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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, July 27, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Protect Yourself from Viruses, and Learn How to Cope with Your Stress

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Protect Yourself from Viruses, and Learn How to Cope with Your Stress

Francis Parnell, M.D., practicing otolaryngology and head-neck surgeon, shares his findings on nasal and mouth sprays that protect against COVID. Plus, licensed psychotherapist Nita Vallens, Psy.D., gives tips on coping with stress.
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welcome to Everyday peas with Dr dravon James hello and welcome to our show on Doctor Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece I am super duper excited for Today Show and to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday piece to find this holness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality you peace everyday I want you to just right where you are in hell that and if you drive even better but just take a deep inhale I like to take it with an open mouth and inhale all the way in
and I exhale through my mouth you can do it either way that you want but just makes you as a complete Excel there's so many ways to do a nice refreshing breath the breath is the center of everything for us and I want you to know
that yes
everyday piece is available for you yes you deserve peace everyday and yes you can have every day we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life apiece everyday and if you miss our interviews last last week I got to tell you you miss me saying this term off the whole show the master of disaster yes we had the master of disaster on our show yesterday last week doctor bill and he gave us the secret to authentic recovery from trauma that is his specialty so the master of disaster he deals with disasters in our life around the world he's here his story is fascinating and how to off the
quickly recover and be resilient in the face of trauma so if that describes something that you may be going through or something that you so close to you is going to please please please I encourage you to go back and listen to that show with a pen and paper because you're going to really enjoy the information that you get there we also had Cathy Holloway Hill on our show yet last week and she was a delight she gave us tips on how to own our identity how to own our identity has a stand and our purpose and that a powerful powerful segment of our show as well so I encourage you to go to our archives and listen to these interviews you can access our entire library of shows by subscribing to drape on James everyday everyday piece podcast Apple Spotify Google play in Stitcher or you can listen to them on Unity online
video. Org you can also listen to these shows and find out so much more information by visiting our new and improved website at or drayvon and I said it too many. So let me say that again it's Debbie www. Dr Dre Bond James. Calm so if you go to that website you're not only going to be able to access past shows but you're going to be able to get show transcripts you're not be able to get words of wisdom and encouragement excerpts from my book feed him as your Birthright you'll find contact information thank you so much for those of you who reach out to find out how to work with me in a coaching practice you can find out that information and fill out the contact information there and we will get back to you as well a huge thank you for those who have reached out as well for training classes cuz I do a lot of corporate stuff again all that information you can get on the website right there at dr. Dre Bond James. Calm I encourage you to
bookmark that site because things come up and things change and we could free free courses away and I don't want you to miss any of that as an everyday Peacemaker that is our gift to you are building a community a conscious Community a tribe if you will of everyday peacemakers who live in the space of Peace nothing missing nothing broken completeness holness totality that describes us even in the midst of what seems like a chaotic Journey we know that we have the ability to live everyday at peace and we choose that today on the show I am so excited that we have the co-founder of Pernell Pharmaceuticals Incorporated dr. Frances Purnell joining us to discuss a product that might help prevent and protect us from viruses including covid-19 so you want to be grab a pen and paper and be present for that call your friends and your coworkers
I really don't want to miss Today Show but before we jump into that time we chopping we're going to open up with our everyday peace moment and today we're focusing on this question what is your story what is your story
write I love that question and what I mean by that is what is the story that you're telling yourself about you about your journey about today about 5 minutes ago what is the story that you are telling you now if you listen to the show for any length of time you heard me make references to the show Dragnet that will reveal a lot about me and probably a lot about my age category but I used to really like that show Dragnet and one of the signature lines from there was just the facts ma'am my only the facts ma'am so they're at least nice to know that when we talked about our personal story there are the facts and we don't want to misconstrue the facts you know today and in the United States it is Monday night that is a fact or it's Tuesday if that is a fact like those are facts right it rain that is a fact the story however the feeling part the power the
juice of the whole experience is our perception how are you interpreting these facts what are you allowing them to mean in your life what is the story that you're telling yourself about this event that is occurring in your life got the fax know what are you letting it mean to you that question is so important that we know that it used to be said that Opposites Attract I know a lot of us heard that coming on Opposites Attract but here is what I I'll tell you that is absolutely true about the universe the energy that we push forward into the world the story that we tell about ourself is what the universe will continue to give us so if our constant story is I do I'm just a loser the universe will provide us with more opportunity to make that true and here's what I want to tell you to think about that if you decide that you're going to buy a new car and let's just say I don't know a lot about cars with us just say
Dodge Journey and you decide on going to buy this Dodge Journey and so you've purpose of your mind you start thinking about the Dodge Journey and he know how that scar is going to be the car you're going to get and lo and behold when you drive down the street you see one Dodge Journey another Dodge Journey of the universe is bring that to you bring your awareness to it being your awareness to it right so the more Dodge Journeys become present on your pack you become alert highly sensitive to the presence of Dodge Journeys so if you want to become a law to spell your destruction and sadness all you need to do is make that your story that's just your story and then you'll get more of that but I would venture to say that most of us don't want that we wanted to have the tale of prosperity in our health and our wealth and our relationships you call that the big three and every day Peace So What
is the story that you're telling yourself about your help this fight with the lab work is seeing what are you saying about the healing abilities of your body the wonderful access to a wonderful Health Care remedies we got doctor Purnell with us today as a special guest you're going to hear about more things about that what are you saying about that is is your conversation one that pushes forth into the universe those things that you want to draw more of in your life so that's her everyday peace moment continue to tell your story in the way that you want to hear it on dr. Dre by James and we're going to head right into our first guests are only guess because this is a huge topic to doctor Purnell has graciously agreed to stay on with us and give us all of the details and all that you says they say so I first want to just tell you a little bit about dr. Frances Purnell
is an otolaryngologist head and neck ENT surgeon for over 30 years he is a co-founder of the Cosmetic & laser surgery Institute with Diana Parnell doctor Purnell is a United States Army and he served as a United States delegate to the World Health Organization welcome to the show dr. Thank you very much and I'm happy to be here thanks for having me oh you're so welcome I'm excited and I'm excited for the work that your pharmaceutical company is doing it and many of our listeners know but when I knew that you were going to be on the show I was super excited because as a many people know I am a pharmacist heading into my 32nd year I say that and I can't even believe it 32 years in Pharmacy and so very much interested in natural remedies is been a passion of mine and so I'm excited
everything that you're going to share with us today and I want us to start at the very beginning because you have such a wonderful resume and you get you could have been anywhere doing anything in fact you've done so many things that I just highlighted two or three things that you've done what you've done so many things why start a pharmaceutical company why was that one of your things to do
call while I was in Industry I was clapping miracle drug for they lodged a medical device company with many of you may have heard of becton Dickinson which makes everything from insulin syringes and Ace bandages to Stockton catheters and many many medical device products I had the opportunity to be corporate medical director there in the late 1970s after serving as a US dollar to the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland subsequently from northern New Jersey and went into practice and one thing led to another and we decided that we had a number of patients that needed things that were not available so we went ahead and develop some products to improve the quality of life of patients with side
effects of cancer and aging and that's how it came about initially and we started a company from scratch and bootstrap the company was no funding from anyone other than ourselves and we develop products that basically moisturize the mucous membranes of the body was sore nose and throat you know other and things like that so the way it came about was a little bit in a written in a way I had a patient that had cancer larynx and developed a severe severe dry mouth from the irradiation and couldn't find anything to work and he introduced us to a plant called you have a Santa when he was a I could mention that he's at he was a PA Seafood chemist who retired from Des Moines
foods and anyway grew up in a little town in northern California Foothills were his mother used to make an herb tea out of you have a Santa plant so we made the tea up from self and it helps his dry mouth and subsequently he started chewing on it and it help them dramatically so he went into his basement a compound or a mixture of the you have a Santa with some frozen lemon-lime and he came in to me one day with a vet full of this stuff floating around in a decanter and said here try this and I thought this story was something else so I spent couple years developing a product and finally he was our focus group of one person and that led to our first product what which is called mouth coat dry mouth spray and that we launched after doing some clinical testing at the University of Minnesota xerostomia Clinic where they found a product was more effective taste
better in lasted longer than any dry mouth the product on the market so that's what God is going in and doing all the products and subsequently went on and did some nasal and sinus products in the in some skin renewal products
wow I love that that story involved your initially just wanting to help some of your patients deal with some unpleasant symptoms due to other issues that we were having but then as we all know when you're when you're taking the medication for every medication for every remedy there is a side effect profile that comes along with that product and often times the the side effects can be as troubling if not more so sometimes then what you're treating their just that bothersome so and we know what radiation of the dry mouth and happens to be one of those things it's amazing that you were first of all that he had the
you know every time I believe that nothing happens by accident so he had the mom who had this practice of making this tea in it and it stuck with him and so what did prior to that had you had any experience with using natural products herbs and things of that nature or was that your first introduction to that
as far as developing the products I have to say that was the first one and no one has heard too much about this product ever it's not even in many and many of the you have a book as well and so subsequently I took the long time to determine what was in it that was helping people that turned out to be natural mucopolysaccharides what you like basically a super moisturizer and stays in contact with all the mucous membranes as well as the skinning and we also found out that it contained glycoproteins and they had a lot of antioxidants the chemistry on it was done in Germany over the years and interesting Lee you have a Santa was used by the Native Americans where they used to use it for things like asthma and sore throats and bladder infections and all kinds of things and in fact that used to smoke it for asthma which is kind of device
common reasoning but that's what they did and subsequently it was used in the early nineteen-hundreds to mask the taste of bad tasting medicine like quinine when it was used for malaria it was approved by us FDA and the late thirties as a flavor where is Phil as regularly as a flavor as many of you know many of the herbal products do have significant adverse side effects of potentially especially with drug interactions but do you have a Santa which is technically a flavor has none of the above fire restrictions so that's how it came about as far as developing a product and other products we basically found what a patient's needed that we're not available and that's kind of how we identify the different products unlike a big pharmaceutical company was trying to kill me
search of a use we would just developing products that you know that we knew from the patients that we had things that they needed and we work till we work along with a pharmacist pharmd from UCSF who has a private Pharmacy but also was very active in the teaching of America of a pharmacist and he was he's been with us ever since and works part-time with us and has been a great help so that's kind of how it evolved to the point where it is today
fascinating story and you said that this year was Santa you know that the patient lives somewhere in California was it was the year for Santa at Beverly available in other parts of the country of the world or just pretty much relegate it to that get the California area no one is any meetings that we've ever been to is ever heard of it we actually believe it or not have six patents on it from head to toe for you some internally as far as topically
what's interesting about that is no herbal products generally has patent protection for instance you everyone's heard of aloe vera aloe has no patent it exists for that as far as using it the only people we've ever met going to all the various medical and dental meetings and exhibiting the only people who seem to know anything about is when we run into a doctor from Chile or Argentina they say aha you have a Santa we know that
it's it turns out that this is a different species of a different genus of the you have a Santa and so they're familiar with it but those are the only people that we've ever known as far as the use of it in recent history
no one has known of any use of it except to having some proprietary uses and I suspect they were things like that was added to like pipe tobacco it's going in the back with something like that is a flavor and that's about all he's ever come to our attention
says enter since at least the player must be pleasant and they were using as a flavor I do find it interesting as you say to that it is doesn't have a side effect of drug interaction profile with other medication medications because of course one of the things we think about when people get all crazy about using natural remedies is to always cautioned them that the please check with their promises are brushed provider because there could be some drug interactions because yes because it's an urban grows in the ground doesn't make it a hundred percent safe but I think that's fascinating that you don't have any of those issues that's that's great and you've done a lot with the product we talked about the for the dry mouth but you've been able your company has been able to as you said to get a number of patents on it and do a number of different
a product as well so in addition to the dry mouth products what are some of the other products that you sell and then saia's cell problems where the nasal spray are we added to are pret's nasal spray which is a glycerin sailing combination the original formulas from a doctor press years and years ago and he was a very prominent nose and throat specialist chairman of the department at Washington University in St Louis and he wrote the classic textbook on these ones sinus disease free antibiotic and pre decongestant pre antihistamine error and he wrote a book and showed why sailing alone
does not work for dry eye it does not work for dry nose and it doesn't work for dry mouth and throat and he came up with a combination of a glycerin which is technically a lubricant humectant which reduces swelling in combination with sailing in the preservative in that was what when I trained in your nose and throat and neck surgery at the University Wisconsin we used to write prescription for it the patient would bring it down to the pharmacy and then compounded in the midwest in Madison Wisconsin and on October 15th of every year the ENT Clinic would fill up with students with nosebleeds because the temperature would drop it'll be extremely dry and so we take care of the nosebleeds and then write out this prescription for quotes price drops was the promises made up in the brown bottle with a drop a tip
and then I went into the army and I did the same thing and I got into private practice I did the same thing and as I mentioned the pharmacist has worked with us he would put up like 48 bottles flooring and I just to spend some the patients and funny when we started doing this we just started putting it up and selling it at the time there was only one other product for nasal dryness in the pharmacies and it was call it was a great name of its called ocean it's still there the sailing Sprite now you can say imitation is the greatest form of flattery because every time you going to a Walgreens or CVS they've got a whole line full of saline nasal sprays and most many of which have their own brand name on it and you don't think that's how it is how the product is that product is involved we also did some other products that we did a whole skin renewal product line for a page
because we found before we would do laser surgery for wrinkles and things like that it was good to stimulate collagen and elastin so we have a product line up took care of that and that's kind of how it is evolved at the present time then it became obvious that there was a need for an addition to the skin moisturizers that we did the personal moisturizer call feminise is it turns out it's turned out to be very significant because does a gynecologist tell us one of the biggest problem they see now is women postmenopausal who are not on the estrogens in the world and they have obviously a lot of vaginal dryness and so it's very helpful to those people so all of these products kind of one let into the other and are all based on the fact that if something if something is dry
we can waste in a decimal point of boils down to
yeah and so I'm thinking about Ezra talking about that because moisturization is so important you mentioned about the dry skin and you know a couple weeks ago on our show we had someone talking about this the skin on her body and have you found that this product is good just for topical use for dry skin
oh yeah so we have a very good moisturizer that we had for many years and and we have other things we have a skin tone a cleanser which is a very good product and itself and then we had the bleaching blending creams things like that and some of those have been discontinued but basically the the moisturizers really important we did not continue with the whole line of a skin renewal products as we focus more and more on these other products did I mention the nasal and sinus products the most cold dry mouth spray and the families that I mentioned some products we don't have a sales force we promote only by a professional acceptance and recommendation they products and not on the shelves in the pharmacy
what we do is we sample heavily to the help us with viruses and I believe we're going to come right back after this break
We Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience
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welcome back to Everyday peace I'm about to Trevon James and we have dr. Francis Purnell with us today he is a head and neck surgeon he is the co-founder of her nail Pharmaceuticals Incorporated and we have been talking about a wonderful product that his company Patton and all of the wonderful as they have developed because of that product and the second half of our sure we're going to really talk about how his company is developing cutting-edge of preventing viruses and we know we can't wait when we think about viruses and the New World Order the first thing we think about most of us is the covid virus and so I'm going to just turned over to doctor for now then we're going to head into his product no move it I I love the name and talk about the research and it's not just for the covid virus all that this
product your company has discovered that this product would do so I did rush through the name doctor portal but give us the name and everything that you want us to know about this amazing product
okay thank you yes what we had the fortune of doing was in license from New Mexico Tech University of a worldwide exclusive license on a compound that we called Michael Dillons in Michael De lenses consists of a combination of ingredients all of which approved for use in the US and in Europe in the day I used in hundreds if not thousands of cosmetic products safely the main ingredient is already approved in the US for intravenous and inhalation use for all the indications
when the
biology Department the chairman of the department was a cell biologist and a young woman PhD microbiologist ingredients they found that they really destroyed a lot of these antimicrobial resistance pathogens including bacteria and fungi that's was interested us when we got the license we then we're going to submit an application to the Food and Drug Administration for approval for topical use from Rissa infections which everyone knows Fred of because they get on the skin they also can kill people in the icy use so we know the prominence of that we also know the severity of some of the other infections do the things like pseudomonas R E coli and some of the fun job I thought yeast infection in the mouth and vaginal
yeast infections but also the other pathogens it turns out that this compound effectively destroyed about 18 out of 20
antimicrobial resistance pathogens on the World Health Organization list as well as the CDC to us so we were proceeding down the Primrose path of focusing on Mercer infections when the pandemic started and everything shut down and we just kept going and a good we got to the point where I thought well maybe it works against the covid-19 virus that is caused covid 2 virus it took two months to find out find a level 3 viral testing laboratory in the United States that was not government-owned
but had government approval and we found one we waited another two months in line we then took two months until they did the testing on the live virus and the results showed that a compound in our existing products was greater than 99.97% effective in destroying the live virus I know you got to stop right there for one second because that's huge that I don't think I have not heard this in mainstream and so I just went back up so that our listeners get that that this product that your company pernil Pharmaceuticals Incorporated you did some research on it and found it was ninety-seven Point what
was greater than in our existing nasal spray oral spray and skin care product it was greater than 99.7% effective in destroying the life-size Kobe 2 virus
that's significant and this was in the nasal spray
so I can I'm just very happy to share a story because what we then did was we did put it in the nasal spray and I pretz nasal spray and we submitted an application to operation warp speed
at a time when they was spending hundreds of billions of dollars on vaccine development
they had three divisions they had the vaccine and I had Therapeutics and Diagnostics like all the testing what we did know of course was that practically all their resources with going towards the vaccine development which is wonderful because of vaccines or I mean this is unbelievable if they got them done in such a short. Of time however we remained under review quote until about two months ago three months ago because nothing was approved for Therapeutics and there was one product ultimately was approved that had nothing to do with warp speed as guilty as Prada call REM disappear and that's the only product that has had full approval for youth so we just stayed under review on the review Will turns out that the mechanism of action of the Michael Dolan's is
that it destroys the outer envelope of the virus just as it does of the bacteria and fungi therefore it operates much more is a septic than anything else and so it basically fits in the same category of a product such as alcohol Betadine cepacol always hydrogen peroxide all of these things which have been a claim to be useful so basically it's an antiseptic nasal spray that kills not all these
bacteria let go and get through the nose in it but it also cuts down on the viral load in the nasal cavity so and that's the meaning of the virus obviously into the body as well as some in the most area back of the throat so that's kind of the rationale behind the developing a product so technically right now are these products are all approved as class 1 medical devices as it is because the ingredients is Michael Dolan's are technically considered as an actor's by FDA and in Europe is I mentioned they using you know many many cosmetic products
so right now it you said it has been approved it is on the market is that what we're saying antiseptic there are no antiseptic this is this is the rest of the story it is hard to believe that after forty years of FDA developing over the counter drug monographs
only within the last couple years that they publish a final regulation in the Federal Register the final regulations states that there are no antiseptic over-the-counter products approved quotes approved for use in the United States that includes alcohol Betadine cepacol while the things I mentioned hydrogen peroxide there for this accident in a septic product as well so technically it fits into the character category because of the safety of the ingredients and what they're used for and all these other products it's just question the question is that we just put them in our existing products as is
insult they are approved as class 1 medical devices which the nasal spray in the mouth spray in all these things we already do have the approval in both the US and in Europe
I find it quite quite exciting so what is the day we may have talked about it but I think in in light of hearing this that you know it does this product I which is available on your website and print out Pharmaceuticals Incorporated at just contain this active ingredient what is the side effect profile what can people expected they want to just go as he know why I'm interested in the products and provides this percentage of antiseptic protection from the covid virus what would they expect as possible side effects and how would they use the product defect some of the product we combine the Michael Delaney do you have a Santa and in this I said what the in the nasal spray with a 3% glycerin and normal saline it's it's used generally to sprays each nostril two or three
they obviously if you stay at home at night you don't need it when you're not exposed right now with what we're doing in terms of the nasal product people now who are unvaccinated who now or really at risk for the the mutations right now that the product is really useful in the unvaccinated people doing this and vaccinated pandemic because I think there's anyone who decides
not to get the vaccine that's a personal choice but at least I should be able to have something that they can do prophylactically to help prevent what's a reducer valve load their nose and that's one group of people that that really should be using something like this because most of the people now that I'm getting severe disease coronavirus are people who are unvaccinated the people are vaccinated I just did a trade show for the first time will I trade show for dental hygienist the national meeting in Indianapolis and when you meeting lots of people you don't know who's vaccinating who's on next and so I use it myself all the time just because I don't know everybody that I'm talking to but they've been vaccinated or not and so is a result you know I think of you vaccinate
unvaccinated it's a useful product as far as Oral Care for the most wins in it it's the same thing for the especially for doctors and dentists around the mouth and throat all the time dentist dental hygienist dermatologist in nose and throat doctors there expose all these people all the time so that the products I think you have a a real use from that point of view the long-term Still Remains however to be to use it for some of the disease antimicrobial resistance bacterial and fungal infections but this is kind of coincidental that this happened and this is turned out to be effective against coronavirus because it also has a similar type of envelope or out of plasma membrane like the bacteria now it will not work for
influenza viruses that do not do not have the same lipid envelope so we do not even suggest it would be useful for other viruses because we just we know this but most likely not affected
do that that's wonderful right but I mean and we all know we you mention and we are supporting and that this is something you can use it in addition to being vaccinated this gives you that extra sense of protection and as you mentioned we are now in the midst of the unvaccinated pandemic so you're seeing it you know all that the largest percentage of people who are contacting the covid virus are those who are not vaccinated and for whatever reason and it's individuals making that decision this could give them a layer of protection as they go out and they mean gone of course we're at advocating you know the PPE as it is
you know needed in your area if it still is mandated the masking but we do have some questions on our open line. After that I would like to to get to and
hello you're on the air with dr. Dre by the answer doctor print out and give a question or comment
just a quick question so this is actually for the doctor or are they are called sitting at that we going back to school and like a few weeks do you recommend me using the nasal spray
absolutely if the school is not me and dating vac vaccinations if your school
you know requires all the students to be vaccinated like some of the universities are doing of planning to do then it would be very useful prophylactically especially if you're out and about and you know around a lot of people and and you know restaurants bars Etc but if the school does not require vaccinations you have no way of knowing whether all of the teachers are a students that you're associated with has been vaccinated
so I guess it depends fields at the urgency of using it I guess and in that situation depends on are they requiring everyone to be teachers and students to be vaccinated or not if they're not then by all means I use it personally I would use it everyday before I go to class I use it before I go out and about you know as well
I think that's a great question
I'm sorry I didn't want to cut you off for the caller
oh I was just saying thank you so much as getting a good education on antiviral protection and and pee pee but you did make a very good point that you know another Airborne infection is influenza the flu this product is not effective against that but air droplets and things that nature has a way that covid the coronavirus has spread to so if you're out and about you know your school or your workplace may have a mandate for vaccinations but you have to realize that we do you do have to get there and most likely you're not going to get there in a bubble you're going to travel through a population of people who may or may not be back soon made it so I love that suggestion about you know taking a spray before you go into class and then
if you're going to go out and about and you going to run and do some shopping or you're going to be going in the listen to a concert things that nature is just no way of knowing whether or not the people that you're going to be surrounded with outside of your job and outside of your school system where they may have mandates but when you get into other parts if you're traveling there you could be exposed so I'm with that we do have another caller on the line
hello you're on the air with everyday piece. Dre by James and our guest today is Dr Purnell did you have a question or a comment
What's this called here hello you're on the air with dr. David Janssen I guess today is like a Pernell Ray and I didn't hear if there were any side effects of might have missed if you talked about that but if there any side effects and if we're to use it I think you said two to three times a day how how far how long I'm sure it's not forever so far how long should you use it
first of all we don't know of any other side effects particular other than the fact is a saline spray basically how long you should use that I use it during the rest of the pandemic as long as I don't get the virus is totally not going to go away anyway but the fact is that we know that it does have the effect against that as far as of obtaining it the best way to get it is on our website which is ww.w. Parnell Farm Parnell pharmd calm and it's most likely going to be on Amazon I'm not even sure if it's on Amazon right now most of our products are on Amazon and readily available but I am not so sure of was that one's on because we had previously call the prints we have the price nasal saline spray which we've had since 1986 when we started the company but when we change the name of it when we got there
antiviral pie we call it pride Sam deep meaning Michael Dolan's then we changed it to know more of it and so I'm not sure what's on the website to tell you it's hard for me to suggest going to that but I certainly know that we can get it to you on the website Punto
thank you very much it was about twenty-four ninety-five for a real big are 2 oz spray bottle to spray through two or three times a day thank you very much and thank you thank you for your call so much dr. pradel you just said something that I thought was interesting and me know right now is it's it's not seeing any side effect profile is very similar to using a nasal spray write a normal saline nasal spray which is just a saltwater nasal spray we're all familiar with that except now we're going to get this added benefit is Boost of having this protective layer against the covid product and again the name of that product it if you're going to look for it on Amazon or whether or not they're going to go to www Purnell that the name of that product has no vote
MIT don't know who did novom ID is that correct so and I'm so that is really a great place Anchorage people you know we we are doing so much try to keep ourselves safe to keep our family member safe and encourage you to really look into this product and look into it being an extra layer of protection for you and your loved ones quick question though as we're talkin and then callers made me think of this so you're saying it's like a normal saline nasal spray and my children when they were babies will be using your mission Ocean Spray be used at the little drops it would have you so are we saying that this is this your product here that you have here any age group from from the crib all the way to the senior citizen any problem in that
long age span the ingredients in the Michael De lens is the compounds involved I can say it they used safely and thousands of cosmetic products including hair products shampoos and dishes and whatever but it is used in baby shampoo so I don't know but I do not think that the small amount that you would spray in a child the den just swallows it we know that these ingredients by the way I'm not involved in the in the gas one testicle track so they're not going to be toxic in terms of that they can be irritating possibly in the eye one of the compounds it's in it
high doses is irritating to the eye but in such small concentrations in small amounts in the nose that should not have any adverse effects do you know for infants and children thank you for that I did not ask the question which is probably every listeners mine and since you are a surgeon that question is what are your thoughts what are your words that you would have for those who are skeptical skeptical on receiving the covid vaccine right now it's extremely dangerous especially if you are unvaccinated at the very least file that the masking and washing your hair
distance thing and everything else to try to avoid getting it and I would get started on the the antiviral nasal spray and them of it and use it whenever you going up to be out and about because you've got to try to prevent getting any viral load in the nose because the virus is extremely virulent
I love that again we were talking about lubricating the substance breaking down at you know you mentioned that you're breaking down the virus the virus so that you don't get the you actually do not get the virus not that you don't get the symptoms you actually do not get the virus so for the ignorant and again just to read reiterate your thoughts in a you are highly recommended in that that patient population are population I just patients but anyone who is eligible to receive the covid vaccine do so so we're not staying at this is in place at the same but we got it all its complementary to it exactly but we are 97% of the cases of infected people now are those people who did not get the vaccine so if you happen to be one of those people for whatever reason or know someone highly
Horizon to do at a layer of protection to their already ppen their social distancing to add this particular product while they contemplate getting the vaccine and of course as with anything we do encourage you to check with your healthcare provider to make sure that everything that you're introducing to your body is complementary to whatever else you have going on and is adding to your great help I'm not to Trevon James we have had the pleasure of having dr. Frances Pernell with us is our special guest for the entire hour giving us some valuable information on how to stay safe during this very interesting time I want you to know that you are absolutely love in it and thought of in the highest regards by myself this is everyday piece I absolutely love you
thank you very much for having me happy to share a story with you listen this today
you've been listening to Everyday peaks with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that need you to your next level of greatness and I would love to walk with you on your journey here some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. Dre Bond James. Calm enrolling my online university course for 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life 9 weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at Doctor Trevon James. Calm purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thank you for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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