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SOS, April 24, 2020

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Headlined Show, SOS April 24, 2020

Soulfully Orgasmic SEX! Now that you are standing at attention, let's get it on, I mean on the air!
SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
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Soulfully Orgasmic SEX!

Now that you are standing at attention, let's get it on, I mean on the air! 

Sex can be fun, pleasurable and wonderful until it becomes a duty. Why for so many women is it so? How can we bring the fun and intimacy back into the bedroom while we have all this time on our hands? In this week's episode, we will be diving yes, soulfully, into the ins and outs of what is hot for women and men and what absofreakinglutely isn't. You'll be inspired, turned on and enjoy a few laughs while we talk about your Johnson and Julia live!


SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth masters



Jennifer Master’s Bundled Guided Energy Clearings will help you release old patterns and transition to the next step of your life with grace and ease.

I’ve Been Told I Am THE Badass Healer You Want On Your Side!

I spent countless years crying in my bathroom over the men who hurt me, didn’t understand me, lied, cheated took my money and never satisfied me in bed. Not any more! I discovered how to get it all and a joy of life that surpasses anything I’d ever imagined.

Strong women have a tendency to give up their power to make their guy feel better. When we give away our power to our partner we kill our personal fire. When our fire goes out so does the passion. When our passion dies we feel dead and numb. The great news is you don’t have to dump your partner to have the kickass life. 

You Need A Badass Coach For A KickAss Life!

I’ve had my share of rodeos and barn burnings. I’ve weathered the storms of life, death and relationships. What I’ve learned in my thirty-five years of transformation will help you change yours. I won’t blow smoke up your ass or anywhere else. I’ll tell you straight and get you across the finish line in time for champagne. 

I’ll celebrate your wins and cry with your pain. I’m here to get you the kickass life you’ve always wanted.

My clients committed to expansion and growth. They are doctors, famous authors, attorneys, Spiritual leaders, therapists, movie producers and people just like you. Wayne Dyer was not only a client, but a friend. I have coached and helped resolve marital issues, broken hearts, heal childhood trauma, find love and pray their desires into reality. 

I empower committed highly successful women and men around the world to become self-realized, awakened breaking free of past trauma, limiting beliefs, emotional triggers that kept them stuck, depressed and anxious. I help you joyfully kick down the blocks that stand in the way, opening your heart to align you with your higher purpose infinite self and light. Your inner fire, passion ignite so you live a fulfilled, purpose-filled and joyful life

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