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Deepen in the Divine, April 6, 2018

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Deepen in the Divine Ep 13 - Beth Geer Author of "Awakening to One Love"
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with Scott Krytsa and guest Beth Geer

Deepen in the Divine Radio with Scott Krytsa and guest Beth Geer, author of the book "Awakening To One Love" which details her conversation with the Holy Spirit while going through the 365 Workbook for Students lessons in A Course in Miracles.

Guest, Beth Geer

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Beth Geer
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Beth Geer's spiritual background is rich and diverse.  She has had a multitude of psychic, paranormal, and deeply profound spiritual experiences throughout her life, beginning around the tender age of 5.  She comes from a dedicated Catholic upbringing, but has also practiced tarot reading for over 20 years, is a Reiki Level II practitioner, and performs various psychic and medium functions for friends and family.

     Though her religious and spiritual background appear to be contradictory, it is this very contrast that has given her an unusual open-mindedness towards God and life.  Her spiritual life has now taken a dramatic turn, because something extraordinary has suddenly begun to unfold.  Several years ago, after over a decade of studying A Course In Miracles, she began to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit open up within her, unlocking a powerful message from Him that she is deeply compelled to share with all of us.  Beth promises that this message is simple and easy to understand, and that it will change your life forever.  Once you hear this message, you won't be able to go back to your old way of being, or look at the world the same again.  It is a happy message of love, healing, spiritual transformation, and awakening.  Beth doesn't mean to spoil the ending; but everything's going to be okay.  Yes, for every last one of us.

     Beth lives in a log home on a 40 acre hobby farm in rural Minnesota, with her husband Paul, their two children Miranda and Samuel, along with several horses, too many cats, a moderate flock of chickens, 1 red footed tortoise, some hamsters, and a dog named Freya; who appears to be a loving Rottweiler, but is actually just a very hairy person with four legs.  Beth is a pharmacist by day, and in her free time, when not tending to family or animals, she works on extending a message of healing to the world.  She currently holds free monthly classes, geared towards hearing your own Inner Voice through deep guided meditation, based upon the teachings contained in A Course In Miracles.  

Deepen in the Divine

Deepen in the Divine with Scott Krysta
Show Host
Scott Krysta

Are you looking for a community of God-minded and Spirit loving people?

Do you have questions about your life path and how best to experience happiness and joy?

Are you intuitive and looking to develop your skills for either yourself or to help others?

Are you a student of A Course in Miracles or Science of Mind?

If you answered “yes” to any of these or are a little bit curious, than “Deepen in the Divine” is a great home for you to nestle into from 4-4:55PM Pacific on BBS Radio Channel 2 every other Friday. Please join me, author and intuitive Scott Krytsa, as I help guide and answer your most desired questions in life - live on the air or questions that email in. I love to blend all of the experiences I have had as an intuitive with practical leanings and guidance as a author, certified hypnotherapist (studied under Dolores Cannon and Jack Elias), reiki practitioner, certified life coach and Research & Development Engineer in the aerospace industry. I also love to provide practical tools that you can use to deepen your connection with the Divine and allow love to flow through you into all of our brothers and sisters!

As a lover and student of A Course in Miracles, you can best be assured that many of the themes and program content will guide everyone back to the concepts and practices of forgiveness and continuing the journey to having full knowledge and experience of God, the Divine and Spirit. I love to share ways to connect with Source and practicing true forgiveness so that you can have tools in your life to experience happiness, joy and peace vs. fear, guilt, anger, negativity, etc…

Every other week you will get a chance to call in live and ask any question you desire more clarity or guidance around in your life (relationships, career, finances, life dreams, life choices, spiritual guidance and more!). Don’t be surprised if your question is sometimes responded with a question back to you. I really want to empower all Children of God to realize they have all of the answers inside of them. Some just need a little guidance or questioning to put them back on the bath with spirit and joy. 

Or maybe you are someone that is very intuitive or has inkling of being intuitive. I bring guests on that also have years of experience as intuitive or healers to help answer your questions or to give you fresh perspectives on a topic that is often discussed in the spiritual world. 

Show Topics include:

  • Developing your intuition

  • Invocation prayers

  • A Course in Miracles – Practicing True Forgiveness so you can join with God

  • Dependence on God as True Strength

  • Forgiving the most recent insane or violent situation in the world

  • Healing your body with your mind

  • Healing your past

  • Communicating with: Holy Spirit, angels, guides or ascended masters

  • Discerning information in the spiritual world

  • Knowing God

  • Working with the Holy Spirit

  • Oracle card readings

  • Healing with Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression

  • How to Channel with Intention to Source

  • Using your intuitive talents for creative projects and business

  • And so much more!

Plus I love to hear more of what you need help with in life or even loved ones. Let’s grow this community together and Deepen in the Divine!

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