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Galactic Connection, October 18, 2016

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Galactic Connection: A New Christian Dispensation / New Discoveries on the Moon
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Guest, Mark Jones

Like many starseeds Mark Jones had a rough childhood including a family that was broken for almost 40 years. Acquiring a telescope changed his life. His interest in the skies, and his sense of belonging more 'out there' than on Earth, led him to pursue sky-watching with increasing expertise, wider and wider lenses, and a keen sense of the spiritual worlds that also lay beyond our normal 3d realms.

Mark discusses here the crafts, the ruins, and the intact monumental constructions he has found on the lunar surface, some of which he has published on his Facebook page. With the Navy and his work at a nuclear power plant, Mark gained the experience necessary to recognize extraordinary machinery littering the near side of the moon.

Mark's fascination with the heavens was also inspired by unusual paranormal and spiritual experiences from early childhood onward. His intimate connection with Jesus, and for a while, with traditional Christian teachings, were important formative influences. His intimate connection with Jesus remains strong and central to his life these days. However his views on the religion are decidedly 'non-traditional' yet profoundly compassionate and understanding. Alexandra and Mark's conversation about Christianity provides valuable insight for lightworkers and starseeds troubled by recalcitrant family and friends whose traditional approaches to 'sin' and spirituality have frustrated attempts at communication.

Love and forgiveness are the major life-lessons Mark enthusiastically and convincingly conveys. Jesus, Mark says, did not 'die to save us from our sins' but rather exposed the archonic controlling mechanism of the conventional doctrines. Jesus was a revolutionary and a rebel in this interpretation. So is Mark, it is fair to say. Alexandra and Mark discuss various concepts of 'sin', the deep imperative for forgiveness, and the liberating and redeeming power of universal love. With a fresh and invigorating perspective, Mark speaks of our possibilities for spiritual self-sovereignty once liberated from the controlling mechanisms of religion, state, and other "master-slave" arrangements.

A truly 'New Dispensation' is upon us, he says. Mark emphasizes, however, that though we have been granted the 'cookbook' by Jesus, Michael, and other ascended beings, we still have to do the cooking ourselves. This interview is an inspiration to take on that task with joy and a realistic sense of hope.

Mark n Donna Jones may be found on Facebook, and Mark's email is

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

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Guest, Mark Jones

Guest Name
Mark Jones
Guest Occupation
Nuclear & Atomic Engineer, Amateur Astronomer
Guest Biography

Life’s work;
3D Energy, Large Scale Energy Systems and communications which has included the following,
    U.S. Navy, Steam Plant Engine Room Supervisor, Main Propulsion and Auxiliaries
    Federally Licensed; Nuclear Plant Reactor Operator. 2,700 Megawatts thermal.
Coast Guard Approved Instructor for Steam Plant Operations, Industrial Electricity, HAZMAT HAZWOPPER and many others.
NERC Certified Electric Systems (GRID) Operator for the North American Continent PJM east Region with 50 million + consumers.  
Sr. Director NERC Compliance
Sr. Consultant NERC Compliance
Amateur Licensed Radio Operator North America, call sign N3WZS
Amateur Astronomer

Early Life Events:
I was born on a Monday the first day of Leo July 23, 1956 @ 3:39am in Troy Ohio and for the first year or so lived a few miles away just outside of Springfield OH. As with many Star Seeds my early life was far from settled. My Birth Parents lost custody when I was ~1 ½  Y.O. Finally after being in the Children’s Home from which my older sisters tried to break us out at least twice by escaping down the railroad tracks unsuccessfully - the authorities disbanded us as a family unit and I would not see my sisters and brother for a very, very long time (~40 yrs.). From then on I was shuffled from place to place with others much older. I was finally adopted to my permanent parents at the age of 4½  by a couple, Dick and Judy, who lived in Piqua OH. And was just a few miles north of Troy where I was born.  
Though I recalled many early memories of children around me I was unsure who they were at that age and much later I found I was the youngest of 5.

The City name PIQUA is derived from an Indian legend from the Shawnee where after a major fight the spirit of a fallen opposition leader was seen rising from the ashes of the fire thus the full expression is “Otath-he-waugh-Pe-Qua” or “He who has risen from the ashes”.  
I was dropped off at the door step in Piqua with a change of clothes, a teddy bear and a small bible and some advice as someone whispered in my ear to “Believe in Jesus and Go to Church”.  
So keeping in line with my door step directives I informed my new parents I was going to church that very next Sunday which was just a few weeks before Christmas. They had no interest in attending but encouraged me to go, so being undaunted with “going it alone” I walked the 2 blocks up the street and opened the big church door to the Calvary Baptist Church and the booming voice of the preacher that was literally rattling the chandeliers in the overhead. I sat in the back being rather timid as one may expect. I don’t recall what he said but I remember telling my new mom when I got home that he sure yelled a lot.  

Jesus & the Church
As the years unfolded I found the easy part was believing in Jesus as his words strongly resonated with me from an early age, right up to this moment. Church however was a bit more of a challenge though I attended several denominations regularly through the years and included Baptist, Church of the Brethren, Church of Christ, Presbyterian and Catholic to name a few. To be sure I had many positive experiences as a result of attending. I did take exception when the pulpit was used to extract money for certain uses that were for the far removed hierarchy or to solicit political favors of the congregation.

Spirit - The first encounters
Within a year or so of landing on Wilson Ave in Piqua we moved across town to West Grant St. right beside my first elementary school which I loathed in every way possible. But the house on Grant was my first real encounter with Spirit in the material world. Prior to this the first recollection of Spirit was in dreams and or night terrors. Many times I recall beings that came very close to me in fact they were in my face or so it seemed. Although I could not see them directly I could see their energy patterns but more importantly I felt their presence in a very strong if not overbearing way. It was this energy that scared me and caused me to wake in terror many nights as a young boy.

Terror in the Mirror
When I was about 10 I recall sitting on my parents bed which I never did and looking in the mirror and behind me I saw something trying to materialize. I could see its face and it was moving around. Its color was the same distinctive night vision green that is often used to depict ghosts and other apparitions even today. I became terrified and screamed for my mom. It was very real and I was inconsolable even when mom tried to put her arms around me, all I could do was cry. I was thoroughly traumatized by the event. Later Dad would say it was just ‘old Stoodi’ short for Studebaker and referring to the prior owner of the house who was a police officer that was claimed to have been killed in the line of duty though I never knew if that was really true or not. But so many things happened in that house from the sounds of the high heels walking in the basement right in front of me to the ghost in the attic that I had seen several times and I was completely petrified of, to furniture that was inexplicably moved. I was on edge most of the time as I grew up there. Rarely did I feel truly at home there but there was a place that I could call home which we will discuss later.

Premonition Dreams
One of the more pleasant aspects that started to happen as I got older were premonition dreams. It was a regular occurrence for me to have an odd ball dream then a short while later there I was standing there seeing exactly what I saw in my dream. The dozens of times this happened I never put it together that this was also spirit communicating to me in a different albeit far more gentle way. What I did pick up on eventually was when it happened it just let me know I was on the right track.

Kreskins and Ouija
The Christmas that followed me seeing the entity manifest in the mirror in 1966 my parents got me the Kreskins ESP game. I think they thought I may have had some ability. Even though they never said whether they believed me or not about the apparition that terrified me it was this event that prompted them to get this I believe. If this was not the case for Kreskins then it had to be for the Ouija Board I got the same Christmas. Kreskins never really proved anything about ESP to me but the Ouija shined especially the one time that I took it to school in the 2nd grade.  

The Ouija
After Christmas Missus Simmons said we could bring something in to share with the class so I brought in the Ouija board. Since it took 2 to make it work I asked Carrol Woods to help. She was what I considered to be one of the smart ones in the class and always got good grades. She was happy to assist. Though I do not recall the particular question that was asked I do remember the response of the board and Carrol. When the question was asked the pointer forcefully traveled over to the first letter then quickly went to the second. We could hardly keep our fingers on it as it was moving so unexpectedly fast. I was so surprised by this I ask Carrol if she was doing this and she smiled with big eyes and laughing said I’m not doing that, as it continued on its rapid pace to spell the words. The whole thing seemed more than a little eerie to me. I knew it was real, didn’t understand how but knew something was making it move and we were just along for the ride. If I didn’t believe before there was no question now I truly believed in the supernatural.

An original Treki  
The following year in early 1967 my Dad had to go to Cleveland because he was promoted to Inspector Foreman needing to be trained for the new job. He worked for the BF Goodrich Co Aerospace Division in Troy. They mostly built wheels and brakes for Fighter jets and huge transports like the Galaxy C5A but also built the wheels and brakes for the Lunar Rover. So I guess there are some bragging rights on that. Anyway this brief departure provided a wonderful opportunity to stay up a little later and I carefully planned it to see my first Star Trek Episode.  I believe it was ”The Trouble with Tribbles”. I was instantly hooked but it would take some doing to talk dad into letting me stay up later on a regular basis.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
As a side note the area where I lived was only a stone’s throw from Wright Pat Air Force Base just north of Dayton. It is another infamous place of Alien artifacts and covert operations claimed by many. It is also the home and named after the Wright Brothers the original aviators. We visited there several times through the years on class trips but we never did see anything suspicious but we were pretty young school kids. Still I had my eye to the sky.

The Zone
There was one particular “Twilight Zone” that rocked my world to the core. It was the one where the girl fell out of bed and through the wall and into a different dimension. They spent the whole episode getting her back. I just knew somehow the possibility of other dimensions was real and it was right in front of us.

I’m Not From Earth
Of course “My Favorite Martian” was on during this same general time frame. Even though it was mostly a sitcom and satirical at that when it was all said and done I just knew I was not from earth and this was just more fuel on the fire.  Dad use to make fun of me because I told him I was not from here. Not knowing how to respond he started calling me Marsha or Marsh mellow which in his mind was a cross between Martian and Mark. I actually was severely agitated by him because of this. Even though he was a very intelligent person he was not one to show any empathy at all whatsoever. He was strictly Command and Control and very much hard wired to think only in this reality and specifically what was in front of him. The only love you got out of Dick was tough love. But to be clear this it is not to say that he didn’t take care of business because he absolutely did take care of me and mom always. He was just a little hard in his way.

Stars and the Moon
In addition to the personal events the deeply affected me and the entertainment that resonated profoundly with me I had this huge curiosity about the Moon and the Stars. Back in the late 60's and 70’s they used to get bonuses from stores by collecting S & H Green Stamps then redeeming them when you collected enough. One of things I talked them into was a little 8x Bausch and Lomb handheld telescope. I spent hours looking at the night sky on cold winter nights. I remember scraping frost off the inside of the storm windows in the little utility room on the back of the house just so I could see.

My First UFO
Because I was an adopted kid Mom and dad got a check from the state every month to help provide for my welfare. It was this money that made it easier for Dad to buy a little piece of land on a pristine lake in Southern Michigan near Coldwater. This was the place that I called Home because it felt like it. I was free from everything. No Boogie men, no bullies in school, I was not a failure here. I reigned supreme with my Crossman BB gun and choice of boats to run the lake with. I was a WINNER every time.
It was in the fall I believe and we got a late start for the 3½ hour ride from Piqua to the lake so when we finally got there it was dark, very dark. On top of that there was no one else there on that whole side of the channel which made it even darker than usual. We pulled into our lot and started offloading the equipment into the 45’ New Moon Trailer. It was a great arrangement as it was Dad's family that owned the lots on either side of ours. So we were able to walk freely without worry of offending someone.  So we had walked up to his niece’s cottage and were observing the awesome sky and relative still of the night with the exception of several large bullfrogs off in the distance.   As we walked back I noticed a light high in the sky that was moving slow but steady, it was very bright and clear. It seemed it was a light and not a reflection off of something. I watched it for a long time till I could hardly see it. Dad said it was probably a satellite. For many years I left it at that and didn’t think much of it. But a few years back I was using Google Earth to look at the lake that I always said I grew up on. I started thinking about what we saw that night and tracked the relative direction. As it turned out it was traveling North by North East. This may not seem significant but this was in the late 60’s and un-manned capability to travel from North to South over the poles did not exist. Land or sea based GPS navigation was at least 20 years off. Satellites only had capability to travel East to West or West to East. So what I’m getting at is it was not a satellite nor was it a plane. Since that time I have seen dozens of similar craft that were absolutely our ET and star families.

The Quantum Universe       
Some things never change but the toys must get bigger. Even today I have a host telescopes and binoc’s for viewing and recording celestial objects. Through these the quantum universe has given up some of its secrets. I have recorded dozens of craft on and near the moon, intelligently designed structures virtually everywhere you may look and evidence of real time active processes the so-called experts cannot refute. There is no doubt as to the hyperactive reality just beyond most people’s ability to see and sense. It is there and waiting to be engaged.

The rest of school
It felt I spent an absolute lifetime in that elementary school. It was a full 8 years. I will not disclose the issues that I was plagued with as it would serve no real benefit to the reader. I suspect these hardships must have been to relive some sort of karmic debt.
I left there and continued to Jr. High. This school was exactly 1 mile from the house that I walked every day twice a day and contrary to popular belief it was downhill in the morning and uphill in the afternoon. This was a wonderful step and I was able to get away from much of the grade school trauma. The grades went up and I even made honor roll, that is when I wanted to. Life was looking up. But of course nothing is perfect and there just always seems to be someone waiting in the wings to pick a fight. It was an inevitable part of living in a Blue Color Town in South West Ohio. Farmers and Factory workers, underpaid and overworked and everyone knew it. Not that I was leaving any time soon but it was time to start sizing up long term options. If you wanted to escape the only way was the military but with Vietnam raging that was not an option either. Outside of a few fights and learning about the true nature of females Jr High was relatively injury free.

Sr. High
It was a cake walk relatively speaking and time seemed to be speeding up. And so it was especially one particular night when I came home and mom jumped all over me. For some reason she thought I had been drinking but I had not. I didn’t really drink at all then. Home life had gotten pretty tense on a regular basis at that point. They were overly concerned about me and I just wanted to get out of jail and be free. It would not be long though before I graduated in 1974  and I departed for the Navy in Jan 1975.
Nuclear Power
After my 5 years of culture shock in Uncle Sam’s canoe club ended I rapidly took my honorable discharge and qualifications to obtain a job at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Calvert County Maryland. Unit one had been on line for a year or so and unit 2 had just come on line. I started out as a Plant Operator. Plant Operators were the eyes, ears and muscle for the Control Room Operators. We made rounds, monitored equipment and took direction from the control room. This could be a taxing job particularly during start-ups and shut downs when operation of large valves on the heater vents and drain system was done mostly by hand.           
There was a very comprehensive qualification system for all personnel even at that level and knowledge was king. Once a person was qualified on all the plant stations and if their evaluations were good you stood a good chance of being picked to go to ‘license class’. So it was and I accepted the offer. This was almost a year of very intense training in Nuclear and Atomic theory physics, thermodynamics, chemistry as well as all the plant operating procedures and permitting requirements. It was a lot more than I bargained for.
But at the end I became more, for knowing how the 3D world actually functioned on a theoretical basis and on a “cause and effect basis. I felt far wiser but there was huge pressure to perform flawlessly always. This was constantly re-enforced by the cleanup reports and failure analysis from the Three Mile Island disaster that was unfolding just a couple hundred miles to the north. This was compounded when the Russians accidently blew up Chernobyl in 1986.

From then until now and the ‘System’
To be sure I was a loner that enjoyed nature and became a searcher of knowledge and truth. Though I eventually left Nuclear Power and found a teaching job that really suited my fancy, teaching many of the engineering subjects I had been thoroughly trained in.
But a situation developed in early part of the new millennium (not 911) that changed how I viewed the government on the local and state level. This involved community property that for generations was reserved for community use was now being appropriated by those residents living in adjacent areas from the property. They simply paid for a surveyor to draw up new property lines and submitted it to the land court. Without a blink the judge approved it and in an instant the community’s rights were removed. No amount of engaging the offices approving this corruption would change anything and if it did anything at all it brought their attention squarely on those searching for the truth and or demanding action.
It became clear to me these legal system did not serve the public but only those who would pad the pocket of those in these positions of power. I became very disheartened at the state of affairs and knew there was big trouble ahead for all of us.
In physics training I learned what was good on a small scale was great on a grand scale. SO I knew it was only a matter of time before what I saw on the small scale in my neck of the woods would have to show up in the larger reaches of government. Little did I realize it had already happened. As the middle East wars continued and then 911 I did not believe this could be a government. controlled plot. But as we know now this was just the tip of the iceberg.    
This brief background paints the story of many of the influences that steered my earlier life and even now. Much was left out as I wanted to present things that are relevant to the nature of the subjects being discussed.

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