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Responder Resilience, July 12, 2023

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Responder Resilience
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Walking Tall in Vegas with guest Todd Blyleven

Walking Tall in Vegas: A Rescuer’s Triumph over Trauma: Todd Blyleven's selfless acts of bravery at the Las Vegas shooting and finding strength and triumph over PTSD.

Headlined Show, Responder Resilience July 12, 2023

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🎧 Join us on Responder Resilience as we uncover the incredible story of professional athlete Todd Blyleven. From his selfless acts of bravery at the Las Vegas shooting to finding strength and triumph over PTSI, Todd's journey will leave you inspired. Hear his insights on resilience, faith, and the power of therapy in overcoming adversity. Don't miss this powerful episode on your favorite podcast platform. Tune in and let Todd's story change your perspective on resilience and healing. 

Guest, Todd Blyleven

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Todd Blyleven
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Speaker, Author, Former Professional Athlete
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Discover the inspiring journey of Todd Blyleven, a beacon of courage and resilience. As a hero during the Las Vegas Country Music Festival shooting, Todd's selflessness saved lives, earning him widespread acclaim. Overcoming PTSI, he embarked on a transformative path to regain strength through faith, peer support, and EMDR therapy. With a professional baseball background and expertise in sports technology, Todd's unwavering determination shines through. As a captivating speaker and advocate for personal growth, he offers profound insights on resilience and triumph over adversity. Prepare to be inspired by his indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to help others Walk Tall again.

Responder Resilience

Step into the world of real-life heroes with RESPONDER RESILIENCE, an insightful podcast that sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of firefighters, EMTs, dispatchers, and law enforcement professionals. Hear firsthand accounts from our community's finest as they discuss critical issues on the job and share their experiences with hosts Lt. David Dachinger (ret.), Bonnie Rumilly LCSW/EMT and Dr. Stacy Raymond. Explore topics of mental and physical wellness with emergency services thought leaders, and get ready to be inspired and gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices and resilience of our responders.
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