how to grow their business she's not only helped to produce the three-minute presho he was first contracted for the original content for the Fox Business News he's been a mentor to see yours to see if those two Cielos and a public companies instrumental in helping to put in to keep Tony Robbins he's a dear friend of mine on the map and then he turned around and he is working with a company called CEO space which if you've been listening to the show over the past year you know that we talked about CEOs faced with such accolades and such a
how the company can about how he became part of that company and now he's able to weave that company into his own businesses own life and able to help you in a much higher level
he is just one of the Geniuses of all time in dealing with success and so today it is my honor it is my privilege it is my pleasure to start the year and kick the year off in really creating resolutions that will work and giving you and creating a limited life that you so desire and deserve so David welcome to the show
so thank you Nicole and in God you know I'm listening to that I'm thinking wow know is if I'm able to do something a trillion full. All I need is a $10 bill and perhaps by the end of the show you and I and all the listeners will be taken care of well taking care of have achieved incredible success and it really country songs
even to know your background and to know that it's all the site you know you've taken all the bread crumbs all the way down the path and you've picked up every golden nugget you possibly can get the key to success is this a success this is really to lead you down that pathway tell us how you became always able to help people as a kid did you even when you're in school or you able to see what other people are you can sit at the house and make their lives better or it will open trouble with my words that is always been able to say something to somebody that they not may not be ready to hear
as I understand it from talking to elders
it started happening at an early age in other words of I've always had a big mouth I guess funny is just recently I saw something on Facebook and I posted it to my page and it said I apologize to any of you that I have not yet offended please be patient with Easter
this is funny and would share things with me that
I was able to be able to hear and not be offended where is that think a lot of people would take these little points and be offended at the critique some people call them
critic critic isms but they are often referred to his criticisms never criticized we always plus another words we'll add something to what someone has said even if it's in a different way and I think that's a much more positive way to look at things
what that means and I completely understand what you're saying I actually had a friend and whatever was not working in my life and honest assessment of what's not working on our life and when somebody I loved the idea certainly want to talk about because if you can listen to the show you know how much I love seeing as they say they just want to talk a little bit about you working
so it all started
being raised in an atmosphere of being told
you can't do this you should do that you'll never be able to do this because
Sam in Once Upon a Time and it was in the 80s so I thought
and I was in the financial services business I was in venture capital and the there were a couple that lived upstairs from Ice
and one of the gentleman introduced me to what color is your parachute
and that began that was my very first exposure
that I know of
now I'm going to change that story in a little bit but I'll still stay on a later realized that growing up in a small rural area is near Lake Michigan the largest town in our County and the town of 6,000 it was the largest in the county will our radio in the morning was deformed Farm report in the weather report at cetera everyday before the weather report
tod2 shows and I remember waiting and listening before I would head for school cuz I listen to the radio for those that are still covered areas now you know about this you listen to the radio see if there any closings road closings school closings major thoroughfares anything else and I did that I need sense now and since then I've been
lucky enough or smart enough or whatever you choose to call it to move to a warmer climate climate it where it's it's a little cool today it's a little bit cloudy and that's always a bummer it is 64 degrees in Newport Beach
they're getting back on tangent of the two shows one was Paul Harvey and the rest of the story and of course that was always fascinating and you wanted so great with building suspense and creating such as positive story and turning something around and the other was Earl Nightingale
so be quiet on our little Small Town Radio both have more syndicated shows may be picked up at listen to that and then I just realized that three or four years ago that that was something that was drawing me even at an early age
and that then you leap forward to the 80s what I was introduced to that and then finding Tony Robbins when he was struggling to get a hundred people for a weekend helping put Tony on the map and then going in building three of the four largest seminar companies
and it sounds like somebody's going to try to call him so I'm going to get rid of that
play music in the background
movie put when you talk about anything you say it you're so easily when Tony Robbins was struggling to get a hundred people in the room and that you were able to help him or that in a media companies that you started on the things I mean look at Tony Robbins to fix this now he is an international teacher into something in this is great information and this can help people and I want to help get this out there and that's what you're doing today is he's got this great information and get it out there and so that line and who you are is so magnificent and it is it's so unique that somebody would be so so good
you're constantly taking people out of wherever they are you know that they feel in prison and you take them to this place of freedom in their lives and what it at being a spiritually emotionally financially and so I mean that's amazing
it's part of a lot of luck and then part of it which is unique I was just having this conversation the other day a gentleman is asking me you know how is it that I remember people and projects in connecting them at cetera
there was my upbringing my father knew everyone by Family somebody come over to our story was the second largest Ford motor and continue everybody and knew who they were
by their family so is your father's people were pretty Amazed by that it back to his grandfather because he died four years prior to my birth my grandfather knew everyone in the county by name
which is it to me that's Unstoppable but I'm able to remember things in and it's me and I say you two need to meet okay so I'm going to take a shower because I really think that we're going to talk about
is that you feel like you know everybody and the business world in the distance from the night everybody connect you to other people and it seems like you're surrounded by your grandfather and your father in this business settings and so can you tell me a little bit her that works and what that feels like it's always kind of those faces magical because everybody becomes a connector because
it takes the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon and reduces it down to 3° either you are someone that can help someone or you know someone that can help whomever your skin and then lastly is you know someone that knows someone
sad it puts puts people in a position that they're getting the connection they need at rapid speeds they can build a 30-year networking in a week or just because it's such a Cooperative split if you think about it
she has been a pinnacle in the world it's been a great country and it was made great because of people coming from all over the world to this land and helping each other out you look back to the early days and the settlers would come across the plains in her cupboard wagon they would stake their claim you would come out and help them build their homes put up their Barn think they're Wells split rails for the fences Etc and then write off in the sunset with all the mods on all the kids they have a lot of kids those days cuz they're a lot of choice would be waving their hats thank you and the people that came into the community they would go out and help and to me that's what she your space is
and it doesn't matter where somebody is in their business whether they're they're thinking about an idea I had story after story from the Airborne by second grade school teacher that came with just an idea all the way up to Big names such as Ugg boots came out of there or Oprah Winfrey on the map MTV other people that's pretty magical
an Avenue to people that they might not ever be able to connect with
I love see you space when I talk about Cooperative collaboration it's such a different way of doing business and as we talked about specific lie about how people can do things in their own lives and their own business to make these shifts and changes but wouldn't it be a wonderful resolution to do business in a different way in a collaborative way in a Cooperative way in a way like you're saying where other people are helping you pitch your tents and build your city and Andrea Wells and people in it and I know a lot of CEO space and certainly I know that it's founder
starting to get out is just one of the most Innovative Souls on the planet and so I would love for you to share that as a New Year's resolutions of doing business yourself that you can make a resolution to do business differently this year or how you can join a company like see you space and we launch it and very profound
a couple of things that always said and then Mark says it today that one plus one equals 11 and when you're working in cooperation and I'll just use real estate for example only one of the three million people that's been proven is a jam using real estate in as an example can you take to gather they're going to make far more
then by pitting them against each other where one has to be each other and beat a 1 in steak or whatever their choice is vegan so I still use it because if it's more people but there's such a stronger strength you look to me for what about that that's not true in the early Greeks competition comes from a together
and we have members that she'll stay still have worked with World Cup champions they worked with three of the last Super Bowl winners they worked with call Champions Etc National Hockey League and time and time again it is sad that we do is we get them to forget about the other Chiefs
do the best job you can do with each other and the other team is just out there so you can show your cooperation in with the other spirits on your team
and the more you reflect that the more easy it is to win cooperate in your work together you always always win
and I think that it makes more sense now to work together to work on it Tina I know that you have a huge baseball background
and I'm looking at baseball one of the things that I've always loved about baseball is at station is that you can get up and hit a home run and the spirit of a stall and so how do you relieve that teamwork and ask that sportsmanship and all these things that you know that you're so skilled in team strategy and winning to be able to really have financial success and wins and business and life
I think that's always has that specially
I would say metaphysical or they don't get it with my Affliction for sports and teaches you how to get back up after being knocked out how to get back in there after you strike out how to play with how to do your best So Others May benefit and I think it's such a wonderful metaphor for me to be able to see that in all forms and then
baseball I went to umpire school well the best the best training I've ever received in working with people with the train you get a table Parts labeled throw things at you and yelling and screaming at cetera and you had to learn how to how to align with them and the conflict get them back in their Dugout and go on with the game
and to be able to do that in a customer service Arena where you've got somebody upset excetera that's a skill and no I'll share this too because some traveler or some people that are stuck in surrounding areas may need this for traveling I learned it early on at the holidays
I would I would tend to plan to get bumped
originally because the weather was bad but then I realize it start working to my benefit because I would see people begin getting upset and yelling screaming at the folks at the gate because they wanted to get to where they were going and I'm thinking you know I'll get there just a few hours differently so I just be patient after they're taking all the Heat and they're sweating people just being unkind to them and I'd go out tonight talk to him and say another day was going or change the energy a little bit late so do you need any volunteers as Etc and they would be so appreciative above and beyond what they were
what they were offering volunteers by the time I got up there let them just relax that all the tension that there were holding on trying to Shield themselves from the vitriol from previous person it it it just made a major shift in you can see that people's physiology 2
sixth grade I mean it really is and I love that you have that background do you learn to deal with him as you say everything that you've done it doesn't matter what happens
because in Winter some people freeze to death yet other people
and if you know any Surfers you know that Surfer Zara get excited about tsunami so they're always there always one of my grandmother's lessons I was about
I think I was six years old cuz my little brother was four and we were fighting over something or at my grandma's house and come with me to the kitchen and grandma made the best start so we thought we were getting fucking that changed and she walked all the way down the hall grandma was telling her late eighties at the time so she wasn't too Swift and we had to walk behind her so you know that you can build up more tension and suspense and then she sits down the refrigerator and grab a refrigerator with a Magic Refrigerator because it held all the fudge
and she she then replaced us from sitting there to the other side of the table and she sat in her chair so she said open the door and boy were are ice is big and we were smiling and we were like you know we couldn't get past each other to try to get there fast enough we were going right for the white one the white rapper with pull out this big long white thing y'all know butcher paper some mayno number butcher paper
and she gave me the cheese slicer and told me it's Why Do It Center in this chapter and we didn't know what was going on and then finally some places because some places the blade with Nets
and she said hold it up and what do you see and we kept trying and we did we could figure it out while later in life I learned
her lessons because she told us at the end I didn't get it until I was at least probably
15 16 17 years old is that no matter how you slice anything
there are always two sides
that was a gift and that's why I thought I thought of that when talking about in Winter some some people skiing and some people freeze and every situation so it doesn't matter what situation someone then there's always going to be another side to that which side empowers you
that's great you know we had her me and Nelson on and hermia is huge plant helps companies around the world and learning classes at - 2 sides to everything and I would love that that's your background and that you had that experience so it isn't being able to go to umpire school and learn how to do all of this and then there's so many people that haven't heard me all these months to talk on it on that how much I love to use face can you share a little bit about what CEO space
good development business whether it's personal development or Business Development and CEO space is the Superbowl it is the World Cup of everything that is Tony Robbins said see your space is the Super Bowl of all trainees it's the largest and certainly the most successful organization in the world for CEOs entrepreneurs and Visionary investors we have 144 country so it doesn't matter even though the week
guaranteed business growth conferences every year at Lake Las Vegas it's about almost an hour outside of Las Vegas yet you'd never know that you are close to Las Vegas because there's no smoke and there's no casinos it's just water and palm trees it's like being on the French Riviera and being in it fit in and around people that instead of like most conferences where you go you are surrounded by a bunch of people that you might come across the couple days later in life or you might bump into another program you might even remember your name
Co space is like a big business family in that you breaking bread with each other six hours a day two hours at least feel like you're choosing a day by the way they actually met it to your space 25 years ago and the title Chicken Soup for the Soul came from one of those meal table the author Reece & Nichols of the secret secret even started started because of Te'o's face as well but the bottom line is each time and at the meal table
what is is there going around and their mentoring you they're asking you what are you working on and what do you think next and then their coaching you up and while you're learning everybody else at the table is learning
and then when they're when they are coaching the others that the table when they're metronome that you're still learning
so the whole 2 hours your your feasting yes food is very good
and other people are passing one another with our business and giving people ideas on the spot it's business transformation on the spot and I never seen anything like that and I'll go over the other two things the way most of the other things out there they're up cells there's no selling from the stage nobody's going to get you anything
generously share their information their expertise and knowledge their time they're not selling anything
if they can't help you in other words if I've got somebody in my Rolodex I can help you I'm not going to say well gee I don't know you very well this person in my Rolodex in my metal rolled that isn't doing me any good at the moment let me connect it to of you and I don't know what to do if you decide if it's good or not and Magic happens out of that good morning
what each other needs next for their business and Nicole you might be the resource for me
for you like knowing someone or you know of someone that knows someone that used to get down to that and it might be you just had breakfast with someone that I need to meet will you go across the room as you know but so it's the two of us on the spot
and the great thing is is that we're not just meeting the people there we're meeting who they know and connections are still being made it might be a brother-in-law I might be somebody that you met over the holidays are breaking in the new year with or it might be somebody that's your sister contact let me make an introduction and the two of you figure out if there's some Synergy there or not
and most the time there is an all the time people are appreciative that they were thought about
and they just feel so blessed that's how your network will grow to a 13-year your network
it just just a few days I mean a great story for myself when I first moved to California for the last six I had lived in Orange County Newport Beach area well there is a gentleman by the name of Ivan Ivan misner he has cs-5n for those that don't know him I started a company called b a n I believe originally it was business networking International and they just shortened it to be and I
he has he started the same time so you'll stay started was raised and has lived his entire life
and little old me from a little little small rural town in the Great Lakes area whose only lived in this County for 6 months not 6 months 6 years
we're honored on the same stage
for networking and what we did contribute contribution to business in Orange County one of the more wealthy counties in the country
that isn't an attachment to need that to me as an attachment to see your space is the largest Network in on the world I love being I love what it stands for I love the fact that they look up to somebody and say hi what's your name and what are you doing how can I help you and that it is and do so you know our building relationships and what an honor and a privilege to have stayed and that you were able to just kind of coat that can differentiate those space I think that's incredible and you know on the line here for people that are either in the United States are in other countries that are interested in getting involved
put that information in there then I'll give them the third magic thing that happens if those Dave at Global CEO States and spaces spelled out by the way it's not your space is Dave at Global CEO space
and please let me know three things actually two things what your business is or what you're working on but what your idea is cuz some of you may not have a business in your thinking about getting into a business but just share what you're working on or what your business is
and what you need next
in the subject line what I would like you to do is put put the name of the Radio Show in the subject line so that way I know to open it right away when you do that what's going to happen is is that's going to give me an idea I'm going to hand select a video and this your space we got over 2,000 hours of video labor and find the right one for you I'm going to hand select something that will be perfect for you it will show you how see your space will work for your business now I might have to choose a couple of them I'm happy to do that the other thing I'll do is I'll give you the information on to your space I'll even send you an article where is the beginning of last year Forbes chose Co space in the top 10
of the 10 must attend events
score 2013 must attend Advanced cardigan or actually they actually came to see us just a season in the top five c o space is number one and it's not even close I'll send you an article about you know the four guards so that you can read a little bit more and then if you want some success stories I can include that
what you're working on and what you need except I have some contacts for you I'll pray for you as well and that's Dave at Global CL
and I promise I would add third magical thing that happens at those tapes and what that is their exchange for in-room presentation and there are four different forms of General presentation there a lot of business professionals there because we offer continued education credits for doctors or lawyers or attorneys for more than 20 professions Engineers even sew a professional might be doing a Services presentation I'm a CPA or I'm an attorney and I'm having the presentation you know the 10 best things you can do for your business in this area you know what to look for when hiring an engineer or do things of that nature those kind of things in the world
and they'll do in room presentations hey I've got some new material I want to expose it to you and get your feedback from it so they'll do that then there are people that have pet ducks and they're doing product presentation because there are a lot of buyers that that's your space if you want to get in the big box stores the Nordstrom's or the Walmart or the Target store that has higher
any big box store anywhere in the world we also have c o space is the home of the mass marketing bootcamp for people that want to expose their products to Millions was one of the co-founders of the Home Shopping Network which is now all over the shopping channels all over the world and he gave his training is used in all of those and then there are people that are raising capital for their business they're doing to learn how to do effective Capital presentation on your presentation at that to make it even better that it feels case last year we generated over three billion that's with a B tree billion dollars in funding member-to-member
because there is a bulk of the of the organization of a very wealthy and they're coming back to tie tie their experience and a lot of them in that and then investors love CL space the institutional investors with her but there are also institutional space because there is nowhere in the world that they can go to have access to as much quality deal flow in one week
actually there's more there than they could fly to an entire year so they really love that so there is a lot of capital flowing through that and most people think that's what most people don't realize is there not yet ready for Capital and its e l space they find that out and the tools and resources I was there to help them get ready to raise capital and then allow the capital is to be raised in future forms
or business starting a business this is a place for you as well as if you're molten million-dollar conglomeration correct still stays at 70% I would say
yeah let me know it's turned that around a little bit cuz I'm going to move something in my head around so it comes out perfectly it 70% deal-making
and it's 30% education know that you discovered there is a lot that you you didn't know but you knew that before the other thing it's the connections you need to make it that's why I switched the percentages around because the connections are there to help you spend that I originally
got education also lead to deal-making
because it's put you on a faster track it gives you full ocity and it gives you strength and we have both strengthen velocity working for you you go faster and with great control and then the other the third thing and I think this is probably the most important part of the education process is what you don't know that you don't know and for those mercenaries that have been in business a while they know that what they didn't know that they didn't know that was the most costly and that was the most time-consuming business in the world that will guide you around those potholes to be able to save you money and and avoid having to make costly mistakes that to me is invaluable
that's fantastic I made it the organization Style by the person you looking for I know the person that you're looking for or I will Scout for you right I will this afternoon or tomorrow but if somebody lands in my lap when I meet somebody I'm going to make sure that I remember this is what you need and I'm going to help you achieve that and I've never seen anything like that because she'll space is by invite only it's private invite-only and everybody that is is listening because they all called in your guests will extend an invite if we determine that to your station
play the sea mailing be happy to do that and is that
I was skeptical before I came to see your face and the reason is because I thought it was my grandfather on my mother's side he would always say something sounds too good to be true you better check it out because there are too many people that is all I will say it's probably is and they won't investigate it they won't do proper research and today you know the first thing they see they're not going deeper into something my grandfather always and that is good things do not come to those who wait
the only thing that comes to those who wait is that which is picked over by people that can recognize opportunity and act on it
so true most successful people I know make the screen quickly and they changed
the most successful people I know
is that
they make decisions very slowly and they change their mind a lot they put some
and I always struggle
okay so with that one of the first things it's a most enchanting to me about CEO space compared to other programs number one & Beyond number one you can't even do the better than number one but it truly is there's nothing to compare it to to be able to grow your business and to be able to grow your life but they also have a very special secret Enclave have a team program correct so they're actually taking kids before they make mistakes before they and the know how it how to create business and success and she talked a little bit about that
the same program is called feast and he is in a few I always forget the really quickly so we can share with the listeners likes playing at the team sees when we were in junior high and how to talk to adults how to create a business and life skills that they don't teach in school and very certainly should
and the team fees program is created more millionaires than any other program that I know of is pretty amazing and it gives the kids the resources they sit also after the mentor tables they have their own breakout sessions they have their own team room where some of these powerful leaders Bob the founder of his brain to be able to watch that happens pretty phenomenal tables and there's a saying that whenever they get a lot of attention a lot of time
and they're making things happen
14 year old that wants to create a magazine and then two years old later when she's 16 she's got a video talking about you do here here's my magazine now and I'm all over the world that's pretty impressive for you know teams that are starting Charities there's a little nine year old girl while she's ate in the video of a starter on charity just because she wanted to help the homeless and it's a nationally recognized charity my opinion by the way with children or teens if you are sending me an email on that I'd be happy to include that as well in all caps put the word teen in the subject line in my email again and Dave at Global CEO
do you have to send that I don't know if you're in a place where you can do a search but were you able to to get past the call
I said if I bring it up I certainly will share it with you and it's by their ideas because the kids today had amazing remarkable entrepreneurial ideas of how to make the world better and I know that they're even Google kids at the United Nations and take the kids to the world think you should do this and Elk Creek make a realities and single this is how you do that this is how you set up a cherry this is how you create an online business how you build this this is how you probably see his guidance and people that are hugely successful monster successful around the world as their teachers as their guidance as their enlightenment
Amazing Fantasy these kids are mesmerized and listening to what's happening there and the way that they share with each other that you're talkin about sharing collaborative and cooperation in and that they learn at such an early age how to share resources and how to help one another create success I think it's just phenomenal and then they're hiring their friends and they're giving a friend's job and so these kids you know they're making money they've learned the value of the dollar learn how to make funny in school and a lot of them when they get to College there making more than their college professors which is kind of cute dance for free support train a p a r a f t Feast free enterprise accelerated support training and it's pretty funny
is that stuff it's funny but also there isn't a dry eye in the house when they have their team graduation we pulled the kids up in the front of the of the room and right before they go through their graduation ceremony they're given the chance to take the microphone you see these kids so you tricked me into coming here or you forced me to come here I didn't want to come here and you made me so upset with you but I'm going home and it's free she will tell you the trouble that they've gone through and I can't tell you the styles of suicides if this program has presented
that's our
are there that have contemplated in the past but the fact that they go and
Xavier then will prevent some of their their team friends at home
some people from committing suicide
that is a processional sack that's pretty amazing baby when they get up there and talk about the troubles that they had weather was experimenting with your stuff and they do they call their parents up there and they look their parents in the eye with a microphone in their hand and this is where I was when I came in here and they are making
an agreement and the meaning of agreement at CL space is pretty significant
and they give their parents in the agreement of what's a parent can except for them I'm sure enough about it as I talk about it right now
it's it's pretty amazing
space isn't a special entrepreneurial business please bring such riches to the organization I have a passion for it beyond anything else because I've never seen anything like it and it was Art linkletter's people in the United States and Canada will know in Australia don't know his name or is somebody that had convinced me to go to CVS face he said it came down to it after the founder Burn Gorman and I almost didn't go and then I was working with our potential project before he passed he said three things to me he said Dave
he said what if see your space is only 25% of what they say it is he said if it's only 25% of what they say it is you should go and I was in agreement with that he also said Dave I'm asking you to go
Sandy said that you're not going to pay for it it's just moving some tax dollars around and and Adam is going to pay for it in that regard so you should go
and what he said
the last thing you said was too real Clincher for me said besides Dave they got a money back guarantee if you go through the whole week and you don't get what they say it is or it's not for you for whatever reason they're going to write you a check before you even leave
I said okay or I'm going but I know I'm getting my refund
so I showed up at see your space expecting get it to get a refund and while I was there I saw that it blew everything away that I had ever done. You know there's some things I'd spend 20 or 30 thousand for for a weekend and didn't get nearly out of c o space which was
very small percentage of things I paid much more for and you pay once and you get access for the rest of your life for free five times a year you could go if you chose many people do the most successful as a matter of fact that are the ones that are going every single time in the fastest-growing companies are the ones that realize they can't afford to be everywhere else and some people might say well that doesn't sound right how can I do that how can I step away from their business but that's actually the key you can run your business from there
good morn portly most people struggle with their business because they're always so Co State membership forces you to work on your business
instead of always working in it
and then getting this site from the trees people that are outside of your industry or inside of your industry that can see things in your business
that you are doing and need to be doing and when you get that you're unstoppable
section in the birth of sea of space you know
yes I do is matter fact bring Dorman father Allen Dorman was a mentor to Napoleon Hill he was a mentor to Walt Disney to Buckminster Fuller to John F Kennedy
the names go on and on and on as far as things people in you and you just look at all these names you know some of them W Edwards Deming and
yeah people like this W Clement Stone they would all come over to Dorman household in San Francisco International flight weren't as common as they were today so it was rare that you can go somewhere till they were household in San Francisco and he would match with them and they'd be sitting at the table and little Bernie dormant
well when he got to be the age of about 10 years old he would start to sit at the table and listen to them talk.
And then 25 rule over 25 years ago at the chanticleer hotel in Montreal Quebec Canada
for Mario for those of you that are listening from the snow your climb
she said to himself he said you know what I want to put it together a group like my father had and at the time it was called The Million Dollar Round Table
and they started this has five of them
and the next year they said everybody bring somebody back and they did it one more time
and then for a number of years it would say was called IDI or income Builders International and at that time it was on styles of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leach
and started growing
end of a few years ago that because now see your faces as I mentioned 144 countries some of the Asian languages in National did not translate so they rebranded it was something that was a little bit more Universal which it is CEO space which is a space for CEOs to space rajpan Oregon to space for Visionary investor and so if someone is looking there's three main attractions that caused people to take a look in to see your face one is is
access to capital resources to grow their business to start their business to take their business to a Next Level the second is the increase of the skills and abilities of the CEO or the entrepreneur
and the third is it guaranteed constant flow of new business
so if you are or you know any of those above serve you in a way that they can give you enough information to decide whether an investment and Te'o's face is right for you and I'll even take it a step further
I will have conversations Weatherby by phone or by Skype conversations to help them with the work for them and if they're really considering Tito space and need additional help with whether to them their business partner maybe sometimes even their spouse I'll even do a coaching call with one of the mentors and get the mentors that specialize in their business on the phone
that's say thank you so much would a generous offer and would an exciting start to the new year I mean I can't think of a better way to begin and his people are making a new business what you do now with the trips you up and get you in trouble in this is such an amazing resource and a place for all of the answers and all of those missing tools and techniques and so for people that are starting to hear and they're feeling stuck is there a way to remove Financial Roblox or would I know that everybody here right now it is Derek something personal that they should do to start with a clean slate and to start thinking in a different way
it's a mindset shift that's all it is hey you've done so much for this I'm going to op you so so much for this and you can't put pal so you can't put Good Deeds said he got to be you know that's pretty cumbersome you can't have a pile of pelts in your wallet so they chose paper and coined as a way of measuring that those are just storage devices and money has no value
unless it changes hands
so the phone money is important because this is one thing I learned when trading commodities
we could push a button
money is transferred some people might not be traitors or they might not be in the investment for but just think of eBay or shopping online you can type things on a screen boom 2 Days Later shows up at your house
so how does that happen think about it television for example the background image to get the game is being played in Indianapolis indoors that might save cuz they're in a dome stadium where is most of the trance that part of the country is snowed under there are particles
those cameras that are that are basically encompassing the information then that is all fun and it comes through the air as being shot up to a satellite in the satellite shoot you down to my house well actually to the cable company through the ground through a wire so it comes out through my screen
so I don't know how TV works but I know all that is true and I all I need to know is to know how to turn it on and how to turn it in I know where the power button on button is what it does matter if it's television or stereo whatever it is my computer
same thing with the radio station you just need the frequencies and it's a radio frequency your tuning that frequency is and and most of us know from the olden days when we had to slide that little transistor across when we get this we have to turn it in till it gets all the static out of money and a lot of times it's these are beliefs that are handed down and never knew father that had a belief that was a mistaken belief but it became real over time it might be through a church our neighborhood and people just have those forms of things
coming back to it I'm going to go back to the trading days trillions of dollars are training every day
such a thing of it is it goes to the same processes and television image it has to be broken down into little fragments of information forms through wires and are the same air that each one of us is breathing now so part of those particles of trillions of dollars every day
money is flowing through us
we are Just Energy now on this call the audience is a little bit more understanding of energy but my brother and then one day I just thought it was through one of the teens is a matter of fact they were studying in their biology class or high they were saying well we learned that their cell did everything in the brick wall
dead cells are there created neutrons and protons
less energy right there close. It's positive energy Neutron is negative energy energy electrons
so we're all Just Energy there for money is just an exchange of energy and I've got some books here and people are if they want the books I'll send the titles of the books two books are going to find them but one is a very basic for circulation
and the other is called The Wealthy Barber
so wealthy Wealthy Barber essentially the same as well they're a little bit more depth and I'll describe the different books in a minute
it's called open your mind to Prosperity by Catherine Ponder
and that's the more Christian book
as a more metaphysical is called creating money they both say the pretty much the exact same thing
creating money was something that was was downloaded by so narrow-minded Wayne Packard
and it was channeled as a matter fact and they put that out there and just threw the books the first time but actually do the exercises
now the first two books I mentioned The Wealthy Barber and richest man in Babylon the principal is dead so if you can live off a hundred percent of your income you can live off of
and talks about tithing and any book from anyone what they tell you is that if you tithe you will prosper and it's used to using the immutable laws of the universe
if you give that creates a vacuum for you to receive that's another thing that people have a challenge with this is with receiving
people are givers specially I would guess that your your audience there are a lot of giving them their mother was the biggest culprit of this she would never allow anyone to give to her she always wanted to be the giver and one day she wouldn't allow someone else the same joy that she got when she gave
and I pointed that out to her in and she's been very more open to receiving but I'm guessing that there's a lot of that out there it's very prevalent is there also
say thank you to somebody and they say it was nothing
but it wasn't actually did something that made a difference and you always think I should somebody can't receive a compliment or must be closed
or if I if you say thank you to me and I tell you it was nothing what I'm doing is I'm the gating what I gave you I wanted to be a yes and I tell you all that gift was nothing
that's a bad energy exchange right there and then I'll say two on saying thank you and saying you're welcome
there is definitely a major difference in the energy exchange when you do that and if it's over the phone and somebody
if you're saying you're welcome to someone close your eyes and say it the close your eyes before you say it so you can receive their thank you in Imagine them looking you in the eye it's profound what that will do for you
and something a little little things that we don't think of
and the other thing that those two books talk about is talking about how to set aside money for yourself I I'm taking it to even more extreme extent it said you don't live off of 80% 10% that you give away to your church or your charity or to those in need
and then 10% for retirement live taking it even further than that fights jumped it down another 10%
to where it's 5% for an emergency fund
and another 5% for Dave money
so if there's a trip I want to go on or there's something I want to buy special for myself I don't ever have to worry about money because I've already put it aside and I don't recommend it unless you have a safe putting it in your pillow don't do that as your other accounts how to take create a dab out of the way for Credit Union they're even better than the back especially with what's going on with banks these days things like that so you go out of your way so it's not convenient for you to access
and put those money set aside in there if you teach children that's they'll never have a challenge with abundance
add what I call it when it is w a m walking around money one of the things that I do
is I put $100 bill at try to get to clean this Christmas I can and put it in my wallet
hidden place in my wallet hidden compartment ladies do this with your purse as well that's actually did that with no ladies have a lot of purses so it's not it's a little bit different than God you did that with all your purses you had a unique a hiding place for $100 bill first of all you've got a lot of money sitting in your closet but more importantly is what I have $100 bill
that's an attitude shift when you're creating WAM you're about walking around money
it changes everything you never come from you you never come from black because it's their you know your retirement taken care of
you know that if there's an emergency don't have anything to worry about you're not going to stress over new tires that the washer breaking down or the flood in the kitchen when the brakes
you just get it taken care of to get it done get it all the way
the other thing is if you want to go somewhere you don't have to know I wish I could go there so you just make the plans
can you go there
and there's also one other thing that I will send to everyone on someone just recently posted on the blog that it's an easy way to save money that he has to listening audience
set aside $2 for this week visits the first week of the year next week it's $2 and I had a dollar for every week of the year that part's easy and at the end of the year that $52 away the week before that the week during
Christmas week before Christmas $50 saved up
South you start with $10 and then $11 in
I'm not there I'm sorry you did 1020 etcetera
that's going to make it $13,000 at the end of the year start with $100 and do 200 next week
but I'll send a little graph on that exercise to anybody that requested just put and I will give you also that little table and the influences that I've been lucky enough to be blessed with being able to to come across in my lifetime it and it's David Global CEO
so much for this incredible information I can't think of a better way the year and so for everybody listening to the show they was just giving you the tools and techniques to grow your wealth by this time next year also the most incredible organizations that I've ever come across eospace and as far as magazine said the number one Beyond number one place to go and see if Hank you for the offer DeGeneres videos and the mentorship and for taking your time today to share your expertise and your knowledge it has been such a treat and such a wonderful way to start the show
it's my pleasure to talk about those things I love him and that is see your space I certainly have a passion for that and talking about helping people so I'm willing to help anybody out there it doesn't matter what it is if I can help them I will if I can't I'll find a resource for them or I'll make something up and I wish you and I look forward to seeing you with c o space
thank you again thank you so much what a wonderful wonderful
what a great way to start the year okay sissy your space it is a most incredible organization start your business grow your business create collaborations around the world if you have an idea if you have a teen that is the place to go for the very beginning like you said have your team at work at a restaurant on the restaurant hire their friends teach them the skills now it's amazing and they give you amazing before sister and which to launch your New Year to financial success next week and Michael will be here if he was here last year this time to kick starter year as we know the world's top neurologists call in he will give you your number to tell you all about your year he is just a nominal and he will teach you about the unfoldment of 2014 it's going to be an incredible year if you caught the tail end of last week
she was talking about that this is the year of magic that this is here for the magic from the world from Einstein Galileo all of the great artists access to success and the magic of the show and he was very happy to help you real but he's back to start our 2014 so special things today just amazing amazing information and thank you to see your face and for all of the incredible work they're doing and for all of you I wish you a wonderful New Year this is Nicole Brandon
knowing that this particular year in 2014 will be the unfoldment of all of your dreams and we will continue to bring you the very best experts in their field to give you the success and the secrets of the tools and the techniques to lead the unlimited life which is the life you deserve to live have a wonderful week

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