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The Power of Synergy, September 22, 2022

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The Power of Synergy
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The Power of Love

The Power of Synergy

September 22, 2022 theme:

The Power of Love



Definition of Synergy; relationships

Dynamics of Relationships; there is no neutral

Knowledge is Power; power is accountable


My background of “If he loves you, he’ll wait”

My father preparing me to find one

My religion encouraging me to wait and be worthy


Philosophy foundation of “If you love something, set it free”

The dynamics of surrender (vulnerability is not powerless)

The responsibilities of trust (there is no neutral energy)


3 kinds of love: Agape, philia, eros

Principles for behavior = Agape overview

Affection in the heart = Philia overview

Sexuality of the body = Eros overview


1 Corinthians 13 description of Agape

Even for enemies (constant)

Our personal sacrifices (generous)

Unconditional (humble)

Without any expectations (unselfish)

What’s harder for you: Doing good? Or NOT doing bad?


The Opposite of Love

Apathy definition and examples

Indifference definition and examples

Hatred definition and examples

Which is the most harmful?

Conquering evil with good


I love pizza

Flaws of language and potential misunderstandings

The inconsistency of emotions

The human variable element



Your synergy with others is based entirely on the quality of your heart

How much of your life is about love—any kind? Which kind(s)?

How pure is your love—in any form?

The Power of Synergy

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Connection, communication, and accountability are the 3 elements to a successful relationship. All 3 are vital and perpetual. Relationships are about knowing yourself and understanding others so that what you share is healthy and beneficial--to you both.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Are you truly ready for healthy change?

Can you handle homework?

How honest are you with yourself?

How much support do you provide to others?

Are you qualified for a relationship?

Only YOU know the answers!

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