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Cameron Live, July 21, 2017

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Sports and Life
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with Cameron Datzker and friends John Michael Capaldi, Joan of Angels and guest Misty Lee

Camerons Sports and Life with Cameron Datzker and friends John Michael Capaldi, Joan of Angels and guest Misty Lee

Guest, Misty Lee

Guest Name
Misty Lee
American voice actress, comedian, professional magician Misty Lee
Guest Occupation
American voice actress, comedian, professional magician, entertainer, activist
Guest Biography
Actor, Magician, Seance Medium. Wicked with a capital grin.
Misty’s unique blend of talent and training make her an ideal technical advisor and teacher of dark magic. Here are some of Misty’s magical specialties:

Original Effects and Illusions

A stage illusionist with a musical theater background, Misty understands branding and the importance of standing out in a crowd. She puts audience experience FIRST when creating for her clients, so the message you’re sending gets through – and sticks. Her maverick magic style and varied experience within the field uniquely qualifies her to create something special for her clients – something specific to them, something that makes sense, and something original that still rings true to brand.

Movie and Television Show Services

An accomplished voice actress and co-writer of the Radio Rashy podcast, Misty applies her firm understanding of story to the task of consulting for film and television. She provides script consulting as well as original tricks and illusions.

Séance Shows

Magic Castle Medium and host of its spine-tingling Houdini Séance, Misty Lee excels at the ghoulish. Her mastery of the macabre makes her the ideal candidate to consult on maximizing that ‘otherworldly’ feel.

Close-up/Card Magic

Experienced in both dramatic stage illusion and close-up magic, Misty performs up-close magic with cards and everyday items before your eyes – and can create custom ‘wow’ moments – complete with premiums and leave-behinds – to drive your point home, encourage future contact communication, and spur your potential clients into action.

Human Lie Detection

The only magician in history with IAI certification (she’s certified to teach law enforcement officials!), Misty studied cognitive interview, body language assessment and memory recollection techniques alongside CIA and Scotland Yard agents. Her skill for reading microexpressions and uncovering the truth has led to her designation as a Human Lie Detector—a skill she showcases on and off the stage.

Bold Stage Presence

A Second City LA graduate with extensive training in musical improvisation and comedy, Misty is a whiz at thinking on her feet, and adapts at a lightning-fast pace to changing environments. She has the talent and skills to create a magical experience that thrills and entertains … and can create a maximum-impact, magical experience for you and your clients!

Guest, John Michael Capaldi

Guest Name
John Michael Capaldi
Celebrity Psychic John Michael Capaldi
Guest Occupation
Celebrity Psychic, Life Coach
Guest Biography

John Michael Capaldi is an extraordinary psychic regarded as one of the world’s best in his field. With an international client list that includes celebrities, renowned athletes, Fortune 500 businessmen and royalty, John Michael is in high demand for lectures, life-coaching and personal readings, helping people to cleanse areas of bad energy, and setting them on the right path to a happy, fulfilled life. Changing their lives from the inside out.

Trained through prayer, patience and playing cards from the age of three by his devout, Roman Catholic mother who recognized her son’s God-given gift and decided to cultivate and nurture what she considered to be a blessing, John Michael’s psychic abilities gradually expanded to include a wide variety of skills including the capacity to be clairvoyant, clair-sensual (deep sense of other people’s feelings), clair-audience (to know other people’s thoughts and hear conversations not physically present at), empathic, telepathic, psychokinetic, as well as a medical intuitive. Sought out by Doctors in every medical field.

As a young man, before following his true calling as a psychic and a philosopher, John Michael first trained to be an opera singer. Later he entered a seminary to study for the priesthood, focusing his studies in both Philosophy and Theology. Soon after, John Michael realized that he was not on the right path that God and the Universe wanted for him, and was determined to share his psychic abilities with others in a professional capacity. At age 29, he decided to apply educational techniques to his psychic work and began to study transpersonal psychology, paranormal psychology and clinical hypnosis.

Fearless and sometimes controversial, John Michael has his own radio show, The Psychic Hour on the Clear Channel. His TV appearances to date include The Today Show, Fox News, and many local and national TV affiliates. He has also been featured in newspaper articles including The Arizona Republic.

John Michael has wrote his first book, “Who Am I”— Guide to Happiness (working title) which is the first in a four-­‐part series of books that will teach people to find their inner strength, follow the path the Universe is showing them and achieve their dreams. (Publishing soon)

Something called “The Sexy Psychic” He also has a reality television show in development and a schedule of nationwide seminars, conferences and lectures that continues well into the coming year.

Guest, Joan Hangarter - Joan of Angels

Guest Name
Joan Hangarter - Joan of Angels
Joan of Angels (formerly Joan Beth Abramowitz)
Guest Occupation
Oracle, Artist, Visionary, Wisdom Teacher
Guest Biography

I was born in Forest Hills New York on March 16th, birthed as a Piscean dreamer, empath and natural intuitive. During my early years, I thought paintings were real, as I found myself strolling among the gardens in the canvas, interacting with beautiful, elegant beings only I could see. My imagination allowed me to dive deep into the inner realms to discover the worlds within worlds.

My fascination with the subconscious and archetypal myths led me on a lifetime journey, beginning at the age of 10, when I tried to remember my past lives, and read books on Lemuria, Atlantis, and psychic studies. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Counseling I moved to an Ashram, or Spiritual Community in Los Angeles, where my gifts as a healer emerged, leading me to relocate to Berkeley, where I launched an outrageously successful Chiropractic practice in Berkeley California, personally treating up to 90 patients a day.

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