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Digital Collective Co, 28/09/2021

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Digital Collective Co
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The role of social media managers with Mia McLeod and Remy Taylor

Digital Collective Co with Mia McLeod, Remy Taylor and Toni Lontis

This is the second in a new series of 4 shows in a partnership with the Digital Collective Co – Mia McLeod and Remy Taylor 

Mia is a global digital marketing executive with over 15 years of experience building businesses and running digital sales and marketing teams for international brands like Walt Disney, Microsoft, Sony Music and Universal Music where she has worked in both Sydney and London.

Remy prides herself on her ability to craft effective strategies that grow, engage and translate to the right type of digital audiences. She embodies the social media generation; she is super creative, tech-savvy, inspired, holistic and a little bit of an over-sharer!

Welcome to the show Mia and Remy, I’m so delighted to be back talking all things social media.

So this partnership between Digital Collective and Radio Toni and Toni TV is so that we can deliver a curated Socially Conscious Social mini course, specifically designed to help individuals and businesses. Beyond the Grid was developed with you, my audience in mind, and is designed for those who might want to have a “side Hustle”, full time career change or just want to give their business a boost with the knowledge we provide in this course -

Today we want to talk about the role of social media managers, but before we do Mia is going to remind us how supportive The team at Digital Collective Co are going to be for course participants.

  • Mia – this is a very hand on and supported course for the participants tell me about all the ways we are going to support, encourage and hold the hands of our participants? Zoom classes will run every Wednesday at 10am AEDT/Tuesday 5pm PST Slack and Facebook support will be available throughout the 6 weeks. All documentation including, workbooks, checklists, activities, video content, and all other course work will be provided throughout the 6-week course.

  • Remi – Part of the BTG course is designed around the posting, writing social media posts and planning – why is planning so important with social media?

  • Mia – We want to talk about social media managers today, so lets start with what the role encompasses. According to google (he he) a SMM manages an organizations online presence which sounds like a huge job. What are the common types of things a SMM will manage on a day-to-day basis? How does the course equip them do perform these roles?

  • Remi – How important is it for a social media manager to assist with the scaling of a brand and company awareness online and how does the course address this?

  • Mia – How employable are SMM who have had the type of training this course provides and is it aimed at giving participates the skills required to do out on their own?

  • Remi – Do SMM’s need to understand social media strategy and why is it important to a business?

  • Mia – Statistically SMMs can expect 10% growth rate through to 2026. Do you see this continuing the upward trend?

  • Remi – why do you think being a SMM is an attractive job opportunity?

  • Mia – If businesses are looking to manage their social media themselves will this course help existing staff broaden their skill set and create additional opportunities for business growth?

  • Remi – Are there tools of the trade that can assist people and businesses even if they “think” they don’t have a creative bone in their body? Does the course give guidance on this as well?

  • Mia - Finally lets talk audit and optimization and why this is an important concept to grasp for a business’s managing their own social media and how those doing the course to be social media managers can use this to develop their own social media manager business?

Thankyou everyone and don’t forget to jump on the link and express your interest in the launch of this course…. -

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