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Out of This World Radio, December 12, 2020

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Out of This World Radio
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with Ted Mahr and guest Ole Dammegard

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guest Ole Dammegard,

Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker Ole Dammegård, awarded the Prague Peace Prize, and adopted by the Apache Nation, is an author, International speaker, former journalist, musician (2 solo albums), composer (TV, and a short film), artist, inventor and investigator, who has dedicated the last 35 years to researching many of the global conspiracies. Millions of viewers and listeners around the world have taken part of his interviews and presentations. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the hundreds of alleged mass shootings and terror attacks such 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many, many more.

Ole has done some 500-1000 International interviews and is now considered somewhat of a world leading expert on false flag operations. He has accurately predicted (on International radio) 49 alleged terror attacks, up to 2 months before they occurred, and in addition stopped several planned massacres. With so many years of deep research, he has become so good at it, that his last name has now become a verb. To ‘dammegard” or ‘dammegarding’ is nowadays a term for searching for hidden clues and stopping inside jobs ordered by the Deep State. Ole has appeared as an International speaker in the USA, Mexico, UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Gibraltar, Spain and Sweden. He was chosen to represent the people of Europe when giving a JFK-memorial speech in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 2016, as well as being a speaker at the World Peace Day both in Spain and in Gibraltar.

He is an International Raj Yoga teacher and the author of 4 books, including what has been named a Master Piece; Coup d’etat in Slow Motion, Part I-II, as well as receiving awards for his air brush art work and custom car creation. In addition, as a young man he was quite an adventurer, who after having traveled alone on an old bicycle through Europe, helped to smuggle out some friends from war-torn Iran (1984), beautifully described in the true story ‘Shadow of Tears’.

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Guest, Ole Dammegard

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Ole Dammegard
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Author, International speaker, former journalist, musician and investigator
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Ole Dammegård, awarded the Prague Peace Prize, and adopted by the Apache Nation, is an author, International speaker, former journalist, musician, artist and investigator, who has dedicated the last 35 years to researching many of the global conspiracies. Millions of viewers and listeners around the world have taken part of his interviews and presentations. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the terror attacks of 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many, many more. 

He has done some 500-1000 International interviews (with a total of several millions of views) and is now considered a leading expert on false flag operations and is believed to have managed to expose and stop several planned massacres. Ole has appeared as an International speaker in the USA, UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Gibraltar, Spain and Sweden. He was chosen to represent the people of Europe when giving a JFK-memorial speech in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 2016, as well as being one of the speakers at the World Peace Day in Gibraltar.

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hello France and welcome to out of this world radio with your host tedmar broadcasting the day from wonderful Studios Lafayette California near the San Francisco Bay area and I want to thank everyone so much for listening today I'm sorry we had some technical difficulties before starting but we're on the we're finally got going now I have a second my first computer stop working so but I have a second computer as a backup so we're all we're all set to go today shows going to be really incredible I'll be going over my trip recently the Mount Shasta I was there for some days recently on a on a little vacation and I went aboard the putting in my mother ship my friend at my house or has several times and then after that I also went to tell o Sims had some dealings done within the city of Telos it's a fifth dimensional civilization 125 miles beneath Mount Shasta was a beautiful experience and I'll tell you all about it here in in just it just a few minutes
the Yum the vibrations of the planet arising and the reason why I like to go down to the Mount Shasta is that the the it's the first place on the planet Earth here that's Rising into the 5th Dimension and when I'm there the vibrations are very very high and I just feel so happy and I still feel that glow today I'll be having that glow probably for the next couple of weeks actually I don't feel like I'm in the third dimension anymore when I'm down there I'm usually up in the fourth and fifth dimension the mountain itself is about 4.3 4.4 dimensions and when you're there you feel very light and it's a wonderful place and I hope you all can can come with me sometime I'll be going back to Mount Shasta next year in June and then also an August and September and if you'd like to go please visit my website at out of this road readings. Calm and you just click on the miscellaneous tab there and you'll be able to find out more information about the trip also next month
January and also in March and April be going back to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and a link to the caca and as some Stargates there there's a Stargate called a mineral oil which is at the south end of Lake Titicaca in Peru and I'll be going there with with a group of people when we were there when I was there in January of this year we visited we walked up to the Stargate tomorrow Merle and there's a rock cliff it's a red Sandstone cliff and is a chair in the cliff itself and we sat in the chair when I sat in the chair the rock around me started turning into Jello and I took my hand and I can I touch the Rock and it started turning in this Jello and then another friend of mine could actually see me in 2 agartha which is a fourth-dimensional civilization at the Stargate but it was just such an amazing experience and then from there will also be going to a place called Maracas which is on
post about Peru it has a museum of hybrid extraterrestrial and human skulls that are simply amazing that there they look like regular humans couples but the way back and they're not completely human there actually a hybrid race what's interesting is that they live there until about 500 AD when the local Indians killed them all off saying that they were a threat to humanity on this planet and that they were trying to establish a foothold on the planet and they didn't want them there they considered a very bad for a negative influences and if you want to come along with me just send me an email to out-of-this-world 1150 at or you can go to my website that out of this road readings, just click on this Linnea you'll find out all the information about the trip last couple weeks
beautiful beautiful place my goodness I want to play for you forgot it done the I've got those two too short videos if you could play both of them together now it's I think it's 1693 and 1695 and then I'll come back about 3 or 4 minutes long the first one is just the beautiful views of Mount Shasta email Channel see he's got his own manufacturing company in Los Angeles and he makes natural products and then
Hello friends this is healing is here curve example myself I can speak with first-hand experience my eyesight was restored to 2010 Crystal Clear Vision from having a blurry of far-sighted Vision 20/50 Vision in one eye last year many other miracle healing to karakura can't guarantee it'll happen for you and then when you come but many people have beautiful mystical experiences and spiritual experiences here on the mountain every year I go twice in the summertime and I hope you can come with me I'll be going again at least twice next year more information can be found on my website at out-of-this-world readings, click on miscellaneous is lots of other things that they are too Including Alice Marie and tuning fork slobbering crystals my book that was published
year before last called messages from the Masters which includes messages from John F Kennedy Nostradamus and Nikolai Tesla on our beautiful bright future I hope everyone can come to Mount Shasta with me or sometime the only requirement is that you being a positive positive frame of mind and have high vibration and be willing to have an amazing out-of-this-world experience I want to thank everyone so much there for their support out of this world radio is a listener-supported station and with your help I know if we all work together we can create a much better and happier world thank you so much everyone for listening today and I hope you when you can come to with me sometime to Mount Shasta
Hello friends I'm at Mount Shasta today with my friend Z who's got some incredible lineup of clothing and Footwear a pair of us a little bit about your products my Brands call escape with a Q and we make 5th dimensional products that are sustainable Earth inspired to make us feel better and look better for us and be there so that this is our new Ascension Crown okay which is actually ancient Sumerian Hollow Earth Technology cool is it quartz copper and silver run your pineal gland yes how cool is that we also have a line of silver EMF shielding products which deflects radiation from your body rest assure that you're safe with this on full body pieces you want to clear your head in your chakras and make sure you're safe when you're going to the cities
wonderful now if you if you're worrying that you're on the cell phone protection from the radiation yes that's fantastic that's fantastic what's your website again and then we'll go on to something it's another product of everything that is skate with a Q and A for yes24 the number for peace and police never. Com wonderful now you got these shoes to do you have a 1 okay I've got I've got one on now actually these are Earth grounding shoes made of all natural materials natural rubber from trees cork that's some Juke canvas right there cotton and on the bottom you have a and activating copper
mechanism so you can stay grounded and it looks fantastic on you I appreciate it a lot of places don't ground you a lot of shoes don't Browns you but these do you think that your shoes are natural souls and they are natural soul to urge everyone to visit these website at skps Esq the number for and then out of this world out of this world for 1/3 off of you order fantastic thank you so much for coming on my show today
that view of Mount Shasta is such a beautiful spiritual place I can't say enough good things about it during my during my second hour of the show and if you will actually a few minutes I'll be playing the interview I did with all the Dawnguard here recently and for those of you in Sweden in Scandinavia he has a special segment on what happened in Sweden on the member 6th I haven't talked about it before but he's a good man and you will find what he has to say in a few minutes I'm sure absolutely fascinating and finally during the last half hour or the show I'll be interviewing a fella named Randall leave his name is Randall Sasser he's the mayor of Mossyrock Washington has a small little town south of south of Seattle and it all businesses of in the state for small businesses were ordered to close or severely contail all of their activities including restaurants because of this alleged virus in here in the state of Washington
well there are no virus cases in Mossyrock there are actually no virus cases of all in Lewis County where he is for his town is and so governor of Mayor sassafras said that we weren't going to say we're not going to comply with governor of Washington so they continued their operations and when the mayor's office and ask ask Washington governor Inslee for verification or legal Authority for his orders he couldn't provide any actually does the federal court about 3 months ago in Tacoma Washington which ruled that our governor here in Washington had absolutely no legal authority to require masks social distancing or or any of there's no regulations there's no legal Authority for governor Inslee to require businesses to shut down absolutely nothing so he's decided to follow that in the state has left them alone I think he's an inspiration for the rest of
is here in Washington state and also in California Oregon Michigan in other states which have been shut down by various Democratic Governors to continue their business and they don't have any legal Authority whatsoever for what they're doing so that'll be a fascinating so I hope you'll you'll enjoy that I'm also I want to tell you everyone I've been collecting money to help the Hopi Indians and Arizona continues to do that they've been drinking carcinogenic and radiation flavored water for the past forty or fifty years with the result that men on the Hopi reservation only live to about 44 years and women only live to about 54 years while the rest of the United States lives into their late seventies or eighties I find this condition intolerable the Hopi people are a beautiful people and they deserve to live as long as the rest of us here to an American so I've been working hard to collect Monies to so that they can drink they can drink clean water which is something that many communities in the United States I think most of us have here in the United States
Michigan which is another another sad situation of of terrible Water Supplies but if you'd like to contribute $125 for buy a wonderful water filter I hope your family or a Navajo family on the reservation there in Arizona which provide clean water we we've done this it's all nonprofit 100% of all monies collected go directly to the whole fee if you'd like to contribute please visit my website at out-of-this-world you can visit the little Dopey tab they are also I've been collecting money for food for the Hopi the food supply has been cut the Hopi with many elderly starving as a result so I've been collecting money is six or seven hundred dollars will provide enough food for several hundred families on the Hopi reservation and with that I want to thank so much about the Natural Choice Network in Seattle for her wonderful help Liam McLaughlin of the Washington Clean Water Foundation a non-profit 501 c 3 organization in Seattle who's been helping out with the manufacturers and
getting these water filters to the Hopi as well as Ernest Tahoe of the Hopi Hopi Elder with the whole piece and that you go hang a sheet or with the beautiful Lomotil peace project every water filter that goes out to the help he also includes one of these beautiful in the books called the message from water that shows that if you send positive thoughts of glass of water Euphrates beautiful water images which results in higher vibration and and better better drinking drinking water the but it's a continuing effort and as I said it's all we're all volunteers here if you'd like to contribute please let me know I also want to thank want to give a big a big shout-out to American Airlines for their support they recently recently raised quite a bit of money on their own for the Hopi as well as the support of President Trump President Trump's has been working behind the scenes also provide funding private funding to the healthiest and he was responsible for
getting American Airlines to donate money to the to the Hopi as well so anyway President Trump I've noticed there's a lot of things behind the scenes he doesn't take credit for in this is one of these instances but I know that the Hopi people are very grateful his assistants as well as as well as a special interview I had with only Dawn the card he has a story about what he prevented from happening in Sweden on November 6th for those of you in Scandinavia or in Sweden especially I think you'll find this thing especially very interesting so I recorded this a couple of weeks ago when we had escaped to Bali that's a long story everything that happened to him but he's now in Bali in Indonesia and will be he'll be broadcasting from there so if we can play that interview now. I'll be back in about 52 minutes and I'll have a lot more wonderful things to interview with
Mary Sasser and some wonderful things I'll share with you when we come back on your your opinion cease now and it's beautiful paradise called Indonesian where the weather is warm for many of us here in North in North America and elsewhere and how are you doing today
I'm doing good thank you. It's always a pleasure speaking to you it's the way you presented it's fantastic to D & Body at the same time I'm not here for my free will and I escaped away from Spain indirect in Exile here until I mean we cannot leave until the world has changed because I'm not going to do that nightmare trip again it was an absolute horror trip to get here and Jerry with her scary at first I was onto in Sweden and I brought everything I own in Ione with my in my life so do in 1/2 a suitcase and then the rest of us was checking equipment that I'm using now so it's interesting when you said the eye in the situation where you have to pack the stuff that it's important to you but you had got one back with you that it
then when I finish the tour my my wife and daughter managed to get out the reason why we left spanish because it's shot that's getting really brutal there with the with the lockdowns in curfews and Roblox and incredible finds or anything I mean included so absurd the things that get fined for by peeing in the sea you can be fine for up to several hundred dollars like we have we have a friend of a friend who is find a hundred and fifty thousand dollars no sorry
let me see it $50,000 because she is across the County border that between two different counties you know it's just bizarre and it's mandatory masks and the reason we left was because they were now introduced Tony to introduce the backseat the alleged vaccine which in my humble opinion of to speak to many levels experts around the world is it by weapon that is there to do stuff with us so I felt we need to get out and there was a small little window opening so we we took everything we need the money we had and put it into getting to Bali which is a closed country is my body is an island but the boat is supposed to be closed for months and months shutting down the whole country that I think the income the national income has come down like 85% and in certain areas did remote to Arris and Bailey
actually stopping here because of these restrictions in Bali now it's a it's a beautiful place to be I'm so grateful to be here and there's a lot of sadness going on as well because this is no wewe this is not our life we just also because people in my position that are doing what I been doing in Germany in the US on a little behind bars or a mental institutions so it's like what you were telling me earlier off a Nerf Elite about some an event that happened in Sweden in early November could you detail what happened with them
yeah for anyone who's been following me I've been doing this for about 40 years old and I've over the years I found out from inside is that the group that I called a glucose Torterra which is very often the same almost like I said a group that is traveling between NATO countries are countries that are connected to the secret spy license 5 Ice Nine ISO 14 ice which include Sweden as well and it's the same operatives that are creating Terror in and behind a lot of electricity even though it's almost over the years I come to identify many of the people involved and it's almost like watching Pink Floyd on a global tour you know they carry out the same performance in Frankfort as an elder in London as soon as in Paris and so on but it's the same operative so this makes it a lot easier and one of the things that I was informed about in
from an inside in 2014 is that they actually lead hidden clues about the upcoming attacks in the forensic evidence would they do such a stupid thing I called him I'm not saying it myself because in my world is absolutely sick but the way he said that the people Behind These operations are very very scared of the lower Karma the effects of the Lord, and he said that if they show us even some ways but they're going to do and we do not react indirectly we consent in the back, comes on our shoulders not on there so it's very selfish interest to show us to avoid and he never said that and the way they catch up with their law of the Lord, is that if they show us the ways we do not react and then they managed to pull it off. Even games Good Karma on there
so after that start with I couldn't that is so Twisted that but I don't know who he was I started looking into it because I thought it could this be true and it was there when I started seeing all my God are you kidding me I'm mm the fall of 2014 I have spoken so much time on finding the clues instead of looking upon the official narrative and so on and it's up to date I've been I have on air up to two months before they happen exposed approximately 60 of these attacks of the two months before they actually answer my last name has become a verb hashtag demagogo hashtag Diamond guarding I have to stop
so yeah so what I found is that I think that I entered into the notice of random and found one of the way that they operate that is very very exposing from the inside of what they are two so this is why his way back to what it happened here and in in October and I'm sorry you're late October and beginning of November these are the events that I would like to go to especially since you got an audience in Austria and Germany as well because these are the countries that are that have been involved in this without really knowing it so that was in late October that was a series of attacks in the beginning of November in Paris and nice and in Austria Vienna Austria in Vienna Austria
Bobby's tax in the mean median United States have very low level operations are cheap and and and I would say you probably hurting absolute Sarah about them because it's not here they don't have to affect you it's here in Europe when my knees operation is being carried out the attack in Paris I always try as a one-man band to go on location as soon as these things happen or before they happen to try and expose them before they happen or expose what actually happened once I'm there on the phone of investigative journalists and also become quite a forensic investigator in this area when when one of these attacks were carried out in in Paris I recognize the back street from where this alleged attack happened because
but it's the exact same location as the Charlie hebdo in 2015 I mean we're talking about that very sent it would be like another attack happened at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas right now it is so the exact location and then there was a teacher who showed that is just think they they recycle the same a scene it's been it's starting in 2004 in Denmark with there was some journalists that did that but you have to look at NATO operation will be looking at its glad you state-sponsored terratech carried out by NATO secret weapon value that is what we looking at until we stop with
with a drawings was first in Denmark in 2004 than Charlie had do in 2015 in Paris than you had in Dallas as well or in somewhere in Texas you had a similar once they just recycle the same thing and now it's back again because they're not very good at making up scripts but they keep recycling them so this teacher with that beheaded they say okay and you see the dramatic footage of one long body like 200 yards away totally blood image you can't see anything and then you got a horrific images image of a Savage head that is cut off but when you look at it it's made of plastic and it's it's rubber head it's really soap low-quality I mean I even got the company where you can buy the head you know it's like just yeah and you can see
no but the thing is when is for instance if you chop the head of someone it's not easy for one thing you just don't chop it off like that is but it's a very slow to her I mean to bleed out of the body which means 528 liter of fluid lymph fluid here we see a few drops of ketchup around it and so it's very obvious you know when you start looking into it that this these were not available and then there was another one
in Vienna Austria and and and they said it happened right by this straightened Flats which means the Sweden Plaza these are the types of all of the clues that they put in there in the names in the dates in the southeast of the things that has become one of the earlier attacks in Paris that was absolutely crap as well one of the witnesses her name was Julie on Monaco to know so they did this is how they aim to the next place very often they carry out these things all sound very historical dates that are most of the time connected to some satanic occult ritual on adaline Valentine's is connected to death all the time
FaZe Memorial Day poppy day these type of day for the national the day of the nation like Fourth of July I need a deed a very important dates on the Second World War I connected you know depending on when the Germans invaded or the 5th of May when they left the detour the dates it's very very very connected like that when you look at the things that happening in Vienna it is very poorly full of Dennis a Backstreet that is being filmed and it did the street absolutely empty there's nothing there except one woman that is walking up and down with a handbag and then you see the victim that is there a walking and desk for no reason somebody's fill me up before anything happens. It's always a giveaway as well why somebody
before something happens like filming a car accident before the car accident happened why was the camera on and then you see this guy sub need to the shooter appears and he shoots and you can see that the Ricochet from the wall but if you are any way informed about student especially at night time you will see the ricochets they look at one way sometime this box but not like in movies because one is used as cold fire Sparks that is a totally different and this is exactly what we see here is this is this is if this is sponsored by government what's the purpose its its fear fear and then for the population to accept more and more surveillance cameras more on my road becomes more and more it's
it's for your protection whatever then the solution to the problem they secretly created it's all the time the same and it's problem reaction actually fascism so it's just like looking at a commercial for Coca-Cola but he had the product is fear I so that you will because that they need to keep a fearful otherwise we would not accept what they will offer for our protection it's always for their benefit but it would be disguised as because they care so much about him which is absolutely want to do anyway when you would also see that the shooter is will be there and suddenly there's a SWAT team winning like 8 seconds. The people enough for people running around the machine guns at
to the police station is Juno sign out the weapons get the bullet proof vest get the helmets all that then go to location of the van and then so this can take up to 45 minutes depending on what they are and here within seconds there their and they have a yoga mat with them and they role of the victim up on a yoga mat and carry him away who and a SWAT team carries around a yoga mat it's it's just not very. Floyd incidents in the spring yes coach know that it's that whole thing is a psychological operations
but it was it happened yesterday in plots and I saw this is one of the things that I reacted so let me just sometimes it's it's not a clue sometimes it is you know so but I just put it in the back of my head so I was saying sweetened soda to it which is finally waking up after all of these years that I've been trying finally Sweden where I grew up is away becoming awake I'm so happy so thing that happened the last day of the tour I was so we we finished at about 1 a.m. and we packed the whole thing and the guy that was working in the reception was an identical twin on the guy that is said to have driven a truck down and killed five people in 2017 in sense of style, which I have exposed as a massive very well
read out but still inside job state-sponsored terrorism why he was there but I think that this was the first signs of something on it then I'm going to come to anyways I just took photos of him in Sweden and then not speaking for about an hour with one of the people that was helping me to end the night who does that and so what was that about Was preparing to set me up you know for what I'm going to talk about I'm just mentioning it because I don't know for sure yet anyway while I was in store, I was invited into some series of meetings with a group called World Alliance World Freedom Alliance where is it sold
that standed hand with the world doctors Alliance which is an amazing group of people led by dr. Dolores can heal from Ireland very brave woman standing up who is Ben's way up in the vaccine industry way up in the European Union being a cheap person in these things when she started which is horrifying and so manipulated the numbers she started finding out what was in the vaccines I mean This Is Us super super smart age of 26 this is not somebody you play around with it and one of the things that she found also was said there was 32 different letter combinations in the so-called side effects that meant that meant there are two different combinations and we're not being informed about that so she is and she
leading a whole bunch of world's leading experts in Sciences doctors that's also police military people standing up in the world Freedom Alliance which are part of which I normally don't ever go into these groups but after meeting the Lord's I fell in love with this incredibly Brave Woman Fantastic so funny so courageous so knowledgeable absolutely amazing woman in Stockholm Central store, so like a mini version of what happened in Trafalgar Square in London where they died. It was the same people ranging in in soccer and I was invited as one of the speaker so I did a speak there and I just have to rewind the tape to the night before because we had one meeting there in a restaurant called mr. French
and it was the group all of their this Alliance was was there and then we had such a stone on a big screen and Robert David Robert Kennedy Jr on alarm when we left that meaning I'll turn it into lowers I just felt I want to spend time with her because this is an amazing woman I mean I only made like a few in my whole life like a absolutely astounding so and she knew about me from before which made it a lot easier you know so she wanted to spend time as well fantastic so anyway we were we were we left the restaurant which was about a hundred fifty meters from the Royal Swedish Consul and we were we were a group of five day with supposed to be for I can I sort of like an outsider because the Lord said no, so they were two vehicles lined up and
in Sweden you're only allowed for in each cap so we would like to let's go for a drink somewhere but where we going to do because we have five so we're standing outside the cans disgusting and then there was a big a cab the past and then somebody waved it in and that could take five of us so we feel great so we jumped into that one we came about a hundred fifty yards down the road when there was this dark grey BMW then I kid you not try to force us violent it twice off the road up into the sensor recall that where the light posts are medium the medium concrete median I mean not like gently it was I mean it was just incredible that he didn't hit the car. But that was only because the cab driver was so fast to avoid it so do two words within the back to the shouting at the at the cab driver just calm down calm down don't react don't react you know don't get yourself
bulge you know like that anyway we came without knowing it that happen exactly right in front of the the Swedish royal castle I mean sensor from the center of the council and anyway we came down the road and then went to the right to the left and told to come because you would have thought that if he was really pissed off by the cab or whatever you would have gotten out the car shouting no but there was totally black windows on the on the DFW couldn't see who was in it anyway he took off and we didn't think more of it even though it was supposed to say we went to rehab
important place and they're closed also to decode that King II King Gustav II Adolf Plaza which is going to be of importance in any way we were doing this so that was a lot of people come from for being in Sweden I think there was about 5-6 against government recommendation week that was apparently not a permit given I did not know that but anyway I was one of the speaker and it's time to in a in a nice and funny Ha-Ha way but still a kick in the butt saying come on because so much evil comes from Sweden because the population is so lame and they got such a great reputation they use it as a test run where they can push things and develop them and then they pushed them on the rest of the microchipping vaccination stuff
sweetness being used as the country digital currency in the crown that took photos of a very strange the vehicle that was driving around which was a black pickup and this is my life maybe 500 600 yards like that that's just some water canal in between this black pickup had like a very strange Tanner on top of the chart that look very bizarre so this guy took photos of it with the license plates as well and it was a construction company and so he said that I saw this really cool vehicle of yours and in comes to Golden what is it and then the owner who was his Eagle got flat at you know and he said well
scanner for making digital twins that is being used to make digital copies of buildings but also organs and humans and in film industry and stuff like that where they make a digital copy of whatever it is and then you can see nowadays and in more movies where they using green screen technology with this type of Technology with green skin and as well where you can one of the things they can do is fight they eat the film Frances analysts are attacked the terrorists running around with green screen material you know the green thing so with a different video technology they can in live feed that can exchange and put your head on the terrorist or Donald Trump or myself
so and this is very much part of they say I did it two twins is the next big thing in the fourth Industrial Revolution was the first Industrial Revolution is another word for the New World Order agenda to the world economic Forum suicide what the hell was that trunk doing there so I find that concerning and it so we found his company construction company and they have just created a very efficient technology where they can with one photo they can decide if you got covid-19 or not with one hour photo this Construction Company what kind of construction company is that is not intelligence agency and this is also a company called normatec which is very very very strange with the founder
these things happen which I found like the concerning because like whoa we just had this Gathering of these amazing people now being maybe clone with digital twin technology into making maybe something nasty against those who know running around you know how can I defend myself against a tent we managed to it was exactly the same time when my man is in my family and I get out of Spain today came to Sweden and then we were in in Stockholm to get soda out paperwork for the battery in an Indonesian embassy so we had to drive in and out and Central Command while doing that I started noticing very strange things that was a lot of road work going on
and plus some years ago I was contacted by an insurance architect who is world famous in Asia for his City architecture and one of the things he said was he said he had followed me when you change the false flag operation but he said are you aware of the design of City census in the western world I said absolutely no he said please become aware they're being constructed at prisons prepared as prisons and he said that road works sometimes you will notice that they are real works going on for years and years what they're actually doing is starting to block you off and also you said look at how they're changing the directions of the streets in two one-way streets are the coolest socks and stuff but used to be really smooth and East did you get from one place to another is Sunday a real handsome and in many places also they place I take concrete blocks on the payment that can just very easily be moved in to know on the street and block you off
so anyway so often he told me about these things I've started observing these and they're very very obvious in Shadyside Stockholm Gothenburg Sweden so it's like there's no real logic to a lot of what's going on at the north entrance into Stockholm is called North tool and there was a big Orange Cycle checkpoints and checkpoint is not a Swedish word at all that is also in my world the only opening in the former Eastern Bloc countries have been with Checkpoint Charlie these type of Sade's I've been to war zones I've been to Downtown Denton that's where they use checkpoints border or military checkpoint where people are being stalked checked and or Vehicles as well but the checkpoint outside that is so I took a photo of it
we went to the Embassy with my back and then I'll turn this suburb north of the Stockholm Code Lyoko a big Gathering of military vehicles and I also noticed that there was quite a few helicopters flying around on a very low level to know very low and high or whatever you say over Central store, so there is this type what is going on and I ended up driving right behind one of these vehicles and it's a very Advanced finish produced The Wagon 360 this is made for anything including by weapon attack until I saw this vehicle was stopped in Central north of Stockholm and it said Learners on the back of the so okay fair enough but do you know when when I looked at it
go to like Hood some top of this vehicle where where they were people taking off their heads you know with the helmets and sunglasses phone if this was a learner's vehicle and then maybe one driving it what were they got these guys I mean they look like that ass full combat soldiers in neutral Stockholm what what is going on here so anyway I took photos of that one and then the next day I was doing a guided tour around the alleged assassination of an apartment that crime site there and also around the siletz terror attack in 2017 so because all of this is very very centered Universe to the center Center Center I started seeing the strange strange on work you know like it
when is but it was like two children holding it like a balloon going to set up a balloon it's a hand grenade and they're not there in the streets I was to just posed to be part of scared because there was also a big sign saying conspiracy theories General making likes fun of them but no reason it was just and and there was a big poster the second the second part of the act just to begin is going on here and
and then I saw at Saratoga stole which is the center of Stockholm which is a big when you look at it from the Bob Saget story you can see that the whole big Plaza is decorated in free Masonic pyramid black and white and then you got a big glass obelisk in the middle of a Samsung I mean deep is the symbol of stalker it's a big glass Obelisk and it was too lit in the colors of magenta which is the George Perfect George Soros purple Revolution which in the US this is deep purple and in Europe is magenta and behind that there was a building that looked exactly like a control tower to do at an airport or a depressant or at a military checkpoint that is being constructed right there they say so it's going to be a luxury restaurant it is the control tower if I've ever seen one asking them
imprisoned is going on here and then the more I started in a when it ran many of these operations when they're going to destroy buildings but there is controlled demolition of they they plastered in with plastic you know they say I was a building site so it's at so they have the scaffolding around it and put so they can do whatever they want behind the scenes and we don't see anything and then when it's time to go live a just pull down the plastic and boom they do whatever they want so
so I thought of getting a very very on easy feeling because I also started to see there was a lot of police in the area you know so we had to Lee's military vehicles we have helicopters... They were all these roadworks that was being prepared bed all of the it was just unsettling and then I met up with a guy who's very historical knowledgeable when it comes to history and I said what day is it today he said it's the 6th of November 6th of November that is a really famous state in a year and 4 battle Swedish ship battle from 1632 the Battle of lutzen where a Swedish King called ghost of the second old was killed in Europe they use they don't stay for
32 PM they have a 24-hour thing to receive 1632 is also time and this is sometimes the way they did when they attacked they say they leave the clothes there so we had the date of the the murder on the Swedish King write a very famous battle connected to death and then 16323 could be could be the most of this with the time on the 5-day start date of the 500th anniversary of the Stockholm bloodbath where there was 92 people's loaded in the Swedish castle by a Danish King 500 years ago and that took place between the 7th and 9th of November which is the date the date this whole thing I'm out we will I was there on the 6th of November
and then Sweden Schwinn pops so I felt I do not feel good about this at all because if what I'm seeing is correct and also this talk on blast. Bout to tear it out by the Danish King and so there was a lot of things going on in Denmark at the same time as I just got a decent and wild prime minister's went into voluntary quarantine because of coded but without symptoms so they saw the closer golden I just got off the seen I need a ball get off at 12 at the exact same time that is to know very well today. They just pull back it goes off and they say weird things going on
so that time it was a quarter past 1 in the afternoon so I thought I need to go out I need to do something about that so I contacted my friend and Michael have to wake up dope and she we did a live recording we went out and we said we don't know but this is as a possible thing that could go down here and if correct it would be a 1632 and it would be most probably connected to the Royal also quit because of the blood bats or they just of the second all those plants that which is right around the corner between where the world trade in my license was scattering just a few days before and the royal castle and this is also the area where the government building is with it where the prime minister is living where all of them the parliament all of that is concentrated to just one block and there was a lot of construction going on around this building so I just oh oh my God they're going to possibly close
and then saying it was the truth movement they would have maybe planned to have footage of Dolores be trying to escape from the crime scene and then crashing into a pillow right in front of the castle where the cows in the background maybe also get myself involved because I was at the same hotel as the terrorists on the podium him at the same time you know so the whole thing I could have been to neutralize they sell at one of the things I've been wanting for years and years is too fine to make a new episode of 911 so that they could shut down the internet as well as saying that swell Nokia this type of Freedom groups now look what they done and they were communicating on Facebook Twitter Snapchat
so we just need for your protection to shut the whole thing down and then open up a new version of the internet commercial you paid we will decide what you allowed to see went up at a quarter past one that gave us a couple of hours and fetch lease if you see this as a legal notice please Cheri Cheri Cheri Cheri Cheri because there is a chance if a plant is that we can stop it while we did that they're one of the main newspapers it was just a few minutes before I didn't know about it, said the police in Sweden have not because of the terror attacks the recent Terror attacks in France and Austria there now raise the terror Threat Level in Sweden because they are expecting or fearing convenience so they called it a special event that's a special event
the in the newspapers that was just before I went by I was not aware of it and then because of this network especially to what it's called wake up friends in Sweden within a few minutes Towson some people had already started seeing and sharing it so it went like wildfire it went so fast this was at 4 which is 32 minutes before if what I was saying was correct Sunday the Swedish police goes on in the big newspapers and in TV saying we just want to say that there's a lot of room is now going on about the upcoming Terrace I don't worry about him down it's nothing to worry about it's just a false rumors and then the sweetest secret police went out and said to have been room is going on you should not listen to him when or when or when has it
please please ever commented on anything on social media why would they do a thing like that why would they do if it's not to cover their own butt and then I was contacted by that was some stuff at a foreign Embassy that said you were right on we were warned not to go into Central Stockholm today and I had the order they were so soon this too young teenage girl whose father is something someone in the intelligence Community I don't know who he is warning me about going to Central Stockholm today avoiding subway station especially a place called and Don't Go Near churches on Knox tournaments on this is from inside and then I had from a woman who is in one of the national teams do sports teams in Sweden that we're going to stall cam for a training command
camping Midway because they've been so don't go into census Taco something that might go down you know so I don't think we're speculating here anymore so after that I think that we managed to absolutely stop this hold you know pull up NASA Road right into the gearbox of this death machine because I believe that was that there are ghosts of the second order of classes in Stockholm Alma Gothenburg and Hellsing boy for the biggest cities in Sweden and in the cities people have said there was a lot of concentration of the police vehicles driving around that day low-flying helicopters and also there was a big Nate to exercise in Lithuania which sounds like it's in Russia it's just on the other side of the Baltic Sea Wiz Wiz home in less than two hours from Stockholm to know if you fly in so
and also that the chief of NATO Jen stoltenberg who is very the most wanted money mental in carrying out the the the mass murderer on Earth tirano way which would gave him the job as chief of NATO for his loyalty I would suggest he went out on Twitter saying we wear so sad for the victims of nice but at the same time what can we do we have to stand United in the face of Terror and then there was this under his tweet that was did NATO exercise called bringing jump 2020 message Big Nate oh concentration from many different countries right on the other side of the Baltic Sea they could have been within hours I could have landed in Sweden and so the very next day Sunday there was this this is our plane coming over over stucco that many people film and it says cd22 host
aircraft it's US Special Forces and it's like a mix between a helicopter on an airplane looks like a plane from Avatar in central Stockholm and one of the people on board but it was the Swedish Minister of Defense what the hell was that doing there and what was he doing on board of this whole thing is supposed to be neutral that's right and then after that they came out and said me to 8 so now Des you can only meet 8 and outside if I don't know if that went through but the what-if is that have followed a message they bang that would have made total sense now it makes no sense whatsoever because nothing went down
I don't know. So am I am I just speculating or do you think the Institute martial law gets shut down the internet because that why would the secret police go out and and and say no no no no don't listen to Dave wouldn't care just another 10 for that who cares let him shout and now this video of me going out warning a parent is being shared within security companies and the police saying look at these idiots you know you shouldn't listen to people like that I have that from inside if they said they were showing us to add a meeting yesterday and everybody was supposed to be laughing and laughing at all he said
I'm just suggesting that you saved
I can only say that I tried to do my utmost to stop this madness and every time we managed to stop one of these big ones the timeline is often so tight for these operators because so many things are connected like this thing in Austria like that also I have from the same source to the daughter of this intelligence agency she said that her dad has said it's the same players as in Austria are now in Stockholm
and the same players in Paris and in nice
play related to 9/11 in the state's the same the same the same I'm bored to tears come on come on it's like watching the same Rocky movie over and over and over again
well we got about 5 minutes left and I was going to ask you
there's so many things I can ask you but do you see anything happening at the rice and if you'd like to comment people should be aware of
I say as I always say that we are out of time with with being squeezed at the moment I think the dark Forces are absolutely desperate because millions of people are sort of becoming aware I don't like the word awake because I know that I'm sure asleep on many different areas that I've no idea about what there's an awareness that is spreading now where I hope that I'm part of lifting the fog just that I can ask someone you know when the fall starts lifting you cannot unsee them so this is why I'm trying to show the templates how they were planning using us because if billions of us. Seeing this clearly it's game over there
actually in the United States conspiracy as well because there was a newspaper article
in Auckland New Zealand detailing the details of how he supposedly shot Kennedy and everything so I know it was it was in Christchurch New Zealand listen we can do is show I can I can identify molars everyone who is the head at the lead fossil that day the shooter is the position the cars that speak its why is snow not that's not true indeed if I was there once I gave us to do a speech and I'm a close friend of Judas Perry Baker the Mistress of us will I tell you to even question that there is a conspiracy big 955 please where you can tell the difference between cold and hot water it should be pretty clear that it was not
conspiracy theory is a word that has been weaponized and invention and weaponized by the CIA to stop people like us, this doesn't make any sense by a CIA agents that sound is 64 but then in 67 that radiates made it through my website the name my sweet darling came came up with his call light on conspiracies., because that is exactly what I tried to do in the light into the darkest
the Dark of the belly of the Beast because we don't need violence we don't need force to be able to come up against these think we just need to expose them in the Life at them and you neutralize them it is by cockroaches called cockroaches I feel bad about them because it's the same with criminals of all kinds they can only work in the dark so we just need to in the light that is the whole thing they need our consent the only thing you need to do is say no thank you that's right I showed love to have you back on again we'll talk about the Kennedy assassination
okay great thanks again my friend and keep up your good work really admire you for standing up for everything
thank you it takes one to know one Christmas to you and your wonderful family thank you so much for listening today and for I hope you enjoy this interview with only Damas Gratis the fasting fellow and I will be having on him on again I fortunately have two computers with me and I'll have one as a backup my it's interesting how my windows-based Bill Gates computer completely shut down minutes before I was scheduled to go on air at 10 a.m. fortunately I had a linux-based system which is freeway and an excellent system and I think I'll be using this in the future and not Windows I also talked about old lady with all due respect the Cockroaches Shining Light on cockroaches in the scatter you can also use the analogy of rats in the basement with all due respect to rats I'm sure they're in the basement they all scattered it's the same thing with making people
are what's going on because once you do make make them people aware than they usually wake up and can can change things I want to tell everyone this afternoon at 3 p.m. Pacific time my very special guest on my Spanish show Q qanon will be on my show me if you have any questions for him just send them to me at out-of-this-world 1150 at I'll be happy to pass them on I did. I've also heard that sweetens lock down their country last week allegedly from so many new virus cases in Sweden that just suddenly materialized out of nowhere these things just come out of the air but amazing if you believe them it's interesting sweetness a beautiful country with many beautiful wonderful people and I'm actually part Swedish and I have some relatives there but I think this shutdown it's just another excuse to shut down the country when they couldn't do it on the 6th when our good friend only Dawnguard
what they were going to do when they couldn't couldn't hear me through it I believe he stopped many innocent innocent innocent people from being harmed in the major cities of Sweden including Stockholm go to Birdman me when other cities through another fake 9/11 attack to shut down the country and institutes martial law I also did speak to queue briefly this morning in preparation for our radio show this afternoon at 3 p.m. Pacific time it'll be on here on BBS radio one he had a lot to say about the incredible US Supreme Court decision yesterday that throughout an unprecedented lawsuit brought by nearly 20 states there throughout the election results for Biden in 40 States into it including Georgia Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan and let's look at the evidence they submitted the states submitted videos of people actually falsifying boats for by we're talking hundreds of thousands of votes falsified for by No Doubt about the evidence they have evidence is crystal clear and you can
why do you scratch your head and say well aren't these judges appointed to to do the tough job aren't they there to make those hard decisions for the benefit of the United States in the world know what he said what was interesting is that he said that and I think he's right and my intuition says that message I'm getting is that they've all been threatened and if they don't rule if they if they if they did take the case in Rowlett President Trump the election was completely rigs that they might find themselves dead or threatened or their families harmed so I think that's what's going on but I don't think this is the end this is just the beginning because I think this case will come to the US Supreme Court again and they'll be forced to take it and mr. Trump will be re-elected on his second term next month now if this doesn't happen with the Supreme Court I guarantee you that the white hats in the US military will take action they have a military court system is well that will step in
I mean you think about it fruit fruit fruit was listening about a case if you see a crime happening and you've got a video of it and there's no question that that there's any other result of than that person is guilty right well that's what happened here with this u.s. election completely evidence there's no doubt whatsoever that the elections were rigged going to go into it here we'll have another program on it in the future when it's tell everyone I give readings to people and I have a spiritual mentoring program where I teach people how to talk to the other side as well as to the put the ends another benevolent entities if you'd like to get a good reading or join mine mentoring program please send me an email to out-of-this-world 1150 at or you can go to my website at out-of-this-world and sign up for my mentoring program as well I published a book last year goal messages from the masters with messages from Nostradamus
Benjamin Franklin Nikolai Tesla President Kennedy on our beautiful bright future they asked me to write the book several years ago because there was so much negativity in the US mass media and elsewhere about it are possible war with North Korea and all this other nonsense and they called it nonsense that they wanted me to get out their messages so I have the book now and if you'd like a copy please go to my website at out of this Road Reading stop, just $20 and includes a free 10-minute reading as well as I also have these beautiful the Marine quartz Lemurian Quartz crystals from Mount Shasta as well as a 528 Hertz 24 kiviat both together
get this beautiful love going out everywhere that's from 528 Hertz is the frequency of love and so everyone listening to this you start your weekend huh one more time and made you all done in love today
are we go if you want one just visit my website and out of this world are weeding stop, d-fort on this lanius and get all the information they're finally I work with Zmodo peace project in Tokyo it's a beautiful beautiful organization with Mitch car washes their director we we get out this book it's called missed the message from water it's a beautiful book my doctor Moto on that the power of our thoughts if you said positive thoughts of love and gratitude for example to bless water you could be beautiful Water Crystals and doctor about 20 or 25 years ago that if you take this water crystal love and gratitude and you can put it on a glass of of radioactive water that's what happens in 48 hours all the radiation has gone completely gone now Tokyo Electric power company has a plan to dump 1 million / ocean
what a great thing that'll be they can't figure out what to do with the radioactive water so they're just going to do what lot of lot of people do the solution to pollution is dilution so you just dump it in the water and then we can all drink or eat it in our fish and then we'll die what that be wonderful Bill Gates Dreamworld when 95% of the population will die I don't share that future frankly that's not the reason why I have my radio show so next week I will be starting a new campaign to clean up Fukushima and we can do it through our prayers by putting pressure on the Tokyo Electric power company as well as the Japanese government I mean at all but I believe in a beautiful bright future for all of us and I hope someone today is is listening to the to my show today because people will stand up for their freedom and we're not going to take this rigged election Lane
lying down finally I'd like to go ahead and and play this song for the first two minutes or so it gets friend of mine named Terry out of Mount Shasta during the Beautiful song and the lyrics the name of the song is play as stand up and he says to connect with our source of infinite wisdom is our mission control on our flight to be free he said stand up to be free the voices are ears stand up for truth the time is now stand up for peace it's in our hands stand up for love it's Who We R stand up my brothers and sisters it's time to be the light that shines on the world it's time to clean your your place and love sweet plan it's time to join the holy band it's a beautiful song and Doug and Dawn if we could play the first 2 minutes of that to 2 and 1/2 minutes and then we'll go on to our interview with mayor saucer of Mossyrock Washington it's a fascinating interview and I'm sure you'll enjoy so we could play that now for about 2 and 1/2 minutes in the mobile
listening to
resistance training
try to discern
the message in code
counselor requirements
connect with us stores
on Mission Control
it's Who We Are
It's time
it's time to play
time to Joy in the Holy Bible
what is more lyrics to that but that's the past it's a great song is name is Terry a good friend of mine out of Mount Shasta California and if you're interested in getting his music please send me an email to out-of-this-world 1150 at and I'd love to put you in touch with them great great musician he just sent me his music yesterday and it was perfect timing everything in Divine timing as my as my friends on the other side my angel say now I'd like to bring on the mayor of the wonderful mayor of Mossyrock Washington Randle Randle are you there I hope you are if not then we'll love will keep talking I've got lots of other things to discuss okay well dug and Dawn if when they are Sasser comes on just just let me know Mossyrock is an interesting I'll give some intro for you not see rocks interesting little town it's right it's not far from the Interstate 5 freeway it's approximately 45 minutes south
Olympia Washington and it's it's a little logging Town they've been hard hit by the course by the shutdown here in Washington state many businesses especially small businesses have been completely shut down since March when are Governor here Washington Governor Jay Inslee first instituted the dramatic shut down to in an attempt he says to stop the coronavirus but was interesting doll during this time Big Box store is like not to pick on them but just as an examples like Walmart Home Depot Lowe's hardware businesses that people need of course but the big businesses were all allowed to keep operating normally yet in and at the same time when this was happening the state government here said that the problem was of people Gathering well if the problem is of people gathering for the to stop the spread of the virus then why on Earth did the government hear allow hue
box stores with thousands and thousands of people every month Gathering while they were allowed to go ahead and do their business and make lots of money from people but small businesses mom and pop businesses that they may be open for 30 40 50 years through different Generations they were forced to close and it doesn't make any logical sense sense except if you wanted to take out the middle class destroyer small business as well you did a good job of doing that many many businesses especially restaurants now or are folding gone bankrupt I talked to Paul Hellyer up in Canada here a few months ago and he estimated that 70% of all the restaurants in Canada will be closing after this pandemic is over with simply cuz they can't can't stay open the government of Justin Trudeau in in Canada has done the same thing that many States including Washington State here has done as far as closing their businesses
and one thing I like about the the mayor of Mossyrock is that he stood up to our governor here and what was interesting there was a local restaurant called Spiffy's kind of a funny name it's right off of Interstate 5 in Mossyrock and they had Health Inspectors come into their their their business a couple days ago and they said we have to shut down and they said no you don't know we don't and then they said well show us the proof show us the regulations show us a law that was validly passed to prevent us from opening it couldn't come up with anything so they said when you find the law then will shut down OK and they haven't been back and have been able to show any law whatsoever the same thing happened recently in Mount Shasta California there's a hardware store called Solano Solano 7 downtown Mount Shasta same thing they said well they had Health Inspectors come visit them as well this isn't California and
the health inspector said volume you can't operate without social distancing in masks and if you can't force people to wear masks in your business and do social distancing of 6f at least 6 ft you'll have to shut down and I and I really admire the owner there because he he faced off these Health Inspectors and said well can you show me a law or regulation show proving that you have the authority to ask businesses to shut down couldn't come up with anything and then they said well they politely ask them to leave and they said when you do then come back and we'll comply and if you can't we're not going to comply need to have them come back because again Governor California governor Newsom some people call him Governor nuisance a nuisance cuz he's become a nuisance too many people in California everybody kind of blindly follow this what he says it's become like a dictator actually up and down the West Coast you've got California governor
California then you got Kate Brown in Oregon who threatened some poor lady who had a beauty salon she said look I've got to work to feed my family if you stopped my business then I'm going to start my little kids are going to starve so what do you want so her response Kate Brown Oregon such a wonderful lady
Hello friends I'm back on the air I'm back on the ear again but if iPhone this time my internet connection has been completely cut so anyway I'm glad to be back on the air again anyway I don't know if you caught that but some democratic Governor Jay Inslee recently won re-election here in Washington state with an amazing 65 or 69% of the vote even though you don't you didn't see any of his sign anywhere in this Carly anywhere in the state actually what you saw a sign saying dumb Bentley on them and some say wealthy in Washington we use the Dominion voting systems which notoriously corrupt and but I think I think once this and when you get the correct back. We will find we have a new governor here there was a Republican
but you do when you have the money you mean you're voting systems they're able to gerrymander the votes of coarseness this was done across the country and I'm so I've been told that the. From 2015 my friends to 2030 are some of the most stressful time in human history with many many different changes and all that. The year 2020 where we are now is the most is the most commercial this year of of change and of all the years and have all the months in 2020 this month November last month and this month will be the most tumultuous with with many many changes and tummy but they also say that things will get get much better I'm continuing my spirit friends on the other side all agree with me that we have a beautiful bright future ahead of us so no matter what happens my friend I know things will get better the purpose of the
horses to race Consciousness to make this world a much better and happier place and doesn't talk to Randallstown sure he's on just just let me know I can't tell I can't tell you otherwise I think the song that the Mount Shasta Road about our flight is to be free He Said Than This lyrics stand up for Freedom the choices are stand up for the truth that sign this now stand up for kids that's in our hands and that stand for love truly are stand up my brothers and sisters it's time to be the light that shines on the world it's time to clean your place and love sweet plan it's time to join the holy bands the road that were on his to directions
we can walk towards the light every moment we choose to stand up the dark darkness receives when we take off the blinders so reach out your hand and receive what you need to stand up for Freedom the choices are stand up the truth the time is now and up for peace it's in our hands hands up for love it's who we are and up my brothers and sisters at Pine to be the light that shines on the world it's time to clean your to clean your place and loves we plan it's time to join the holy band and I want to thank God I just met the music down yesterday and I'm so glad I guess everything is in divine order of order isn't it beautiful and happy Planet we're not meant to be in poverty or not meant to be miserable we're not meant to be unhappy we're not meant to be fighting these riots in the streets and many Americans
is now paid for by antifa black lives matter and the Democratic party and Joe Biden himself mmmm trading A A Beautiful World so I am I want to let you all know that we we are getting a lot of help from the other side and we're going to get through this my friends no matter where you are in the world listening today know that we are getting a lot of always winning out against the against the dark Forces
okay thank you. Thank you. Anyway that's okay I can carry the rest of the program no no problem but we are all powerful Spiritual Beings and the purpose of my show is race Consciousness to make this world a much better and happier place and I know if we all work together we will be much better and happier world you know it's a if John F Kennedy had lived he tells me I've been in touch with him now for the past 5 years in the first lady that we would have already ascended into the 5th Dimension and he also tells me to that the proof that the that this entire planet when when this tub so-called virus started in the early part of this year and in January of this year
we had a lot of challenges I know a lot of people lost their jobs and it's been very stressful and the suicide rate has gone up among many families the
these amount of points of light that came through on this planet has increased from 65% in January about 90% right now and we are now to the 5th Dimension and so has been struggles and challenges but it has been challenges I know the suicide rate on this is nothing that's that will be ever shared on mass media in the United States but I know in Washington state Hiram's really what the statistics depending on where you are has increased anywhere between 1000 2004 Cent chilling many more people than the alleged s from the coronavirus isn't it amazing if you if you look at the a government statistics now United States another country
don't answer it's just there's no there's no other there's no other at all there's no other health problems people died up except the coronavirus figures that come out I think there are falsified or a political agenda for example hospitals here in the United States are actually rewarded with with a $39,000 in federal funds for for each coronavirus case and when people realize that there were a lot of people to die from the flu and I'm not denying that 2018 for example 218,000 people unfortunately. But it was amazing how the flu virus child has disappeared this year and it's been replaced with the coronavirus that's all, and that's why I'm highly suspect of any kind of government
statistics on that but I want you to know that if you hear something on the on the media including on my show to I've always want you like my girlfriend say to always use your mind not your logic money we actually have two brains we've got one brain that's 30 minutes channel that teaches you thinking Logic for people and that's fine for the third dimension but if you use your heart line which is your psychic and intuitive a part of your brain of your body you'll never go wrong by Angels about 7 or 8 years ago
I know I told this story before but back in 2013 I met you homeless people and different libraries and one gentleman came up to me and the address me by my name he said said you need to start some you need to start your own radio show and start writing books and I thank him and then before I had a chance to say how did you know my name he was gone he was completely gone he was a homeless fellow look like almost all on the library and so about five or six weeks legislator 2 to bring home the story again he another gentleman that came up to me and he said the same things that you need to start your own radio station and start writing books So eventually I started I started my own and I didn't know where I was going to get this
all of my angels and they've always been correct on everything they told me and that's the nice thing about talking to a psychic communicating to the other side you can get some excellent information about what you should do as far as getting good messages for your life and your career for your family and I want you to know that everyone today that there's a whole spiritual Universe around Beyond is 3rd dimensional existence here and everyone also have many many angels are around them one of the most popular angels I liked it to connect with his Archangel Michael's was a strong Warrior meetings also have a spiritual mentoring program where I teach people how to connect with the other side and as the vibrations on planet Earth keep Rising more and more people I think will be
interested in talking to the other side in this pouring their spiritual spiritual side of themselves many people come to me and they say Ted you know I've got a great job and I'm happy you know I'm it's not answering for me anymore and I want to make this world a better place or want to help my family and friends and I want to find out the meaning of life can't buy it you have to get some you open yourself up if you will see God in the Supreme Being There isn't there is a God and they're actually 12 different dimensions of reality and God are the Supreme Bean if you will reside in the 12th Dimension which is if you think about it it's it's the nine Dimensions above us but I teach people how to talk to the other side we are now shifting into the 5th Dimension now and
amount of steps I took before is the first part of planet Earth that'll be shifting into this V connection but in the sequence so you go from 3rd to 4th and then 5th and Mount Shasta and I was in 4th Dimension sports medicine is where time exist in the fourth dimension of higher Dimensions this coming year so Donuts beautiful area in Arizona and believing in spirits and connecting with the other side they will be shifting as well into the 5th Dimension
by the end of 2025 the entire planet into the 5th Dimension so I just like being in the Boy Scouts or girl scouts be prepared there is nothing that the negative entities can do to stop it and has David has said many times on on Star Trek we just so and for those people whom it will be $25,800 from now after one line is where the universe
I'm so I'm energy as my friend Albert Einstein have said energy once created is is never destroyed Fukushima which I will be starting next week and got you and praying in spirit and I want to let everyone know that we are powerful Spiritual Beings been so crazy beautiful and happy planet and statement here to date you can we play cuz my replaying that song and up at the ends here and run it until the end till we run out of time and again I want to thank everyone so much for listening stay out of this world has enough profit business supported station if you'd like to support us website is out of this world radio. Net and with that I hope everyone has a beautiful and happy day and Merry Christmas for a beautiful
thank you again so much for listening
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