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Legacy Investment and Forums, May 21, 2016

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Legacy Investment and Forums
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Guests, Dr. Aaron Dahlgren and Sylvia Richardson

Legacy Investment and Forums with Dr Terri Harrison - Debut Show

GUEST 1: Dr. Aaron Dahlgren, he is VP of Organization CTE (Time To Teach) 
GUEST 2: Sylvia Richardson, she is an Author, Playwright, Teacher

Legacy Investment and Forums

Show Host

Dr Terri Harrison is an Author of the extremely well rated book, Healing in the Workplace - A spiritual Guide to Coping with Work Issues. Dr Harrison is a Purpose Coach, Educator, Consultant, Business Psychologist, with a great deal of knowledge in assisting others in the discovery of purpose in the workplace. The theme of this show is to teach the listener how to protect yourself in the workplace, and how to apply Biblical Principles to everyday habits and skills to become more purposeful and productive at work. The program will cover topics in business, careers, society and culture, religion, psychology, mental health, personal wellbeing, spirituality and wellness. Guests will include Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Police Officers, Community Leaders, Pastors and many other people that can help you discover your true purpose, find peace and balance, and enjoy a rewarding career!

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