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RADIO TONI, April 28, 2021

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Guest, Nicci Rossouw, CEO of Exaptec, a start-up company she founded in 2015 to provide service robotics solutions

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Nicci Rossouw is the CEO of Exaptec, a start-up company she founded in 2015 to provide service robotics solutions to the Australian market. She is passionate about applying innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and automation to improve work-life balance and wellness overall by removing repetitive and boring work. She has provided numerous robotic telepresence solutions to educational facilities and businesses to augment communication and movement for disabled and incapacitated people.

Nicci believes that well designed application of robotics will lead to the emergence of new business models that will change the way people work and play for the better. Noted as one of six women who “rock” robotics in Australia, and a regular speaker at events, Nicci is a passionate educator of how robots can augment your life for the better.

Exaptec was one of Westpac’s 2018 top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow winners, winner of episode two of “that startup show” season two 2018 and also one of four companies representing Australia at the International Cultural Fair in Shenzhen in 2019. Nicci was noted as “30 women you need to know about in robotics” in 2020. This is a global recognition and Nicci was one of two women in Australia to be awarded this accolade.

Hello and welcome to the show Nicci

  1. Let’s start at the beginning … tell be about the journey that led you to this point in time?

  2. What have been challenges that you have had to deal with and overcome?

  3. I want to talk about robots – I find it fascinating and where to start is a challenge. We see the portrayal of robots on the movies, how close is this portrayal to real life and where we are at with robots with now?

  4. What do your robots do? Break it down by the range that the company has - Telepresence and telecommunication, service, social, stem, AI

  5. In 2020 you were recognised as “one to watch in 2020” by Robotics research online communication platform Robohub – top 30 women in the world – congratulations! And Innovative Robotics Solutions Providers list included you and the company in its top 5 list. What do these types of accolades mean to women in robotics?

  6. What’s the big vision Nicci and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Notes for Toni

Telepresence - Communication is at the heart of any effective business, social or family network. That’s why we’re embracing new and emerging robotics technology that helps people develop stronger and more meaningful relationships. 

During office hours, our fleet of telepresence robots is tailored to provide effective solutions to business, education and healthcare providers. And when the work's done, our robots bring a new dimension to remote interactions with friends and family.

Service - Hard to find good help? You might be looking in the wrong place. Recent technological developments mean robots can now perform more advanced tasks than ever before. We can supply mobile and highly intelligent robots to carry out numerous tasks for you or your business. 

Social - The seemingly autonomous and sentient robots we're familiar with from sci-fi movies are an example of what are referred to as social robots. While current technology is a little behind that of Hollywood, we're catching up fast! The social robots in our fleet will amaze with their ability to interact with their surroundings, carry out tasks and engage with people.

No longer just a curiosity, social robots have a number of valuable real-world applications. They can act as personal assistants, virtual concierges, manage home and office automation, educate and entertain, and carry out roles in service and retail industries.

Stem - Whether in the fields of medicine, education, industry or just around the house, robots are becoming indispensable. At Exaptec, we know an understanding of robotics, programming and coding is essential for the jobs of the future. This is why we want to help Australians, both young and old, equip themselves with the necessary skills to find meaningful employment.

When it comes to learning about robotics and programming, we believe it’s best to take a hands-on approach. That’s why we provide educational robots that are fun to build and program.


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