How does one survive losing a child?, July 9, 2014

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How does one survive losing a child?
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with Guest, Sherri Stoneberger

How do we remember and honor the life of a precious being that has passed on? In the next hour Sherri Stoneberger will tell us about her daughter Melissa (Missy) and what life was like with a lovely daughter who certainly endured her share of suffering. This is part one of a 2-part series.

Guest, Sherri Stoneberger

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Sherri Stoneberger
Sherri Stoneberger
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Real Estate Agent, Mom
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Sherri Stoneberger's life's meaning and direction have always been defined by helping family and others. Originating from a Danish immigrant family of 14 children in a small farm town in Oklahoma, Sherri Stoneberger dreamed of having a better life than the struggling farm life of her parents. She pursued a Bachelor's degree at the University of Central Oklahoma and later studied Educational Psychology at California State University East Bay. She married an Air Force officer and became a young mother of a treasured son Mark. Her family was soon transferred to Honolulu, Hawaii, where she welcomed a beautiful daughter Melissa to the world. Eighteen months later, the direction of her journey changed forever with Melissa's diagnosis of brain cancer. Sherri's never-give-up attitude determined how she shaped her life during this period. When doctor's said there was no hope , Sherri committed to a different reality that there was and she raised her daughter with that philosophy. Sherri took her experience and background to purse a Real Estate Executive career 28 years ago to accommodate a flexible schedule of doctor's appointments and continuing treatments for Melissa. She flourished in meeting the needs of other families and providing a wonderful environment for her daughter and family.

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Linzi Levinson

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