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The Tazz and Paula Show, 27/04/2016

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The Tazz and Paula Show
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Guests, Miguel Mendonca and Jacquelin Smith

The Tazz and Paula Show

The  book titled: MEET THE HYBRIDS was written in 2015 by co-authors Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb along with the assistance of eight hybrids (hybrids with human and ET DNA).
We are so stoked to have our two Guests with us today Miguel Mendonca and one of the eight hybrids in the book Jacquelin Smith.
These individuals have courageously focused on one of this planet’s forbidden subjects.
Meet the Hybrids is the first major book to give a voice to the hybrids directly, allowing them to share their fascinating experiences and important understandings with others in their own words. This book tells not only their stories, but those of the ET races of which they are a part, and other races which have guided them.
Their book is structured around interviews and informal conversations with the hybrids, conducted through 2015. Although they used a standard set of questions – to give them a way to compare across experiences – they let the conversations evolve naturally, as each hybrid has their own focus. Every conversation was enlightening, expanding and challenging in its own way.
After the hybrid’s presentations … the co-authors would spend days thinking about each interview, and the particular ideas or experiences that were presented … as it was wise and insightful and personally required personal expansion to be able to accommodate them.

The Tazz and Paula Show

We invite you to join us every week on a journey where science and miracles meet uplifting consciousness!

Co-Hosts Tazz Powers and Paula Nunes


E mbrace the mysteries of our universe as they unfold.
A waken to the power within each of us.
R aise consciousness within our communities.
T ransmute anger and fear into love.
H eal Mother Earth as we heal ourselves.

If you have a mission or a joy that leaps from your heart, we invite you to join our radio show where doors are opened for community and self-empowerment.

Tazz and Paula bring to you mind expanding interviews with leaders in the fields of health, spirituality, politics, science and more. Their warm and intimate interviewing styles bring out the magnetic charm and essential thoughts of some of the most extraordinary people you will ever listen to.

The Tazz and Paula co-host combo began in 1989 in Cupertino, California when a mutual media friend urged them to meet.

The result of their introduction was exhilarating. Paula invited Tazz’s TV camera crew and radio taping devices into the BOOK JUNCTION (Paula’s bookstore) every Saturday afternoon, where they simultaneously taped live TV and radio programs with guest authors from around the world along with audience participation. The television videos were also played for the greater Bay Area Community channels, while KEST, 1450 AM, aired the audio portion.

After a year, circumstances took Tazz and Paula in separate directions, but they met again in 1995 and resumed their love of live dual-host community radio programming on 91.5 FM, KKUP in Cupertino, California. The cutting edge program “Embracing Mother Earth,” currently airs every Thursday.

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