The Kentucky Ghost Hunter, October 16, 2018

The Kentucky Ghost Hunter with Dean Knight
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The Kentucky Ghost Hunter
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Guest, Kristin Roberts - psychic medium

The Kentucky Ghost Hunter with Dean Knight and Kevin Quatman

Guest, Kristin Roberts

Kristin Roberts  Psychic /Physical Medium Certified/Certified Ordained Minister/ Certified Oracle Card Reader/Spiritual Counselor I believes that we, as human beings, are all interconnected and have a spiritual purpose in life. Those who have had Readings, Messages, Home Blessings, and had Paranormal Investigations with me will attest my ability to project evidential messages from spirit.In your reading you will be expecting energy flow between you and I.

Kristin Roberts - psychic medium
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The Kentucky Ghost Hunter

The Kentucky Ghost Hunter with Dean Knight
Dean Knight

The Kentucky Ghost Hunter with Dean Knight and cohost Kevin Quatman

There is something out there we do not understand! We know it is there, but because of the limited knowledge our understanding of it becomes complicated... almost impossible.

I go to places with the understanding that those things do exist! I don't need to investigate the likelihood of that existence. I use hunting techniques to find or bring the unknown to me! 

Once I have it, I am determined to prove exactly what it is that goes bump in the night.

There are people out there that deal with things in their home they are really scared of. Whether these are called ghosts, demons, or spirits they want help.

Any person can ask for help, I have a network of people who deal in the paranormal globally, so don't be afraid to ask. I can get you help.

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