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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love, November 11, 2020

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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love
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The 11-11-2020 show: All about Manifestation!

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

All about Manifestation:

Getting into the right head space, knowing what you want, making space, eliminating energy leaks, creating sympathetic magic, pre-emptive gratitude.

Also, Tarot readings and favorite tips for Manifestation!

Totem reading on our raccoon "problem": the raccoon spirit animal is a problem solver. A clever totem the raccoon offers lessons about the importance of adaptability in any situation and taking the time to look at the big picture, not just what one wants to see.




Crazy Sexy Midlife Love

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet
Show Host
Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

My husband and I are 25 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries. 100% his idea. And honestly, when we hit 100 we’ll probably keep going, cause we’ve been in honeymoon mode for 5 years now. (He’s a smart man.) We met at 45. Started getting married at 47… back in 2014.

My philosophy is love gets better and more fun at midlife, especially for women. We’re smarter. Men are more relationship ready. (And if they’re not, it’s so obvious! Next!) I want to punch holes in all that negative, fear-feeding nonsense I grew up hearing about age and love for women.

Getting Married around the World

The reason for this is simple. Love and travel are two of our favorite things. By combining the two we unite the best of our worlds. Yes, at least, 100 weddings!

100 Weddings, So Far

Yes, we are aware that we are just getting started. 

1. Los Angeles, CA USA — May 23, 2014

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — June 5, 2014

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia — September 14, 2014

4. Kotor, Montenegro — September 15, 2014

5. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina — September 18, 2014

6. The mountains above Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska — September 22, 2014

7. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

8. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

9. Bled, Slovenia — September 29, 2014

10. San Marino, San Marino — October 4, 2014

11. Rome, Italy — October 5, 2014

12. Vatican City — October 5, 2014

13. Gesi, Turkey — February 12, 2015

14. Norwalk, CA — May 27, 2015

15. Villa Del Palmar, Loreto, Mexico — June 17, 2015

16. Wizards Academy, Austin, TX — October 6, 2015

17. Sri Rahti, Penestanan, Bali, Indonesia — May 8, 2016

18. Toronto, Canada — August 10, 2016

19. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico — June 15, 2017

20. Colima, Mexico — November 18, 2017

21. Sedona, Arizona — November 10, 2018

22. Paris, France — September 26, 2019

23. Brussels, Belgium — September 29, 2019

24. Madrid, Spain — October 11, 2019

25. Lisbon, Portugal — October 17, 2019

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

1 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:05.490 Doug: Morgana have been celebrating midlife love by getting married 100 times in 100 countries. 2 00:00:05.850 --> 00:00:16.470 Doug: They believe grown up love gets better and for fun, especially for women. Everyone smarter wiser. Men are more relationship ready. And if they're not, it's obvious. 3 00:00:16.710 --> 00:00:33.840 Doug: forget anything. You were told about being too old or too late for loving adventure instead get fresh new tips on dating relating and travel to exotic destinations and basketball call him for personal guidance grating Crazy Sexy mid life love your life. 4 00:00:40.110 --> 00:00:50.610 Morgana Rae: Hello. Hello. This is Morgana Ray with my husband Devin gala day the handsome. She pronounce my last name correctly. So I'm one of the few yeah I'm feeling pretty good about 5 00:00:51.930 --> 00:01:00.270 Morgana Rae: It says if we've met each other. Right. So just to be clear, I've had a cramp put on my tooth. 6 00:01:01.620 --> 00:01:10.860 Morgana Rae: I we don't have hot water. I was out fixing the hot water heater out in the back. So we have you know sometimes I pull it off. 7 00:01:11.280 --> 00:01:21.660 Morgana Rae: Sometimes you have to get in a pro somebody who knows what they're doing. So I'm feeling a little rustic speaking of pros you and and we have the raccoon adventure. 8 00:01:22.050 --> 00:01:32.940 Morgana Rae: Oh yeah, that's a whole separate event. I haven't slept in like a week. Yeah, because we have a family of raccoons under the chair under the stairs. Right. And so that's worth. I think that's worth 9 00:01:33.270 --> 00:01:38.430 Morgana Rae: Repeating. So what we did was, I think we did the nice thing, which was the humane thing. 10 00:01:39.150 --> 00:01:58.530 Morgana Rae: We got a person to trap the record talking about real professionals real right trappers RIGHTS, WHO ARE GOING TO there, we're going to treat it nicely and all that other stuff. And so we didn't know because it was under the House that there was a family, but so I'm assuming that 11 00:02:00.000 --> 00:02:12.660 Morgana Rae: Well, I wasn't sure. So, but we had it because it's not raccoon baby season that's supposed to have been moved on. So the raccoon has moved into the house. We hired the trapper the trapper comes within an hour. 12 00:02:13.320 --> 00:02:25.230 Morgana Rae: raccoon is caught and it's exciting. But of course, there's still noise going on. I HAD THE RACCOONS out in France, we keep the raccoon. The guy in the morning picks up because I don't sleep. 13 00:02:25.620 --> 00:02:32.190 Morgana Rae: The guy in the morning picks up the red coat starts driving it to wherever raccoon land and 14 00:02:32.760 --> 00:02:43.050 Morgana Rae: He's going to take this raccoon. I think the Los Angeles for us something like. Right, exactly. So he's saying that you know what one of the ways I know that Devon loves me. 15 00:02:43.530 --> 00:02:50.640 Morgana Rae: Is he researched a way to take care of the record situation without hurting the raccoon knowing how I would feel 16 00:02:51.120 --> 00:02:56.730 Morgana Rae: Right and and and knowing full well that I probably would have come to my own different conclusion. 17 00:02:57.360 --> 00:03:02.790 Morgana Rae: That would have been less friendly and I'm glad that we did it the way that we did it, but so at some point. 18 00:03:03.180 --> 00:03:11.580 Morgana Rae: I say to the guy because he calls me because hey I've got your raccoon is great. I'm driving, I'm going to be leaving here shortly to take it to this place. 19 00:03:12.030 --> 00:03:18.720 Morgana Rae: And I said, that's, that's terrific. But I think there's more records because I think I hear them. I think they're squealing 20 00:03:19.200 --> 00:03:26.520 Morgana Rae: And he's like, whoa, yeah, no, I didn't think it was possible. So he checks. Sure enough, nipples, the whole nipples. 21 00:03:26.940 --> 00:03:40.410 Morgana Rae: On fire. Yeah. And so he goes like, oh my gosh. So now it's a rigmarole so the guy comes in crawls into the house, and he's like, I see them and they all climbed up in the walls so they're not coming out. 22 00:03:42.000 --> 00:03:53.340 Morgana Rae: You keep talking. I'm going to look up what a raccoon signifies you keep going. Oh, in terms of magic totem. Yeah. Okay, so, so the raccoon crawls up in the walls. It's an if 23 00:03:53.730 --> 00:04:02.940 Morgana Rae: They're gone. He's like, I saw two, but I have a feeling there's three. And so the only thing they can do now is take the captured raccoon. 24 00:04:04.170 --> 00:04:15.480 Morgana Rae: And put it back in the house, which is. Who wants that that was the problem was having the raccoon in the house. But then what they do is they spray a 25 00:04:16.710 --> 00:04:24.000 Morgana Rae: A male raccoon musk into the house. So the BECAUSE THE RACCOONS male 26 00:04:24.720 --> 00:04:33.750 Morgana Rae: Will get rid of and kill everybody that's what the male record, even though they're adorable and cute. They do little things with their hands. Exactly. Great minds think alike. 27 00:04:34.050 --> 00:04:45.120 Morgana Rae: So the raccoon does human things we think is adorable but they're crazy and they're, they're not ours was cute. As we on come in and be a pet. Right. Yeah. Does that video, the guys 28 00:04:46.800 --> 00:04:53.850 Morgana Rae: House and even our cats. Yeah. Well, that's why we didn't let the right so there's only so far, my generosity of 29 00:04:54.420 --> 00:05:01.650 Morgana Rae: Caring for your feelings goes. So anyway, they let him in there sprayed a special Musk, which basically puts 30 00:05:02.010 --> 00:05:08.790 Morgana Rae: The raccoon mother record and flip out mode because she knows the male raccoon is going to cause havoc. 31 00:05:09.120 --> 00:05:19.200 Morgana Rae: And then so she has to lead the raccoon. The baby raccoons out one by one, because you're too big to like do something with all three of them, but it has to find a new location. 32 00:05:20.100 --> 00:05:27.150 Morgana Rae: And then it has to take a score each one, one by one to the new location and leave them. This is such a Los Angeles story. 33 00:05:27.630 --> 00:05:37.740 Morgana Rae: Right. But this is all quality problems. Yeah, well, it's just like the home and the finding a new place to live. Because you know your places changed owners in the market. Yeah. 34 00:05:38.790 --> 00:05:40.230 Morgana Rae: It definitely 35 00:05:42.270 --> 00:05:45.150 Morgana Rae: Was that sounds somebody playing a song and 36 00:05:46.830 --> 00:05:48.960 Morgana Rae: We have our own muse. I don't know. 37 00:05:50.670 --> 00:06:01.230 Morgana Rae: Oh, it's a song. Oh, maybe it was my phone. Yes, that was annoying. Okay, truth. I don't know. Do you have to be all oh yeah okay so 38 00:06:01.950 --> 00:06:16.140 Morgana Rae: I'm recommend to them. And by the way, I, um, if you read the show notes or you got my email or you saw me on social media. I said we were going to do tarot readings and we're going to talk about manifestation. And I promise we will get to that. 39 00:06:17.430 --> 00:06:26.550 Morgana Rae: Um, this isn't a show about raccoons and me, it's all, it's all about wreck water heaters and chimneys and home improvement. 40 00:06:27.930 --> 00:06:31.770 Morgana Rae: But so the raccoon spirit animal is a problem solver. 41 00:06:33.330 --> 00:06:46.170 Morgana Rae: A clever totem the raccoon offers lessons about the importance of adaptability in any situation and taking the time to look at the big picture, not just what wants just not just what one wants to see 42 00:06:46.770 --> 00:06:57.120 Morgana Rae: So there's something in our environment that is getting our attention and reminding us that we are problem solvers, those who have the raccoon is their totem. 43 00:06:58.110 --> 00:07:02.940 Morgana Rae: are problem solvers who leave no stone unturned in their quest for truth and solutions. 44 00:07:03.300 --> 00:07:14.190 Morgana Rae: As they remain calm under pressure. These individuals also have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them while possessing the wherewithal to know to look before they leave. 45 00:07:14.880 --> 00:07:27.570 Morgana Rae: Well, they are there Smarties. That's for sure. And in one of the first things that the the pro trapper had said is that, you know, if you catch a raccoon in the trap. 46 00:07:27.960 --> 00:07:38.010 Morgana Rae: You'll never catch it again. Like it's learned that lesson hard. So it was like, it's one of those things. And now we have the trap display but closed. 47 00:07:38.430 --> 00:07:50.700 Morgana Rae: Because we're just putting the display there to through it's, you know, like it's opening, just to terrorize it so it knows that I thought it was just like art. 48 00:07:52.410 --> 00:07:53.130 Morgana Rae: I didn't 49 00:07:54.750 --> 00:08:11.340 Morgana Rae: Know it should terrify the raccoon to realize, oh, I should not come back. Okay, so that's what the hope is the hope is, is that this raccoon will not be coming back will take its children. Yeah, no, no more cat food left out after dark. 50 00:08:12.870 --> 00:08:16.500 Morgana Rae: Except for the bowls that are out there. Well, right down 51 00:08:18.420 --> 00:08:22.440 Morgana Rae: Except for the right because there's hungry red. Cool. Yeah, I should 52 00:08:23.760 --> 00:08:34.470 Morgana Rae: You know that. All right, great. So as we go. So let's see. So just putting it out there raccoon magic raccoon energy 53 00:08:35.490 --> 00:08:41.820 Morgana Rae: If you have a problem that needs to be solved. Be curious. 54 00:08:42.930 --> 00:08:48.330 Morgana Rae: Be thorough and look before you leave. Those are the messages that I got from the 55 00:08:50.220 --> 00:09:04.020 Morgana Rae: The raccoon told them, and I would also say and and trust yourself to be smart and do the necessary research and due diligence and that you can solve whatever whatever problem is in front of you. 56 00:09:04.950 --> 00:09:18.270 Morgana Rae: So I did a little tarot reading inspired by my husband last week, which you're also going to have to do your own because mine was I asked the question, what based on Devon's what 57 00:09:19.800 --> 00:09:28.530 Morgana Rae: What do I need to know. By the end of this week, which I think was similar to what you asked. And then I realized before the show but that's kind of personal to me. So I'm just going to 58 00:09:30.390 --> 00:09:36.900 Morgana Rae: Go through my interpretation quickly get Devon's feedback. And then I'm going to ask Devon to do a reading 59 00:09:38.100 --> 00:09:52.140 Morgana Rae: And you get to decide what it is if somebody wants to ask a question, call in producer can you type in our number, since we don't have the banner anymore that has the show number and I 60 00:09:53.130 --> 00:10:18.360 Morgana Rae: Didn't I was great. We'll do a generic reading this week and as but yeah but will also. Okay, uh, but also if you're listening to the live and you're any have a phone handy, you can call at any time at 8886 to 76008 and I'll repeat that 8886 to 76008 so my reading 61 00:10:19.920 --> 00:10:24.450 Morgana Rae: And I like to do a little three card reading, past, present, future 62 00:10:25.230 --> 00:10:38.100 Morgana Rae: So the first card that I pulled for the past is the Knight of Cups, which is a handsome romantic night on a white horse and he's in shining armor. 63 00:10:38.640 --> 00:10:44.550 Morgana Rae: Just the cutie that like what every woman wants. He's heart centered. He's holding the holy grail. He's not 64 00:10:44.820 --> 00:10:58.020 Morgana Rae: Off to battle. So there's something romantic about him. He's in touch with his emotions and his feminine side and his creativity and his intuition. So I assume this is Devon because Devon is in fact a night. 65 00:10:58.740 --> 00:11:14.730 Morgana Rae: knighted in San Marino, I am a cavalier at San Marino, a little young boy nights tend to be younger than Devon Devon is bona fide tonight. So I'm going with that. So one of the interpretations of the Knight of Cups is 66 00:11:15.780 --> 00:11:22.500 Morgana Rae: A new project. So I would say that the past. Hmm. 67 00:11:24.420 --> 00:11:32.160 Morgana Rae: Just because he's not really going anywhere, which is what's interesting about this card. I think it's just, I've been with Devon. 68 00:11:33.660 --> 00:11:35.370 Morgana Rae: Not going anywhere. 69 00:11:36.390 --> 00:11:48.090 Morgana Rae: For a year it's been, this has been the longest we've ever gone without getting married without leaving the country getting married. Crazy, making it is crazy, making it look 70 00:11:48.990 --> 00:11:53.910 Morgana Rae: To be confined and in quarantine. There's no better 71 00:11:54.690 --> 00:12:04.920 Morgana Rae: Situation for this in the world. We have a house, Devon is. And by the way, creativity is also associated with this, with this handsome. 72 00:12:05.160 --> 00:12:29.280 Morgana Rae: cup bearer Devon is, you know, creating music like recording these beautiful songs that he wrote back when he was young and then be suppressing but they have great melodies. There's depressed. I was depressed little kid. This is the joy of this whole Crazy Sexy midlife thing. Well, the whole 73 00:12:30.660 --> 00:12:37.200 Morgana Rae: Being a teenager gangstas is powerful. Those of us who have kids know all about that. 74 00:12:38.430 --> 00:12:52.530 Morgana Rae: Hopefully you know you're enjoying it. And, and our solace to the young minds. The young impressionable minds. Well, it just reminds me how grateful I am 75 00:12:53.160 --> 00:13:03.840 Morgana Rae: To be in my 50s, instead of in my teens and 20s, I just got recruited to lead a live training. 76 00:13:04.830 --> 00:13:21.240 Morgana Rae: For group that I've been volunteering with and I've just been a follower and a Busy Bee for this group because I love what you're doing in the world. And then I was just like, Hey, can you lead the training. I'm like, Sure, I have no idea what you want me to do, but I will do it and 77 00:13:22.650 --> 00:13:27.720 Morgana Rae: Then a bunch of more experienced people started pointing out all the things that I was doing wrong. 78 00:13:28.830 --> 00:13:47.820 Morgana Rae: And the choice of being like a breath away from turning 54 is that I take the feedback and make the adjustments and I move on, and I just don't care that I it's it's like the shame and the heaviness of being a younger person is just like 79 00:13:49.260 --> 00:13:56.580 Morgana Rae: Oops. Okay, now I know and and thank you for helping so 80 00:13:58.080 --> 00:14:09.150 Morgana Rae: Past would be, I think, just this year in seclusion with this handsome man Mike knight in shining armor el cap Valero de San Marino 81 00:14:11.250 --> 00:14:19.620 Morgana Rae: Devon de gallo today, I'll just say de gamma day of gala day so present is 82 00:14:20.700 --> 00:14:37.620 Morgana Rae: The nine of coins and it's a really cheerful yellow card and this woman in a beautiful kind of luxurious dress in her garden with her hawks, so she's very, very 83 00:14:38.340 --> 00:14:50.550 Morgana Rae: Like upper caste and surrounded by her coins. And again, it's like I'm here. And then in my garden. Literally, I have my garden. I am you know 84 00:14:51.750 --> 00:14:55.800 Morgana Rae: Adopting feral cats. I'm already grooming my next 85 00:14:56.940 --> 00:15:04.380 Morgana Rae: feral cat his name will be his name is now blue after the, the Irish got at the sun. 86 00:15:05.490 --> 00:15:11.220 Morgana Rae: So there, there's this just enjoying being in her own home and 87 00:15:14.070 --> 00:15:26.130 Morgana Rae: And I feel really, really grateful for the security and there's also a piece of it that I am spending an insane amount of money this month on chimneys and water heaters and raccoons and water bill and 88 00:15:26.940 --> 00:15:38.940 Morgana Rae: Who knows what else. Because the month is really young, but it's just like every day. There's some new multi hundred or multi thousand dollar bill. And I guess that's just this month so 89 00:15:39.330 --> 00:15:52.410 Morgana Rae: Yeah, she's bright and she's surrounded by money. And I think if we're talking about the present. I'm really, really grateful that I can go through all this annoyance and I'm just not freaked out. 90 00:15:53.460 --> 00:16:01.200 Morgana Rae: So there is like enjoying your garden and gratitude gratitude for what you have now. I think that's what this card is about 91 00:16:01.560 --> 00:16:14.100 Morgana Rae: Devon knows way more about terrorism, I do. I mean, I'm a fourth generation tarot reader Devon has studied it from the occult standpoint, way beyond what I've ever had the patience for 92 00:16:15.330 --> 00:16:18.900 Morgana Rae: So you can correct me on everything and reinterpret all of it, too. I 93 00:16:19.230 --> 00:16:28.470 Morgana Rae: Love to hear your interpretation. And then finally, this is my favorite the future. I've been so lucky. I've been just drawing all these positive cards, every time I do a reading these days. 94 00:16:29.310 --> 00:16:39.390 Morgana Rae: The future celebration. The form of Staff's. It looks like a wedding. Hey, Devon want to get married. So there's a wedding in our future. But since I asked about by the end of this week. 95 00:16:40.380 --> 00:16:53.160 Morgana Rae: I'll just say there is some kind of celebration coming some lovely thing that I have no idea what it is. Which is what makes it all the more fun and it has that sense of home to it. 96 00:16:54.150 --> 00:17:03.300 Morgana Rae: Which again makes sense since we are going anywhere. All of my cards are kind of pretty static, so maybe there's just, you know, celebrating something at home. 97 00:17:04.290 --> 00:17:14.610 Morgana Rae: And we'll find out what that is. So that was my personal reading. Well done. So I mean, honestly, what I end up doing just is more gun and wants me to do this, I'm 98 00:17:15.240 --> 00:17:22.140 Morgana Rae: You know, I wouldn't. That's me. So, but here we are and happy wife, happy life and let's read some tarot cards. 99 00:17:22.560 --> 00:17:32.760 Morgana Rae: But so, so here's the thing. When my wife, my lovely wife is doing her own reading the way I tend to teach it. This is just the way it was sort of handed down to me. And I think it's important 100 00:17:33.060 --> 00:17:39.780 Morgana Rae: Is that if you let's say you're at home. You can either steady Steady, steady Steady, steady Steady, steady 101 00:17:40.650 --> 00:17:54.420 Morgana Rae: You can inteva intuitive experience of the cards great either one of these things is fine. In other words, if you buy a book and you memorize all the contents of the book. And that's the way you want to do it big thumbs up 102 00:17:54.900 --> 00:18:03.900 Morgana Rae: If you intuitively hit all the cards and you come up with completely different understandings of what a traditional reading might be 103 00:18:04.560 --> 00:18:16.440 Morgana Rae: Great love it and run with it if you decide that you're going to be this intuitive person in the beginning, and then later at some later point you're like, I'm going to be the master cultist then go 104 00:18:17.970 --> 00:18:25.020 Morgana Rae: Right, like, to me it's not it's not about that. But so here's the way I come from it that the 78 cards in the deck. 105 00:18:26.040 --> 00:18:40.080 Morgana Rae: Are in my humble opinion connected to a couple of the original sort of like a cultist thing of 72 a sort of like philosophical spiritual adventures of the individual. 106 00:18:40.410 --> 00:18:50.850 Morgana Rae: I think that idea lends itself perfectly to divination. A lot of the ideas. And I do want to say, because if we get a card like let's say the tower or some sort of a card that people 107 00:18:51.240 --> 00:18:57.540 Morgana Rae: What it's a bad card is a temporary looking car. It's a scary looking card, but a lot of this stuff is is 108 00:18:57.930 --> 00:19:09.210 Morgana Rae: has much to do is sort of like the human psyche and not necessarily, I mean, is it conceivable that you pull the death card and then two weeks later, somebody love dies or somebody recently died. 109 00:19:09.450 --> 00:19:16.320 Morgana Rae: And it speaks to you that way, then that's totally cool, but the death card within itself isn't necessarily. So if I pulled the death card. 110 00:19:16.590 --> 00:19:33.510 Morgana Rae: I don't want anybody to be flipping out. It also has some really happy, hopeful lovely elements in the death card to it's not i i don't know i don't know about flower. It's got the sunrise well okay so 111 00:19:34.590 --> 00:19:42.570 Morgana Rae: It depends on the deck happy thing you should I think they should be create the Pollyanna deck where everything is just rainbows. 112 00:19:43.080 --> 00:19:52.290 Morgana Rae: Are all who care rainbows and this just flowers and springtime. And so we had a good reading last week, so I'm just, I'm not 113 00:19:52.740 --> 00:20:07.680 Morgana Rae: I'm not all saying all this to you know freak anybody out or not freak anybody out perfect. What I did, because I didn't want to spend like a half an hour shuffling the deck, as I did last time I kind of pre shuffle that question this week is really you don't want to show off your like 114 00:20:09.000 --> 00:20:21.330 Morgana Rae: Sharks tricks. No, no, it's we've already done that too much, it's too much aggravation. And so the cards are going to be well they're going to be whatever they are. 115 00:20:21.990 --> 00:20:28.980 Morgana Rae: But the important thing is the way I kind of tend to look at it is, is there is a little bit of intuition. There is also a little bit of traditional understanding 116 00:20:29.370 --> 00:20:38.970 Morgana Rae: And then there's sort of like a higher level occultist kind of thing. And so, but I'm going to read this sort of a general thing. This is going to be our 117 00:20:39.690 --> 00:20:51.540 Morgana Rae: Hit of the week, the hit of the week is, what can we do to sort of like fit into our universe, a little bit better. So I don't know if that's a question or a directive or something. But we're always looking for 118 00:20:52.080 --> 00:21:10.830 Morgana Rae: Ways to live a happier life so that said the first card. We're going to get is ok so Queen of cups. What do we see about the queen of cups. If you notice that she's got she's sort of like, right on the shore and she is wearing sort of this 119 00:21:11.310 --> 00:21:25.650 Morgana Rae: Kind of very watery cape. She's gazing into sort of like what I would consider to be, you know, all the cup cards have sort of well cups on them things to carry hold water, liquid fluid. 120 00:21:26.100 --> 00:21:34.380 Morgana Rae: And she has one that's sort of like has a cap on it. And if you notice over here, there is some angels on either side of 121 00:21:34.890 --> 00:21:44.760 Morgana Rae: The card she's wearing a crown. So she's sort of glorious she's a sort of a peace loving and sort of happy and she's on the shore and I would say fairly 122 00:21:45.330 --> 00:21:50.310 Morgana Rae: Still, yes. The water is very still. And so we have this sort of mermaid. 123 00:21:50.520 --> 00:22:02.520 Morgana Rae: Kind of thing like my screen is twisted around. So not everybody is going to be watching the video. Oh, okay. Well, so anyway, at the bottom of her throne. They're sort of like a a mermaid, you know, angelic cherub 124 00:22:02.850 --> 00:22:17.910 Morgana Rae: Kind of thing on the half shell at the top there and like Aphrodite has the half show. Yes. So one of the ways we can look at this as sort of like this is the water of water. This card. In other words, from an alchemical standpoint. And so the water of water is 125 00:22:18.630 --> 00:22:29.010 Morgana Rae: Is how do we describe it. It's like the flowing of the flowing, it is it is the feminine of the feminine. One of the ideas that we come away with at least that I do. 126 00:22:29.250 --> 00:22:41.280 Morgana Rae: Is this deals with the idea of Bria which is connected quite intimately to this notion of be not be not as sort of like the divine mother to the divine feminine. So when we talk about the queen of covenants. 127 00:22:41.820 --> 00:22:54.120 Morgana Rae: Kabbalah. Yes, yes. And what is real. These are terms that it's like too much to go in and we'd be here for a 45 minutes but really what we're talking about the most important takeaway is is that in general. 128 00:22:55.110 --> 00:23:05.340 Morgana Rae: The dark mother or potential reality. Again, we're getting into a much heavier questions it's helping. I know. Thank you for opening that that really impossible to wear to close. 129 00:23:05.940 --> 00:23:15.420 Morgana Rae: Basically you can look at it been as the Divine Mother and she's the creator of all things, and that Creator of all things is actually really quite wonderful. 130 00:23:15.720 --> 00:23:21.120 Morgana Rae: And from from from Venus perspective, all of her babies are wonderful and perfect 131 00:23:21.480 --> 00:23:28.860 Morgana Rae: And so before we get to be now there's just the endless not the endless but it's sort of like all pure potential all this 132 00:23:29.160 --> 00:23:37.590 Morgana Rae: You know, like everything is possible. And so, be not starts carving out little, little niches of the perfect life to create specific things 133 00:23:38.370 --> 00:23:50.310 Morgana Rae: And so some of the things that she created is happiness and and singing birds and whispering wins and all that other kind of like fun romantic things, but she also created limitation. 134 00:23:50.610 --> 00:24:00.810 Morgana Rae: Right, so she created things like death, and she created things like chaos and challenge and dismay and hopelessness and so she so be not looks at 135 00:24:01.200 --> 00:24:11.310 Morgana Rae: All of them. Yeah, she created she loves all of these things like her baby recommends. Right, exactly. She loves to be. I don't have to like baby records but but for sure. 136 00:24:11.760 --> 00:24:19.320 Morgana Rae: This particular Queen does, but because we're talking to the water of water. You can look at it from the standpoint of this is 137 00:24:20.010 --> 00:24:32.550 Morgana Rae: This is like the fairy princess of all fairy princesses. But the sort of like the adult version of that she is solid and strong and smart and intuitive and 138 00:24:33.000 --> 00:24:41.190 Morgana Rae: She's solid all the way around. She is capable of walking into any circumstance or situation and this if we're talking about you. 139 00:24:41.520 --> 00:24:47.820 Morgana Rae: In this may be much more about you, but this particular card is sort of like the present time. So in other words, 140 00:24:48.630 --> 00:25:01.470 Morgana Rae: There is a lot of love. There is a lot of hope there is a lot of flowing and sort of like ease of consciousness and ease of movement. In other words, there isn't something that is sort of overbearing 141 00:25:01.830 --> 00:25:13.140 Morgana Rae: In this particular moment which is a good thing. But remember, the human conscious miss is this up and down thing. But right now, she's looking at the cup instead of looking at us. 142 00:25:13.560 --> 00:25:24.720 Morgana Rae: There's something very introspective about her well very frequently, you're going to find that most of these court cards, at least in the rider Waite deck that they're going to be sort of hypnotized by their own 143 00:25:25.260 --> 00:25:31.410 Morgana Rae: Their own element, as it were. And so this card is no different in that particular standpoint, so 144 00:25:32.370 --> 00:25:44.850 Morgana Rae: If you are thinking about, well, okay, so what's happening now you can. Overall, think of that even especially if you're like, but I'm having a terrible week, this would be one of those cards that I would say, okay, 145 00:25:45.960 --> 00:25:53.700 Morgana Rae: You know, allow yourself to open up and feel a little bit of freedom in the in the universe, even though things are challenging and they may look that 146 00:25:53.910 --> 00:26:04.560 Morgana Rae: I would sort of challenge you seeing this particular card as things are not nearly as dark and desperate as they may be that wild be Nava dark mother has the capacity 147 00:26:04.830 --> 00:26:18.510 Morgana Rae: To do things that we down here don't particularly appreciate overall she's sort of like this rock star and frequently when we talk about, you know, sort of like the older female. In other words, we also think sometimes about fertility 148 00:26:19.200 --> 00:26:22.770 Morgana Rae: With this particular card. So if you've been trying many blessings here. 149 00:26:24.360 --> 00:26:29.820 Morgana Rae: So there's a lot of positivity in this card and I would sort of internalize that to understand that even if you're having a feeling 150 00:26:30.120 --> 00:26:43.020 Morgana Rae: That may be negative. To understand that, at this very moment, things are sort of perfect as they are. So, and there's that in tuition element to. Yeah, well that's yes I had mentioned that earlier on, so 151 00:26:43.530 --> 00:26:52.890 Morgana Rae: The second card that we will look at ooh pool card. One of my favorite. My favorite cards in the deck is the magician, you will see that 152 00:26:53.910 --> 00:27:01.260 Morgana Rae: He is robed in red frequently dealing with ideas of ambition, we have sort of like blooming 153 00:27:01.890 --> 00:27:11.970 Morgana Rae: Flowers above and surrounding him overhead. He is reaching up to the sky and then you will also notice that he is pointing down at the ground. 154 00:27:12.540 --> 00:27:16.710 Morgana Rae: This and you'll see this sort of infinity symbol above his head. 155 00:27:17.430 --> 00:27:24.090 Morgana Rae: Which is that as above, so below. Exactly. So in other words, he's kind of like making that distinction and the magician. 156 00:27:24.360 --> 00:27:35.100 Morgana Rae: Is sort of the person who is the embodiment or the the crossroads of that as above, so below notion. In other words, the idea 157 00:27:35.520 --> 00:27:45.420 Morgana Rae: Right, if we're just to put in the most practical sense in the world. We've got this idea of that's above right this perfection above we have the capacity for that perfection below. 158 00:27:45.720 --> 00:27:51.540 Morgana Rae: I may not be, you know, always the way we want things to manifest and here we will also see 159 00:27:52.110 --> 00:27:58.680 Morgana Rae: You'll see sort of like a table before the magician, and there's a bunch of different implements before him. 160 00:27:59.010 --> 00:28:09.420 Morgana Rae: And that means he is working in harmony with the universe. Right. So we have a lot of Lush flowers. Lots of green lots of things in life that are happening in a positive way. 161 00:28:09.900 --> 00:28:25.140 Morgana Rae: We've got his undergarment you will see as white which will stand for purity. I think that my, my wife wants to play along. So she's looking up things on the internet. At the same time, which is very helpful. I 162 00:28:26.250 --> 00:28:33.030 Morgana Rae: Realized I'm at that I never mentioned that today is 1111 2020 163 00:28:34.200 --> 00:28:43.770 Morgana Rae: And 11 is a power number in numerology and when you've got 1111 that actually symbolizes as above, so below and I just remembered that 164 00:28:44.070 --> 00:28:51.570 Morgana Rae: When, when you started talking about the card now it's like well what is 2020 me. I have no idea. That's I'm looking it up. Keep going. 165 00:28:51.870 --> 00:28:58.740 Morgana Rae: Okay, so there we go we have this as above, so below idea. In other words, this particular person is sort of 166 00:28:59.400 --> 00:29:10.080 Morgana Rae: The conduit between this as above, so below and works in harmony within that universe. So in terms of the past is that again. Whether you realize it or not, you have this sort of innate 167 00:29:10.380 --> 00:29:18.720 Morgana Rae: Ability to work within the universe and sort of claim it like, and we're actually going to discuss this perhaps a little bit later maybe ironic, maybe not. 168 00:29:19.440 --> 00:29:30.450 Morgana Rae: That there's some positivity that is going on between these particular pairings of cards tweeting between what is the past. And what is the present. So we have lots of love. 169 00:29:31.050 --> 00:29:35.910 Morgana Rae: That's happening right now. And part of that is, is that you have you already have that ability. 170 00:29:36.480 --> 00:29:44.130 Morgana Rae: At all times, I would argue, but particularly like with connection to this particular card, I would, I would suggest 171 00:29:44.400 --> 00:29:50.070 Morgana Rae: That even if you're having doubts in it. And by the way, if you're feeling great then feel great right run with that. Like if 172 00:29:50.340 --> 00:29:55.050 Morgana Rae: If the presidential election made you feel wonderful than big thumbs up. If the President selection. 173 00:29:55.320 --> 00:30:05.670 Morgana Rae: Made you feel terrible. These qualities that are within you don't necessarily. Well, they don't go away unless you make a decision to say, well, I'm going to be so angry. 174 00:30:05.940 --> 00:30:15.360 Morgana Rae: And I'm going to be so upset and there's so many things that are wrong with the world. We can do that. We can absolutely do that. I did that for four years. You did that for four years. I didn't 175 00:30:17.760 --> 00:30:18.210 Morgana Rae: At all. 176 00:30:19.980 --> 00:30:29.820 Morgana Rae: That's the great thing about we take church we take turns. So anyway, so. And as people we go we just have our ups and downs. There's all of a sudden there's going to be this tragic thing we're gonna have to walk through it. 177 00:30:30.090 --> 00:30:44.130 Morgana Rae: But we have the capacity to do so right because remember the magician card part made magician card isn't just sort of like yes it's it's specific and prominent in this reading right now, but all the 78 cards are different aspects of our 178 00:30:44.580 --> 00:30:58.320 Morgana Rae: Humanity right or spiritual our divine or philosophical selves. So these things that we talk about when doing a divination or reading or something like that. Is this thing where we can actually kind of stop and go, Oh, wait. 179 00:30:58.740 --> 00:31:09.900 Morgana Rae: I'm this I'm already this now it's just a matter of not whether I'm going I'm willing to take the decision to start aligning myself with that notion right in this moment. 180 00:31:10.230 --> 00:31:18.750 Morgana Rae: Even though it may not be practical, even though it may be uncomfortable, even though it may even be weird, like what are you talking about crazy person wearing a lumberjack costume. 181 00:31:19.590 --> 00:31:32.610 Morgana Rae: You know, talking about water heaters and magic at the same time. So this is our, our past, our present. So that is our mission card present is the queen of Christ. So our next card. 182 00:31:32.910 --> 00:31:45.990 Morgana Rae: Okay, so this is an interesting card. So this is the five of cups. So what's happening with this, with this particular guy. If you notice his, his or her face is shrouded wearing black 183 00:31:47.520 --> 00:31:53.970 Morgana Rae: The castle is sort of like, you know, the castle over here is sort of like on the other side of the water, there's a 184 00:31:54.720 --> 00:32:05.250 Morgana Rae: There is a bridge, but it's on the other side. But what this individual is staring at are these three spilled cups that are in the foreground. 185 00:32:05.520 --> 00:32:16.290 Morgana Rae: And what he has his back torn turned toward are these two full upright cups and what's really important about this. This is sort of the card that I call 186 00:32:16.920 --> 00:32:25.830 Morgana Rae: Everybody at the party gave me a hug, but except for this one person. And now I'm just going to think about the one person. 187 00:32:26.490 --> 00:32:34.980 Morgana Rae: Who is not supporting me at this party and I can't get this one person, even though 30 other people hugged and kissed me as I came through the door. 188 00:32:35.940 --> 00:32:47.760 Morgana Rae: There's this one person. So I'm going to pay attention to these three cups that are turned over and tossed to the side where I have two full ones that if I only turned around. 189 00:32:48.090 --> 00:32:52.560 Morgana Rae: And maybe if I turned around, I might see the bridge back home. 190 00:32:52.890 --> 00:33:08.130 Morgana Rae: But perhaps this morning individual is taking their time to sort of like pay attention to the thing that they didn't get while not acknowledging what they already have. It's sort of like, for me, it's also one of those definitions of fear. 191 00:33:09.810 --> 00:33:20.760 Morgana Rae: And I thought, I forgot where I was going to go with that definition of fear. Oh, fear is sort of like losing what you have, or the fear of not getting the thing that you think you deserve. 192 00:33:21.690 --> 00:33:30.420 Morgana Rae: And so I think it's you know it's a little bit of a heavy card, but if you are happening in this in this sort of in this week where all of a sudden 193 00:33:30.750 --> 00:33:37.080 Morgana Rae: All of a sudden, more happens in this week we're all the sudden you are like really going to be fixating or only seeing 194 00:33:37.500 --> 00:33:45.090 Morgana Rae: The thing that didn't go your way, then obviously really what the answer is, is start recognizing a 195 00:33:45.780 --> 00:34:05.160 Morgana Rae: Your abject power that is already there. I didn't mean to block my wife's face okay and understand that perhaps with some of your own intuition and your creative harmony within the universe that you may be able to turn around a change of perspective and have a change of perspective. 196 00:34:06.600 --> 00:34:14.040 Morgana Rae: That was a great reading. Well, anyway, so that's what we've got for this week. I wish you guys. By the way, if you've had if this was like 197 00:34:14.280 --> 00:34:19.020 Morgana Rae: Oh my God, if you had that moment right now, then you should let us know about it. 198 00:34:19.260 --> 00:34:29.190 Morgana Rae: And we can talk about it because we love that because I want you to be I want everybody to leave good lives. And that's sort of what we're doing. So we're gonna be talking about manifestation, because this is kind of 199 00:34:29.580 --> 00:34:36.510 Morgana Rae: A THING THAT Devin, and I could talk about for 12 hours straight, without a break. Um, 200 00:34:37.080 --> 00:34:58.800 Morgana Rae: But if you have a question about the cards or manifestation or anything. You can call us at 8886 to 76008 and if not, as I said, we can talk forever. We have the gift of gab. Right. So we've already talked through most of the show so well but water heaters raccoons. 201 00:35:00.540 --> 00:35:12.180 Morgana Rae: Five of cups so well. So what is Devon. What is your favorite manifestation trick. Okay, so it's, I don't think in terms of tricks. 202 00:35:12.660 --> 00:35:20.250 Morgana Rae: Right. I think it's much more about realization. And so I'm going to start. I'm going to start with, like the heaviest heavy duty. 203 00:35:20.640 --> 00:35:36.720 Morgana Rae: Most abundance filled thought that I can come up with this. Not that I've come up with it it's it's just sort of the reality and the reality is that you create your own and others you create your own world. You create your own universe. 204 00:35:38.130 --> 00:35:45.030 Morgana Rae: Let me, let me give you an example. And by the way, I think this is like this is one of those things that, like you wake up in the morning. 205 00:35:45.990 --> 00:35:56.340 Morgana Rae: And you just start feeling out of sorts. It's one of those things that, like, for me it's like you come back to over and over and over again. So let's say as an example. 206 00:35:57.120 --> 00:36:05.100 Morgana Rae: And I'm not going to go into politics, but there's a politician or a group of people, surrounded a particular idea, and they have this thought 207 00:36:05.430 --> 00:36:17.130 Morgana Rae: And you're like their thought is a terrible thought it's a terrible idea. I mean, certainly, like I can look at a younger generation ago. What are they doing that makes and those clothes. 208 00:36:18.450 --> 00:36:24.330 Morgana Rae: Flowers, you know, but sort of your parents ideas like they don't make sense and they don't resonate true 209 00:36:24.840 --> 00:36:33.570 Morgana Rae: Part of the reason why they don't resonate true is because it's not my truth. It's not the thing that necessarily. I need to focus on. Now I can take 210 00:36:33.990 --> 00:36:39.510 Morgana Rae: Seeing somebody else's truth and I can either say what but I'm going to judge that truth now. 211 00:36:40.140 --> 00:36:51.840 Morgana Rae: And maybe I'll make myself miserable if there's enough of that truth around me that I don't particularly read it doesn't resonate with me. It doesn't work for me. Perfect. I think it's wrong and detrimental to this earth as we know it. 212 00:36:52.950 --> 00:36:54.090 Morgana Rae: Now I sound like me. 213 00:36:55.290 --> 00:37:06.240 Morgana Rae: Going, I don't know, wherever that came from, but so. Okay, so, so, so we have all these feelings about all these awful things that are that are there around us. 214 00:37:06.840 --> 00:37:21.600 Morgana Rae: And without the without the idea that part of what we do is, people. In other words, at some point in our lives we grow up and most of us, we get a job that's probably fairly suited for us we surround ourselves with friends that are 215 00:37:22.110 --> 00:37:25.950 Morgana Rae: You know almost certainly suited for us. Right. And those friends that we've chosen 216 00:37:27.270 --> 00:37:34.500 Morgana Rae: Agree with a lot of our sensibilities, not always right. And we can have friends that we don't necessarily have to because if we talked long enough. 217 00:37:35.280 --> 00:37:47.100 Morgana Rae: At some point we're going to disagree about something so have, what does this have to do with manifestation. Ah, okay. The point is, is that your manifestation gets to coexist with everybody else's manifestation 218 00:37:47.790 --> 00:37:55.560 Morgana Rae: And what that means is just because there's an idea in the universe. You don't have to run to it. You don't have to come on to it. You don't have to try it out. You don't have to 219 00:37:55.800 --> 00:37:59.430 Morgana Rae: You don't have to embrace it. You don't have to do anything. What you get to do 220 00:37:59.700 --> 00:38:07.290 Morgana Rae: Is is really focus on who it is that you are what it is that you want out of your world. And this is something that you do on your own right. 221 00:38:07.470 --> 00:38:15.900 Morgana Rae: This is like if you want to manifest something you have to know what it is that you're hoping to manifest so you may need to meditate, you may need to sit down and make a list, you may need to kind of 222 00:38:16.170 --> 00:38:26.700 Morgana Rae: Look at what your life has brought you up to this point and have a rough idea of oh where am I headed. What is the next few years look like right so as an example. 223 00:38:27.720 --> 00:38:37.710 Morgana Rae: For us to get married. We didn't need a ton of money and the average cost of weddings in California is something like 35 or $40,000. Some crazy number 224 00:38:38.400 --> 00:38:41.760 Morgana Rae: I've never looked at that and thought, This is ridiculous. 225 00:38:42.450 --> 00:38:54.750 Morgana Rae: Towards the house, most people, most normal people do that normal people do that. Yes. So you have to decide why you're doing that you want to talk about manifesting something. What are you attempting to manifest by having that big fancy wedding. I'm not saying you shouldn't 226 00:38:55.470 --> 00:39:14.790 Morgana Rae: Well, you got to have yours and I had a joke joke is, even though I will end my father's daughter and I was too cheap because I was like I have 47 I'll have to pay for it. I'd rather buy a house. Um, and then the cosmic joke is, I've had more fancy weddings than anybody else in the world. 227 00:39:15.900 --> 00:39:23.760 Morgana Rae: And they were just given to me. Right. And so, so the idea part of that manifestation is about taking action towards the goal. 228 00:39:24.150 --> 00:39:35.820 Morgana Rae: Right. In other words, if, if somebody were to say to me, Oh, you want to get married 25 times in 25 countries, how are you going to do that. And if I came with that idea of, Oh my God, how am I going to do that. 229 00:39:36.000 --> 00:39:41.970 Morgana Rae: I would probably be petrified by the number 25 I'd probably be petrified by weddings, I'd probably be petrified. 230 00:39:42.240 --> 00:39:54.660 Morgana Rae: By relationships and long term relationships because there's all this stuff. And so how do I deal with all the stuff because the stuff is the stuff that overwhelms right so the idea here is, in terms of manifestation is you take 231 00:39:55.860 --> 00:40:07.560 Morgana Rae: Effect by our dear friend, Rebecca, who has appeared on this exact show told me a number of years ago when we were having like a heart to heart about the heart to heart about life. She said, How do you eat an elephant. 232 00:40:08.340 --> 00:40:16.860 Morgana Rae: One bite at a time. And that's what you do. Yeah, right. So that's but that's what you do. In other words, if you want some manifestation 233 00:40:17.460 --> 00:40:24.000 Morgana Rae: Right, let's say you can't afford a car, you can't afford you can't go to school to get the job that you want. 234 00:40:24.450 --> 00:40:36.270 Morgana Rae: But you have an idea that I want to be, I don't know, veterinarian, pick, pick anything I want to do this thing and I can't quite see my way to getting the thing. So how do you manifest that what you do. 235 00:40:37.170 --> 00:40:51.090 Morgana Rae: Is you take some tiny action that you can do that tiny, itty bitty thing that you can take to move that ball forward and maybe it's like okay so I need to go to school to be a veterinarian that's fine. 236 00:40:51.570 --> 00:40:56.640 Morgana Rae: But I didn't have good grades, that's fine too but I you know I don't like animals. Okay. 237 00:40:58.290 --> 00:41:09.150 Morgana Rae: We'll move that one from the equation. But let's say you like animals. You want to be a veterinarian. What's the first thing that you can do the cost you know money when you don't have necessarily money you can volunteer to like pet the 238 00:41:10.170 --> 00:41:18.180 Morgana Rae: Animals at the at the shelter or get it be a volunteer at the shelter or work at a shelter and actually get paid. Um, 239 00:41:19.050 --> 00:41:22.740 Morgana Rae: I would say baby steps. It was just like when you put yourself online. 240 00:41:22.950 --> 00:41:37.260 Morgana Rae: Without any expectation of meeting anybody important online, but you were just doing it to like create the energy that Hey, I'm looking universe. Hello, open for business, right, that's just a manageable baby step. 241 00:41:37.560 --> 00:41:45.600 Morgana Rae: And the smaller the step is, the less fear and the less resistance there is and then every time you accomplish it, you have more confidence and more excitement 242 00:41:45.810 --> 00:41:52.470 Morgana Rae: To take your next step right and so that those things. And by the way, some of those. Maybe it's volunteering somewhere. 243 00:41:52.740 --> 00:42:03.090 Morgana Rae: It might be like, Well, I'm going to call up a veterinarian school and find out how much it cost, just to have that information. Okay, because the number is at least part of the goal. 244 00:42:03.390 --> 00:42:11.280 Morgana Rae: Right, the number is, okay, it's going to cost X amount of money to do that. And what kind of financial aid and what kind of, you know, special 245 00:42:12.360 --> 00:42:25.200 Morgana Rae: Scholarships, there's all kinds. There's all kinds of grants. There's all kinds, you know, again, we're not talking about going to school. We're talking about getting the thing that you want, because most of our larger dreams are scary. 246 00:42:25.860 --> 00:42:35.220 Morgana Rae: Oh, here's another thing that I would add to it. And then I want to share some of my main things. But yes, the bigger make your goal bigger 247 00:42:36.060 --> 00:42:48.420 Morgana Rae: And further out in the future, whatever your dream is make it even bigger and put it farther and farther out in the future so that you have breathing space like make it 10 years instead of 248 00:42:49.050 --> 00:43:01.470 Morgana Rae: One year. So the more breathing space you have, the less resistance, you have to taking baby steps now and baby steps will get you to bigger than your dream faster. 249 00:43:02.460 --> 00:43:16.560 Morgana Rae: Than taking Giant Steps to a smaller goal, um, because that's really just how our psychology works, we can accomplish so much more. If we cut it down like Devon was saying into smaller sizes. 250 00:43:17.340 --> 00:43:30.180 Morgana Rae: And make your goal bigger because what you can accomplish long term is far bigger than you imagine and it's so much fun to discover and it often in my experience. 251 00:43:30.450 --> 00:43:37.500 Morgana Rae: Happens earlier than you expect. But put it farther out, so it doesn't freak you out and stop you. It creates less of 252 00:43:38.130 --> 00:43:45.810 Morgana Rae: A safety resistance like last week I was talking about change happens at the speed of safety. If you put it way out in the future, then you're safe right now. 253 00:43:46.620 --> 00:43:58.530 Morgana Rae: Which means you can move forward. Now I'm other really easy manifestation things that have worked for me really well. Um. Oh, and before I go into what I had in mind. 254 00:44:01.230 --> 00:44:18.240 Morgana Rae: I know Devon, we have a captain jealous cat who just dying for attention because I'm also cat ran clear and I missed this guy. Yeah, so he's here bothering everybody in a good way. Yes, I'm for somebody who hates cats, you're very, very nice to them. Yeah, I need to change them. 255 00:44:19.680 --> 00:44:32.850 Morgana Rae: Please, go on. Yeah, manifest. Well, cats, this trade radio show the less attachment, you have the faster things come because again attachment is fear and fear pushes so 256 00:44:35.400 --> 00:44:43.680 Morgana Rae: You know, I like to not micromanage what something is going to be. I like to know what I want it usually lands in my gut. 257 00:44:43.980 --> 00:44:52.020 Morgana Rae: But I may not know the specifics. No, not knowing the specifics is really, really great because it makes it a game that's why are getting all these weddings and 258 00:44:52.320 --> 00:45:06.990 Morgana Rae: And getting married has been so much fun and so easy because we really didn't care how it happened. And I would have been fine just sneaking into churches in a $20 Ross dress for the rest of my life with like, Nope, nothing else. And I would have been fine. 259 00:45:08.220 --> 00:45:09.780 Morgana Rae: So true. Let's try 260 00:45:11.520 --> 00:45:13.020 Morgana Rae: Let's see, pride, right. 261 00:45:16.590 --> 00:45:26.100 Morgana Rae: But by the way, that's part of the manifestation deal part of the manifestation is and this is just a little sidebar when we're talking because a lot of what we talked about as love and relationships. 262 00:45:26.460 --> 00:45:34.800 Morgana Rae: Is that, you know, once you've dated for a little while, you start getting a better sense of who it is. It's like you are willing to deal with who, what do you want 263 00:45:35.640 --> 00:45:42.480 Morgana Rae: You know what I mean like you start developing sort of like a sense of not only who it is that you are and what's going to help you thrive. 264 00:45:42.720 --> 00:45:56.880 Morgana Rae: But who's going to be a better match for that thing. I mean, don't get me wrong, sometimes we need help in sort of like sussing those kinds of things out. But I think it's important to understand it. I think to some degree. We manifested each other for each other. 265 00:45:58.740 --> 00:46:14.700 Morgana Rae: Um, I would offer a really feel good easy incredibly powerful little home experiments, something that I do daily that has been amazing. 266 00:46:15.450 --> 00:46:26.940 Morgana Rae: In the effectiveness in my life, WHICH IS EVERY SINGLE DAY. I WRITE A gratitude list for things that haven't happened yet. 267 00:46:27.510 --> 00:46:39.870 Morgana Rae: So good a gratitude list for things that I want that may be wildly out of my control and then I will take any action that I can that's in the ballpark to like help the universe, help me get what I want 268 00:46:41.520 --> 00:47:03.540 Morgana Rae: But practicing what I call preemptive gratitude is easy peasy have really, really good practice every morning is to just make a list of everything that you're grateful for that is coming in the future. And I do it in that kind of light grateful way without again. 269 00:47:06.690 --> 00:47:21.180 Morgana Rae: The feelings of desperation tend to be repulsive. So make it fun. Make it fun to just, like, be grateful for a great day and you have no idea why it's going to be a great day. 270 00:47:22.020 --> 00:47:33.510 Morgana Rae: Be grateful for your next ideal client, even though you have no idea where that person coming from or next dream job or vacation or wedding or 271 00:47:35.760 --> 00:47:46.710 Morgana Rae: Whatever you know just start practicing preemptive gratitude for the good stuff that is coming is really, really magical and it's easy and safe and anybody can do it. 272 00:47:47.280 --> 00:47:59.790 Morgana Rae: So that's one of my favorites. All right, do we keep going with this. Um, I will check with a producer. How are we doing on time. No, I think we have I think we have time. Okay. We can certainly go to the top of the hour. So let's see. 273 00:48:00.240 --> 00:48:13.350 Morgana Rae: There was the pantry gratitude. What else was there. Oh, I'm so we started THE HOUR AND IT. I KNOW IT SOUNDED LIKE IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH manifestation, but we're talking about 274 00:48:14.490 --> 00:48:23.880 Morgana Rae: Devon's tooth and we're talking about raccoons and I think I mentioned the chimney, the water heater and all that kind of stuff. I also have mentioned I've shot videos about 275 00:48:24.300 --> 00:48:42.960 Morgana Rae: Being a weed which and gardening and pulling out weeds and just imagining everything that doesn't belong in my life. Every time I pull out a weed. It's a very kind of heck of a dark goddess, you know, making decisions and and choosing what doesn't get to live in my life. 276 00:48:44.310 --> 00:48:49.860 Morgana Rae: But all the stuff that we're doing right now, which seems like oh my god I can't believe how much I'm spending. 277 00:48:51.510 --> 00:49:13.470 Morgana Rae: Doesn't stress me because it is part of building a bigger container and we have all these energy leaks that are really distracting and really unpleasant cold water tooth ache noisy animals, keeping us awake that beautiful chimney that we've had for five years. I'm sorry. 278 00:49:17.760 --> 00:49:32.790 Morgana Rae: making a lot of noise, you know that the chimney that that you know it hasn't hasn't been fixed. Since we bought the house. So it's like, I love the feeling of just like checking all those boxes and plugging all those energy leaks. 279 00:49:34.500 --> 00:49:37.350 Morgana Rae: Because is going to be wonderful. 280 00:49:38.370 --> 00:49:52.050 Morgana Rae: Like 2021 is going to rock and there's going to be a very different energy to it. And that's why I am plugging the holes. Now for a container for a vehicle for 2021 281 00:49:53.430 --> 00:50:08.310 Morgana Rae: And that is powerful magic like dealing with the toleration that you can live with, like, you can live with. And last week I replaced burnt out light bulbs, you can live with burnt out light bulbs for a really long time. 282 00:50:08.820 --> 00:50:19.470 Morgana Rae: And you don't notice how much it takes away from you, settling for that, because what whenever we settle we're telling the universe that we don't deserve better. And it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous how 283 00:50:20.430 --> 00:50:27.750 Morgana Rae: how insidious. It is how subtle, it is. But what a big impact it has. So every time you just make your life a little better. 284 00:50:29.280 --> 00:50:53.430 Morgana Rae: Start with the easy stuff with the burnout light bulb or the tell with the holes or whatever. Just or, you know, cleaning the house ripping out the weeds to have a prettier environment or whatever makes you happy. It just releases so much energy and that's when really cool stuff happens. 285 00:50:55.440 --> 00:51:06.600 Morgana Rae: So I have another tip. Yeah. Okay, so this is a much smaller. This is like, in other words, the first tip was like a big psychological giant thing, right. 286 00:51:07.560 --> 00:51:12.450 Morgana Rae: That, like, you may have to wrestle to get your head around. I think it's worth it. It's worth considering. 287 00:51:13.080 --> 00:51:25.560 Morgana Rae: This one is a smaller one. And it's just has to do with. And again, it's still sort of like on the conscious level, but I think part of what it is, is where you quite literally go and go and proclaim 288 00:51:26.220 --> 00:51:38.130 Morgana Rae: The today is going to be a great day and you say it to yourself. Say it in the mirror, say it in front of your best friend, say in front of your spouse. 289 00:51:38.370 --> 00:51:47.670 Morgana Rae: Like proclaim it like even if you think, oh, that's this is not going to be anything, do it anyway and see what happens. Because what the brain will do is say, 290 00:51:48.030 --> 00:52:00.450 Morgana Rae: Something to the effect of, oh, this is just garbage. So I'm not going to do it. And then of course you could just say it's garbage because I didn't do it. It wasn't even so such a terrible idea, but nothing actually came of it. 291 00:52:01.380 --> 00:52:13.830 Morgana Rae: Not surprisingly, because really the larger magic was or the larger manifestation was oh this is garbage. That's the real manifestation. Oh, you've decided it's garbage. So then guess what it's precisely that. 292 00:52:14.490 --> 00:52:28.920 Morgana Rae: I am thinking of a story of a friend of mine years ago who was in the clothing business and he had spent all this money to exhibit his line of clothing at a convention and then have it arrived. 293 00:52:29.970 --> 00:52:40.080 Morgana Rae: And he cast an amazing spell without using that language and his head. He made a decision that something wonderful was happening. 294 00:52:41.310 --> 00:52:51.450 Morgana Rae: And so he had an empty booths and he went around and introduced himself to everybody and made friends with everybody. And he had this mystery because this stuff wasn't there. 295 00:52:51.960 --> 00:53:02.100 Morgana Rae: And he turned this because he decided something wonderful is happening here, even though it didn't look like something wonderful was happening. He 296 00:53:03.000 --> 00:53:09.420 Morgana Rae: got so much more interest and such better relationships that he made far more sales in the end. 297 00:53:09.810 --> 00:53:16.320 Morgana Rae: Than if it hadn't happened, and I've had, I've had stuff like that in my life where it looks like the worst thing that could possibly happen happens 298 00:53:16.890 --> 00:53:29.190 Morgana Rae: And it turns out to be that gift in disguise. So like jumping based on what Devon said I think just making that decision. 299 00:53:29.790 --> 00:53:44.640 Morgana Rae: When you're facing that that horrible thing that something wonderful is happening here. I just don't see what it is yet is in itself a way of casting a spell and finding the thing behind the thing that wants to happen. 300 00:53:45.720 --> 00:53:48.600 Morgana Rae: And yeah, I did. I used your stick again. Yeah, you did. 301 00:53:50.490 --> 00:53:56.640 Morgana Rae: That's fine. That's not it's not copyrighted shtick. It's well maybe it is everybody's using it and that's 302 00:53:57.420 --> 00:54:07.890 Morgana Rae: But, but, so that's that's part of the thing. And the other thing is, is like the more to me the more measure of consciousness, you put into a thing to manifest 303 00:54:08.670 --> 00:54:20.520 Morgana Rae: The better it becomes meaning that let's say you do that thing. Okay, I'm going to have a wonderful day tomorrow I'm going to say it to somebody. I'm going to say it to the mirror. I'm going to tell myself this is the thing that's going to be 304 00:54:21.720 --> 00:54:41.220 Morgana Rae: The more you ritualized it, the more you sort of like put into that thing, the more meaningful if you say to yourself, Well, yes, I am happy to say this thing into a mirror. But you know what is really meaningful to me is lighting a candle while I'm saying in the mirror. 305 00:54:42.450 --> 00:54:49.440 Morgana Rae: Or if you say, well, but I need to be burning. I don't know. Sage while I'm lighting a candle and saying it into a mirror. 306 00:54:49.710 --> 00:54:54.330 Morgana Rae: And instead of saying this particular sentence. I'm going to say this other sentence. 307 00:54:54.570 --> 00:55:00.180 Morgana Rae: Because it reminds me of my grandmother who always had. I always wanted cookies and anytime I went to my grandmother's house. 308 00:55:00.420 --> 00:55:09.210 Morgana Rae: She had cookies. So I think you're getting the ideas is that you're building upon the basic the desired outcome and you're you're fortifying that outcome. 309 00:55:10.050 --> 00:55:22.110 Morgana Rae: With other things that help bolster a the universe and be bolster you into having that thing happen. And then, of course, the easiest way to try it is to just do it. 310 00:55:23.070 --> 00:55:36.780 Morgana Rae: Try it and see what happens. Devon. I just had the wildest realization. So remember, today's 1111 and the card that I picked for what to expect for this week. 311 00:55:37.380 --> 00:55:57.360 Morgana Rae: It's 11 and 11. Yes, it is. Whoa. My head together with a hammock. Yes. Oh, that's really cool. Yeah, it's more of an Italian hookah kind of right so with a glorious couple. This is evidence because I picked the card randomly when I was doing the reading. 312 00:55:58.410 --> 00:56:10.470 Morgana Rae: That this is what is waiting for you. This is all about manifestation today is 1111 which is 2020 which is 2020 in numerology means focus relationship. 313 00:56:10.800 --> 00:56:17.550 Morgana Rae: Pragmatism teamwork infinite potential and conscientiousness, and I have to go because it's 314 00:56:17.910 --> 00:56:23.520 Morgana Rae: Fun, but you I but but but but so we're going to wrap up because you have to go but so 315 00:56:23.820 --> 00:56:31.350 Morgana Rae: For all of you watching what I'm talking about, because I forgot. Some of you are listening as I'm holding up a card. It is the four of ones. 316 00:56:31.620 --> 00:56:39.930 Morgana Rae: And it's a celebration. You've got the four ones, and it looks, you've got to on either side. So it makes an 1111 like today. 317 00:56:40.590 --> 00:56:49.890 Morgana Rae: And we're talking about manifestation. So, you know, drawing from Devon's reading, you know, draw down from above and pull up from below. 318 00:56:50.820 --> 00:57:12.900 Morgana Rae: Be your magician look within your and and you know be true to your hearts and create, create and focus, focus on the positive and what you have and the bridge to your home, even if you're seeing some crap in front of you turn around. 319 00:57:14.550 --> 00:57:29.370 Morgana Rae: And this. This is the outcome. This is the physical evidence and pointing to the four of wands. The celebration. The 1111 it's just happy happy. It looks like a wedding. So if you are with somebody 320 00:57:30.600 --> 00:57:44.970 Morgana Rae: I wish you great love and partnership and if you're not with somebody. This is what I wish coming towards you and in the meanwhile, enjoy this wedding to yourself and who I'm vibrating with magic. 321 00:57:46.260 --> 00:57:58.290 Morgana Rae: I'm not, but I have to go. So manifest away. We will be back next week with a guest room. Yeah, we wanted to get this video technology halfway comfortable before we started. 322 00:57:58.560 --> 00:58:15.840 Morgana Rae: Bringing in other victims so challenge. Yeah. So we have we have a very exciting guest next week I'll you know be sending out more about it and come back and see us next week for some more Crazy Sexy midlife love 5pm every Wednesday Pacific time 323 00:58:38.160 --> 00:58:48.840 Morgana Rae: Thank you for listening. Crazy Sexy midlife love please sign up to join our free love family at Crazy Sexy midlife 324 00:58:49.380 --> 00:59:25.470 Morgana Rae: To get alerts the live shows call in and ask questions or just listen in. And ladies. Don't forget to download Devon's free ebook women are smarter than men and other secrets marriage minded women need to know. Also available act crazy sexy mid life

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