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Submitted by Mia McLeod and… on 14 September 2021

Digital Collective Co with Mia McLeod and Remy Taylor

Digital Collective Co., a full service digital collective of experts with a unique mission. They help clients build commercially viable businesses and communicate messages and stories authentically.

Digital marketer Mia McLeod created in 2020. She realized that within her freelance network there was a wide variety of digital marketing skills. But after years of working on both agency and client side, many of her contacts were keen to work on their own terms. What if they could use their complementary skills to work together to help businesses improve their digital marketing?

With that in mind, was born. Individually, they’ve got years of working for some of the largest content companies, digital businesses, advertising and marketing agencies and for some of the world’s leading and most exciting brands. Together, we’re a powerhouse of digital marketing collaboration who drive commercial results.

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Mia McLeod and Remy Taylor
Digital Marketing and Strategy

Mia McLeod is a global digital marketing executive with over 15 years of experience building businesses and running digital sales and marketing teams for international brands like Walt Disney, Microsoft, Sony Music and Universal Music where she has worked in both Sydney and London.

Remy Taylor prides herself on her ability to craft effective strategies that grow, engage and translate to the right type of digital audiences. She embodies the social media generation; she is super creative, tech-savvy, inspired, holistic and a little bit of an over-sharer!