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Paranormal Truth and Reality, August 31, 2018

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Paranormal Truth and Reality
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with Christopher Houston and guests Jen Kruse and Jena Grover

Paranormal Truth and Reality with Christopher Houston and guests Jen Kruse and Jena Grover

Guest, Jen Kruse and Jena Grover

Guest Name
Jen Kruse and Jena Grover
Guest Occupation
Sasquatch Hunters, Paranormal Investigators
Guest Biography

She-Squatchers came together in 2015 to begin their "All Female Bigfoot Experiment," as the Midwest's first all female bigfoot research team. They aren't just women in the woods, they are psychic women in the woods, utilizing their extra senses on their quest to find and interact with Bigfoot. The team is lead by missing person's psychic medium & remote viewer, Jen Kruse. The 2nd in command is the teammate known for her fearless sense of adventure, Jena Grover. Together they have had some amazing experiences, including close calls with rocks being thrown at them from the trees above. They have found evidence which has convinced them that there is definitely something out there! They are literally traveling from coast to coast this year, speaking at conventions, to share what they have found & experienced.

Paranormal Truth and Reality

The show is dedicated to real truth and reality within the paranormal community from those that are in it every day. We cover topic material from the point of view of the investigators, real experiences, and truth involved within those situations. A true approach at real paranormal radio. We also discuss techniques, equipment, paranormal theory, reality of real study, urban myths explained, and much more.
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