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RADIO TONI, July 2, 2021

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Guest, Amir Meshel, Real Estate Agent Buyer's Agent

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Talking Points Radio Toni – Every Day Business with Amir Meshel

This show is with the amazing Amir Meshel – let me tell you about Amir!

A second generation investor, Amir witnessed key renovation secrets at the young age of 10. By the age of 16, Amir immersed himself in developing his investor mindset. Starting with $5k and the benefit of training in Financial Planning (RG146) at a “Big Four” Australian Bank, Amir invested in regional NSW, Tasmania and WA. After consecutive years of 6 figure incomes and extending into 7-figure profit from real estate, Amir became a Real Estate Agent. Now Amir works purely as a Buyer’s Agent, negotiating on behalf of the buyer!

Author of the series “Where’s The Bees Blueprint®” including how to:

Appeal to the vendor that isn’t ready

Renovate for sale Master short term accommodation without becoming a part-time cleaner

Write an option contract

Grow on LinkedIn

Market using ClubHouse on Android and Apple iOS

Monetize on Facebook

Attract on InstaGram

Secretly grow your income in property without becoming a landlord

Specializing in the region within a 3-hour drive of the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBDs.

Listen to what people are saying about Amir

We chose to purchase property in Australia because our Chinese parents told us that it was a great investment and it would secure our retirement wealth. We chose Amir Meshel as our Buyers Agent because we didn’t want to risk trying to purchase a large investment. There’s a lot of money involved and we felt we didn’t have the level of expertise required to purchase confidently. We found Amir through a referral from someone I knew. I didn’t want to Google someone I didn’t know. You helped us with the uncertainty and also spent a lot of time which made us feel comfortable. We were time poor and didn’t know where to look for property. We appreciated your expert opinion at the time, you cut through the noise and got straight to the point. We didn’t want to listen to the media as we felt it was giving us the wrong advice. In the end, you were very patient with us and as a result we are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you Amir. Kelly and James

Welcome to the show Amir I’m so grateful to have you here and allow the audience to hear your real estate insight and story!

  1. Lets start at the beginning – did that 10yr old you see this in your future?

  2. What is a buyers agent and why did you embark on that path?

  3. What is it about investing that you love most?

  4. What are the 3 D’s?

  5. Why is location important?

  6. What have you learnt from bees?

  7. When will local real estate oces closing?

  8. Who should use your DIY system?

  9. What is the next step?

  10. What countries across the world do you operate in?

  11. What country is your favorite?

  12. Can you tell the audience about one of your greatest successes?

  13. What’s one HOT Tip for real estate investment and I know its going to be LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION but is that the best tip?

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