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Hourglass Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Suzanne Strisower

Title: Suzanne Strisower - Relationship with Your Community

Tags: Sustainable, Homestead, Preppers, Self Sustaining, Culture, Farming, Agriculture, Permaculture, Hydroponics, Self Sufficiency, Community, Self Reliant Living, Gardening, Environment, Environmental, Self Sustaining Communities, Non GMO, Organic, Earth, Earthy, Vegetables, Fruit, Composting


Det David And Dr Lana Love have a round table discussion with George Neo founder of Etherion Ecovillage and permaculture specialist Taylor about building self-sustainable living communities and the Ringing Cedars book series.

How does a successful architect go from travelling the world designing and project managing some of the finest 5 and 6 star hotels in the world to contributing to a meeting of Russian Government leaders on sustainable community living and building Eco-Friendly Heart Centered villages? 

 Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Eva Deli, The Science of Consciousness. Despite out technical difficulties tonight we had a show full of golden nuggets and we are looking forward continuing Feb.17th. 

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Sage Guia, from Power Living Retreat.Our topic for today was Inner Permaculture, mastering the elements of our inner terrain, natural living and healing communities. The imbalances shown in our bodies are the reflection of disconnection from our self, our emotions, our own source. To live with nature and healing communities, we are having  opportunities to connect again to our self and nature...tune in to listen for more. Thank you, Sage, for sharing, Magdalena.



Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Koreen Brennan. Permaculture.I read many years ago about Permaculture but since I grow up on the farm it did not look attractive to me so I just ignored. Last November I got reintroduced and invited to Permaculture class and I sad yes. I thought it will be a great way to check out the teacher since I am constantly looking  for a guest speaker for my show.Well little did I know that 10 minutes seating in the class I was SOLD on Permaculture and at the end of the class I was looking to take the class.

James is a permaculture advocate who applies these principles to local community building. We'll be discussing different processes for culturing community with working models of resource sharing and skill exchange utilizing different exchange "currencies of trust" currency of Conscience.

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My guest was Simone Soucy, Colorado Artist, Organic Farmer, and Teacher of some of Tom Brown's Wilderness Survival Classes. She shared her wisdom about sustainable living, permaculture gardening, being in harmony with nature, and foraging for wild edibles like mushrooms and berries in the Rocky Mountains.