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RADIO TONI, June 1, 2022

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Dawn Morningstar, Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, Ted-X Spreaker

RADIO TONI Every Day Business with Toni Lontis

Dawn Morningstar (her given name) was raised by her grandmother Rosie, who taught her to be kind, tenacious, and self-empowered. Dawn is an award-winning author, master coach, podcast host, educator, TEDx Speaker (Oakland), former radio talk show host and devoted advocate for women’s self-empowerment. Since her book “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World” was published in 2016, Dawn has spoken to groups of all sizes over 1,200 times.

After coaching women for over 30 years, Dawn founded Venerable Women in 2013 and has most recently co-founded New World Women with Mecca Page and Shawn Vougeot. Both organizations teach women to be kind, tenacious and self-empowered! New World Women expands women’s consciousness and increases their prosperity using a very unique model--paying women to practice self-care, learn new things, stay inspired and help others. At this point, there is no other model like New World Women’s in the world.

One of Dawn’s great journeys to higher consciousness began in 2015 when she spent 21 days in the silence at Ekam (Oneness) in India. In May of 2020, Dawn became an Ekam Mitra (Spiritual Friend/Guide), trained by Ekam faculty and Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji the co-founders of Ekam and O&O Academy in India. The mission of Ekam, which Dawn fully shares, is to end human suffering and help all people live in a beautiful state of being.

"Living in a beautiful state is possible through conscious awakening of the feminine principles of love, kindness, collaboration, inclusion and compassion—which are present within each person." - Dawn Morningstar

WELCOME to the show Dawn! I am delighted I can share you with the global audience.

Questions are a guide and we will go where intuition guides us to!

1. What do you mean when you talk about your desire to help women "heal the feminine wound around money and power?'

2. How does a woman doing better help others do better too?

3. What are the six WEALTH Ways that your organization New World Women focuses upon?

4. How did you come up with the idea to pay women for taking care of themselves, helping others, learning new things and staying inspired in a community of like-hearted women?

5. How did New World Women attract so many women before it even fully launched?

6. What is a practice women could do that would help them take a step in the direction of their dreams?

Toni’s Notes:

  • Storytelling is the way we connect at the heart!

  • always dreamed and day-dreamed about a better world for all

  • women's self-empowerment coach for over three decades

  • My business didn't start off as a business, but rather a quest to find self-worth. I was abandoned by my mother at nine months of age and raised by a very kind grandmother. Though my grandmother loved me very much and took good care of me, every day of my childhood I wondered where my mother was and why she had no contact with me. This caused me great suffering and confusion. So throughout my teens and early 20s I sought out counseling and spirituality to provide some answers so that I could begin to feel worthy. That quest continued and led me to find an extraordinary life coach. I fell so in love with the process of life coaching that I became a master certified coach myself. Choosing women to be my clients worked beautifully. Through their stories and then helping them I continued to grow in my own self-worth and confidence. I came to understand the tremendous value in being of service to others. Serving others balanced with true self-care is a beautiful gift to offer the world.

  • collaboration is queen!

  • New World Women, which is taking the world by storm! New World Women is an online, on-demand academy for women taught by teachers we call Luminaries. We have designed NWW so that women are financially rewarded for practicing self-care, helping others, learning new things and staying inspired. At this point, there is no other model like it in the world.

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Instagram: @dawnmorningstar1

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