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Integrative Hermetic Health, April 6, 2019

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Integrative Hermetic Health
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IHH 13: Medicare Perfected

Integrative Hermetic Health with Johnny Blue Star

In the two last shows, we attempted to analyze two Medicare for All bills, one from the Senate developed by Bernie Sanders and the other from the House, The Medicare for All Act of 2019 proposed by .  . . 
At the same time, we tried to point out the vast deficiencies and bloated costs of the system these bills were trying to pass on to the American public. Yes, it would be better if the public- and especially those without insurance- managed to get some order of protection but the reality is that a revised proposal, taking into account the extra costs and inefficiencies generated by the collaboration between the FDA, the insurance companies and Big Pharma- is the reason that healthcare in the United States is super expensive.  But besides that, it is more than just high prices on valuable drugs and surgeries. Actually, it is high prices on many extremely toxic prescription drugs with multiple side effects and a great deal of wasted surgeries. Besides all that, Doctor Rodier points out the incredible “dirty little secret” that the second most prevalent cause of death in the United States is its healthcare system. We call our proposed legislation- a work in progress which we are discussing in this program- MEDICARE PERFECTED. 

In regards to the healthcare system today, Doctor Rodier says, “We have created a beast that has to be fed.” In other words, to deal with  overhead that has to be met, a certain amount of tests, surgeries and prescription drugs have to be ordered just to get even with the expenses.  Despite this reality, given the psychology, culture and history of healthcare delivery in the United States, we do not feel people should be forced to participate and we would allow private insurance to be allowed.  The tricky part of this type of program is the compensation for health providers, particularly medical doctors. The question is whether or not doctors could absolutely refused Medicare patients, be compelled to take some kind of ratio of Medicare patients- and, if in the latter case, auxiliary institutions controlled directly or indirectly by the government should be set up to exclusively handle the overflow.

We also speak of developing a new law called temporarily the Best Treatment Benchmark, which sets for a criterion for research, development and manufacturing of all health services and products. The Best Treatment criteria  for any condition will require any and all health treatments for specific conditions be vigorously researched the  U. S. government or a vigorously regulated third parties who are disconnected from any or all financial consequences based on the sale, distribution or use of these treatments. Best treatments may be, for instance,  dietary or beneficial and tested physical manipulations (like chiropractic or message) or homeopathic or herbal medicine, etc., treatments have been proven by researchers to be the least toxic treatments available- keeping in mind that there may be categories of subjects for which the Best Treatment is unsuitable due to metabolic, physical, allergic sensitivities or other types obstacles. As research, of the most sophisticated nature proceeds, toxic alternatives will be eliminated from the market place.  Great attention will be made to prioritize research into areas dominated by pharmaceutical research and marketers made from synthesized natural substances that may have had less toxic side effects than the original substance. The paucity of research into this area is due to the search for patentable, high-profit drugs no matter what the deplorably dangerous side effects. 

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Integrative Hermetic Health

New Galaxy Broadcasting proudly presents Integrative Hermetic Health with Hugo Rodier, M.D. In this program, we explore a powerful new paradigm for heath from the standpoint of Integrative Medicine. In his practice, Doctor Rodier integrates ancient hermetic art and the enduring role of food as medicine with modern nutrition but also allowing for the wide range of important health practices including truly valuable medical discoveries, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic and herbal medicine. In this program, Hugo Rodier, an expert in intestinal health and nutrition, will help the audience discover an approach that focuses on actual cures, not the masking of the elegant, simplicity of many health solutions for the sake of profit. Profit too long has been an overriding motive of the pharmaceutical companies and sometimes sadly by many in the medical establishment today. 

Some say that the history of medicine has been continually evolving since the time of the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. But today, some experienced and knowledgeable doctors, to differ. They clearly see, , forms of medical treatment that often serve to suppress symptoms with pharmaceuticals that have dangerous if not fatal side effects, recommendations for surgical intervention that place profitability over well-being of their patients. These doctors refuse to include in their practice the many modern and ancient health disciplines utilizing herbs, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and, above all, the power of nutrition. Many of the most useful insights are grounded in hermetic science, developed hundreds of years ago. Hugo Rodier, M.D., author, broadcaster and practicing physician has spent his career focusing on nutrition and intestinal health. In fact, only now medical journals are coming to terms with guiding points of view he had realized decades ago. Please join with me, Johnny Blue Star, as I assist Doctor Rodier in his new program, Integrative Hermetic Health. 

That so often provides drugs to cover up and suppress symptoms with pharmaceuticals that create dangerous, if over the last few decades, a relatively small number of medical doctors have begun to wonder, looking at the vast limitations of modern medicine to actually deal effectively with the rise of auto-immune diseases and the  unfortunate dangerous and even lethal sound effects of pharmaceuticals, that perhaps we have truly lost more than we have gained- and we are glossing over symptoms.

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