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The Sports Doctor, August 11, 2021

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The Sports Doctor
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Guests, Lindsay Berra and Eve Schaenen

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

Guests, Lindsay Berra and Eve Schaenen

Guest, Lindsay Berra

Guest Name
Lindsay Berra
Guest Occupation
Health Fitness Writer, Reporter, Broadcaster, Storyteller & Yogi Berra’s granddaughter
Guest Biography

Lindsay Berra is a freelance sports journalist based in New Jersey. She is currently creating content for Tom House’s pitching bio-mechanics app, Mustard, hosting the sports nutrition podcast Food of the Gods, and contributing regularly to Men’s Health. Previously, Lindsay was a national correspondent at and MLB Network and a senior writer at ESPN Magazine. She received her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she played varsity softball and men’s club ice hockey. Lindsay is the oldest grandchild of Carmen and Yogi Berra and a board member at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center in Little Falls, NJ. She is also an avid Cross Fitter, yogi, cyclist, runner, hiker and golfer. 

Guest, Eve Schaenen

Guest Name
Eve Schaenen
Guest Occupation
Exec Director of the Yogi Berra Museum & Specialist in Non-Profit communications & management.
Guest Biography

Eve Schaenen has served as the Executive Director of the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center since 2016. Under her leadership, the Museum has seen a 46% rise in attendance, and the development of immersive education programs that reach thousands of middle and high school students annually. A specialist in nonprofit management and communications, Schaenen worked previously with the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, the Boys & Girls Club of Newark, Edible Schoolyards NYC and other mission-based organizations. A former journalist, Schaenen wrote for The New York Times covering Berlin, Germany, where she lived with her family before moving to Montclair. Her board service includes Chair of the Montclair Public Library Foundation Board and trustee of that institution. She holds a B.A. from Harvard University, an M.F.A. from Warren Wilson College and was a Fulbright Fellow. Her favorite luxury is an ocean swim, and she is inordinately fond of her rescue greyhound Tippi, who is inordinately fond of eating flowers.

The Sports Doctor

Show Host

The Sports Doctor is in! Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist, specializes in orthotics that improve alignment, stability, balance & performance. He has practiced podiatry & sports medicine for over 30 years in the Aurora- Naperville area and was recently inducted into the prestigious 2019 National Fitness Hall Of Fame. Dr. Bob has treated many of the world’s premier athletes from all types of sports. He is the host of “The Sports Doctor™” Radio Show. The show is now featured on BBS Radio Network, UK Health Radio Network & Sports 4 Fanz Radio. Dr. Bob was formerly on HealthyLife Radio and was also on WDCB public radio in Chicago for over 20 years. He has written articles for many newspapers & magazines and is a frequent guest on other networks. And his new book, co-written with Sharkie Zartman, titled '#Hey Sports Parents! An Essential Guide for Any Parent with a Child in Sports' - is now available on Amazon!

Join the Sports Doctor and his great guests for important topical information for injury free exercise, wellness and sports performance for both adults and kids. Frequent topics include, the role of the foot in sports, all aspects of sports medicine including, proper sports shoes, youth safety, health, wellness, and sports performance for both adults and children.

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medical information obtained from our website or on the live show is not intended to be a substitute for professional care if you have or you suspect you might have an illness or other medical condition you should consult a healthcare provider the opinions expressed on this radio program are not necessarily those of the Sports Talk radio show or their sponsors
play everybody's up from my from Chicago is Sports Doctor I'm Doctor Bob Wild Sports podiatrist all things Sports Medicine Fitness Wellness brought to you by global schoolwear school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger lower extremity review and MVP parent magazine and writes it Sports Fitness Wellness got a great doubleheader today Lindsay Parrish has hosted a new food of the Gods podcast she's a freelance Sports journalist she's a board member of her Grandpa Yogi Berra Museum and learning center she returns along with these Shannon chief executive director of the museum and learning center she's a specialist in the nonprofit Communications in management and the sports doctors Lindsey Barrel welcome back to the sports doctor
thanks for having me
great to have you back I'm excited about your new podcast you know for decades the big part of the topics on the Sports Doctor have included the world of nutrition the world of physical training the world of mental training and it sounds like your new podcast is about all of those topics so give us a little bit of background on you and what's wedge you into your new for the gods podcast so but I was always very interested in the training side of sports and how athletes in different sports is functionally trained to perform those Sports I was an athlete my whole life and I knew about the different things that I had to do to play hockey
in softball and the burying methods of preparing yourself for those Sports I got into yoga when I was pretty young and and realize how much that helps me and wish that I had found it as a as a Collegiate athlete because I think the mobility and the body awareness that. That I learned in yoga would have been very beneficial playing my sports growing up and I just started to get really started to get really into it and at MLB I kind of develop some kind of a health and fitness Nisha did a lot of offseason workout stories with athletes and wrote about injuries and how they impact people's biomechanics and then since I left MLB I've been running a lot for men's health and doing in all different kinds of health and fitness stories so I was approached to host this news Sports Nutrition podcast called food of the Gods which is about how Elite athletes eat and train for fuel performance and I love the idea because anytime I get an athlete in the room or on the phone
you know I didn't events I'm always asking them what they're doing how they train their change their training in recent months how they say they've modified their training as they've gotten older what they learned about their training because it's never one-size-fits-all no one we can't all follow the same training program and have success and I feel like you have to kind of pull things from different areas and I always will learn a little something and get an idea that I can try when I talk to one athlete and then I'll try something else from another athlete and figure out what works for me and I thought that since I found that interesting other people might find it interesting to me so that's what we're doing on on food of the Gods talking to athletes from all different sports we've had a baseball pitcher and offensive lineman a pro Surfer and NBA for an Indy car driver a pro tennis player we just had Miesha Tate the MMA fighter so it's athletes of all different backgrounds and it's just super informative and interesting to hear what they do
do on a day-to-day basis yes it's always interested in the world of high performance how big the mental game has become and how old are is the force of course you grew up you're the granddaughter of Yogi Berra your whole life would include a championship and what it takes to get there and all of these incredible combinations of things that affected you as a young athlete yourself I would assume
yeah like I always say that the thing that I learned from Grandpa Grandpa always had such a unique mindset I think lately you see athletes when they don't do well they come home and they're mad and they yell at their kids and their means of their wife and they took their dog or whatever the heck it is they're doing Grandpa didn't bring stuff home with him he was very able to after the game if they had lost assess why that he believed that if you lost it was because you didn't play well enough to win and if you didn't figure out what you needed to do to be better for the next day you were going to spiral into a sump of sorts right so he was very quickly able to assess what went wrong so you're out what he could do to make it better and then leave the ballpark and be ready to go for the next day the losses didn't come home with him and that was something very interesting to me at even as a
if you would give him a piece of advice today to any granny athlete in any sport what you just mentioned would be such a t point you know the ability to leave a time if you're thinking about how you struck out yesterday you're not going to be able to hit in the moment today that you're does not
and you know what's interesting again in these these topics like what you talked about with the with the podcast show his his doctor is chapter in my book hair stick a sports parents with two essential exercise concept that should be included one is worth those feet and ankles strengthen those seat niego others work balance work stability that such a big part of awareness it's it's amazing how that topic exploded with the twisties we were talkin about all of these saw all kinds of aspects I think what she did with the mental awareness and if she would have 120 gold medals you know
yeah and the body awareness is something that's so interesting obviously for a gymnast a lack of body awareness can be actually life-threatening but when you are at any type of athlete knowing where you are in space how much space you take up and how you relate to that space is in it it's it's super important and teaching balance and stability sort of teaches you to more powerfully occupy that space and I've been something I find super interesting that's why I was talking about with the yoga how it gives you that body awareness and I and I wish that I had had it and been taught that as a high school athlete in April with its millions of kids in 50 countries participating yoga for all the great things and over the years some of the best athletes in the world of always included it and you hit the nail exactly
the head that's one of the kinds of exercises that regardless of your son and daughter sport really make big inroads in helping both mentally and physically of course it's amazing Lindsey the nutritional side of things and All Sports and Health and Wellness has exploded over the past decade or two that's got to be again besides the title what kind of attention do you tearing of a painting to the nutrition side eating looks like for them do they follow any particular diet and we we get answers that totally run the gamut I mean Bradley Bozeman the Ravens offensive lineman that I interviewed he basically eat whatever he'll eat you know pizza and he'll eat a baked potato with cheese and butter and a filet mignon before I gain now I personally would drop dead if I ate that and try to exercise
but it works for him I just interviewed Danielle Collins who is that she's only twenty-seven years old is the tennis player she struggled with rheumatoid arthritis for most of her life so she has gluten-free and dairy-free Michael del zotto NHL defenseman is completely keto and intermittent faster so he is no carbohydrates and completely feeling himself with that given the length of his bath everyday that doesn't work for everyone on earth right so you is it's really cool to listen to How These athletes fuel themselves and think about or would this work for me with this not work for me
that term alone was the you know what one of the contributors to my book Katie Davis has a prominent Sports nutritionist specializing in in Youth Sports and when she would talk to these athletes about the fueling boy that's a lot better sense than the word dieting
you're a wasn't one of our one of our guests on the podcast with Shari Hawkins she's a Team USA have passed late and she was talking about growing up she wanted her body to be pretty like a statue and then she realize wait a minute my body is a machine and if I don't put gas in it it's not going anywhere like if you wanted to do stuff you have to give it the fuel to allow it to do the stuff you wanted to jump high and run fast and live a lot of weight and I can be able to do it eating only you know baby carrots or or God forbid Doritos you know about the new medicine whether it's the top athletes in the world of people who just trying to get healthier you know number one to eat smarter and it is best you can like you said still people have individual choices do what they want but at least it took advantage of eating smarter and of course the other side of the equation
one regard or another it's and I'm sure health and wellness big part of your show as well as what Elite athletes might be doing lately I need to keep moving I mean I certainly believe motion is lotion on all levels right and it's so good just to keep your joints moving to to keep your heart healthy you know we all know how we feel after sitting at our desk moving throughout the day is just so important for athletes desperate for people to keep their bodies Tunes properly
you know but when people in the general public and so many areas where you are the parents of upcoming athletes of the year at least themselves the feedback with the Champions and the pros the gods caused you pain is is this a really exciting concept because there's so many fans and so many different sports and so many different areas that are really really interested in till you know what was the story that allow you to become an Olympian we have a contest on the show all the time and see which was tougher when you're growing up is Young athletes to become a pro or to become an Olympian what do you think you know people who are in track and field athletes are figure skaters like you can you can I think being an Olympian and figure skating is a higher level than being like a touring Pro and be
skating but you know Olympians a historically have been a vetture's you know when that has changed in recent years with hockey and baseball so it might have been easier to be an Olympian men to be a pro in baseball or hockey in the past but that has kind of changed over the years to I just think it depends what what sport you play and and what the landscape looks like for that sport of the particular Moment In Time Lindsay what's what's the website information size people could find out about you all the things that you done I have written as well as the food of the Gods podcast podcast is ww.w. Food of the gods, that you can find us on any platform where you listen to podcast we're on Apple and Google podcast in Spotify play easy to find as far as me the easiest way to follow me is at Lindsey Barra on Twitter is Rye post most of my stories and end things I do have a website Lindsey Barra.
but I actually not been very good at keeping us updated on Twitter definitely the best place for me I have a visit sometime in the not-too-distant future this is from the sports doctors gay what was this incredible recognition and the what really excites you I know is the Learning Center talk a few minutes about the you're excited about what's going on to be a Yogi Berra Museum yeah so the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center is really our way to keep my grandpa Yogi's Legacy alive and and introduce him to a new generation of kids
it's if you want to check that out at Yogi Berra Museum. Org it's it's it's a great place we do focus a lot on the Learning Center part of it we teach character education program program all different kinds of educational programs two young kids that now can be done virtually as well you talked about the Forever stamp we were very excited about the stamp my dad who is Yogi's oldest son has been a stamp collector since he was a little kid and when he was in like the second grade he asked his teacher how he can get his father on a stamp and they said well I'm sorry Larry he has to be dead first so my dad has been waiting his whole life to have grandpa be able to be on a stamp and you know I'm fortunately they do have to be no longer with us to have that honour but we were thrilled to have it anyway and the stamp itself is beautiful with the great image of Grandpa with his Yankee cap in his chest protector and that big smile that endeared him to so many people around the world
Yankee and the and the Yankees win and Grandpa 110 the Yankees have got 27 but he wants him as a player and he swore more of their coach is three more one of the toughest he was one of the toughest doubts when somebody and of course it's that the famous movie of him jumping into the perfect game be jumping into darkness lost his lap you know let alone the equator systems and quotes and all of these things that your dad did and you're turning on a new generation was also super interesting about Grandpa that people kind of forget he was the child of immigrants raised very poor on the hill in St Louis so his story is an immigrant story he's so
in the Navy you volunteered for the Navy and was off of Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasion and was lucky enough to come home when so many people did not so his story is a veteran story he is truly a member of the greatest generation and then he came home and was lucky enough to have a family and and and my beautiful Grandma Carmen and he just happened to have the success with the New York Yankees so there's so many things that are relatable about my grandfather to so many people in this country immigrants veterans people who were underestimated you know what just give me different levels today should cuz we're going to have even if give me the information quickly on you and it's amation for you and your web podcast
so the podcast is food of the Gods and you can find who the guys on any of the podcast platform to the museum is Yogi Berra Museum. Org and Eve that you're going to talk to you now or direct is the absolute best
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discussion of injury prevention and treatment choosing the best shoes youth sports and drugs essential exercises that dilemma of Youth Football Orthotics third section experts speak out Bring together eight different experts in nutrition sports performance in mental training in all aspects of coaching and that section of Splash section is the parent's perspective some insight from about a half a dozen parents of athletes so everyone hate get out your megaphones for the word now available on Amazon order now you'll be more confident so when you're young athletes hashtag hate Sports parents
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hey everybody we're back live from Chicago the fourth doctor I'm Doctor Bob Wild Sports podiatrist say we going to continue with Yogi Berra's day we want to welcome these Jaden she's the executive director of Yogi Berra Museum in Learning Center she's a specialist and nonprofit Communications and management he's welcome to the sports doctor rate to have you give us a little bit of background on you and the museum in just a year after yoga passed away in the fall of 2015 and it was really going to matter to turning point for the organization you know they said I had to figure out what to do for so many years Yogi was a presence in that place you would visit Yogi Berra Museum and you would experience you'll keep her in the face
after he passed away that was no longer possible think what the place is going to be it will always be a mecca for baseball lovers there are unbelievable artifacts and and pieces of memorabilia but we ended up doing was leaving in the hard into the education piece of our work it is the Yogi Berra Museum and learning center Yogi famously cared most about educating kids and that in fact is why I was brought in because I'm that was an area of my expertise and on the sun very exciting to see the growth in that education piece of the work since since I've been there
you know it's interesting again the attention to the Learning Center and experience of having children to re-experience some of the important things at home learning through baseball some of these other things I remember when I've had Lindsay on the show in the past and she was talking about me to talk about how much more virtual learning going on and that the Learning Center was really in the middle of so much of it with somebody the different areas the specifics that you feature as part of the learning Center's curriculum
you know one of the granny educator will notice or land apparent to you in order for kids to learn they really have to connect to the material and sports is just a terrific vehicle for connection on every young person has some kind of relationship to sports whether they play it or watch it or where they throw to self defined as you know kids who you know are not into sports they all are connected support somehow and so we really leverage that connection as a way of learning and it'll some of the earth we cover the field of stem which is stand for for science technology engineering and math Sports is full of Science and Math so that was in a 1/2 the first lessons that we introduced it has been wildly popular with young people you know we're teaching them about the physics of baseball write the kinetic transfer of energy when you pitch you know what what kind of what percentage of your pitching stride is true your height and that allows them to do computational math and best of all the gets them up and moving and what we found is that when we pivoted these programs to a virtual space and we're doing
Zoom we were still able to have kids you don't move around in their own bedrooms on Zoom
in a somewhat that mentions you know instead of throwing a baseball in our Museum they were throwing a softball or a stuffed animal cross their own bedrooms but you know it didn't matter if it meant they were in a still learning and still engaged and what are the ages what are the ages that you really traded to Oakland High School kids but when we were doing our remote programming we would often see their parents and grandparents sneak into the background to participate because it's just a lot of fun I'm in particular when we had one of our most another very popular program with focusing on baseball's Negro Leagues for 2020 was the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues and honor that Milestone we brought an exhibit into our Museum on loan from the Negro Leagues baseball museum in Kansas City on big shout-out and thanks to BoB Kendrick the president of that museum who couldn't have been Kinder and letting us bring credible artifact documenting that. Really the Genesis of black baseball
and the history through you know through the 2030 forties and of course Jackie Robinson for his colleagues in so many different ways do geese ADHD the You Go-Go radio shows you in the back years who was on a different discussion like magazines you can go back with so many different topics that I've ridden on lower extremity Review magazine the very new exciting MVP parent magazine and we have 34
thousands of followers between LinkedIn and Twitter we have a lot of sports medicine information lot of Health and Wellness stuff besides who's on the show and what some of the different topics are at sports doc you'll see radio with talking with these Shannon she is the executive director of the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center in New Milford New Jersey on the campus of Montclair State University so our street address is Little Falls but just Montclair State has been in existence at stadium and really was a group of friends of yogurts you said you know we have an icon living in our communities we should elect a museum in his honor and that's how the museum was built and as I mentioned before Yogi was part of the museum for the years
he was around he would show people around he would explain you know the various memorabilia he would tell stories it was really a one-of-a-kind experience since his passing in 2015 we really had to lean into the education part of the work bring young people who aren't necessarily the familiar with that history up to speed and really into as I also mentioned leveraging forth and baseball in particular as of way of connecting two very academic content areas that you know teacher for a ton of course it's a science technology engineering and math skills of the future are going to involve kids being familiar with those with those areas a lot of kids are not so comfortable with math and science don't want to put a baseball in their hand and talk about the kinetic transfer of energy that way you know we find that you know they really
you know we're anxious to learn more so you know that's what it's really about roller the sudden shoes in all different sports so you could turn these kids on to some of these important topics when you talk to you about the sport of baseball and how exciting all of that is of course you had a couple months ago you celebrated that the Yogi Berra Forever stamp day today you know when I stop
Andy ye was the MC that was incredibly exciting people come and if so you know we had an addition to Bob Costas Willie Randolph was there a great friend of the museum Rick Cerone was there Larry Dobie Junior you know son of the great Larry Doby you know barrier breaker for the Cleveland Indians just had a fabulous you know the the Yankee tradition the unequal New York Yankee tradition young couple times I've had on the show their present a team physician dr. Chris Azad
the show with the Lindsay a few months ago so you know again this incredible tradition of of the Yankees you know how long with you know one of their great champion and that's not getting into the dequin systems and the quotes and the endless stuff that Yogi made famous talk a little bit about that I'm Sports and you know I mean Yogi is just a national treasure you know he was he did receive the presidential medal of freedom I mean of the highest civilian honor you could get you know if it was so not only in the American vernacular with people quoting him all the time but he also you know is a World War II veteran served at D-Day the iconic battle of World War II
stories were at every turn you know his wife incredible are part of the the history on the roads are absolutely right on that you know anyone who lives in our community last because of course there is you know if you know where Yogi lived in town there isn't that the road it does fork and no matter which Fork you take it will be absolutely sure what he was so cool plays who plays in the stadium that the school is a school play baseball their State University baseball team
Museum visit us check out all the incredible you know artifacts that we've got and then catch a jackals game on its really family-friendly it's really affordable place for kids to run around and do stuff and Saturday Night Live fireworks so you really get the full experience and it's a really really big so yeah so there's some terrific players there and you know what benefit is it it's a chance to see real baseball professional baseball and it won't break the bank and you know what you can also check out the museum while you're there so it's really a package deal
what are the signs things might you guys have in the pipeline now you know I can't believe I ran out of with with with me but please give us the information people to find out about the museum quickly before we ran out of time or Safeway in a were asking people to wear masks just keep everyone safe is that a lot of kids coming in a lot of seniors but you know we're open Wednesday through Sunday noon to 5 p.m. we stay open late on the executive director of The Learning Center
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everybody we are back live from Chicago it's a sports doctor I'm Doctor Bob while with talkin with Eve Shannon she's executive director of the Yogi Berra Museum and learning center. She is a specialist in the world nonprofit Communications management that must come in awfully handy you know if you were talking about the inclusion of the Negro League which was Stephanie Negroes are professional baseball league which was celebrating its 100th anniversary incredible relevant in the world race relations that that we're living through and the ability to pay such big attention I think it's really really commendable talk a little bit more about what year including that side of Learning Center sure I mean you know it has been a real honor to host the show it's called This is an exhibit called discover greatness and Illustrated history of Negro Leagues baseball it is
loan from the Negro Leagues baseball museum in Kansas City so grateful to them for being such perfect partners and if you do it include the 90 photographs and artifacts from the Negro leaves you know what we found is that a lot of people came to visit Museum in particular young people they recognize Jackie Robinson was of course on the wall of our Museum in that iconic play with yogi when Jackie was out I should say just for the bus and he was the first black baseball player and we realize that you know kids really didn't understand the long history of African-Americans in the sport and most importantly that that's terrific history when you go to leave so they show allows us to teach you know that incredibly important the sound of course is in developing programming around that if offered an opportunity to talk about bigger issues more challenging issues issues a systemic racism that the entire country is really grappling with Ray
now in a way that you know young people in particular could relate you I'm so you know what is allowed us to talk about history it's a lot of pet you know amplify the stories of these unbelievable Heroes but it is also offered a way into conversations that are difficult and challenging for teachers for students for families talk about what it meant to be excluded for all those years you know what century was Jim Crow in Baseball look like and so you know it's been it's been a great exhibit and we are very excited that they legal league baseball museum has allowed us to extend the run through 2021 to encourage your listeners to come visit a museum or check out these have been online it's fully online since covid came along we have to close our doors for a while and see and you know what really will take your breath away to see somebody she knew some of the people that you've called the party to participate the teachers quote their communicators that are teaching your program
you don't we we have a really exciting team we of course have a director of Education with the museum but all of our teaching fellows all the all the Educators in our program are actually Montclair State University teaching students their young people which is great because it means that they can really relate to the kids in a way that's very Hands-On and very exciting so you know sometimes you know I wasn't sure what this is going to be like when it was a really cool it was really fun and I think that has a lot to do with our terrific team of young people who are who are leading the programming many and they've been very generous with their time again you know people love Yogi and people love the Legacy and want to help support So BoB Kendrick from the Negro Leagues baseball Museum came by Harold Reynolds of course with MLB is a is a local is a local guy and he's been to the museum to help us with programming he has a very particular interest in the Negro Leagues and has been terrific on that on that topic you know we have the physics department of Montclair State University
helping us out with the with our stem program around because it's the baseball so you know we were very free about asking for help from people are being very generous with their time in particular kids from communities that don't necessarily have access to enrichment opportunities in insulation talk a little bit about some of the feedback of the parents and the teachers and in the other world of education and some of the feedback you've gotten as the learning center has gotten more more involved in so many different area that's been exciting and just you know we do have some bragging rights. I'm going to share on behalf of our team I know we have in a week double the number of steps over the first three years and through covid you know I think it's we talked about earlier because we have to pick up at our programming to a virtual firm format it meant that we could reach students you know regardless of
geographic location so we had we had school class was coming from Atlanta from Pittsburgh and Houston and from Louisiana Lafayette Louisiana teacher and got her fourth graders you know what we're hearing across the board from the teachers is you know what a what a terrific way it is to engage young people in these important academic areas you know especially especially in this challenging last year when his work in many ways on their own at home parents were on their own trying to supervise another kids education I'm going to have a virtual field trip I got news for you yeah keep ready as well as we see them going to the near future and the world puzzle with how well this is going to work out with all these new Incredible challenges that is still on top of us you know and what it's going to mean to kids and kids in school and the tremendous online presence I think it's something that there wasn't that much attention.
learning disabled leased vehicle even if we were able to reopen and then we have some school books for the fall in person with fingers crossed that I can be able to come safely but you know no matter what happens we will continue to do these virtual field trips cuz it's just kind of let you know also for you know even local school so maybe don't have the funding to get the bus to come I'm going to we scholarship kids whenever we can classes District we in a we do everything we can you do you want everybody we said stem one of the words was engineering right yeah
two children when they know they don't have to do it and of course the tremendous Legacy like you said everybody loves Yogi Berra the ability to do so many new areas I don't know who came up with the idea of the Learning Center but it's just a great idea what he said it was all about the kids for him that's what he wanted you know everyone mention how incredibly humble and his just extraordinary humility about his own achievements on what he wanted was a place where kids could learn I'm he know he himself had to quit school after the eighth grade supported a family you know what we talked about how the military career of a family you know he really felt like you know that piece of his own education was something that had been lacking and he wanted to make sure that I got a message with a picture of Yogi and I think he had seven rings and I think the caption was I hate Tom Brady how many do you have
don't send no one's going to play with the Yankees have to catch you with that on the next show. Org super easy to find one the camps to Montclair State University you can reach us with New Jersey Transit by car easy parking is a terrific outing parrot with a New Jersey jackals game this summer and you won't regret it so I hope people will come and visit
he shaded thank you so much thank you for having me directly or hold on.
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I think we're back it's the Sports Doctor lives from Chicago I'm talk to Bob while Sports podiatrist great stuff great Yogi Berra growing up as a kid that whole world that I might dating myself welcome to the sports doctors in segments we preview some upcoming shows we answer a few emails I throw in a few excerpts and ideas from the book has take a sports parents you know you got a couple of real Fitness Legends joining me next week July jankowitz the famous TV exercise guy from Hawaii
Lifetime Achievement Award National Fitness Hall of Fame will be joining me and that my longtime colleague and Mentor Bob gajda one of the world's great Sports therapist will be joining me the following week we're going to talk Men's Health with urologist dr. Cameron to Shelly and then we're going to talk mental help I'm going to talk about the whole world of of Suicide Prevention information with PhD offer Michelle Ross some very formative shows coming up and hit a few email to your Yahoo. Calm c a r r y l Sports doctor at dance is my son's 14 years old he really plays aggressive Hawk
higher level you said persistent Achilles tendon problems we've been in physical therapy the boot makers made some changes damn book big time and Orthotics skates for decades including hockey and when we've got a persistent foot problem it's our biggest weapon custom-designed joint positions Orthotics that work well and skates in order to God off properly control may be abnormal motion it's stress around the Achilles of course the top of the line is very very important an over-the-counter insert is Never As Good it just is it custom orthotics for about joint measurement with your son so she could I to check that out then Terry the gun was typical topic of my daughter's a 10 year old
skater she's ready to be double jumps you think that's too much you know territory exciting I must have the almost a dozen young kids almost all girls from the ages of 8 and 9 10 and the reason it's such a big deal to me at the sports doctor is my Olympic champions 2010 figure skating Champion Evan lysacek was 9 1/2 years old when I first put in his skates so it's an amazing age and I do have a group of the Chat 19 years old 10 years on one side and a half they started graduate and have good coaches are all wearing orthotic and it doing well so we're paying attention was seeing if I can do Sports younger younger more physical so it is something that we definitely want to run pay attention to now if she's had problems
well a lot of folks trimmed back or needs her feet ankles include paint big attention to put mechanics but also pay attention to not trying to push through War take medicine over the counter to tolerate that movement into double jobs with all that Landing so it's a lot of stress on growing body so absolutely pay dick attention that that's not a personal training very early or physical therapy to work with these kids but can the chapter in my book the two essential exercises that one of the experts on last week Mike Andrews strengthen ankles rubber bands a great way to do it work balance soap boards supposed to Sand Dune work on balance in order to make us destroy
is possible that young growing up body Sam says I'm a walker I'm 50 years old that that plantar fasciitis on and off the new Skechers arch support shoes what do you think hey there for the recommended Sam and it's interesting I told my friends are New Balance years ago they should pay attention to getting some certification from Podiatry for experts regarding some type of support system out here Skechers did it I'll go with you still
a shoe size so it's comfortable we find that it's a positive and it's a good generic positive it's like most over-the-counter support system will use with a super feed or others can be helpful in helping to do some art support as a rule or support as comfortable as helpful and so I would do you use the shoes again if you've had trouble if you had a history of concern that you might want to be paying attention to not only shoes that you're in but your own particular foot mechanics and foot type body alignment and to see whether you'd be a good candidate for a thought it's almost always are you are least a very good candidate for strengthening physical therapy I want it again talk about the facts about the eight different experts and brought together for the book hashtag case
parents we paid attention to areas of nutrition with Kate Davis paid attention to the world of adult and child psychiatry with dr. Denise McDormand we paid attention to the physical side of training with Missy or Russians and youth sport has what current needs to know if dr. Holly Benjamin
stop behavior of the overzealous Sports parent on the sidelines in Goldberg founder of dysport 360 Sports parents day that person found their volleyball Festival
and what great Sports parents do you Sports safety doctor Steve Horowitz his whole team safe philosophy that groups parents coaches should be familiar with on the safety the Olympics are over it was fantastic even though it was crazy so challenged it was so many great stories none greater than Simone biles which I think was just a great great great example of the importance of mental health that even the greatest of athletes in the world could really be challenged with these kinds of concerns to make it known to help make it known that it's okay to not be okay so there was some great stuff great shape
being that all the different sports it flew by let's look for some rerun hey will catch everybody next week it's the Sports Doctor Sports. The thanks everybody

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