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RADIO TONI, February 3, 2021

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Guest, Briony Schadegg, HCI Founder, Director & Secretary (Human Computer Interaction)

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Guest, Briony Schadegg, HCI Founder, Director & Secretary (Human Computer Interaction)

15 years Policing expertise - risk management - team management & leadership - investigation - crime prevention - project and policy development - community engagement - public safety – mentoring

7 years experience of business management

Periodical volunteer aiding marine research

Bachelor of Business Management - UniSA (current)

Briony Shadegg, during her time as a police officer has over 15 years of lived experience in dealing with trauma and challenges to wellbeing.

Together with Ben Fink, Danny Connery and Joesph Cassar founded HCI Insights, an Australian developed and owned company based in SA in 2017.

Their Mission “To empower users and organizations to positively and actively manage their wellbeing for improved ability to meet positive individual and organizational goals”

"The standard you walk past is the standard you accept" It's all about having a positive social impact, not accepting the status quo and striving to leave this world better than we came into it.

First lets quickly talk about how the trauma of policing changed the way you thought about wellbeing?

This experience drove your desire for better and that led to the new app Frank.

1. Briony can you tell me about why you and the team developed FRANK?

- was developed around concepts and research findings described in The General Theory of Crime, Social Learning Theories, the Dunedin Longitudinal Multidisciplinary Study and others like it, during Briony's Policing Studies.

Protection of privacy & user information

2. How is Frank meant to be used?

- Franks is designed for installation on personal devices. It analyses the user's natural language using our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to provide mood and emotional feedback, patterns and trends for individuals and organizations.

3. How do you protect a user’s privacy whilst using this app?

Our user’s right to privacy has been at the forefront of every design decision we have made. Not breaching the trust of our users and setting the highest standard of integrity is paramount to us.

4. What sort of positive investment to you hope to achieve for organizations?

For organizations seeking competitive advantage, an investment in employee wellbeing is crucial in meeting organizational goals. Frank will do this by providing insights to empower your organization to act in a timely manner to achieve positive outcomes.

Frank aims to facilitate:

- Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

- Improved organization loyalty

- Improved employee & recruit perception as an employer of choice

5. What sort of positive investment to you hope to achieve for organizations?

According to WHO, there is a 4:1 positive return on investment in wellbeing for individuals, organizations, the community and government.

6. How will the FRANK measure its success? Frank provides a unique measure of success that previously was not captured other than by way of anecdotal or survey evidence which can be unreliable.

7. What is behind naming the app FRANK?

8. What are some of the achievements for Frank so far?

  • Frank was a top 10 startup in 2016-2017 Bridge to Mass Challenge (Australia) and came in the top 300 out of 2500 global startups in Mass Challenge

  • Frank was accepted into Stone and Chalk's first cohort at Lot Fourteen (Adelaide innovation hub) in 2019.

  • We are partnered with Svelte Ventures, a South Australian owned and operated digital agency.

  • Our current shareholders are all South Australian based or ex-South Australians.

  • We are an organization of choice for Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) internship program, mainly for machine learning.

  • Our pilot is being independently run by Dr Miranda Van Hooff, Ex Director of Military and Emergency Services Health Australia.

  • We have started securing foundation customer organization such as Police Health and in final stages of negotiations and approvals with SA Department of Treasury and Finance, Scotch College and Gallagher Bassett.

  • We have regularly seek the advice of our Advisory Board Chair Leesa Chesser, former SA Minister for Disability, Mental Health and Substance Abuse. We also periodically seek advise from; Professor Alexander McFarlane Dr Paula Dabovich Raymond Spencer Glen Rosie David Knox

9. What’s next for the team behind Frank?

10 How can people be part of the development?

Sign up to be part of our pilot (individual/organization) Or email us about becoming a foundation customer (individual/organization) via the website or...

Briony finally tell me about your vision of the future, especially around the uptake of the frankapp?

Thank you so much


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