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Change It Up, September 8, 2018

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Revolutionary Life After Fifty
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with Don Meredith

Today we’re talking about expanding in our later years of life rather than feeling stuck or stagnant by limitations.


Not only is Don Meredith the man who gave me my start in radio, he’s also one of the early pioneers of the DST 1031 Exchange Industry. He joins us to discuss a beneficial investment option for property owners looking to transition out of the management and maintenance of a property while receiving a monthly income with no tax obligations. Don also talks about life after 50 and shares how he’s silenced limiting beliefs, revived old dreams, and expanded his life in many ways.


We Discuss:

  • Finding meaning and purpose in our lives after retirement
  • The importance of expanding as we grow older and not allowing our life to become stale
  • An overview of using a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) as an exit strategy for property owners
  • Who is and isn’t a good candidate for a Delaware Statutory Trust
  • The sacrifices that we make in life when we are tied down by obligations and doubts
  • Finding the secret sauce to self-discovery and exploring our interests

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Change It Up

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