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LetterZ From the Pen, 22/02/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Gene Poo Poo Man Anderson

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

Guest, Gene Poo Poo Man Anderson

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welcome to letters from the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia I'm your co-host
we have a really good show for you guys tonight so thank you to everybody who joins and with us we have an oldie but goodie but going to be a good show tonight before we get into the show we're going to start on some of our sponsors who maggtv where you can catch our show every Sunday night on hoomantv and I think TV so make sure you tune in there
LHS home care for all your home care needs to clean up no job is too big or too small real life and I'm more do you are designs for all your pressing needs it again and it'll and you can check it out
Superman Anderson
just on mute
am I on your on your beautiful face we're so glad to see you too but before we wind up and all the calls from other callers a lot of people have been waiting a Nancy's to talk to you to see you to hear your new single that is dropping
and three days so before we do that we have to have to have to read our letter for the night and it's a juicy one so we're going to read a letter you're going to help us give this person advice and help her you don't give us just so you know Camp answer don't let nobody tell you different I won't tell you different all right all right now here we go
they're letters from the pen
I am 21 years old I have a 2 year old daughter and just recently broke up with my child's father he's been kind of stalking me so I think I have to move out of state to get away from him I did meet this older man who says that he can help me pay my bills take me and my son in with no strings attached I'm a little nervous because I was always told no one does anything with no strings attached but at the same time I'm desperate please tell me what you think I should do should I move it with his older man let him take care of me so I get on my feet or should I just keep struggling and try to figure it out sign please help me
so either it out girl
so what I mean
I say okay I don't know what temperature is it because you know back in the day you know there was there was a lot of genuine like man that was just really take you and help you out if you get on your feet so he's only going to take care of you for so long
I don't tell you what you think okay
open Birds change ain't no robbery
also you saying that he should take her in but she should give me some scooter what is it the Salvation Army, he might just be a good heart as a spirited person but what is their relationship how did she find them didn't look up on her chest Marietta bus stop off what do you know that have a lot of bearings on it is well I would think that song with the grammy-nominated was called I Found Love in the food stamp line
so you must have been out there shopping and she must have been the horderve I don't know about finding love in the food stamp line because we both in the food stamp line we got a problem and you know get food stamps just be like you know beat the system in the head so he might have a bladder training
we are both might be in a food stamp line but one of y'all might be balling I can't get no food stamps no Medicaid I don't do number just go to work
and keep at it I'mma tell you that they give me a better tonight better Tuesday Thursday today I'm getting my face wrapped around that I got me some stamps
start an 11 minute I was going to be so sophisticated today oh my God don't let him lose y'all we want we want the real Jeanne Cooper Matt Anderson of the parliament funkadelic's run across the stage and fiber and do what you do is Captain Falcon
that's right so it's not that simple no you can't be that cold-blooded you got to be so thankful
yeah we said thank you
well you said that today is no robbery
travel agency with your face mask the new single so I had to go put it up there and represent somewhere and somebody doing all this stuff and I ain't got no right that's what I do
when are we going to work with a lot of people here and
I know you going to see the life of Sammy Davis jr. Little Richard
well to be truthful I started in 3 years old
end out at Watertown show when I was about eight eyes on television when I was about eight I have my first read it when I was about 12
baby girl got a face mask on
and I got my first
Kid Rock when I was about 12 or 13
is just been going on and on and on download I've never done anything else but anything I was telling my friend she's here with me first lady
I know there's nothing else it's not that I wouldn't like to have done something that's all don't know anything yes but that was the only thing that God made possible for me to do
so you know what was the first what was the first biggest concert that you ever done like who was the first big act that you open for
Jackie Wilson
Jackie Wilson Wilson yes
Alba Frankie Lymon wants to Frankie Lymon 3 years old Frankie lining yeah yeah we we did a concert with him at the Keller Auditorium in St Louis and we want to look talent show
in the Beyond we would the prize was to be able to be on the show
wow teenagers in the moonglows and the spaniels in a bunch of 50s groups
oh really good for you or bad
yeah we had a little suits on and I look for shoes little white bucks shoes on and stuff I just looked through we was trying to be like Frank wow we did pretty good too
who inspired what you guys say
I bet we sang lonely people in the world baby that was so many years ago it was like I said I have a question so
I think the single culture face masks on I see the album cover by face mask
yes I got boxes of them all right when we do our concert out there at the base Mass concert about you bout to go to who's that girl with the red face Macon
all I know is when you start showing the face mask do couple this way okay
that sounds like a real you know what you sound like a real true fan I'm loving you already
so now who who have you open for like
well I'm on bread box Sammy Davis jr. Duke Ellington that's on those other and I had a jazz record called you and somebody put them on a boat in St Louis steamer Admiral and I got a chance to meet him and in him a little bit I sing along songs with a friend with Dizzy Gillespie Jazz for some time I was fifteen until I was at least 20
wow that's what he know now it's okay she's okay with me she sound like a real true champion that's right chicken sandwich
what's a Little Richard
Little Richard
yeah you he was a genius
I saw his movie Junior
who was I mean he he has he changed the face of music and in his time on the Beatles Rolling Stones aeterna he he he got James Brown started
Ike Turner your I kind of that was my man if the punch Tina Turner in the face in the limo
JB. Like it you know you're in love what you said we want another talent show it was called Pete and the Rhythm X and we want to tell us you're not in one of the prizes was to be able to sing I turn a record so we went wrong with a guy named Jackie brenston what's name calling your name
wow and then the next day they had another session and it said which I like to see all the background went over to the studio and Tina Turner was in the studio with him and he was trying to cut a guy named have a ride I think it is I remember Jackie Bressler something like that and the guy didn't show up for the session
and they had Tina the sing the lead part on the session just so they could cut the Trap so that when it does that would show up and the song was out of a teacher at the song is too high for me he said don't make no difference you just cut it anyway and she cut it in and it was just yesterday food you know it'll in love what you're saying that you're happy with ye to New York to juggle a Mary Sue record to put the record the red went up to the chart and that's how she got started
wow bing bing bing that you've been in the game for
well okay tell me the games you was a dinosaur walking around with Triceratops don't let nobody tell you different
so how does an artist sustain for all of those decades the way you did how does an artist sustain in like thick around for that long like what is
Just Born to do something
anything that comes most natural places where you are gravitating if you have a choice on opportunity
I was born the saying I was born to be Entertainer I was born to be your entertainment nothing else but anything
so what I'm having a big time interview what's wrong with this telephone somebody loves that poop
that's right and don't you let nobody tell you different tell us about your time with Parliament and the Funkadelics okay well now that's a very nice story George Clinton and I have been friends since 1967 and the desk when they that's before they had their first big hit record and we assigned to a company called westbound records and Westbound was the label that they was involved with and they cut a record called
testify I want to testify
after he'd gotten Billy Bass in it Hazleton all those guys together they stopped trying to be a stand-up do I boo give me Ray Davis I've met them in the office and they was arguing with him about that money
and I I could already call the devil made me do it
and Alvin Cash he had already called twice and he took me in the office to sign me up with these guys and I don't know why you want to sign me up with these guys and he won't pay them, just shut up and let's get the $10,000 and get on out of here so we took the money and then we all went to the hotel and we parted about three or four thousand dollars of the money
Queen wrangletown out the $10,000 back in 67 was a lot of money and we became like brothers that from that moment on and next thing I know he came up with testify next thing I know he came up with the mothership and he was off and running and and doing those times I was with red fox
Sanford and Son in Las Vegas and he charged it was on the mothership and he was trying to get me to come over there with them to come over them cuz I have known him from back in the day with westbound records and
Leah Redd Foxx we was rolling in it and if you can find it up on YouTube it's up there red fox and Jane Anderson at the Hacienda and
one day at the Red Hat died George called me is that being Los Angeles and want to hook up with me and we hooked up together and we roll in cat on he's got a gig in Phoenix Arizona let's ride up down there no Strava Cisco that's right up there and see what's going on and what they're in and I saw the show I finish I was missing something since they had lost his mother ship and all that kind of stuff that was down on the downhill side you know and I can add a little
I said what the heck about James Brown I want to get up I want to get down I want if I can do this back like James Brown shoot your shot and I said wait a minute I just put some chicken and some on to that
get my Helping Hand
thank all I want some hits
which is on YouTube two and and and it worked out so well that John said man this is come on stay with me man you said you my boys you know come on let's stay with me so I know it was 23 years cry so I want to get into your new single right now let's talk about that so you have a new single called put your face mask on which is dropping in 3 days what inspired that song
the cottage I caught that stuff me and Darius McCrary
which one do you know outside of just saying you know what I'm talkin about covid-19 last year
Anderson on do you know about this new house I'm laying in the house in the bedroom by myself coughing like a police walks in my house with no key and somebody said that you hear spent I don't know to this day who told why do they get in if they don't have a key
can I look up my bedroom. I was real sick and they called paramedics and that took me out to me to the hospital for two weeks wow okay so wait not to be funny but when they have took you out to go to the house when did you get your key back from the officer do they have their own key
no I didn't give you a notice I was just glad to get out the house so you can be so you could be laying up in your house this weekend just naked in the bed and put the key in a come in. Come on in my house and I was glad to see him take me to the hospital or the paramedics put clothes on yet because you said you were putting stuff on my arms and my head is spinning of carbon
when I wake up later
what you still naked when you woke up
was what was you still naked when you woke up
I looked at someone. I forgot you were no airplanes were no cars with no nothing I think I forgot I went to Henderson hospital it wasn't no nothing it was nothing there no it was so scary no trucks on the highway no cars on the highway no airplanes flying over and killed everything you don't have to kill everything to make me believe
I woke up in the Twilight Zone what you see I'm not that at all no space helmet
big old bubble gum killed everything around I'm going to Mars
all I peed on my foot everything I said but that's
nothing to play with but I come out of it and then I stayed home
did somebody gave me some some sharks and some thongs shoes
they sent me home and
I was so happy they say you got to have a man dammit run out of matches what don't masses what no Lysol spray that people bought a toilet paper
you sure
you should have called me I was.
No good by Jeanne Cooper man Anderson
turn down low.
put on
oh my gosh
send me ladies please forgive Jean Anderson
all God's creatures are Beautiful Life song One Time
is it say so I'm right now I'm on a man's new single put your face mask on you have any questions for him for a few comments on the letter 888-627-6008 she is alive and kicking band you will answer all your questions truthfully and honestly you know I call you
you know what I've had a million interviews CBS NBC CNN Tonight Show and this is the most fun I've had the interview thank you and we're happy that you you know that you came on for the interview on it obviously cuz it's the police. I'm a see imma get it if I can get a copy of that key and just busted in your house
my cell if you had any advice to give any of like up and coming artists that are trying to make it out now independent artist that aren't signed to a major label with what advice would you give them to help them be successful
and school
so if you make some money you can count it
anywhere we should talk intelligent if necessary
you can do anything you want to do you just don't have to have you can't you can't have an ultimatum in this business like children answer you should have told me plain glue once upon a time I mean well you seen all the errors because you
who was my hero rock and roll wait a minute with that but I don't remember
Jason from New Jersey
are Jason what's your comment or question thank you baby boy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs live music live music brother love music
well I appreciate it man I'm trying to stand the game and you know I just I just love this thing so I'm going to do it from the Cradle to the Grave
hey that's the best way to hear you going to do what you got to do a correct that respect that all respected at night
oh yeah all day all day and all
I need more 24/7 shuttle to Fashion Nova thank you set a time you want to see your face face mask song
what's a DUI Jason hit the hit song drops on the 25th and it pregnant should be it'll be live on all platforms so you can go stream it download it share it tell a friend about it I mean I'm all done with my connected to my phone I'm not even playing
oh yeah yeah yeah definitely definitely all right thank you
my name is Margaret I'm calling from New York
are you doing
I'm fine the song is really nice but your face mask on I enjoyed it with me to it was very nice my my question for poo poo is do you have any upcoming concerts for virtually or my
grab the beach before I'm not trying to get out here on the road right now because I'm working all documentary and I movie concerning my new book I got a book out call the birth of hip-hop and is taking up all of my physical plan to try to get everything coordinated for my for my for my so I don't have an exact lineup in the concert's lineup right now but all you got to do is go up on YouTube and put down their Gene poopoo man Addison all videos and I got about a hundred a month that you can just watch me a long as you want to and I appreciate you about me being out there. She'll got it in me
I know you do Robbie information I will see if we can get you a Gene Anderson Cooper man face mask
that would be great thank you
all right so I know that you have another single we talked about this off are you have another think coming up at work a baby where can I buy a single on I love that I love that song I love that song so we're going to get into that song right now and then we'll come back and we'll talk about it the right now just working baby by Gene Krupa man Anderson
about attractive
beedo beedo
Eagles score
the girl that you
Buddhist got to be high in the sky when you play that record
so when can we expect an album from you I think about April
April April we should be finished with that and we going to have a blister of are we going to have some P-Funk on them putting the Funkadelic on now and love songs on that too I think I'm going to talk to the ladies and tell them
okay the speaking of right so back in the day when you saw like you know like a lady of fine honey that you wanted to talk to you give us like your best Mac impoyz of you trying to pick up a lady
excuse me Madam crap eyewear with you briefly
I don't think you know what I'm looking at you and I tried to figure it out and it finally came to me to know what's wrong with you nothing
don't let nobody tell you different
a girl like you was born for God like mixed but then I mean I be qualified but I do the best I can until a better one come along
I mean that might work for somebody to work for me but you know somebody the Ying Yang Twins were saying this so I'm too old for the little mama whisper in your ear rap yeah right now I'm holding you to that one come along what was that like for you well I got inducted into the black music awards Hall of Fame
the Las Vegas Blues Hall of Fame and two or three of them but you know once you get one they all just about the same I just appreciate people appreciating the day workout putting him through all my life to try to serve people and make them happy I like to make people happy. That's that's how I got in this business hours of the clown when I was a little bitty boy out of the clown in school as a clown in the Army as a clown up and down these streets and I just love to make people happy and that's what that's what helps me in this business
okay so are you currently married
no I'm getting a divorce from my next wife next one yeah cuz I ain't going to last long
kind of yet that's okay I'm pretty woman and alimony for baby I ain't even had yet
gehenna told me she say I never met you but we got a baby over the other wait a minute I don't write that good or if you just want to throw money away like that we can set you up a profile on where are those thing about Miss Sugar. Put that in lemonade sugar
don't get me started having such a wonderful time
on your program I didn't know it was going to be this much fun
well it's next time to call Mom and tell you thank you thank you for having me you're welcome don't know I got to wear that. That's part of my makeup I'm I'm beautiful my hair with water it is what it is, just because my teeth are pearly just because
in the latest style just because that's how I can have a baby just because I'm beautiful
I can't help that don't be upset with me cuz I'm lovely that's right. Nobody tell you different look at God you made me so perfect that I'm trying to pass up this perfect onto those that's imperfect just try to help the status of those that would need it if you can't get it together don't know where to go look for check me out
if you need someplace to live to stay someplace to eat you broken down and need some help go to Gene Anderson Jeanne Cooper Matt Anderson how's he going to help you
don't tell him that myself believe you cuz I don't have too many people apartment that's why I ain't got no place to sleep wait a minute but you know what I shall have tried many times you woke up with somebody next to you and you ain't even know who that was
regular or you just say you don't know why I ever been in 3 days to the walls fell down right now
they need to be before you turn around you have one in your bed he was like how you get here they told you go to sleep or close to rotate
well did you get the memo face mask but thank you for joining us on Friday everybody at 6 p.m. we will have Grandmaster Dee here he's a part of who was apart of Houdini and thank you Jean
taking out with face mask but