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Affirmations For Living, November 1, 2012

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Guest, Reverend Ernie Martin

The difference between prayer and meditation can be understood by saying that during prayer, we ask God for something, and during meditation, God speaks to us. Most people just keep praying all the time or always make noise or always talk, and God has no chance to guide you. Is it any wonder that your prayers can sometimes go unanswered. God has no opportunity! Today I am joined by Rev. Ernie Martin a interfaith minister who will guide us through the ins and outs of both prayer and meditation.

Guest, Ernie Martin

Guest Name
Ernie Martin
Reverend Ernie Martin, Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister, Job Coach, Volunteer Coordinator, Financial Counselor, Financial Analyst, Rescue Mission Volunteer
Guest Occupation
Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister, Job Coach, Volunteer Coordinator, Financial Counselor, Financial Analyst, Rescue Mission Volunteer
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Reverend Ernie Martin is spiritual, understanding, warm, caring, flexible, interfaith non-denominational minister who will officiate the ceremonies that define your life.

Reverend Ernie received his MS Degree in Business Organizational Management. He is happily married, has two grown sons and three grandchildren.

Prior to ordination, Reverend Ernie worked in the non-profit sector as a Job Coach for adults with disabilities, a Volunteer Coordinator, and, as a Financial / Credit counselor. He volunteered as a phone hotline Lay Minister at a mega-church in Orange County, California. He also worked in a Fortune 500 Aerospace company as a Project Financial Analyst prior to his dedication to supporting non-profit organizations.

After ordination, Reverend Ernie volunteers at senior living centers conducting non-denominational services involving prayers, singing and sharing. He also has volunteered for and supports the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

Reverend Ernie was born and raised in a Christian family in India. He studied at a Methodist school for six years in South India. During his childhood in India, he and his family lived among many religious groups such as Hindus, Muslims, fellow Christians, Buddhists and Sikhs.

He emigrated to America at age 18 in 1964 shortly after high school graduation. Living in the Los Angeles area, he became a naturalized USA citizen in 1976. Reverend Ernie has learned extensively about other religions and belief systems through his personal studies. In America as an adult, he’s actively attended several churches including Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Unitarian and Meta-physical.

He was ordained by the Universal Life Church in January 2011. He’s developed an Interfaith ministry, which respects all loving religious and spiritual beliefs.

Affirmations For Living

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