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RADIO TONI, April 21, 2021

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Guest, Hazel Todd, Empowering Women by taking care of your own family your Own Estate Planning

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Talking Points Radio Toni – Every Day Business with Haz

Today’s guest is Hazel Todd and the title of the interview is Empowering Women by taking care of your own family your Own Estate Planning

Hazel is a solicitor, author and business owner. She has been admitted to practice law in Victoria, Australia and runs her own practice in Melbourne, HazeLegal, dealing primarily in Wills and Estates, as well as family law.

Before emigrating to Australia she was admitted to practice in Botswana, having read for her law degree in South Africa. She has experience, both personally and professionally, in the issues that arise when dealing with an estate after a loved one passes.

She wrote My Life Manual – Estate Planning, Information and Messages for my Executors and Loved Ones because she believes that we can help those that we love, even in the most difficult of times, after we pass away.

Let’s make it easier for the ones we leave behind.

When she is not working she enjoys writing, Latin and Ballroom dancing, and learning French.

Her other works include:

‘The Dream Catcher: A Journal for Success’

‘Powerful Conversations – 10 Stories of Authentic & Effective Conversations’ (Co-author)

‘Unstoppable Woman in Business (Co-author)’

Welcome to the show Hazel and what a privilege to have you here on the show today to share your wisdom and knowledge with the audience. You are such a busy woman it’s great that I get to share you with the audience for the next 55 minutes at least

  1. Let’s start with what life looked like before you got emigrated to Australia and what prompted that move?

  2. How much of a challenge was it to get admitted to the bar in Victoria?

  3. What sorts of things did you go through as a woman in business in the legal arena in Australia?

  4. The treatment of women in the Legal community in Australia has been likened to the way women have been treated in our parliament. Do you agree and what has been your experience?

  5. What does Women’s Empowerment look like for you Hazel?

  6. There was a particular moment in your life that prompted you to write your first book, what was that Hazel?

  7. What questions did you wish you could have asked your father?

  8. What’s the most fun thing you like about your legal business?

  9. You have a wonderful way of giving back to empowering women to get their businesses going, can you tell us about the fee portion from Empowerment wills that you direct to this worth cause?

  10. What does the future hold for the dynamic, empowering Hazel Todd?

These questions are just a guide – follow my lead and we will have an intuitive and insightful discussion. We will keep the conversation organic and it will flow where its meant to, Hazel

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Radio Toni is hosted by Toni Lontis, author of Resilience – Memoir of a broken little girl discovering a women of strength and beauty. She is Australia’s rising talkback radio queen, who is not afraid to facilitate interviews across the more difficult conversations of our day, bringing her brand of social consciousness to the airwaves.

Radio Toni is a community of like-minded people who are dedicated to making their life journey inspirational, wanting to leave a legacy for others.

Toni is an inspirational woman who has dedicated her life’s work to helping women and the men who love them to find their passion, purpose and voice.

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