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Paradigm Shifters, November 17, 2020

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Paradigm Shifters
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with Veronica Entwistle and guest John Burgos

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle and guest John Burgos

Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters November 18, 2020

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This week on Paradigm Shifters:


Paradigm Shifters brings you John Burgos, with his delightfully unfolding wisdom of how unlimitable humans can be. What does it take to BE in the

infinity you are, and become one who releases and frees others into their unfolding. John brought forward many many teachers and levels of consciousness in his Beyond The Ordinary Summits, curating many teachers with their streams of wisdom the world needs to fuel our evolution.

How can that affect our lives, our rapport with mother earth, or politics, or the future of our planet?


John fascinates us as he embodies waves of consciousness through to add, with love, to the awakening, of ourselves and others.


* What is the COVID message?

* UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS What is it exactly? Is it fermenting a harmony? Are there leaders? Is each of us a leader, in integrity with our own inner light?


John brings up an awareness that we are learning and evolving and it's catching! John infuses listeners with possibility.



Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Spacial Airing Wednesday, 12pm (pst) ~ November 18th.

Special Guest ~ John Burgos

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Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters September 26, 2023

Broadcast Date

This week on Paradigm Shifters:


Paradigm Shifters brings you John Burgos, with his delightfully unfolding wisdom of how unlimitable humans can be. What does it take to BE in the infinity you are and become one who releases and frees others into their unfolding. John brought forward many teachers and levels of consciousness in his Beyond the Ordinary Summits, curating many teachers with their streams of wisdom the world needs to fuel our evolution.
How can that affect our lives, our rapport with mother earth, or politics, or the future of our planet?
John fascinates us as he embodies waves of consciousness through to add, with love, to the awakening, of ourselves and others.
* What is the COVID message?
* UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS What is it exactly? Is it fermenting a harmony? Are there leaders? Is each of us a leader, in integrity with our own inner light?
John brings up an awareness that we are learning and evolving and it's catching! John infuses listeners with possibility.


Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 5pm (pdt) ~ September 26th.

Special Guest ~ John Burgos

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A Message from Veronica --


Hi Everyone,


Listening to Beyond the Ordinary is inspiring.   My own questions, always many, include how much evolution is going on amongst humanity?   It seems that more and more people are opening to different dimensions.   Its contagious.  a higher end contagion that shows you and I that we can  evoke evoluiton in one another, or inspire evolution in one another.   We are changing our genetics at will.   We are testing and using all kinds of healing tools... like coloured lights for contagious illnesses and for mental health. Sound and light are radiating well-being beyond the ordinary.  Some little ones are reading way before they are 5.  Some are born knowing  far beyond what we expect.
Do you have phenomenal stories of wonderkind?  Learning beyond the usual parameters.  I like to thank it is a sign of the evolution of our species.  It brings heart to our abilities to work for the greater good, if NURTURING becomes our gift in healing the planet, war potentials and our emerging attitudes that are better for us all if NURTURING takes a high position along with INSPIRATION to renew the wonders of our planet, and the joy with which we can be received, as we set off toward space.
IDEAS?  Moving our consciousness Beyond the Ordinary?
Call for your session.  My Guidance love the potential of these times to lift you.
Much love

Paradigm Shifters

Show Host

Shift out of the dog-eat-dog mentality and transcend to a higher paradigm of love, collective empowerment & global consciousness.

When we are having relationship problems, or lack of money or health, these are all expressions of subtle energy fields that hold programs, either our own or of the collective, or a combination of the two.

LISTEN TO: Paradigm Shifters. CALL IN: and feel the freedom as Veronica and her loving guides tangibly identify and release the energetic bindings that restrict your expression of self.

It is Veronica’s politics, maybe yours too, to move beyond the limitations that keep us poor, trapped in the social consciousness of war, power over, greed, hopeless politics. When we learn to live with the expanded consciousness of our higher selves, and the beings of the higher realms, we enter the potential of multidimensionality, releasing the binding energies from genetics to mental and emotional reactiveness and to - all ways - all ways feel loved.

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hello everyone this is Veronica Entwistle you're listening to Paradigm shifters and I like to talk on this show with some people who are making a difference in the way we think feel and live on the planet right now I've got a great person who likes to live beyond the ordinary his name is John Burgos and John and intuitive on his own right and does have all kinds of what communication with beings of many levels of consciousness and so on but John first of all welcome to the show and second of all let's talk a bit about beyond the ordinary before we get into
I'd like to say the ordinary but we're not going to bother with that at all are we such an honor and pleasure to be there thank you for inviting me how I'm so glad to talk to you and talk before and I was on your show beyond the ordinary and what you do there will tell people little bit about what you do and then we'll get on to what you're doing now and what you're going to be doing
curate the most amazing speakers all over the globe that has to do everything about these conversations that we have kept in the dark for way too long and we're bringing it out we're making these conversations normal were exchanging energy where we're demonstrating what's available so that we can embody this potential that were all Awakening say the South most amazing leaders and they tend to be pretty esoteric if you will from all over the world and we have conversations and then share what's available now and that really feels The Awakening all over the place doesn't it
it really does that said we've built up such an amazing community in the people that drawing and listen to you again the amazing speakers in and not allow me the privilege to you to speak with coming in through me as well as you can just tell the frequency the rising and Consciousness that's being affected on the show and through other platforms like ours cuz of your work and so on that we're fueling that Awakening all over the world right to feeling it and embodying it sending it out talking to people sending there's parking now. Oh my goodness it's really a big job isn't it it's a beautiful job and it's it's it's just my life I can't even call it a job anymore when I started the show by nine years ago I became aware of this type of energy that can transformationalist Romana again again it's the suspension re-entered
in a very presumably normal way trying to do something for my business and raise it but the business work that I was looking into it quickly turns on the battlements and my life changed so quickly from Awakening to these energies and I have in this binocular in from that spot is like what can I do to share this because my community my circle of friends the people I was involved spoke very little if it all about these things that we talked about you and I talked about so normally now and so I wanted to take this and share it with as many people as possible so that the private practice with that and affecting a few hundred maybe a thousand people in my spirit was like how can I reach the masses and that was the impetus for starting beyond the ordinary show if I can gather people from the round the world and bring other thought leaders in Daikin sure how they're helping people to extend an expanding Consciousness then I could
really make an impact in you know instead of reaching thousands were reaching Millions now which is amazing I love that damn things I love in this kind of work okay is that were taught we can do this this and this but we are essentially an unlimited species would you want to talk about that cuz I think that's just the concept that we are an unlimited unlimited both species is really kind of an exciting Consciousness for me and that one more thing I want to say is the media for example when I was first starting to do this work as well I was so aware if we were sending energy out there and if all the media centers were doing that oh my gosh we were fueling an incredible waking up on the planet and that's what you're doing
it really is it so we're definitely doing that work here you're such a beautiful part of that out of the glove rack of what you're sharing and putting out at the congruence that comes with the Integrity of energy and so many people simulate that same type of vibration out into the world it Finds Its resident matching and expands left yeah it's amazing it's like we're contagious we are when it comes to having an awful lot of fear well let's talk about that in a little while but that's very contagious but what you're talking about is bringing in the frequencies and acting them out and speaking them and so on that is sending out a message which becomes contagious are you activate a lot of people even when you walked by right
Aptoide to get back to your points of that unlimited potential that I'll rephrase it at but how exponential we can be how expensive we can be our powers to truly create and
a ghost me in a couple of different ways Veronica because it's free all listening is like if you really think inside there's can being excitement o sense of wonder into it but then if you go deeper and it to attend what party is like them but that's too much I don't know how to take that in I'd like I wouldn't even know where to begin and that's I believe one of the biggest things that we can start sharing more with people Veronica's that unlimited potential want we want to create and also taking it back into the embodied space and and noun that to create to get that unlimited let's take it one step one breath at a time and you find that out do you take several steps that from where you got from A to Z on that scale when you look back you don't recognize who you were before because this Compass has power to create in a different way that's toe in alignment with the a benevolent energy
which is really motivating the creation from you're going to love this lady and truly in the expression of that which takes so many different forms but when the energetic and you can enjoy the journey instead of trying to get from the beginning to the end all in one Fell Swoop that's how we create changing on your personal life but that's how we're creating change fall of humanity collect so excited how did you get started on all this like we did to something suddenly hit you over the head and you woke up when you were the old model right I think I came in extremely conservative and and wasn't trained to become extremely empathic because of the conditions that I love them and live in the family dynamic
analog triggers it's every night I go to bed thinking we would be at work and something horrible is going to happen and I'd have to adjust to it so that helped me to develop this very keen empathic ability and suitability that I have the psychic part of it was always there always had visions and they were coming spratly retention since practically those events is like I knew and someone was going to die on you when a baby was going to be born I knew when I got married I would sense all these different things than they would come to fruition but I didn't know what to do with that
in my family didn't have anybody to talk to about it
exactly exactly and then
right around my 40th birthday I'm 53 right now on my 40th birthday at out I was just done its life felt pretty good and it's like actually like was humming on all cylinders according to what society says that you're doing to live a good life vacation and I had two beautiful wife two beautiful daughters live in the Great house we drove everything to look great on the outside but I felt empty on the inside that there had to be something more there's got to be something more than this consumeristic lifestyle and I reached out for help and I thought I was going to get some help to coach me and trained me in to take my business on next level and like I said that quickly turned to personal development work but I was taken into a black hole now Cosmic shamanic experience and through that experience something open the up in May and
it was amazing of the big forgiveness release energetic expanding type of process I wouldn't but once that damn broke open bronica I couldn't hold it back anymore I started seeing people's or the started communicating telepathically with animals I was having prophetic dreams and guides coming in showing me during dream state or meditation State different things that I was remembering that I can start applying in my life now and from that point again that's all I knew that I had to share this a word that I was inviting with other people because of my life can change so dramatically I wanted everybody that I touched it on you to have access to this as well
how about your kids today go with you my daughter's oh my God I'm going to let you know that this was back then long before anybody was buying organic food or barely kind of granola and the aspect of it says they make fun of me for driving 30 minutes to Whole Foods because I want to go sit in our backyard and meditate and do different things but I didn't take it personally and would I start to do is playing games and found and wieser playing okay let's go find a parking space and I'm going to take back what we're going to park and I was right 95% of the time I would have visions about how their friends their friends would come over and I was able to talk to your dad about the thing that you want to change the like how did you know about this I don't know just came in
I'd different experiences they were in wonder what he's doing that's where we get it we understand and they started
not accepting me but they started opening up to feeling okay that it was okay because I don't think that they're necessarily pushing me away but they're probably more in the response of that their friends that their circles with your stem away if they would Embrace any of this I normalize that I made it very simple I shared with him my different experiences my travel to different place and our relationship is and I don't have a great relationship with them but there is a death of intimacy with my daughter's the types of conversation the engagement presents that became a parents also so that's about creating a materialistic the house where I want to live the career is for me this work it's about how we can deepen into intimacy with others am and it's beautiful Veronica because I'm discovering more and more that that's where the true abundance in the richness is no matter how luxurious my life may seem on the outside that's nothing
if I don't have those other things in my life I know that's a huge point isn't what was your job before we you already into the human development world before your Awakening
or it's funny that you say that now I have to head to the little bit I have to say that I was always and it but it was expressing in ways that or laid out through the environment through so I work in real estate and Commercial transactions and I always acted as a translator for legal documents and putting things or people could understand it's always always translating information if you are like a translate energy now that I received into something that's more accessible for people so I believe the essence of what we're here to do we're doing in one way or another but it may take a much more linear post so it fits me working through an escrow and insurance agency that's still honing my skills in different ways and but also learning how to open up and for me it always comes down to why are we doing what we do
and it shifted for me before it was to make a living to make money so that I can
feel comfortable or feel safe and it shifted for me into something that was growing inside of me that had not just the purpose of serving myself but the influence that I had through serving Myself by being an example of what's possible when you let go of the suffering will you let go of the guilt when you open up that whatever you do has applications not just for yourself but for other people that we get to shine that love in the world and understand also where some of our actions can have negative effects on others if we're not treating the environment right at work constantly consuming and and not being in the human cherry and roll that that has to come into balance and it is if we're going to leave the world of suffering behind like this Thomas up Ascension is
when we talked about to I love that exclamation I want to cut of zero in on something else here which is when you talk about the Awakening is shamanic enlightening experience that you had and so on what what is that do we does everyone need to have one of those real Eureka moments in like foam something breaks inside something pops can you explain it as a as an episode or is a thing that actually happens to people I haven't experienced oh yeah yeah there's things like the Saturn return like in 28 years astrological signs of people supposed to go through like this dying and the soul and reawaken and there's people had near-death experiences somehow they're connected to something else in the esoteric realm that that perhaps isn't normal I don't think everybody
I have to go through an experience like that but I can tell you that inevitably what happens as we focus on our personal growth and then allow ourselves to love and to be loved the more that are limiting beliefs shed our self-doubt are feeling that we don't think that we're not that we don't deserve to be loved for who we are for some reason let's work earning as that success is elusive it's as those limiting beliefs start the shaft you start having those epiphanies your world starts changing because you can no longer engage with the things that would keep you down anymore so if you would have karmic cycles that we're living through in this lifetime this ship I feel like we're spiraling up lifetimes instead of going through a normal birthing in-depth processing and getting some of the lessons in this lifetime like perhaps previous lifetimes work if we get in today
I feel like we're spiraling several lifetimes in this lifetime and integrating so much we're sending so fast that we can I think it's time I think we're evolving truly as humans Humanity has gone through these evolutions and how many thousands of years has it been since we've had a major break and the evolution of humanity in the way our brain functions in our energy functions and all Dash I think we're really organically we're at that this from the planets the influence one environment how quickly we received and translate information because of all the technology that is allowing us to attune to our ability to do that right there like training wheels for our intuition
exactly I love that that's such a great I'm going to use that if you let me in the world right now it's all happening for us not to us Veronica and if we can take that approach and be curious about why it's happening for us and allow the emphasis of forward motion to pull us into a greater expression of ourselves which is always doing it unless we can see it in that way and attuned to that then we're in a period that we're evolving at such a rapid Pace that again we don't recognize ourselves from one. To the next because we're not reacting
some ways that which we've been taught
environment is the way we went up to religion through yeah I really love that because it keeps saying my should I talk to say that we can step out of karma like that whole Karma thing because the frequencies coming through are so fast and there you know everything in the universe is always download new frequencies and we're taking on some pretty fast moving once right now apparently promote their do you hear that sort of thing as well
oh 100% yeah it's three years ago I thought I was going to write a book called that the death of karma the end of karma that were in the space now and what exactly where are the things I did some people too many of us are feeling a different times or the edge were walking in the edge of stepping into the new and so not knowing not being able to perhaps predict like we used to what's coming up but feeling in the energetic momentum not being able to create based on her past experience so we can bring what we've accumulated from the past and who we've become in all that as of being in the present moment but if we creating anything new
we're trying to build into something new we can't repeat the same patterns from the past again bring the wisdom but not the pattern and so if it's like we're in this in-between that shifting very quickly wear
when learning on a step-by-step basis when our capacity is Aziz new human beings and the energy that we carry as creators and we're kind of fumbling a little bit through it as we get used to our sea legs and this new energy that were walking on
what are we going to look like beautiful luminous being the smaller side and always amuses me I got it so interesting that we're learning a lot about like things like DNA and so are we all have cell phones cell phones everything sell sell sell and this is what we're changing through right now sells. The phone's necessarily there just to me a metaphor but yeah it's like all we have the Intelligence being given to us where the language in and not in the passages we would expect right
I agree I agree I guess the Bible is our existence yeah because you're you're reading it aren't you so talk a little bit about Evolution and Awakening again cuz I love what you said about bringing luminous what did you say about the shamanic staff was bringing through higher beings and so on can you talk a bit about that for people and who do you bring through how do you describe what comes through
oh my goodness well when I first had that expansion of energy again I call it again the breaking of the damn where I started seeing into Realms that I was only Clemson before I got no not for a second and streams that were coming in and it felt like I was re-patterning all thought forms and old beliefs that has a lot of trauma that it was again I would call them shamanic initiation like something chasing the dream work things falling apart of people getting murdered and rainbows crazy energy that was fine in several those dreams with the guidance came to me and and these words that changed everything for me and it's expera way
in a way that I hadn't experienced before I
I wasn't aware of the level of fear that I carried of different Realms and so I had that experience until I transmuted it and then it's like I want to be I don't care the same energy there's a conference and a light that admits from you when you recognize it but in those dreams and this can happen in in Waking Life in meditation or dream-state it's like when you're when you're having that scary thing chasing you are trying to get your or do harm in some way
Brian can each and every one of those dreams I just powered pause and it was like a lucid type of dream practice that I was in how I need to do to do this I have no idea cuz I ain't having it raining in it I did not lucid dreaming was just happened. In the dream I turned around to look at whatever that thing was and Stanton disseminate my light and just love always wins the light always wins
and every time it was a tight and it would go away it would transcend it would integrate it's like that shadow was really an aspect of myself as well and I would in body its wisdom and then beer we just the separate a.m. to something else I guess it vibrationally joined me and what I was willing to receive from the higher octaves so confining you until you could look at the consignment for what it is and get rid of it and Sodapop you up is that too simplistic I think that's true and I wouldn't get rid of it but really a tune to it because I think everything that we have in our experience that's like I said it's here for us and so whatever that energy was that shadow is it a power and is it a shame is it a guilt is it a regret is it where I've given over
victimization because of past experiences and what do I do with it now and so I didn't have to carry the fear that I had when I was three years old I could embrace it and bring it up with me so for me it's an Attunement and with that it's human to wisdom the loves and really any energetic pieces of you will solo aspects of myself that splintered off in the trauma had an opportunity to riyan body and to provide me with a sense of even greater wholeness and a half before you doing your dream or whatever
oh my God I'm so glad it happened in dream because in dream say I don't have to live it out of my Waking Life but so much faster and less painful
Wowhead hate this is a jumping around a bit too but I like doing that actually but when when you were little when you're a small guy did you have a sense of your own purpose like really early
yes or no it's again I grew up in a very chaotic environment witness a lot of violence and when I was witnessing the violence and I remember the youngest three years old maybe three and a half I didn't understand I just kept looking at my parents and in their arguments and other things are happening around this is crying and going don't they know
I just love each other all this what I meant
when does the biggest slug it all this none of this would be happening and so there is a suffering it's like I didn't understand enough confusing so I had a very spiritual soul to myself quickly I simulate to Incheon teachings and I'll call him energetic Technologies are coming through for us but as a young kid I always knew that something was vibrationally often and for many of us when we feel that we feel like we don't both long and things don't make sense or too empathic or two that's for two that for other people but it has its purpose
what do you think about yourself like for example I guess I'm thinking of a lot of clients Maybe by myself I don't know but looking at a child as young and as is very aware you know I'm looking at my parents saying if they only would just love each other all this would be better or something whatever it is you had I remember my mom was really wild it but I'd say she doesn't mean to be this way I know that isn't who she really is and I felt sorry for and I was about four right so I don't but I'm wondering how we how is e how easy is it to help little people
Tuesday at 2 Eros pretty hard to keep them attuned to that Brilliance in themselves isn't it or do you know anything about that
yeah well with kids again I think it's presents I think our presence is the biggest gift and you know it and luckily we have computer games and all that so I got to be outside use my body alive and all that so it's with kids that's being present encouraging
fantasy world like encouraging like reading to them and then reading back to you and interpreting and also with the kids with the sensitive kids it's important also to get them to use their critical thinking because if they can assimilate their critical thinking and a tune to their emotions then they're they're just Off to the Races with so much, so what happens as children when we have specific feelings or when we had specific field optics for myself if I had an anger commands like no you can't be angry. Right and they would stop is short if I cried for too long no Boys Don't Cry you can't cry you can't we stop the energy short if
if my parents were busy as for example if your mom was too busy and she kept trying to rush you out not pay attention when you were feeling inadequate or were you crying or even throwing a temper tantrum and set up old and you in allowing you to express the full emotions and allowed to go through your body it stopped short whenever we stopped and motions shorts they creating xiety in our nervous system in our body
is that funny there's so many young people with anxiety these days I'm trying to take that and make that kind of a big generalization about it what do you think of that because we haven't been a Tunes or emotion so for us to be held and allowed anger to go all the way up in through or the sadness to go all the way up in through our even or sensuality and sexuality to rise and to express in a way that's how that makes a huge difference in the world because now we can assimilate with different situations in our lives and try to bypass do not try to cut them short like we were you ever remember doing
I don't think I think there may be allowed to remote into Express or not they're not being held in it's it's like okay let me give you this privilege to do this but it can someone be present with them can someone really hold the space for it to come up and out and perhaps kids or emotion and expressing but I don't think it's an alignment with what the body of going through as well you probably could say hey
yeah I would agree Veronica what about your children
did you find it easier to do that with them
I think I did the best that we could again there's always different things and and eats all the kids and maybe we can make generalizations about children but again to each individual soul comes for their purpose for their learning for the expression so we can have a model that supports in the best way possible but we also have to understand that there's individual expressions are being played out as well and one model is not going to fix everything so I think I did pretty well to my daughters and they still had went through their things there were other things and again if we focus on the intention that we carry of being there for someone to authentically love them about trying to control an outcome
then we're allowing them into their expressions Hair Artistry in life and then they get to navigate their pop up and sickly as well and I think a part of a lot of the suffering at least when we go out what that there was a packed you if you follow this formula you'll be successful and you can mortgage your happiness until you retire I like that and technology is facilitating a different model but we have to really allow for the differences to be received and how wonderful that the world is
speaking to us and lots of different ways about diversity and acceptance in all that is for me is a fractal of boy we've been messing on an individual basis for our souls I like that so we're talking also about to evolution of the species or the changing worlds is probably a simpler way to put it the changing worlds do you see the Awakening is Rippling through Humanity. What do you think is happening with all that and do you think it's Global or you think it's just Hawaiian
oh my God it's Global it's so it's everything and I was that you know it's a lot of listeners I can show them doing their personal development work I've been going and in being with their beliefs and choosing something that is a more benevolent for them that's more compassionate that's more in their passion if they're limiting beliefs are changing into a pattern that gives a more comprehensive diminishing then you're in a good place
that should change the whole government the whole way the society runs should
well I think the government and Society of changes Humanity changes because we're going to insist on that because we no longer allow toxic relationships in your life as a limiting beliefs changes then why are you not going to allow toxic and toxic environments to lead our lives either and that includes Politics the environment is toxic relationships we won't put up with it and we will incest
on a different form of relationship and I think that is Awakening and lots of different ways it's not going to change overnight because if you look at the consciousness of humanity for the most part they haven't been doing the work that you all have been doing I've been going into the deeper Realms but it is changing quickly
but also going to get what you have at haven't going through that are having an impact you don't just do it off one or two people there are kind of waves coming off of people that are doing the work right huge waves coming off of people I don't I don't think we'd be where we are now in consciousness of all the people that have been doing the work has been doing it I really think that we've Amplified each other in so many ways that are just that the federal Realms are so vast that we can barely type into just a few of what's available in store our awareness of the implication of our actions and what we receive from others it's so infantile compared to what's really available but I can feel
the waves of Consciousness that are just trained to tsunamis
the facts on the higher levels of access that we have into Realms that insist on a balanced life and insist on not only sustainability but really abundance in this world and that are going to lead people into a society that is going to be collectively
wow won't that be wonderful now I want to jump around because we're going to run out of time and that's not good for me I'm not done with you yet sorry but you're one of the covid thing what I heard one of your interviews with someone else and I heard this commentary that she thought that the covid-19 doll created it I have a lot of different interpretations there as well that covid-19 really good for us in a certain way but it's got its distaff side to but the fact that we're all locked into one thing I don't remember anything being like that before except maybe two because I would have argued with her cuz I don't believe that we've created it that's just
there is that Unity of we're all in something together which we haven't been conscious of and my lifetime and I'm a lot older than you John, so I thought you know if you'd like to sort of future fitted as being cuz I know it's got some really tremendously powerful effect for us probably even for their house so I'm depressed because the benefit of ourselves
very possibly and I did once I got on Facebook and I launched the three-part webinar series just put it out there because I was aware of the concept that was a rising and I said welcome to you
wonder if is the unified the world in one particular events
and one particular bed everybody
listen to 80% of the world population focused on covet and I would say it's probably but I'm being generous all focusing their intention on the consciousness
I needed the Consciousness and we bring awareness to it where do we doing with that Consciousness House Of Consciousness having a relationship if it's happening for us
why is it happening for us
I don't believe we live in the world that wants to destroy us I believe we live in the world and sources guy that's how we can unify into remember where is that we come from to remember that unlimited potential they talked about to be on the call and this is a calling to pause to pay attention to remember that will not separate from one another and where do we choose Creek to create once we slow down enough to get away from the distractions from the consumers and put those things that have taken us away from our Institute in ourselves because we've been to hyper-focus on outside of her that's true when we when we do that then what rises in our Consciousness is the second this isn't working for me satisfied The Thirst of my soul
that I'm allowing to find the Easter because I sat still long enough to pay attention
and so are you it's really something it's huge thing of bothers me about some of that is that and I spent a lot of time thinking about this kind of thing I'm feeling into it myself but the fact that so many people are having terrible Financial or home environment problems in the middle of it I like are we going to be fast enough to look after each other in the unity Consciousness you see what I'm saying I'm getting caught in the kind of conundrum parts of these are the legends forward health problems that there's people have been homeless and it's the economy shape-shifting for them individually
I think Solutions going to be formulated because they'll get kicked out of the country it's like those kinds of conundrums
yeah but there's a lots of different things that things have to come into balance and so where is it in our Consciousness when we attend to it that we start forming Solutions on a local level instead of waiting for the national level 2 to create Solutions as well because the time of waiting for others to lead for us at stop Veronica and with this Awakening we are being asked to mature as human beings were being asked to mature spiritually and we've been taking care of for a long time but we've relinquish their maturity to a power that made it convenient for us to do so tidy limitations
well but we let them we said yeah I know and so that the call here now is for us to go back within ourselves go back to look at community and I believe that I believe and then this could shut because it's online ghalta but I believe that more power politically is going to come in to local governments and the central government will be the supports the Council of various local and Regional governments that know what to do for their people more intrinsically then then along arm from faustina thousands of miles away that isn't really a tune to the needs of the people that they're serving so it's going to be an interesting change and would anybody change there's things that fall apart anybody has gone through big personal development Awakening in you know some things fall out of your field
side of that there's Liberation there's compassion the unification being there to nurture the entire family sort of thing you know
I would have great and now it said the government's now have that as well yeah we see at the money parts and was controlling what I believe even at the national level than every government that there is good but there's people that are intrinsically public servants not just in their individual Commandments and we condemn these organizations that are serving us just in a blanket statement we're adding to that energy and impulse I'm just using it over and over again because it's it's it's true what we condemn condemned us what we bring light to
lights up and so let's focus instead of just pointing out things that are wrong and we're going to point out what's wrong with focus a solution on top of it
well I'm not inside. I just didn't defensive myself I bring up maybe we'll learn to nurture each other that's what I'm trying to say
maybe we'll learn you're doing it right now look what you're doing is sharing this with a larger audience of one of your expressions and again it's let's pause for a second is recognized is already here Stokes so maybe I can do something out what are you actually doing that as you bring Consciousness and awareness and presents to that it'll evolve and people start receiving it and it starts to grow and then you find out that maybe you were local maybe you're just serving yourself or maybe your individual family but as you allow yourself to be it and recognize that it becomes an exponential life for other people's to see if the beacon that you are a change
I want that I have great faith that the changes is right here and when you were speaking I kept seeing the all the Realms that you're tapping for wisdom and inspiration that that just got a snot delimitation what I'm saying is our vibrations innocent just go laterally we Infuse it we spiral it up and down I think it's so really exciting time of Change by gray a lot of people suffering through it and then throw our compassion and if we don't know what to do if there's if you don't think there's anything that you can do now or you're just not being guided into anybody listening if you just wake up and then I'll just run your heart away with compassion and love that that alone and Consciousness in presents
has human effects that you can't even begin to understand but you can feel it
I love that time that's really wonderful that's a great service what are you going to be doing now how can we catch up to you or you could have still are you going to stay out there beyond the ordinary
oh heck yeah so we got beyond the ordinary show and y'all can find it on beyond the ordinary show. Com and I interview you know what amazing speakers like Veronica like you dolls and we just have these conversations that I've been kept in the dark for too long word normalizing. Many and we're expanding with them so be on your doing a big launch of a new website that's coming soon I'm going out into the mainstream media to again make this conversation normal so that's it
I think I met somebody in the workbook eventually into work but we're doing more of national type of television shows that are coming up in her interested in perhaps having me on as spiritual Consultants of regular segments and they have these conversations but I have to I have to sign off but how can we do we go on to a mailing list or will you keep us all posted
yeah we'll keep you informed so when you go to beyond the ordinary show it is going to ask for your email address so we can let you know what shows are coming up and send you some bonuses and meditations as well so there's just a lot of value on the show it doesn't cost anything to attend and then the speakers that come on offer offer special if you want to go get four of them there's an opportunity but there's never a hard sell everything else is just like it's really a service to the community and so when you sign up there I'll keep you posted of all these other things on the ordinary what you surely are and all your listeners are too right
you're absolutely amazing who represents me and lives beyond the ordinary self is a human teacher and media Mogul thank you so much for being so much fun thank you and thank you so much

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