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A Fireside Chat, August 13, 2017

Ruffina Anklesaria

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A Fireside Chat with Lance White
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Guest, Ruffina Anklesaria Shaktipat

Ruffina Anklesaria has had a unique ability for over 20 years, which involves the opening of another person's 3rd eye.  Often, past lifetimes will be seen by the participant, shedding light.  There is also an "etheric" quality which comes from the golden white light that begins to flood the room, and transform it into a higher, Divine state of bliss, love and joy.  We talk about what Shaktipat is, and about some of the participant's unique experiences.

Guest, Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria MA

Guest Name
Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria MA
Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria & Shaktipat
Guest Occupation
Transcendental Stress Management, Shaktipat, Meditation, Past Lives, Corporate Wellness
Guest Biography

Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria has been teaching Meditation since 1978, when she was made a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Since then, she has taught meditation to over a thousand people, including many in corporate settings.

In 2013, Ruffina revealed that she had experienced a major shift in her consciousness 20 years prior, resulting in the opening of her third eye. It enabled her to see the world as made of light, and to gain more knowledge from the object of perception. This included the ability to see the previous incarnations of those at whom she looked “with intention.” It opened new channels of knowledge, of love, and bliss, within her.

She realized she could transfer these abilities to others by looking at them merely with her intention to do so. She calls this transference of spiritual energy “Shaktipat.”

Ruffina holds “Full Moon Shaktipat Retreats” both in her hometown in Ferguson, Missouri or at other locations by invitation. 100% of her retreat participants (about 75 persons) report having changes in their perception when Ruffina gives them Shaktipat.

She can be contacted by email at: Her Facebook page is at: Ruffina’s Shaktipat. Her Voicemail is: 314.521.4390


A Fireside Chat

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, aka Zany Mystic
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Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

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