Galactic Connection: A New Christian Dispensation / New Discoveries on the Moon, October 18, 2016


Like many starseeds Mark Jones had a rough childhood including a family that was broken for almost 40 years. Acquiring a telescope changed his life.

Galactic Connection: Light-worker Ground Crew on the Frontlines, October 11, 2016


Helen Leatham is an Australian Registered Nurse who dedicated years to help improve conditions in some of the most devastated regions of the globe.

Galactic Connection: What Will it Take To Effect A Much needed Change? Step Into Your Mastery!, March 22, 2016

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra and Mike Harris have yet another in-depth conversation about the state of our world. Hold on to your hat and put on your seat belts! From from Putin and Syria to the oil cartel and the history thereof, to who really won WWll, to the Library of Alexandria to the Vatican to modern political voting programming…and more.

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