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Unlimited Life, September 15, 2021

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Hourglass Bride
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Suzanne Strisower

Hourglass Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Suzanne Strisower

Title: Suzanne Strisower - Relationship with Your Community

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

call Brandon and Welcome to our glass bride with so many exciting things going on right now that I'm excited as static and thrilled to share with you as of July 6th I am adding an additional radio show compassionate living passionate living what are three specific time and do that we are going to change the showtime hourglass Pride 1:30 to 2:30 Pacific time to be able to accommodate the other show so I welcome you to join us and both shows on what has happened you're so excited as we started and answer we're doing the television show we realize it's so many of our guests has such incredible information to share with you and so much of that information would be on relationships are loving relationships and romantic relationships interpersonal relationships
relationship to the food that we are help relationships to the heir to the atmosphere to our past and so passionate living will be an extension of our glass Bride As we talked about everything relationship related and I'm so thrilled to be an hourglass Drive will be moved up a half an hour from 1:30 to 2:30 Pacific time and we look forward to having you there with us also we are Now podcast so you can get a copy of Today Show simply by sending a text to 556-785-5678 and the Texas simple as just Nicole and I sent him a text to five five six seven eight the message Nicole you'll get a copy of Today Show and any of our archives show
extraordinary we also have coming up on July 12th of July 13th in Los Angeles or unlimited life Workshop the June 28th of June 29th Workshop is sold out we have no more room for those of you that you still want to participate and I've been emailing me and calling me and posting to us and fly into a digital Workshop July 12th and 13th to accommodate you will have many of their celebrity guests during one-on-one sessions with you and you get to meet them face-to-face so I'll thrilling and exciting and then today we have one of my very favorite cat and one of my dearest friends on and I'm so thrilled and so excited that she's joining us today that is all people successfully navigate unknown territories every why it sounds like somebody's white water rafting
and she hopes of navigate from traumatic events illnesses and the true desire for the purpose and their Direction and she helps them by Leading them to the very next step is a certified life coach she's a career coach a spiritual guide and author speaker a work at the facility and she's radio show host and she's amazing radio show host and I found her show and I absolutely love the work she doesn't get a master's degree in counseling psychology certifications and clinical really being inspired as a learning disability. She is launching out a new and completely on my television show and she has handed everything for transformational movies to Cosmic impact the conscious closet and really helping people plug into themselves and her true calling is helping people truly make a difference
she is the author of three books she is released an award-winning and comprehensive life purpose workbook which is phenomenal I have it every day I learn something from 111 inspirational life purpose quotes and exercises to find your purpose in your life and it is phenomenal and that really helps people died for the 5 to process of understanding their unique life purpose of DNA and we will talk to her today about what life purpose of DNA is and what the personal Wyatt why somebody wants to do something about their dreams and visions and co-founded the living well talk radio network and she's hosting three weekly including the doctors in your life and purpose revealed with the ruins and Tarot she is one of my favorite people she's an angel on his Planet extraordinary talented gifted supportive
can I get to be the best at what she does and transforming people's lives and helping them get to the very next place in Step so welcome to the show it is such a joy to have you here, call it still good to be with you and just to kind of hang out with one of my dear friends and fellow Angels on the planet
I love it and the best part about it I mean other than the fact that I love you so completely is that today you're actually going to a wedding correct I am going to wedding and it's my niece's wedding and it's really interesting, because he actually asked me originally if I would marry them and and I was very flattered and honored and I know them both and they were high school sweethearts and you know I watched them go through Rocky and tough times and like 15 years later they want to marry them and and I said originally I said yeah and then I read the script that she had written for her wedding
and you know as you well know what I was taking one of my television segment I am not a good one to read other people's work particularly when it's coming then did piece of content and do as much as it was beautiful and you know all that it was not my word that was not me speaking on their behalf and throwing fits I want to come to you when I don't want to do your way if you found some wonderful woman who's like real to be marrying them and keep your wedding down to the T and I hope everything goes off with as much Beauty and Grace with cheese and energy if you put into it
fantastic I'm so thrilled and what a perfect day for you so funny when you said rocky rocky Lake the movie hard times it was another movie oh my goodness it's funny because you know I think everybody does have Rocky and whether it's Rocky and the movies or you know Rocky in real life everybody's got those hard time going to just see how they are manifesting that and you know how they manifested beautiful job they graduated from college day he's turned out to be an amazing and support her and you know when I met him he was like playing guitar in the school band and see how they've grown and grown up and growing together and seeing each other through really difficult time then it's remarkable
I just went to a wedding couple weeks ago and you never was one of her I guess she was dating desiigner when we were dating and The Baseballs on them and just a personality and the little girl that was a flower girl that played Sunday my dreams dinner with my Prince Will Come As she walked down the aisle and and a friendship song from The Beatles for the Bridesmaids It was so indicative as to who they were call me people on your radio show you a Touchback experience from Clinical Psychology to all of you to hypnotherapy in the work that you do in counseling and where do you think
and relationships whether it be in romantic relationships or in business Partnerships or even in the South where people stumble
that's a great question the cold and accidentally color answering three different if we just take a person they can get checked out from the inside to the outside the Princeton inside they have a vision of you know of a certain kind of wedding they imagined this kind of wedding outside the the wedding isn't congruent with what they imagine that the first place where they get picked up his big dick sucked up inside your own head the second place I can get sucked up is with whomever their significant other it and when that happens it's really kind of sad because you know like there were many times when my Nissan and her soon-to-be husband were you know like someone kill yourself a pecan and he was there for her and do you know but he could have just as easily said you're to off the hook for me
I think one of the things for a listen to know if you know how much do you love how much you care and outcomes were he wasn't sure he was staying with her and and you know they kind of supported each other to be bigger than who they are and so I think that that's another place and if people can't support each other to be bigger than who they are or they don't honor and allow people to be who they are you know do do they have to run in the same Circle do they have to do everything together and then the 13th of this is what I want to say family and community and that is give me a love each other we may have our act together but because of being a religious things and believe that whatever there's some more under you know different classes reasons why the family for the UT don't want to cut the other person
and check the other person and so I think that kind of help for people to pinpoint if they're having trouble in your relationship you know which one of those three is it and then how can you kind of workout where the trouble is, they can't be right if it's supposed to be there and sometimes not
people that are there for a season or reason or yep and it's on the sake of bird that pollinate the flower and they land on that flower and they're seated dropped in and they fly away for that flower for Evermore.
it's the truth is so true and you know the other thing is that I think and sometimes I'll take a laughing like cuz you know is because of your cell but I will stay to cut the client sometime romantic relationships are highly overrated because you're not always going to be in the heat of passion You Can Be In the Heat of love the fire and Flame of love with Brandy Turner and so sometimes people kind of get confused and where they are in their stages of relationship and just you know how they can be in it can you just love this person and be committed to them like I was with my life partner who all the sudden one day is in intensive care you know and you know I didn't know what was going to come out where he's going to do it today when he came out whether it can be brain-dead whether it's a live how do you be with someone you know what your commitment to them because of who they are and you know not a lot of other stuff but just who they are and so I can't get it it's really interesting for people to
think about their own relationship to own ability to love at the level where love lives with can sometimes be bigger than ourselves you know and then how that shows up until 11 relationship
well I love your work I think it's so extraordinary and it's so much fun and so how do you decide
what you going to work see what tool would take make you going to use to open the door to people from certain people's heart or to transform the world into making a difference
the great question, and I want to just a little bit to stay that you know in the old days I have boyfriends and they were very I love them because they were very single point Coker they were they were Architects they were highly successful sales people they work in a possible you can they used to laugh and they would say to me well that's part of your color is it you're not and you know because I would be in touch therapy and psychology mediation you don't want to know cuz I'm in person which I now know people like me are and like you
is that we just have this enormous band with the Curiosity we want to know something about everything and until we don't stay in one little area where what happened. Then we're working with people keep our relationship and you know just in general life is it all of that band with the various experiences can be brought to the table and really what I come to the table at the blank Blake you punch in whatever input you contend and then I come back out with whatever that import has impacted in me that relates to wherever it is that you are and do you know if you said if I didn't whatever came up I go that way if you said something different I would go a different cook and sew in terms of how that actually live for people like if they told me they were professionally driven then I would say I would pay them okay well so let's figure out what that means to you and what means coming to them and how you guys can be compatible once I pay the other type beat
where do you know like the 8 - 2 b + for you guys so you can both be happy and then how do you say cuz they live in Russian let's go there they could be more and you don't want any one religion one that you know a more spiritual nature and one spends a lot of times the church and the other one you know spend some time coming and you know I'd how do you make those but wherever the person is that showed up where the people how is it that you can help them find Common Ground Harmony and Justin he's in connecting with each other
I have such a unique mind Suzanne said he's got to go the other way and then you go up and then you start to go down as they can and you're constantly changing directions depending on what was coming at you right now but they're talking about of the green there and so it's okay good we need to focus on the green man cuz that's what we seem to keep going and so you know or the orange little pack guys you know it could be by with that once I got to know them better than I was through start to drill down into the specific area until he goes to what is it about green for you guys and tell me your green and then you tell me you're a green person got to
you know how this reflection of you know what Cooper them and then he'll where's the middle ground where can you guys find the middle ground and then the other thing I do often time
I asked him to talk to each other is highest in the room so you know you and someone else you know I want you to imagine dropping into your heart and then imagine that you're feeling the best and highest of the other person and they do the same with you and then those two being quiet each other and then they talk to each other and then the humans get to hear what goes on between us and I get to help them kind of you know interact with each other you know which is kind of what kind of a thing where they get 60 or the bigger person sells would think it's a touch the heart touch the soul of the other person and even often times of themselves than to speaking of vulnerable places sometimes they're not really want to go and then all the sudden new things start to emerge
amazing and the unique relationship you have this gift and I know it said something to eat can you share with me because it's a word that we see often especially in the New Age spiritual you know if they sell them you see them in the stores or whatever what they are and what they represent and how you can navigate relationships through them
I love that question Nicole okay so just give everybody a little history lesson on the Ring The Ring of the word renamed secret or hidden and to eat one of these symbols and Aldrin Aldrin guard that biking of Nordic winds that come from way back and then Ralph Bloom read a book Blum wrote a book called The Book of rooms with became you know as well as far as that goes you know the the best seller wynbrook way back when and what he did was that is what most people don't know is that the old Nordic runes are actual became or 26 letter alphabets and so yeah it was it was the original characters to 10 turned into our alphabet and and they were also associated with the Nordic gods and goddesses and so when you went to the Oracle to the rim you would go to at the way to consult the gods and goddesses to find out what's going on in your life who do you need to ask a favor from putian
arikil to on all these different things and so the old ones are great except for the fact that the very Arcane in one way we don't connect with the little gods and goddesses must have time and and so you know I just said there has to be a more modern way to do this and you know I've been waiting to do by about twenty-five years was I supposed to know you with you know symbolism and whatnot and so I on my land I have a beautiful Manzanita and I had wanted to do some project like I cook with my land and make a new set of rooms for the new egg and don't think of a new life is really the New Millennium and so when that happened
Circle amazing thing happened to in a bar while you're waiting for people so I had a cocktail napkin and I just started writing down what I thought what the symbols were I thought I'd start coming through and feeling like I have no idea what this is but obviously it's coming very intense all could be giving me this and so it took a half hour all the time but it took me about a year to go and make sense of what they meant understand what the grid of energy was understand that they were earth air fire and water and that they related to the Angels by our own co-creative abilities great spirit and the elemental to the big forces of nature we have on this planet and also our own human awareness and each one of those energy has a different vibration an expression with in each room and within each element Coke
if you can imagine fire do in the in great spirits around fire is Elemental fire so I can be a wildfire it can be a fire in a stove they can be no fire no she ain't the one firing comes up it means that you had a great. Neil mouth it mean to the question of your physical fire and energy in your body but if it's in the volume of the depot then it's more about the length of your being and how it helps things grow what's the passion that you like fire clear that you give your energy to and with angels it is the realm of the light and bringing in those qualities of light in that love that vibrates is a like and then in the realm of human awareness but it's about your vision like your 3rd Eye Vision and Listerine called sun on the horizon cook like if you would imagine that your third eye is calibrated The Horizon
provision that you're bringing in what is it you're walking into is watching the Sun what radiating into what do you constantly thinking and feeling what's your costume please and it's going to be expressed and so did when the roof came through and then finally understood that it was like wow that really make sense and it's similar to a simple cuz I can't draw you know what is a good thing because you know they're glyph they're not supposed to be works of art and they really kind of do tell a story to people and if you're listening to want to see them they can go to insightful and i a n s i g h t f u l r u n e whatever there
in terms of relationship Nicole here's the interesting thing to what I do when I do on your life and purpose revealed with rims and Grill what I do is I say to people okay I want you to think that you don't think about your partner and then I pick a surgery which is the reason of purpose for them being together so I actually have the Rings right here with me now cuz my niece and her soon-to-be husband just be who they are for each other which is a watering and the realm of the angels and so that is her being her biggest and best self and mostly giving her love and the Divine love take him and their relationship
and then his room is simplified down and it's Crystal holding until this is again interesting Lee enough of the Angels again of the earth and so he's holding the frequencies he's the grounded one he's the one who stole it and so she can be spreading around and it's not but she reminds her of that lucky hope he's like the crystal that hold that love that you can tap into the new from cookies the really grounded one in this deal and then their purpose
is a discount is blasting forth so it's to bring all kinds of energy out into the world like more solid about relationships and it's the co-creator room of the realm of human awareness and so it's to help them both to be bigger people and it's also and I know that they see wants have a lot of kids season only child and so this is bringing a lot of energy out into the planet and so the kids and she is a nurse and cuz he helps people he'll put his a lot of energy that she is in that way and then he's her grounding rod and she's his kind of lightning rod until that happens to work together
that's just marvelous really need to find somebody that knows what they're doing to help you navigate your life and your next step
I believe everybody can do it for themselves and cool I mean I really do and and one of the things about the room is that they're very simple they're not hard to work with so you can do a self present and future like I just said right now you can do a golf the other person the purpose of you being together or you could do an outcome room you can do so many different things and in fact thanks for pulling out some of those guys at work and it take okra trim and the realm of human we're so this means that the outcome for these guys are actually going to be taking your relationship out in the world and and they don't even have any idea about them because you guys are very provincial are kind of small-town the way they think and let me know so I can provincial in your mind but they are small and they like it like that but with that but I'm not worth it means that they're going to be doing something like that if they don't even know about it this point time and they're getting married today at 5 there's no idea about
yes people can definitely do their own reading and when they go to Insight they can actually go and do a reading and the other rooms will come up randomly and they will get a reading and then once they do that if they want they can send me an email and then I will do free 10-minute expanded reading for them so they can do it by themselves and they can also have a little help if they knew how did they find you to do that do you have any insight for and then the information is there and then the other thing that they can do is if they want to buy them they can actually go to my your neck. website and there their and they're also available on Amazon
text Mike Nelson created I think I was mesmerized and something you would feel like a little kid that you want to say petting the ponies and I remember you
it's such a different feeling and I absolutely love that and I wanted to ask you because you're such a unique and it's actually a relationship but I wanted to talk a little bit about the relationship one how you pick a philanthropic organization as a couple and how you choose how you're going to make a difference together and then I also wanted to talk about the relationship with the earth and the planet because I know that you kind of live off the grid and have a relationship with the Earth and a very different profound way and do you think you can share a little bit yes but you're going to have to ask those me what is trying to call you put too much information in my brain to know if you don't like Dear Santa
and could you also bring me and world peace to thank you love you Nicole doing people get married I know that you work with a lot of philanthropic organizations and a lot of community outreach and so as a person as individual I mean I was knighted and their organizations that are near and dear to my heart and I'll be move forward and then I wake up in the house and two and then I would imagine when you fall in love with me it's somebody they have their own ideas of how to make a difference in the in the world and how do you take your other
take a pill entropic organization or a community outreach or something that you can equally share a vision and move towards and they can affect a different you
I think that's a really important point in call is how can you do it together and the reason for that is because otherwise there's so many things are we take our energy Decker Lane Apartments people don't work together until they have different lives and then they come home and let you know they have three or four hours to go to bed and then they started out this whole thing over again where they separate the most people don't have the luxury of being in a relationship where they live together and work together like that man I was leaving to go to 17 years we've worked together and so and so then what happened and I think it's best for me to people just talked about what their vision and with no no ulterior motive at the moment just what you Vision if you you know or if you wanted to let you stay they both love animal starting point is is where you start to stay nobility and animals
and then OK Google what is that mean to you what your vision and tell for me it's moving to stay away it's living green how can I help have people on this planet understand how to live casino Blake and live off the grid and what is that mean and Dave has been the one who implemented all that stuff for me and so you know his part is actually putting out of all that together the one who fears with people and yell at your place is called a demonstration project could people how you do that how you actually do that until get clarification so do we want to do this cuz I need help in another way or or this or that and so that's one way to do it and I think that's the best way because that way people have
it's sort of an equal investment I don't like to stay people a couple of animals they really loved animals and up here we have a couple of fascinating things we have lots of rescue and then we have the Big Cat Rescue place up here we have a place that actually take them the big lions and tigers and and bury Chris Kyle Foundation which is amazing place but do we want to have a bunch of animals in our house Foster animals or we want to give money or do we want to give time do you want to help little animals do we want to help exotic endangered animals who is it that we want to help where does our passion meet I have an explorer that I have them take like a big area and then okay you're over here you're here okay where is a similarity where is that me and then where the business how do you guys want to do that together
I do kind of like you know you start at the farthest apart and then you just work your way in and out way everybody kind of naturally a thing yes every step of the way and then there's not like what you did not and I wanted to know know know you guys can do that and then you can agree can be like a date night you guys can agree to that okay we don't want to put this much time in this much money in and that we're going to do that and then they work for both of them
that's brilliant
and you share your passion and your enthusiasm and the calling of your heart
somebody else would resonate with whatever that is it they could play a different instrument in the orchestra but that they would love that so that's why you don't answer you talking to cook something else I just thought about it a different way tell me another another scenario which is completely opposite of this sometimes introverted people want nothing to do with what people are overwhelmed they just don't want to do anymore they don't want to put one more thing on their plate
and so at times like that I think cuz I say the people are still looking on yourself you don't need to do this and if the other person wants to how is it that you can support them in doing that so that there is actually the multiplier effect where your energy is serving them like they may have to go and have evening meetings what happened to do have dinner ready for them when they come home you're interested about where is it going you may be able to help them with some kind of be no back-end infrastructure stuff I need to get done so how can you support them and make it a joint project and sometimes it just means people have to agree to disagree like I have a lot more energy so I'm going to do this you don't have much energy so you hang out with me to do we're going to come together in these ways but since I have some extra energy I want to put it down the channel in and it's again you know of a green do you know each other today okay well here's what available and not making people go places they don't want to go or
holding your energy cuz someone else doesn't want to go
list of the craziest
I was thinking about somebody that would want to do maybe little league or something in the community of raise money for the church or for the school and one person with a okay I'll go to Costco by the donuts
that's very cool you know that's very cool and you know but that's often how it happens in families you know where is a real soccer games and you don't have to go make the punch in the cupcake cookies now and the other one goes and gets you know equipment together and then that thing you do get everybody together and go so you know again that's a great example of that working together
paper in today that must be full of these beautiful images of wonder if I change her last night was yes indeed being able to get off the grass and become environmentally sustainable and so you have a relationship with the Earth is very few people I've ever met and I remember one.
A couple hours ago and they said they picked up the radio right now you know why
compared to something that's dirty dirty and always he always understand the power and if everything has an energy in a present and you can carry with you that understanding of our relationship with the planet in a very different way that you could probably share the television show didn't you understand ability and it is the farthest end of that not only did I do my own still but I also was on National Geographic on their due date is the antithesis of who I am but I wanted to show people how it could be different, to be a relationship with co-creative instead of crazy
and I actually did hear that segment and but you know it's interesting because the last couple of times about going back and forth up and down the state cuz I come down your way a couple of times we tried to connect we just didn't make it on those occasions but it's amazing what's happening with the Earth the powers-that-be have chosen not to give water to the Central Valley and I can't even tell you how many tens of thousands of Acres that are impacting and then be beautiful orders are being routed up and they are being kind of quick and then there's the big huge cow processing factories down there
empty box and they're all that mean on the newer and soil and ammonia and everything else it comes to look for him and then next time there are just he's like the soil looks like it's got nothing in his life feels empty to me and so the last time I was driving back on my God I just felt so bad for the baby okay and let's see if we can't imagine having things happen here and having people work together and having the Wastewater actually be now made in a way that you guys can use it and it could come back to these places in potentiate the land and when I was going through that towards family Obispo there's a little Highway 46 in the road and there was imagining what the land would have look like in the 1800 before you know my cat's name and he had gone through these places and and you know like there was some stands with tons of trees and it was
it was a warrant you know what that is. And then you see when it was still alive and I always puzzled and horrified and I'm like what has happened here what is going on no sign of human what is happening here and then it's like you're further I realized oh my God the water table and leaving here until the water table leads the series between God and so you can literally see from the Earth from from above what the water table is going to love it cuz now the trees that aren't you know in the middle of nowhere with no support no water until their dying and so you know what city you're talking about and until I think part of it is that relationship like you're talking about with nature where we be and we feel nature and it was really painful.
I have to say Good Feeling how we had left her you know so kind of I want to say hi and dry and the other thing is that the heat index on the planet talk about global climate change they eat because there's nothing radiating nothing protecting earth like our skin if it was burnt 24 hours a day it would just radiates heat back off which is exactly what the f is going cuz we keep cutting trees down we keep having more and more Earth dirt the whole Pete That Kind of Night reflected back out and so you know I think part of our new relationship with earth needs to be discounted stand processing you don't understand how this works if they don't have his mate read we're not making as much oxygen forget about climate change really believe it or not but imagine we don't have as much doing the work for us to bring oxygen here so we're actually compromising our own ability to live because we are not in relationship with makeup
and so what if somebody can do this just because it's such a huge undertaking to say okay I'm going to become Off the Grid or permaculture whatever these words are I mean do we start by buying organic fruit for shampoo that is not animal tested or can you grow your own garden Circle
well I think again it goes back to the question that you asked at the beginning, how do people come navigate think and I think anyone that has even if you have a small place there was a period of time where I had a little house and get the little deck which I think is about 10 by 12 at the time and I had a bunch of container tomatoes in containers I can give me I had corn and I had beans and I had bunions and I think any way that people can have some kind of connection with the Earth is great and what they eat and then you know if you can't do that course you buy organic you don't you do things that aren't animal tested like you said and then you can go like I shred all my paper and I give it to my worm here and I you know I warmed all over the place and I mean I have a much more elaborate operation to the most people have a hundred and fifty Nazis but I live on 30 acres and I've taken
cheap and till I really wanted a bigger connection with nature and then you know how can people go and maybe spend some time in nature and I don't mean just going for a hike or going for a walk but how can you spend some time in nature where you connecting with nature and that's where all the eco-travel ecotourism Global exchange is a great place there's a bunch of organizational culture ranches and Farms so you can see and feel how to connect with the Earth in in Kuwait relationship don't you know I think there's a great little book that is called 50 ways to Green the planet and you know to just start wherever you can't and then stand and you know when I'm in the big cities I look around and you know I was going to stay in their kind of mine's house so I dearly love
Auntie Heidi's bird of paradise Creek which is the biggest bird of paradise have ever seen anywhere and because they're going to sell the house they're going to cut these bird-of-paradise down and it's kind of down today go stir-crazy care and I think part of it is giving our hearts and our souls to Nature and being in relationship and Community would like to I can't do anything about that but I could honor those birds of paradise and say you know what you know that people are going to learn and great and blessed them and now they're going to have to run and they're going to come time you know there's that old saying about couple up and sometimes I feel like you know when we're not is Michael as we need to be we have couple of and you know obviously that's not what we want to have
I think assembly tap love is on the doorstep here
who are the Green Egg eggs that are free range or whatever that is is it better is it important to buy an egg energetically that free range or to buy an Apple that's organic or carrot ballistically nutritionally or energetically it is at work
well I would say yes and I think a great experiment for people to do for themselves and I would encourage any of you listening to do this just to go and get like a dozen store-bought white bag and then to go and get a Dozen organic eggs from your farmers market and to feel the difference and see where you have a relationship with you could do it with carrot you could do that with everything and you will feel a different you'll feel that there's not an emptiness in the math produce The Emptiness in the math produced and you'll feel some quality of energy in the organic and it's even more so and more crew if it's from your own land
and and then you do Anastasia and the ringing Cedars of Russia book series with a highly recommend for people is coming to take you to actually take the seeds put them in your mouth let your soul I get on the Seas before you plant them because then the plants will literally no and digitize how they grow to suit and serve you and what you need what your body you need to listen to you talk about a relationship I mean it doesn't get any more or any less like the great mystery for me right there
I've never heard that before. The book about a woman named Anastasia and it is just remarkable and it's like it's like a story and you know all of the biodynamic on steroids
I love that idea setting if you come your time before you actually Atlanta because then they're yours you know they have your your DNA surrounding them
and then you know I tell you another funny story here for my land so you don't have all these trees and everything is bearing fruit right now and you know I also have blue jays in the club and so I'm not going to lose it and I'm not going to kill squirrels I'm not going to poison it still okay how can we live together well so sometimes it's so so it's happening every year the Blue Jays take beat me to my fruit every your days goes well you know there's no reason for you to grow all this all you can do is look at Blue Jays eat it every year we go around here could you make me a favor so this is what happened was the Blue Jays want to know I've been busy and traveling in this neck of the Blue Jays Blue Jays are funny cuz all they do is I'll just put one little piece of fruit
I start to think about this in my how can it be to have a little pack and a piece of poop
and so I'm going to throw a piece of fruit and kind of throwing anything or anything that's live I don't throw away in August my chickens or goats and sheep are now or can I just cut that little piece out and and still have that piece of fruit and then oh by the way the Blue Jays know when things are right though I know when they're right cuz the Blue Jays of eating them until now I'm actually staring my food with the blue tape
I love that oh my gosh your people can think I'm nuts you know but but the truth is it you know it's healthy it's organic and and and everybody gets to live together in a Coke created way and have what they need
when you talk about eggs do eggs need to be refrigerated because I know when I go to the farmers market they're telling me that they have to be refrigerated air or whatever for us to be able to direct you don't understand but actually they're much better if you don't put them in the refrigerator and then do they need to be refrigerated the one of the things that humans have a great capacity to create all kinds of mint for themselves and so when people have Nest active let's just go back to me now in nature is an egg refrigerated never
never it goes through the cycle of the day and night right is never refrigerated and so when we get the eggs from the chicken do you know sometimes In the Heat of the day will come will bring them and put them on the back door by the thing and they will wash them off and we'll just going to sit there and they'll dry and they can sit there for three or four days now the interesting thing is once you put them in the refrigerator and they need to stay refrigerated but for all of us you know health and sanitation laws and you know Stacey laws and everything always goes to the least common denominator which is you know not always the organic until they just tell you how come a time in the frigerator and if they've been in the refrigerator and you can stay in the frigerator but before that I have them sit out on the counter
let me go take go to people within days but you know either way seven days it's no problem
Kelly black book River do they have to be on the counter or could you put them in a Cupboard or something cuz they be in the dark too kind of funny about that is. If you have organic eggs you can have fertile or non fertile at great so you can have if you have pain if wherever your chicken bag came from they have a rooster like all my eggs are fertile egg because they have I have rooster cuz again I don't kill anybody. Nothing gets killed on my land everything gets to live out its life here and throw all my ends of her legs do you know if you left them on the counter for you know days and the conditions were just going to kick it
never heard such a thing happen but it actually good
so you know why I just leave. You no egg production to the chickens and you know making eggs and check for the chickens you know that's their job not mine and you don't think so. But we have the weekend of the day you know within within 12 hours of when they were laid so there can be
that's incredible that's awesome cuz I knew you know when I was standing there and then she will either so much better if you don't write
it was a planet
are cells and what their loved ones and then do you have that relationship
they have this forever past being there and this free wonderful place like your blue jays know that they can enjoy credible buffet that you have laid out before it that you wear the mask and Dave was just telling me that story cuz he's out and about much more annoying than I am here to tell me the story recently about this world and I have like the 50 Foot Tall for several of them but this one in particular that has a just a million pine cones in the top of it and someone will job is to go and get the pine cone out of the tree and then he filled the tank and then the other school job it's running halfway over to the next appointment got backed like a relay race with Lexie and the stronger of the two takes it up the tree and then they fear this Pinecone between themselves up in the tree
so one of the other things is that nature when left to his own devices and our animals are amazing in their relationship and their bonding and way that they be with each other and how protective they are each other and that they they do on family in it and they do appreciate the siblings in like right now I have great grandparents grandparents parents and kids goat and so you know, my first do you know Hell's Angel to Devon the mini goat you know there's four generations of goats that I have to watch how they are at all interact and how their you know they're friendly and also you know that they understand their own packing order and just recently I took it from one pasture to the next one
let's all get along in a different way cuz I introduced some other good for them who are you you know to come into relationship and they have to sort that out and then once they sort it out then there they become a bigger try and then they're all connected again and so I feel like a human can learn a lot from the Animal Kingdom in and how to relate and how to get along
I love that you
I think I share with you that I have a dear friend Dave Allison he is an amazing workshop for going away and they've always talks about that there is no such thing as jealousy it when you see something that whether it's a red Ferrari or a beautiful relationship or whatever that is Chelsea Drake's inside of you that it's not really jealousy is an awareness that has struck you and all of a sudden something inside of you that I desire that and you open the door to your desire and instead of having jealousy to write it down on a manifestation of thread coarse Himalayan kittens Islands in Ecuador
it went outside and a baby llama came over to me in a little baby mama is right against my nose and we sort of have this is a moment sharing blessing and I love and humanity and all these things I experience and then the next morning I raced out to the baby llama butt this kind of baby llama brothers friends and in that moment I realized that I wanted the baby that I never knew until that moment that there was something inside my heart that was Desiring and Awakening I do and wanting a lot of it it in that moment I knew that I did and I put it down on a matter of fact that you have animals and all of these God creatures surrounding you and adding like to your life
I'm adding energy to your energy and together you are creating this incredible world of humanity and enjoying that true that you're able to coach people and Eric are DNA under Lake purpose and you're taking notches to on energy the energy of a planet and all of the world around you
thank you Nicole yeah it's pretty cool you have to come up and meet Mercury she's now she's now they did she stands up to my like she's about up to my waist now and she's adorable she's absolutely adorable and and she and her mom were great and her dad is very protective of her it's the most amazing thing he used to be the most docile, that there was and he still a doctor but there's nothing that's going to get the income that baby until when I take the little one out for a walk he's like goes from one place to the next to make sure he can still see them and when he can't he'll cry
and because he's protecting her act like you're not my site where are you and so it's remarkable how how the animal knows how to be in a family relationship I am so grateful that you are part of my family
enjoy your nice to the wedding and to all of the the beauty and Grace that you were about to witness today and made it has many years of happiness and we still look forward to having you back it's always such a joy and such a pleasure to hear your voice and to share your wisdom in your world
spectacle thanks for having you know as always I love you dearly and and consider you like a spiritual sister line at the highest and deepest level
I love you many blessings and certainly many blessings for the wedding and you still look forward to seeing you
you are welcome have a great day Nicole
what a beautiful way to live and how much he has to share and how generous if you take the time to be on to be part of this that's fantastic next week we have Courtney guy go I'm so excited and they have the wedding website which is everything from your back the rent to your thank-you notes to your centerpieces it is Ultimate wedding site of all wedding sites and he's going to come he's going to talk about that we had so many great guests lined up for you remember you can get a copy of Today Show by sending a text to 55678 the message is Nicole and wishing you all your fairytale.

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