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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

All about Manifestation:

Getting into the right head space, knowing what you want, making space, eliminating energy leaks, creating sympathetic magic, pre-emptive gratitude.

Also, Tarot readings and favorite tips for Manifestation!

Totem reading on our raccoon "problem": the raccoon spirit animal is a problem solver. A clever totem the raccoon offers lessons about the importance of adaptability in any situation and taking the time to look at the big picture, not just what one wants to see.

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

Tonight I'm following up on last week's Money Monster-themed episode by answering two questions that came in after the show:

1. Can you explain what you meant by "change comes at the speed of safety"? How can we feel safe in order to manifest change in our life?

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

We’re FINALLY focusing an episode on Morgana’s wheelhouse: MONEY!!!  (Took long enough, right?)

In the spirit of Monster Week, this week's episode is called "Is Your Money Monster Attacking Your Love Life (and more)”?

Financial insecurity can be devastating to love relationships. Money is a top cause of divorce, and also a reason bad marriages stay together longer than they should.

People don’t make the best choices when they’re scared.

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love Q&A with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

Midlife married couple Devin and Morgana are 6 years and 25 weddings deep into marrying each other 100 times in 100 countries, and they have each been coaching clients on life and love for decades.

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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

Guest, Cat Williford, author of, The Ovarian Chronicles

  • Crazy Sexy Midlife Love of Self and our Bodies
  • Hope as a survival skill is not a long-term self-care strategy. Take responsibility for your health and your dreams
  • Listening to your body's wisdom is the most powerful tool a woman possesses

Opt in for Cat Williford’s book (launching next month) “The Ovarian Chronicles”

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

The TRUTH about Kabbalah, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

How can you improve your relationships and love life with Kabbalah?

What does it mean to be a twin flame? Is there only the ONE?

What is the purpose of love?

How do you recognize a soul mate?

What if you lost the love of your life? Can you find love again?


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