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The Author and Artist Hour, April 11, 2021

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Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez
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Guest, Jan Docktor, autobiography under the pen name of Autumn Myst, the book is called Pondering

Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez Wickham St George and Toni Lontis

This show series is focused on authors and co hosted with my amazing new co host Kez Wickham St George

Kez Wickham St George is the driver of her own creativity and her passion is to inspire and nurture others to tell their stories. Her values are simple; when you touch a heart; we can change a life. By encouraging you to write or journal her belief is, it will only add value to your life.

Today’s guest is Jan Docktor

I am a 60-year young woman who was raised in the beautiful state of Montana. I love to fish, cook, study anthropology, write, and am a huge history buff. I live west of the divide which I can see from my window.

I have four children and 12 grandchildren ranging in ages from 21 to several months.

I have always loved to write. I started writing as soon as I knew how to spell. I can express myself better with the written word than by telling someone. Sometimes I drive people crazy because I am so analytical. I sometimes tend to use the wrong word and upset people so I am much safer writing them a letter. Writing allows me to create my own world with my own characters. Whatever they may be.

I am a true believer in the paranormal and magic that surrounds me. I want to share what a wonderful place this world can be with more than humans inhabiting it.

I have also written a small autobiography under the pen name of Autumn Myst, the book is called Pondering. I used this name because a lot of the true stories in it have to do with family members and they may find them slightly embarrassing. I can admit to it here on Amazon because most people who buy that book won't know it's me that wrote it. Heh! I used an excerpt in the book to answer a question on a social site and so far I have over 700 upvotes and counting.

The book is mostly funny things that have happened. I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to my world!


  • Your Title Believe in yourself i found compelling, tell our listeners more about that Title

  • There are many of us that THINK we have it right, how do we fortify this with in ourselves

  • Do you feel its a necessary skill to have in today current situation

  • What have been some of your obstacles that you have faced as you wrote your book To love a Dragon  

  • How did you create the title of the book

  • At what would you say that the age group this book written for

  • If you could travel back to a younger you what would be your advice

The Author and Artist Hour

The Author and Artist Hour with Kez Wickham St George and Toni Lontis
Kez Wickham St George

Kez is ever the storyteller and a popular speaker at many local events; However mentoring others to tell their stories has become a large part of Kez’s life, running creative writing workshops for those that have a story to tell.

Encouraging and mentoring others to follow their passion for writing has resulted in four of her writing protégés becoming published authors. Kez also invites published authors in fiction to contact her, as she enjoys introducing their work to Facebook and Instagram by video.

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