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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love, June 23, 2021

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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love
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Love, Travel, and Living Without Limits

Does Money Love you? Or is your relationship with Money a mess.

Let's turn your "money monster "into a honey who loves you:

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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Devin and Morgana

Love, Travel, and Living Without Limits

  • Language apps.
  • The Elf Lady of Iceland.
  • Talking your way into Columbia.
  • Devin's break into travel writing.
  • Making your own rules.
  • Living Without Money Limits.

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love

Show Host

My husband and I are 25 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries. 100% his idea. And honestly, when we hit 100 we’ll probably keep going, cause we’ve been in honeymoon mode for 5 years now. (He’s a smart man.) We met at 45. Started getting married at 47… back in 2014.

My philosophy is love gets better and more fun at midlife, especially for women. We’re smarter. Men are more relationship ready. (And if they’re not, it’s so obvious! Next!) I want to punch holes in all that negative, fear-feeding nonsense I grew up hearing about age and love for women.

Getting Married around the World

The reason for this is simple. Love and travel are two of our favorite things. By combining the two we unite the best of our worlds. Yes, at least, 100 weddings!

100 Weddings, So Far

Yes, we are aware that we are just getting started. 

1. Los Angeles, CA USA — May 23, 2014

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — June 5, 2014

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia — September 14, 2014

4. Kotor, Montenegro — September 15, 2014

5. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina — September 18, 2014

6. The mountains above Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska — September 22, 2014

7. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

8. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

9. Bled, Slovenia — September 29, 2014

10. San Marino, San Marino — October 4, 2014

11. Rome, Italy — October 5, 2014

12. Vatican City — October 5, 2014

13. Gesi, Turkey — February 12, 2015

14. Norwalk, CA — May 27, 2015

15. Villa Del Palmar, Loreto, Mexico — June 17, 2015

16. Wizards Academy, Austin, TX — October 6, 2015

17. Sri Rahti, Penestanan, Bali, Indonesia — May 8, 2016

18. Toronto, Canada — August 10, 2016

19. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico — June 15, 2017

20. Colima, Mexico — November 18, 2017

21. Sedona, Arizona — November 10, 2018

22. Paris, France — September 26, 2019

23. Brussels, Belgium — September 29, 2019

24. Madrid, Spain — October 11, 2019

25. Lisbon, Portugal — October 17, 2019

Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)
0:05:01.650 --> 00:05:13.440
Morgana and Devin: And Hello welcome, we are back in the United States after a great fun week in Mexico, you can catch that broadcast from.
00:05:14.010 --> 00:05:28.740
Morgana and Devin: The very windy rooftop of the rosewood hotel in San Miguel de Allende from two weeks ago it's posted in the archives, my name is morgana This is my husband Devin.
00:05:29.760 --> 00:05:37.110
Morgana and Devin: i'm still working on my Spanish .
00:05:39.030 --> 00:05:46.740
Morgana and Devin: Still practicing yeah that was fun yeah Mexico is great, and we discovered this amazing new APP.
00:05:47.280 --> 00:05:54.030
Morgana and Devin: For just about anywhere in the world where you speak in your language, and then the APP spits out what you said.
00:05:54.480 --> 00:06:05.760
Morgana and Devin: In the other language, by the way, this is the most common APP in the world it's just me okay it's Google translate it's been around for years, but they do have.
00:06:06.510 --> 00:06:11.820
Morgana and Devin: Some pretty amazing features in it, if you don't speak the language I personally think you should try.
00:06:12.210 --> 00:06:22.590
Morgana and Devin: I would argue that, please, and thank you, even if you those are the only two words or phrases that you learn are an absolute must.
00:06:23.220 --> 00:06:31.890
Morgana and Devin: Particularly in Mexico, which is a culture that says, please, and thank you, with regularity it's less common in places like China or Japan.
00:06:32.850 --> 00:06:45.390
Morgana and Devin: And yet I know how to say thank you in Chinese it's pretty much the only thing I know how to say in Chinese yeah no I mean I think they they still say it, but it's it's not you know it's very embedded in.
00:06:45.870 --> 00:06:57.390
Morgana and Devin: Mexico honestly, if you want to put a really big happy smile on a stranger's face just say thank you and their language they'll be so surprised and appreciative.
00:06:58.050 --> 00:07:06.810
Morgana and Devin: You know, it takes so little to make people happy just that little itty bit ya know I I suggest, I remember when I was going, this is a.
00:07:08.670 --> 00:07:30.150
Morgana and Devin: story that I went to Iceland and Icelandic is a notoriously very, very difficult language, and it can take many years to learn if that's what you're trying to do, but I remember learning the phrase Talat though and school that everybody, which basically means do speak English in Icelandic.
00:07:31.470 --> 00:07:41.340
Morgana and Devin: Everybody you know sort of like under the age of 17 speaks fluent English because they I think they take the 10 or 11 years of English.
00:07:42.030 --> 00:07:52.890
Morgana and Devin: it's very common and Icelandic I think is only spoken by about 250 or 300,000 people around the world, so it's just you know it has its limitations, they know that.
00:07:53.310 --> 00:08:12.510
Morgana and Devin: They spend a lot of time preserving the language, and so I think it's very meaningful to attempt to to say something, and it did it was a conversation starter everybody knew that I was not Icelandic and that I was butchering their language, but it did go far and it.
00:08:13.530 --> 00:08:29.460
Morgana and Devin: was useful so today's topic for the show is love travel and living beyond limitation and, if you want to call in you can call in any time at 888-627-6008.
00:08:30.000 --> 00:08:44.130
Morgana and Devin: And I had some things that I wanted to discuss but Devon brought up Iceland, which makes me want to put you on the spot Devon, you have the greatest a slant story ever and.
00:08:44.490 --> 00:09:00.870
Morgana and Devin: If you have a few good Iceland if we're going to talk about living beyond limitation, I want to hear the story about the ferry lady oh okay all right, so now this the story for me goes back probably 25 years ago.
00:09:02.010 --> 00:09:13.140
Morgana and Devin: No, no, it wasn't it was actually more like maybe like 20 years ago but it's a long time ago, I was just that dark hazy despairing period of your life before me that's correct.
00:09:13.740 --> 00:09:23.190
Morgana and Devin: So I was I brought a backpack I you know was there for like two and a half months something like that and I had a tent traveled with a tent terrible.
00:09:24.030 --> 00:09:32.670
Morgana and Devin: it's freezing, even in the summer, it was cold weather was marginal, at best, it was chilly you're doing a great job selling ice.
00:09:33.390 --> 00:09:41.790
Morgana and Devin: OK, but so here's the thing I went to Iceland because it's different and part of that differences is because they've had this very isolated culture.
00:09:42.270 --> 00:09:48.360
Morgana and Devin: it's different it's unique it's just a different kind of place, a matter of fact, I think, when they shoot.
00:09:48.750 --> 00:10:04.890
Morgana and Devin: movies, that are likes intending to be like otherworldly they choose locations today the game of thrones and Iceland, I think the may have shy, I mean they shot all over the world, I think they shot a piece of it somewhere in Iceland.
00:10:05.610 --> 00:10:11.100
Morgana and Devin: But so long story short, I was staying at a youth hostel because that was the most affordable place you could stay in.
00:10:12.810 --> 00:10:20.010
Morgana and Devin: And because it's just expensive, like everything is kind of expensive, though, in general, they have a good economy, they had a great economy when I was there and.
00:10:20.940 --> 00:10:30.840
Morgana and Devin: long story short, I made friends with a couple Americans and one of the Americans, the American guy basically said hey you know.
00:10:31.560 --> 00:10:39.810
Morgana and Devin: If you were to go to Iceland, and I think this is true, as of this day that if you were to go in there, tourism office that's in downtown Reykjavik.
00:10:40.560 --> 00:10:58.950
Morgana and Devin: You can buy a map to the see the handle folks and they handle folks are are sort of like the Germanic variation of spirits and entities that live all around like the controls exactly like oh play gnomes the Trolls skins.
00:11:00.690 --> 00:11:12.360
Morgana and Devin: Trolls and well okay so Okay, so this is where it gets a little complicated, so the Icelanders I think something like at least when I was there 90%, this is one of those things that inspired me to go.
00:11:13.110 --> 00:11:22.890
Morgana and Devin: I told everybody that I was, I was going to go there to scream naked on a fewer they did that that made for an unflattering photograph that I have laying around somewhere.
00:11:23.430 --> 00:11:42.690
Morgana and Devin: But I did that, but really I was drawn to Iceland, because I don't know why I was traumatized but I needed to go and I ended up going, and so in the tourism board, you can buy a map that basically gives you a map all of the the places where these invisible creatures to out.
00:11:43.830 --> 00:11:51.330
Morgana and Devin: And so long story short, I made friends with this guy, who was a student of mythology and I remember him.
00:11:51.750 --> 00:11:57.870
Morgana and Devin: saying something like hey you know there's this woman who's teaching the class on seeing elves.
00:11:58.320 --> 00:12:03.060
Morgana and Devin: Do you want to come and I was like no that hasn't I have no interest in that what.
00:12:03.360 --> 00:12:14.610
Morgana and Devin: I didn't I had no interest in July, you, I know I but I hadn't I just do just dad just seem too touristy okay so anyway, at some point, I saw the guy a few days later.
00:12:15.090 --> 00:12:22.980
Morgana and Devin: And I said hey how was that class in La seeing and he is like Oh, she had to cancel it something something something and whatever.
00:12:23.310 --> 00:12:40.560
Morgana and Devin: And she called me up and we chatted for a couple of minutes and so now i'm not into seeing the elves per se but talking with the woman who does was like ooh well that sounds good, and I did this was towards the end of my trip.
00:12:41.580 --> 00:12:50.760
Morgana and Devin: And I had a few extra dollars like I was really being super cheap again the camping lot of camping and that sort of thing and misery such a great match right with some makes.
00:12:51.270 --> 00:12:59.310
Morgana and Devin: So much sense for us so anyway long story short, I just threw up this idea said hey man why don't you if you've got her phone number.
00:12:59.760 --> 00:13:09.000
Morgana and Devin: right because she's the woman who makes the map, I said why don't you call her up and say lunch is on me, because that would interest me let's go sit down and talk with her.
00:13:09.450 --> 00:13:23.220
Morgana and Devin: And he's like Okay, so he calls her up long story short, we meet it She invites us to her house she's going to get a sub scones and some tea and we're going to talk and for him, this is all about the mythology the stories.
00:13:24.840 --> 00:13:35.340
Morgana and Devin: That people tell about their culture, and so we arrive, and where she sits us in the living room that brings that tea and she has a student there, who also sees the elves.
00:13:35.820 --> 00:13:51.030
Morgana and Devin: And we're sitting in this one is living room and this guy who's dragging you to see her was really skeptical I don't think I don't know I yeah we'll get there, I promise I promise nothing, yes, you know I love the the helping part so.
00:13:52.410 --> 00:13:58.770
Morgana and Devin: we're sitting there and I don't know if he was skeptical that was not maybe that's your interpretation of what happened, I don't know if he was.
00:13:59.040 --> 00:14:06.780
Morgana and Devin: deliberately doing this, but he was into the mythology portion of this, and so you know he's kind of starting out.
00:14:07.170 --> 00:14:17.910
Morgana and Devin: You know, asking are some basic question where you know when did you start seeing these and she's kind of said well you know, I was born with this thing, and she kind of goes on to say that hey listen 90% of Icelanders.
00:14:18.630 --> 00:14:34.650
Morgana and Devin: believe in elves and the gnomes and the hill to folks but they don't necessarily believe that I see them and he goes oh yeah yeah, as you know, speaking of which, when did you start making up these stories about seeing the Hilton.
00:14:35.700 --> 00:14:44.850
Morgana and Devin: And she said well you know, and she, by the way she was looking at the ground, the whole time and she spoke English, but she felt uncomfortable with it so she was having this friend translate for.
00:14:45.390 --> 00:14:52.110
Morgana and Devin: And, and she kept saying well you know, this is, you know I see them but i'm uncomfortable by it.
00:14:52.740 --> 00:15:07.260
Morgana and Devin: But it is part of my experience as a person and it's what it is and and there we go and I get called upon like they're building a road somebody will ask me who's living here and they'll build around it, I mean they do all kinds of nutty things.
00:15:08.400 --> 00:15:12.150
Morgana and Devin: So he's like Oh yes, of course, of course I didn't mean anything by it.
00:15:12.690 --> 00:15:22.230
Morgana and Devin: And he backed off of the story, and then you know, he asked her a handful of more questions about the norse and Icelandic sagas and things like that.
00:15:22.530 --> 00:15:31.950
Morgana and Devin: And then it she eventually said so, you know when did you when did you think this was a good story to start you know, making them and.
00:15:32.940 --> 00:15:39.450
Morgana and Devin: She was like well you know i'm not making it up, this is just part of my experiences and she kind of kept going back to that and.
00:15:39.750 --> 00:15:49.470
Morgana and Devin: You know, for many live years I live sort of very ostracized because people didn't think what I was saying is true and they couldn't see it and I didn't understand how.
00:15:49.980 --> 00:16:01.290
Morgana and Devin: And then you know she said, even that that plant behind you, as a little creature who's living in the plant and I always water, the plant every day because I want the little creature to have water and.
00:16:02.100 --> 00:16:05.640
Morgana and Devin: Right and i'm remaining silent, this whole time.
00:16:06.240 --> 00:16:12.900
Morgana and Devin: And so the third time he just the same kind of thing he's like oh yeah yeah, of course, of course, and he kind of circles back around.
00:16:13.200 --> 00:16:30.180
Morgana and Devin: and asks a very similar question, and she goes well Do you remember when you were about nine years old and your father pulled up in that green station wagon and he took you for ice cream and you had rocky road and your dad had you know.
00:16:31.980 --> 00:16:42.030
Morgana and Devin: strawberry swirl or something like that Do you remember when he said to you that he and and your mother were getting a divorce, remember that.
00:16:42.420 --> 00:16:48.210
Morgana and Devin: And so, she goes into this long very, very detailed story about.
00:16:49.050 --> 00:17:00.870
Morgana and Devin: His life, it was like it was like there were way way too many details for it to just be some generic story, because I didn't identify with the story, but his mouth dropped.
00:17:01.290 --> 00:17:18.210
Morgana and Devin: and basically she was saying, look here's this feeling of loss, and this is how I feel a lot of the time because, again, I see these things, but people, even though they believe in the spirit world don't necessarily believe that i'm having commute direct communications with them.
00:17:19.470 --> 00:17:28.770
Morgana and Devin: And because of that, I have this ostracize thing and that's where i'm like okay now we're now we're getting somewhere, so I was like on the edge of my seat.
00:17:29.100 --> 00:17:40.440
Morgana and Devin: And at the time I started, I was studying at that point everything all kinds of you know unseen worlds kinds of things, so it was really like ooh i'm down with this story.
00:17:40.950 --> 00:17:46.500
Morgana and Devin: And so we sat and she and I started just talking about life and she was like.
00:17:46.710 --> 00:18:01.290
Morgana and Devin: i've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me for 40 years and so she started bringing up at her own book collection and we were reading some of the same material trying to just peel back the veil what's happening and Is there something beyond it.
00:18:02.550 --> 00:18:18.870
Morgana and Devin: So anyway, he said nothing, not a word, and so, at some point, like an hour later after you know she said i've had to go, we we you know we we left and he was white he was white and we're walking down the street it's you know we're in the middle of summer.
00:18:19.890 --> 00:18:26.370
Morgana and Devin: And it's raining not surprisingly, we don't have an umbrella, and while we're walking he stops walking.
00:18:27.240 --> 00:18:37.380
Morgana and Devin: And I kind of pay what's in our UK and he looks at me and he was completely dead serious and I think part of the reason why he was into the mythology thing is because.
00:18:37.800 --> 00:18:55.230
Morgana and Devin: Well, yes, I can believe it is a story I can't necessarily believe that as truth, I can believe it in you know, like oh it's a universal truth, I don't necessarily can see it is like hey there's these unseen beings running around that are beyond my comprehension more importantly.
00:18:56.970 --> 00:19:06.540
Morgana and Devin: He was like he he literally looked at me he goes this moment has changed my life forever because this woman who did not know him at all.
00:19:07.440 --> 00:19:15.210
Morgana and Devin: Just told him some very detailed information about his own life and he couldn't he couldn't wrap his head around it couldn't it couldn't.
00:19:15.870 --> 00:19:26.850
Morgana and Devin: rectify that that not only was she not making up these stories that she had an ear into something that he couldn't possibly have explained.
00:19:27.240 --> 00:19:33.150
Morgana and Devin: And so it was really sort of a remarkable I mean Iceland, for me, turned out to be a really.
00:19:33.540 --> 00:19:41.520
Morgana and Devin: Life changing in many ways, I mean again, we could spend the whole hour talking about Iceland, but that particular moment.
00:19:41.880 --> 00:19:55.260
Morgana and Devin: Particularly was really kind of one of those move, this is a juicy bit of remarkable stuff well, we still have to get married there, I want to meet that lady, let me know the one who marry who sees the else.
00:19:55.860 --> 00:20:00.780
Morgana and Devin: ya know we should totally do that, and then I have a good marissa maybe but but.
00:20:01.230 --> 00:20:12.750
Morgana and Devin: There is a woman named brigade a john's daughter, who was friends with the Dalai Lama and she was also, I think, right now, she was like the head of the Pirate Party, which is kind of like a very.
00:20:13.230 --> 00:20:22.080
Morgana and Devin: You know, has is a force in politics, and she was in Parliament for years and she's a bit of you know bit of a celebrity.
00:20:22.800 --> 00:20:27.930
Morgana and Devin: in Iceland yeah, we have to meet her to have her in the wedding but oh my God.
00:20:28.380 --> 00:20:39.480
Morgana and Devin: let's let's have a wedding with invisible people i'm in i'm sign me up, I will I will find her, and I will you know will track her down hopefully she's with us, because now it's been.
00:20:39.810 --> 00:20:45.090
Morgana and Devin: it's been 20 years, and so I don't think she was all that young men So hopefully she'll be around for us.
00:20:45.840 --> 00:20:53.670
Morgana and Devin: And from the sound of her it sounds like she was just such a powerful life force and we know people who live, really, really long time so.
00:20:54.180 --> 00:21:16.950
Morgana and Devin: Yes, i'll i'll trust that she is yeah um what a way to kick off this whole discussion of living a life without limitation, we just assume so many rules that may not actually apply and so many of them, we heard and we invent and we lock ourselves into.
00:21:19.170 --> 00:21:22.290
Morgana and Devin: The reason I wanted to talk about it is last week.
00:21:23.310 --> 00:21:36.540
Morgana and Devin: My oldest friend in life, we were babies when my grandmother and her mother were pushing us and strollers and met each other, back in like 1968 and.
00:21:37.260 --> 00:21:48.150
Morgana and Devin: So, for the first you know, several years of our lives, we were always at each other's houses so there's this feeling of she's family and there's a feeling that her parents are family.
00:21:48.900 --> 00:22:10.230
Morgana and Devin: And I hadn't seen them for a long time, except when my father died I they came to my mind memorial for my father, two years ago, the West Coast memorial and it's like no time elapsed and I got an email last week that my friend's father died, which is just like a Punch in the gut.
00:22:11.760 --> 00:22:19.290
Morgana and Devin: Give other people were you may not see them for a long time, but it again, it just feels like no time has passed and.
00:22:21.180 --> 00:22:29.700
Morgana and Devin: it's just the most kind of frustrating thing that I learned more about everyone, I know, after they die.
00:22:30.840 --> 00:22:44.850
Morgana and Devin: Because I know this person in this really including my dad like I know, everybody in these little tiny slivers that relate to me so i'm couple like this very narcissistic relationship with everybody I knew him.
00:22:45.840 --> 00:22:56.040
Morgana and Devin: In the context of my life, but he had this huge life before and outside of me, and this is urine what I found out from his daughter tall.
00:22:56.490 --> 00:23:08.490
Morgana and Devin: That blew my mind was when he so he was born in Israel and when he graduated from high school he decided he wanted to be a journalist, so he wrote to Columbia University in New York.
00:23:08.940 --> 00:23:14.580
Morgana and Devin: and told them that he would be enrolling in their journalism school he didn't apply.
00:23:15.150 --> 00:23:27.000
Morgana and Devin: He didn't ask he didn't take the test he didn't fill out the application form, so you just wrote them a letter and farming that in the fall, he would be taking their classes and journalism and then he hopped on a boat.
00:23:27.630 --> 00:23:40.920
Morgana and Devin: And for the next many months, he was you know traveling across the ocean up to Canada and then wending his way down from Canada to New York City and then showed up at Columbia University and said okay i'm ready to take my classes.
00:23:42.630 --> 00:23:59.280
Morgana and Devin: And Columbia responded will we looked at your transcript and you're an undergrad and the classes, you want to graduate classes so Columbia University admitted him as an undergraduate and let him take all those graduate classes, that he wanted and i'm like.
00:24:01.980 --> 00:24:11.700
Morgana and Devin: I never knew, you could do that i'm the kind of person who like what are the rules okay here's my application fee here are my essays here and my test scores.
00:24:12.180 --> 00:24:21.540
Morgana and Devin: Please, Sir, will you let me in like it never even occurred to me that it could be done a different way and how often do we do that.
00:24:22.830 --> 00:24:28.890
Morgana and Devin: You know this is like how you got into trouble writing you just sort of invented your way into this.
00:24:29.910 --> 00:24:39.210
Morgana and Devin: This niche that didn't exist when you started, you may want to talk about that well i've done that a number of have done that a number.
00:24:39.780 --> 00:24:50.400
Morgana and Devin: of times with a number of things and I think I think there it's I think it's really important, I mean one of those moments, where we say, well, the youth is wasted on the on the young.
00:24:50.850 --> 00:25:01.170
Morgana and Devin: This is one of those times, where it's absolutely not wasted on the young it's where you just sort of like okay i've got a pair of gonads and that's not to suggest somebody who doesn't.
00:25:01.590 --> 00:25:09.990
Morgana and Devin: Have physical gonads doesn't have the power and force to go crush it somehow but really what it was is.
00:25:10.380 --> 00:25:22.410
Morgana and Devin: You know I kind of just I remember having a conversation I was I had matter of fact, going back to Iceland, there was this woman who's now this Parliament person and.
00:25:23.370 --> 00:25:34.560
Morgana and Devin: She she and I used to write these letters back and forth after I visited I met her a couple times and then it came back like it wasn't a romantic thing, she was just like one of those people that you know.
00:25:35.100 --> 00:25:42.690
Morgana and Devin: She was just a rock star she was just somebody who kicked butt and she was working it out, and I was impressed and jealous and.
00:25:42.990 --> 00:25:54.690
Morgana and Devin: And she'd write me these letters with a whole slew of like here's all the impressive projects i'm working on, and you know I would write back oh i'm looking for a job you know, so it wasn't like.
00:25:55.290 --> 00:26:05.160
Morgana and Devin: But it was ridiculous and so out of almost like a panic, I wrote some weird little story and attached it to the email and sent it to her.
00:26:06.150 --> 00:26:12.330
Morgana and Devin: And she wrote back well I don't know if you saw the fourth the fourth.
00:26:13.080 --> 00:26:18.540
Morgana and Devin: link from the bottom of all my list of projects, but you know i'm putting together a.
00:26:18.900 --> 00:26:29.790
Morgana and Devin: Book proposal and we're taking submissions the submissions are over with, but if you sent me something by Thursday i'll make sure that it gets read, and so I wrote another silly little story.
00:26:30.180 --> 00:26:43.500
Morgana and Devin: And I sent it to her and I didn't hear back from her, but I heard back from an Italian publisher who basically said hey the Dalai lama's on page 106 and you're on page 52 congratulations.
00:26:44.070 --> 00:26:58.860
Morgana and Devin: And it was the greatest high ever and then I remember writing a friend of mine i'm like oh my God, this was this is like what and because, on top of all of this, I was.
00:26:59.310 --> 00:27:04.560
Morgana and Devin: told when I was 10 or words in the third grade but uh however old you are in third grade maybe I would say.
00:27:05.130 --> 00:27:18.450
Morgana and Devin: Anyway, I turned in some writing assignment and the teacher, Mrs Jones makes you roll over it her grave handing me back a writing assignment she goes well young man, you should take a lot of wood shop classes, you certainly won't ever be a writer.
00:27:19.710 --> 00:27:27.510
Morgana and Devin: Right, but I listened to tell a child rabbit that's you know this isn't a different time in place in terms of psychology but that's what she did.
00:27:27.720 --> 00:27:36.270
Morgana and Devin: And by the way, I hated her advice, it took a lot of wood shop classes, I know that and I appreciate it yeah now I can fix a lot, I can fix a lot of stuff but so.
00:27:38.160 --> 00:27:41.610
Morgana and Devin: So long story short, for me to get published anywhere as a writer was.
00:27:42.780 --> 00:28:03.000
Morgana and Devin: Like who who knew, but this was like oh my gosh I want to get myself involved with whatever this is, I was so high, after getting published, and so I started calling up everybody that I knew and I did similar things like this and other kinds of like ooh I want to explore this career.
00:28:04.620 --> 00:28:12.960
Morgana and Devin: I call, I called and wrote everybody that I knew that might conceivably want or need a writer, or maybe they knew a person who might need a writer.
00:28:13.290 --> 00:28:26.940
Morgana and Devin: And so that's what I started doing and I got on the phone with a woman who was a publisher of a Spanish language magazine, who has to strengthen idly I was speaking Spanish is the beginning of the show and so.
00:28:28.320 --> 00:28:43.260
Morgana and Devin: I said I want to write for you, and she goes our how's your Spanish and i'm like at the time it was non existent I don't speak Spanish she goes well, then I don't need you, I need people who write in Spanish, and I said I totally get that.
00:28:44.550 --> 00:28:56.640
Morgana and Devin: And I said, one day, though, if you're ever in a bind think of me, and she goes well, but I want unless you speak Spanish, are you taking Spanish classes, no, but if you are in a bind.
00:28:57.330 --> 00:29:09.360
Morgana and Devin: Please think of me and with everything she said I just kept answering I totally get it, I understand, but if you're in a bind please think of me, and she goes why I want click.
00:29:09.960 --> 00:29:23.910
Morgana and Devin: And I don't blame her hanging up on me you're such a hustler that i'm not i'm selling off well she so anyway long story short, she called me up at nine o'clock one night like a month or two later and said.
00:29:24.570 --> 00:29:35.940
Morgana and Devin: I need 350 words on the health benefit of the chili pepper and i'm in a bind and I said, you know when do you need it, I needed in that in an hour and I said.
00:29:36.930 --> 00:29:42.810
Morgana and Devin: Where where would I said, you have an idea of where I would source any of this information she goes I don't care.
00:29:43.380 --> 00:29:55.260
Morgana and Devin: I don't care where you get it from you just go find me something about the health benefits of the chili pepper and I hung up that phone and i'm like wow i'm in a bind what am I going to do.
00:29:55.830 --> 00:30:00.990
Morgana and Devin: But what I did was I started searching, the Internet, I mean this was the Internet was new.
00:30:01.620 --> 00:30:11.370
Morgana and Devin: But I found a few few things about health benefits of chili peppers and I wrote it down and I didn't know if it was factually correct I don't think she cared.
00:30:11.850 --> 00:30:33.510
Morgana and Devin: I think what she cared was is that I had written the story that was coherent and that she was in fact in a bind, and so I sent it in and 15 minutes after I sent it in she goes, this will be fine, by the way you can't be Devon gallery in my Spanish language magazine.
00:30:34.620 --> 00:30:40.830
Morgana and Devin: pick a name pick a Latin surname and I said i'll be Poncho Sanchez.
00:30:42.930 --> 00:30:55.920
Morgana and Devin: Which made sense at the time it was the only the only sort of Latino name I could think of and so long story short, I started writing a whole series of different articles Poncho Sanchez.
00:30:56.490 --> 00:31:03.570
Morgana and Devin: would write these articles that were like little movie reviews and book reviews and little things.
00:31:03.840 --> 00:31:10.920
Morgana and Devin: And I, and it was always a little Okay, you know I needed it in in an hour 350 words and so there'd be these little.
00:31:11.220 --> 00:31:19.620
Morgana and Devin: These little teeny articles that would be like here to be the main article and then be little tiny article somewhere in the bottom that would fill up a little hole somewhere in the magazine.
00:31:20.010 --> 00:31:37.140
Morgana and Devin: And that was Poncho Sanchez his job and I wrote a whole whole bunch of little articles and not in Spanish, she translated them and then one day she actually called me up and said listen I need I need somebody to be somebody's mother.
00:31:38.610 --> 00:31:46.410
Morgana and Devin: And I you know i'm in a bind and I said great, what do you need because well I need you to be somebody's mother and they're buying Christmas presents.
00:31:46.770 --> 00:31:52.350
Morgana and Devin: And, and I need you to buy you know write a story and I don't know what happened and it didn't matter.
00:31:52.800 --> 00:32:00.510
Morgana and Devin: And i'm like when do you need as well, I can give you a day okay i'll go unit was a much larger longer article about Christmas Day.
00:32:01.050 --> 00:32:16.320
Morgana and Devin: And I had to do a little bit of research as somebody's mother and she goes Oh, by the way you can't be Devon Gala day as somebody's mother in my Spanish language magazine pick a name and I became Luis and make on solace.
00:32:17.940 --> 00:32:27.510
Morgana and Devin: I wrote a couple of you know, a small a couple articles, maybe, as we some at your my wife louisa may consultants are said right, yes, far less traditional.
00:32:28.320 --> 00:32:44.460
Morgana and Devin: Marriage than I thought right, and you know listen I you know what I would imagine is that their magazines and situations and things that happen all over the world, all the time, where it's just like i'm in a bind and so you know when I was starting out as a writer.
00:32:45.600 --> 00:32:58.230
Morgana and Devin: I was willing to kind of do anything and there's a certain youthful enthusiasm that can come with that kind of thing about limitations, where it's like Okay, I will off figure it out.
00:32:58.680 --> 00:33:02.940
Morgana and Devin: Like a buddy of mine, a guy and I haven't seen him in a long time, so I don't know if he's still a buddy but.
00:33:04.860 --> 00:33:16.200
Morgana and Devin: He was like you know, he was born in indiana or something like that it was like i'm going to be an actor and I don't care what it takes and what the day he turned 18.
00:33:16.440 --> 00:33:24.240
Morgana and Devin: He drove from indiana to Los Angeles and slept in his car until he found like four guys, who had no money and they moved into.
00:33:24.750 --> 00:33:34.590
Morgana and Devin: Some crummy apartment 30 years ago and he worked every rotten job in the world, as long as he could go on auditions.
00:33:34.920 --> 00:33:47.640
Morgana and Devin: And after he did it for like five years he got a few breaks, but like five years was not okay i'm not giving up he was just going to keep showing up over and over again, and then eventually.
00:33:48.270 --> 00:33:58.650
Morgana and Devin: got on some pretty big shows, and then he became a series regular and did some kind of amazing stuff, but it was like i'm going to show up and I don't care what you think.
00:33:59.370 --> 00:34:11.700
Morgana and Devin: that's a really huge one, and I think we do get better at that part at least I do and and the women, I know, get better at the not caring what you think parts as we get older.
00:34:14.310 --> 00:34:20.940
Morgana and Devin: Devon, and I were just talking about how we took our first in person West Coast swing class over the weekend.
00:34:21.510 --> 00:34:43.620
Morgana and Devin: In over a year, it was amazing it was three hours with one of the biggest West Coast dance champion genius celebrity and a great teacher and I didn't notice until three hours in that I This is ridiculous that I had my shoes on the wrong feet, like, I have the right, on the left.
00:34:44.760 --> 00:35:06.120
Morgana and Devin: is like really obvious but I, you know it was like Oh, maybe that's why my balance was oddly wobbly but who cares like that is the amazing thing is I cared like you know earth swallow me now biggest fear of my life was humiliation went from a really young age, and now it's.
00:35:07.410 --> 00:35:15.240
Morgana and Devin: Just like I am at a certain point you just realize that everybody is so involved in themselves, they are paying attention anyway so and so.
00:35:16.650 --> 00:35:21.990
Morgana and Devin: So what it's which is that's a huge release of limitation that's liberating.
00:35:23.790 --> 00:35:34.860
Morgana and Devin: On a kind of on a professional point, this is sort of what i've been working with people for 30 years is limiting beliefs.
00:35:35.580 --> 00:35:52.170
Morgana and Devin: limitations with career and love and life and what i've noticed is money we haven't really talked much about money on the show and we probably should have a show about money, because it's such a big issue in relation we'll have and it's my wheelhouse.
00:35:54.240 --> 00:36:05.790
Morgana and Devin: But money for the last 30 years of coaching thousands of clients money is the number one excuse for what we can't have do or be when so that's why that's kind of.
00:36:06.240 --> 00:36:20.850
Morgana and Devin: Where I focus is on transforming that dynamic of like those Mont scary monsters scarcity to this lover who wants to be with you and stay with you forever um.
00:36:21.390 --> 00:36:33.240
Morgana and Devin: I have a gift if you're listening to the show, and if money is in any way a pain in your life and it doesn't mean you don't have money, I have coached clients on public assistance, and I have coached billionaires.
00:36:34.020 --> 00:36:42.360
Morgana and Devin: and anybody who has money knows that the money stuff doesn't go away when you have more money it just changes and sometimes gets bigger.
00:36:43.230 --> 00:36:51.810
Morgana and Devin: It really it affects your relationships, sometimes you become a target sometimes you're really great at making money didn't better getting rid of it, but the drama.
00:36:52.860 --> 00:37:03.510
Morgana and Devin: And the root cause it's kind of a through line wherever you are on the spectrum of you know how many zeros are in your bank account, so I have a gift.
00:37:05.280 --> 00:37:19.560
Morgana and Devin: no strings attached just go to money magnet and i'll put the link in the show notes money magnet gift calm, it is, in my opinion, my very best audio class ever.
00:37:20.670 --> 00:37:31.800
Morgana and Devin: carolyn contents listened to it and made $87,000 in the next 24 hours Perry made $10,000 in the next week after listening to it by asking yourself.
00:37:32.130 --> 00:37:42.900
Morgana and Devin: After listening to the show what we're gonna do so, I have my own little WW md what would morgana do lots and lots of success stories that you can see it my website.
00:37:44.190 --> 00:37:50.790
Morgana and Devin: morgana but really we're going to move on, but I it's such a.
00:37:51.720 --> 00:38:00.630
Morgana and Devin: it's such a thing, and when you improve your relationship with money, and this is, this is a really big deal as you improve your relationship with love to.
00:38:01.290 --> 00:38:13.410
Morgana and Devin: Because your relation your relationship with money all money issues when you dig deep enough below the issue in all money issues really are in love issues.
00:38:14.190 --> 00:38:28.980
Morgana and Devin: So how you show up in life, your relationship with yourself and your relationship with life and your relationship with love shifts to and you don't have to address them all separately, you can do it all, at one time just by changing your relationship with.
00:38:30.210 --> 00:38:47.070
Morgana and Devin: This imaginary money person so moving on from money limitation and we talked about my friend's Father your own what else did I want to talk about today and.
00:38:48.180 --> 00:38:52.710
Morgana and Devin: You know we're talking about limitation and we were talking about the exuberance of youth, but.
00:38:53.730 --> 00:39:02.160
Morgana and Devin: It doesn't really end like you get to keep making up your own rules, this whole thing of Devon, and I getting married 100 times it's just like.
00:39:02.940 --> 00:39:13.050
Morgana and Devin: We didn't ask anybody for permission, we just started doing it we just made it up Oh, there is one crucial bit that I didn't discuss for.
00:39:13.740 --> 00:39:22.770
Morgana and Devin: And it's really important one, this actually came up in a conversation I was having with a friend, it was much more about religion and stuff of the time, but it's this line.
00:39:23.430 --> 00:39:32.340
Morgana and Devin: That that actually comes from James i'm not going to bore you with the biblical attributions but it says faith without works is dead.
00:39:32.670 --> 00:39:53.400
Morgana and Devin: And so what does that mean that means it's great to have the youthful exuberance to say i'll do that thing it's another thing entirely to follow through on it, so, in other words, when that woman set called me up at nine o'clock at night and said i'm in a bind.
00:39:54.930 --> 00:40:03.810
Morgana and Devin: I could have easily said Oh, you know i'm busy i'm watching i'm watching TV or whatever, whatever it was that I was doing at the time.
00:40:04.140 --> 00:40:20.670
Morgana and Devin: I could have come up with some sort of a rationale or excuse to not do the thing that I set myself up to do so, that means when those opportunities showed up but fell in my lap or fell from the sky or however they did at some point, I also had to be committed.
00:40:21.900 --> 00:40:27.360
Morgana and Devin: In order to take the action when the opportunity arose, which is something you know, like I.
00:40:27.630 --> 00:40:37.140
Morgana and Devin: We have a friend of ours we've known for a long time, who she was a sculptor and she was doing very well, and she was successful and then she saw some program about.
00:40:37.470 --> 00:40:53.430
Morgana and Devin: roller Derby and decided i'm going to do that, we interviewed her oh yeah right we remembered get take a look at early 2020 we she's a hoot yeah no she's she's a hoot.
00:40:53.760 --> 00:41:00.030
Morgana and Devin: And in roller Derby she's known as DEMO licious yes, no that's the thing it's a hilarious name.
00:41:00.660 --> 00:41:16.080
Morgana and Devin: She is fantastic but that's what she did she was just like not only did she was like oh my gosh I need to go do that she went out and took the action, and you know when when we started, I remember having a private conversation with.
00:41:17.280 --> 00:41:28.320
Morgana and Devin: Rebecca on this very subject and i'm like well but there's so much to putting together a roller Derby league so long story short, she was the person, one of the the I think she was the founder.
00:41:28.590 --> 00:41:33.750
Morgana and Devin: Of the Los Angeles Derby dolls and they have you know the whole league out here.
00:41:34.410 --> 00:41:40.680
Morgana and Devin: When she started there was nothing I mean they didn't have a track they didn't have skates they didn't have ads didn't have anything.
00:41:41.160 --> 00:41:50.370
Morgana and Devin: And so, she was I remember her telling me oh yeah it's, how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time and that's what she did she just kept.
00:41:50.760 --> 00:42:10.410
Morgana and Devin: Taking the action over and over and over to fulfill the idea, and some of the ideas that we get that are really good just take a few actions and others like rebecca's are like oh no you just keep showing up for me it was just easy to say okay if you're in a bind think of me.
00:42:11.460 --> 00:42:22.680
Morgana and Devin: What you're talking about is bringing up something for me that I think it's also like to mention is it's really, really helpful to make friends with fear.
00:42:23.610 --> 00:42:36.540
Morgana and Devin: I had a practice and it wasn't intentional it just sort of happened and I noticed it that for 10 or 15 years I would do something every month that terrified me.
00:42:37.410 --> 00:42:43.110
Morgana and Devin: And it wasn't like I was searching out to do something that terrified me and it wasn't that I was doing anything.
00:42:43.410 --> 00:42:52.200
Morgana and Devin: That would kill me, although you know there were possibilities sometimes but i'm not like not good at jumping out of planes because i'm afraid of heights so that's not.
00:42:52.890 --> 00:43:04.530
Morgana and Devin: One of the things, but like an opportunity would just show up to do something terrifying but worth doing and there'd be like a move yikes.
00:43:05.100 --> 00:43:19.350
Morgana and Devin: My like yay oh no cycle is like wow you want me to speak in Norway, you want you're inviting me to Bali you're you know it's like i'm going to speak in front of a million people what.
00:43:19.770 --> 00:43:40.740
Morgana and Devin: terrifying sounds great so i'm going to do it and I got used to the like this kind of cycle of oh my God, this is so great to that that that would lead up to when it gets closer over earth swallow me now and then cut and then going further and it being really wonderful and I just.
00:43:41.940 --> 00:43:55.590
Morgana and Devin: got so used to saying yes, yes to good things that terrified me that I just developed a real affection for the experience of fear.
00:43:56.250 --> 00:44:07.890
Morgana and Devin: And I want to really make a distinction between the kind of fear that you want to dive into and run towards and the kind of fear you want to say I respect you.
00:44:08.280 --> 00:44:21.810
Morgana and Devin: or I respect this fear and no i'm saying no and I think the fears that that you want to like move into is the one that makes you bigger it feels expansive it's like.
00:44:22.590 --> 00:44:42.630
Morgana and Devin: terrifying but there's something there that makes you a bigger person moves you into the world and the life, you want to be as opposed to who i'm feeling some like red flags here about this guy that i'm going to go on a date with that kind of fear, I would just say there's no date worth.
00:44:44.010 --> 00:44:45.540
Morgana and Devin: That you know.
00:44:47.460 --> 00:44:49.230
Morgana and Devin: And, and by all means.
00:44:50.460 --> 00:45:07.410
Morgana and Devin: Make sure that if you go on a date that there is some kind of safety in place but that's sort of that's how like my favorite thing in my business came out of some stranger on a dating APP inviting me to Bali, by the way, if I were my own mother.
00:45:09.180 --> 00:45:18.060
Morgana and Devin: died to see my daughter do something as foolish as this, so I don't recommend it, but I met the guy I asked and any.
00:45:18.360 --> 00:45:24.660
Morgana and Devin: He seemed safe enough, so I got on a plane on our second date, by the way, and my husband is here.
00:45:25.050 --> 00:45:36.630
Morgana and Devin: Nothing happened, it was the worst second date ever we did not get along we never kissed nothing happened I moved out after a couple of days, but it got me to Bali.
00:45:37.470 --> 00:45:49.890
Morgana and Devin: And while I was in Bali, I fell in love with Bali and I felt like oh my God every woman should be here every woman should experience this and two months later, I was bleep leading a live event.
00:45:50.400 --> 00:46:01.260
Morgana and Devin: And I filled my first money goddess retreat, which is my favorite thing in my business to do and it came from it wasn't even about the guy.
00:46:01.920 --> 00:46:09.360
Morgana and Devin: I had in this, do you know them very intuitive sometimes I had had a conversation with the universe of the beginning of the year and.
00:46:09.660 --> 00:46:21.300
Morgana and Devin: it's just you know, everybody has their own new your ritual I don't do resolutions, but I will go okay universe what wants to happen this year and then i'll just listen for what.
00:46:21.990 --> 00:46:37.650
Morgana and Devin: What I hear what comes back to me what my intuition is and I asked that in 2012 and I suddenly saw this Asian marketplace and I was like what Asia scary far away, I might fall off the earth, you know it's, on the other side.
00:46:38.070 --> 00:46:49.020
Morgana and Devin: And I was like are you sure, and the universe sit back to me yeah and then I was like well, what about Australia, instead, and in the university well yeah that's Okay, too.
00:46:50.430 --> 00:47:02.190
Morgana and Devin: But Asia, and I was like Europe and and and she said well that's that's Okay, too, but Asia, and I was like oh okay and i've received two different invitations to Asia that year.
00:47:03.420 --> 00:47:11.070
Morgana and Devin: And the first one, I turned down because it was not a good situation, but the second one, I was like well.
00:47:12.240 --> 00:47:20.880
Morgana and Devin: I know i'm supposed to go to Asia so i'm going to Asia, and I found out why, after the fact, because I knew.
00:47:22.380 --> 00:47:34.710
Morgana and Devin: That I was supposed to go, you know that just that intuitive feeling, but there was the fear of falling off the planet, which is why I needed to go with somebody who felt safe enough to get me there.
00:47:35.700 --> 00:47:45.930
Morgana and Devin: And then we mutually decided ooh this is this is just not working out wish you best and we parted ways quickly, but it got me where I was supposed to go.
00:47:48.780 --> 00:47:50.820
Morgana and Devin: And I love when.
00:47:53.100 --> 00:48:02.100
Morgana and Devin: When you just get that intuitive hit to do something that doesn't make sense until after the fact, which I think is.
00:48:02.610 --> 00:48:24.270
Morgana and Devin: You know what our whole getting married multiple times was Devon had his he calls it, a goof and it became the most it's been just the most wonderful relationship practice you'd never know where something bleeds it just helps to exercise that muscle to.
00:48:26.220 --> 00:48:34.260
Morgana and Devin: To be open and to be able to tell the difference inside yourself of what is truly dangerous.
00:48:35.400 --> 00:48:39.000
Morgana and Devin: And what is merrily terrifying.
00:48:40.530 --> 00:48:53.910
Morgana and Devin: And I think too I think terrifying is too strong to strong the word I was exaggerating right no I mean I appreciate the enthusiasm, I mean I think when, for me, when when we got married you know, the second time in.
00:48:54.390 --> 00:49:03.390
Morgana and Devin: in Puerto Vallarta it was a goof it was a silly idea that I could have easily said oh oh that's i'm not going to do that.
00:49:04.470 --> 00:49:16.260
Morgana and Devin: And i'm really glad that I did, and it would have been like hey you know I could have said hey I don't need you don't speak Spanish I could have easily said oh yeah you know you're totally you're totally right.
00:49:16.950 --> 00:49:27.300
Morgana and Devin: i'll just abandon this idea and i'll go to school or i'll do whatever traditional think I think i'm supposed to do in order to get it, and I think you know for the.
00:49:27.810 --> 00:49:36.720
Morgana and Devin: Small risks that I took in order to get sort of like larger rewards will a lot of it had to do, ultimately, when I look back and.
00:49:37.020 --> 00:49:45.720
Morgana and Devin: I mean, I think a lot of since since i'm not necessarily talking to kids right i'm assuming if you're on the show you're kind of like us kind of.
00:49:46.020 --> 00:49:57.300
Morgana and Devin: Living your best middle age life, I think there is a just a small sense of like Okay, I could end up with a little bit of egg on my face if this doesn't go the way that I hope.
00:49:57.660 --> 00:50:05.520
Morgana and Devin: But if that was the case that's fine, but what what frequently happens is you take this little risk that may be a little bit weird to do.
00:50:05.910 --> 00:50:16.200
Morgana and Devin: And then you all of a sudden, you get some kind of a fantastic reward out of the thing like i'm wasn't supposed to be a writer, and I am deep into the second draft of my next book and i've written.
00:50:16.680 --> 00:50:23.430
Morgana and Devin: Hundreds of articles that have appeared in numerous websites and and magazines and you know that's.
00:50:23.850 --> 00:50:36.180
Morgana and Devin: That not necessarily like a huge deal within itself, but it was definitely not what was in the cards for me and it's huge for you, oh yeah no I mean listen it's afforded me i'm you know i've visited more.
00:50:36.780 --> 00:50:45.900
Morgana and Devin: than 80 countries because of the writing and leading my retreat in Bali seems like the greatest idea in the world easy thing to fill.
00:50:46.680 --> 00:50:56.880
Morgana and Devin: And then I did get scared like I joke about terrifying but it felt like that in the moment because I was so scared that I was going to like let my women down.
00:50:57.600 --> 00:51:07.290
Morgana and Devin: And then they were so happy, I was like a drug drug addict oh my God I want more of this let's do this again and so now i've done it, I think.
00:51:08.340 --> 00:51:19.020
Morgana and Devin: nine times I have to go and count, because you know this thing that and I still get scared because I still want to make sure that I deliver for every woman.
00:51:19.470 --> 00:51:33.780
Morgana and Devin: But it is the youngest kind of fear i'm Devon proposing to me marrying Devon was really, really scary because I was so happy with the things with the way things were and I was scared that.
00:51:34.380 --> 00:51:44.010
Morgana and Devin: If we get married What if it ruins all of it, then a year later, and again, you know you make up your own rules, we were married for a whole year before we moved in together.
00:51:45.570 --> 00:51:53.250
Morgana and Devin: And I was afraid that living together was going to ruin everything that was six years ago we're still together.
00:51:54.270 --> 00:51:57.450
Morgana and Devin: Still together and happy, but it's that like.
00:51:58.500 --> 00:51:58.860
Morgana and Devin: um.
00:52:00.690 --> 00:52:24.240
Morgana and Devin: But is this the direction that grows me in the direction I want to go it's just the more you practice that my friend te amo and I love his name means I love you hit, he says that fear is the one thing that gets smaller when you run towards it, so you really wanted, you know just.
00:52:25.620 --> 00:52:29.550
Morgana and Devin: Practice feeling that good fear.
00:52:30.870 --> 00:52:43.440
Morgana and Devin: it's it's like fear is like I don't flag it's like a flag in the sand that says treasure below if it wasn't if it didn't matter, it would be like brushing your teeth in.
00:52:44.310 --> 00:52:48.990
Morgana and Devin: Well, I think it's less for me it's less about the fear and more about the break.
00:52:49.800 --> 00:52:57.990
Morgana and Devin: In other words, taking action, in spite of your fear towards the thing that you want or the thing that you want to explore, I mean it's.
00:52:58.290 --> 00:53:14.730
Morgana and Devin: You know I mean, I think we all have fear and I think I think GMOs right fear get smaller, more you confront it because most of the time, the stuff that's rattling around in your head doesn't actually come to pass it doesn't it doesn't manifest into anything that's really worth.
00:53:15.900 --> 00:53:25.890
Morgana and Devin: You know, and I, and I think, as we get older it just becomes progressively more obvious that we just okay yeah I know there's gonna be some strife.
00:53:26.790 --> 00:53:34.680
Morgana and Devin: is just whether or not you want to suffer Jeremy and and and I think I think there's pain that's like when you step on attack.
00:53:35.250 --> 00:53:41.700
Morgana and Devin: And then there is suffering that after you've removed the tack you're now worried about the next tab you're going to step on.
00:53:42.330 --> 00:53:46.350
Morgana and Devin: And that's that's the part that I think we can avoid well for.
00:53:46.890 --> 00:54:06.720
Morgana and Devin: Because I also think it's useful to worry about and not step on another tab right but that I think that just comes from learning like okay watch where you're stepping well here's here's the thing about I know a lot of people push you know forgive you must forgive and what, in my experience.
00:54:08.190 --> 00:54:26.640
Morgana and Devin: When you realize that you saw the red flags and it may take a while to get there, and that you can protect yourself from that experience in the future, and you can forgive yourself from that for for.
00:54:27.990 --> 00:54:31.080
Morgana and Devin: experiencing that or allowing that to happen.
00:54:32.490 --> 00:54:35.010
Morgana and Devin: Then forgiving the other person.
00:54:36.330 --> 00:54:49.980
Morgana and Devin: just happened spontaneously I don't think forgiving is something you should force, I think that that like doubles to, especially if there was abuse evolved, or if it's ongoing That to me is just doubling down on the abuse.
00:54:51.660 --> 00:55:06.660
Morgana and Devin: I don't believe in forcing forgiveness, but when you are safe and you know you're safe when you can give yourself safety, the other person becomes irrelevant and that's when forgiveness happens because it the other person.
00:55:08.700 --> 00:55:19.920
Morgana and Devin: is not what really matters because you move forward in life with relationship with yourself and the people who are not in your highest good.
00:55:21.120 --> 00:55:39.300
Morgana and Devin: don't belong, and you can leave them aside, you can even love them, you can love them and leave them aside and wish them every blessing in the world, but forgiveness, I think that that is simply sort of like an autonomous byproduct.
00:55:40.620 --> 00:55:46.470
Morgana and Devin: of taking the lesson making yourself, safe and forgiving yourself.
00:55:49.410 --> 00:55:52.980
Morgana and Devin: boy did that get heavy fast yeah no that's.
00:55:54.030 --> 00:55:56.490
Morgana and Devin: That was not lightweight stuff yeah.
00:55:57.930 --> 00:56:05.850
Morgana and Devin: what's how did you forgive you forgive your dad you wrote a whole book to do that um yeah I mean here's the thing I read a book.
00:56:06.240 --> 00:56:13.320
Morgana and Devin: anytime I think of forgiveness, I think of a book by neale Donald walsch the little soul in the sun.
00:56:14.220 --> 00:56:30.240
Morgana and Devin: it's I mean the book is probably 30 years old, by the way, his wife loves my book, oh that's cool yeah, so I think he wrote a book about sort of the nature of forgiveness, and I think I think a lot of it comes down to.
00:56:32.700 --> 00:56:46.200
Morgana and Devin: i'll give you the just the briefest synopsis of the book, which was there's this little soul and he's now told the gets to go to earth and have experiences and.
00:56:47.070 --> 00:56:54.210
Morgana and Devin: So you know God is saying well what what kind of things do you want to experience and he thought about it.
00:56:54.480 --> 00:57:04.710
Morgana and Devin: And then he's like well, I really don't know I haven't thought about it, and God or the universe, or whatever is talking to him says, well, I don't know how but tried forgiveness that's a good one.
00:57:05.550 --> 00:57:17.970
Morgana and Devin: And the little souls like yeah no i'll totally do that that's what i'm gonna be i'm gonna be the person who forgives and then of course he's like ha well what am I going to forget.
00:57:18.900 --> 00:57:25.710
Morgana and Devin: And you know the universe is like well I don't know that's a that's that's a quagmire it's.
00:57:26.340 --> 00:57:34.290
Morgana and Devin: it's challenging you know it's a challenging thing well we're going to come up with something and then another soul comes out.
00:57:34.860 --> 00:57:48.480
Morgana and Devin: And says, you know i'm i'm like i'm like just like you, but for you to forgive something it's going to have to be important and, for me to do something terrible to you.
00:57:49.590 --> 00:57:56.130
Morgana and Devin: That would be worthy of forgiveness i'm going to have to stop being who it is that I am so I give you this opportunity.
00:57:56.580 --> 00:58:06.840
Morgana and Devin: I give you this opportunity at forgiveness, and so I may forget who I am by doing this thing that's not you know that's going to challenge your forgiveness.
00:58:07.500 --> 00:58:17.130
Morgana and Devin: And so you know anyway it's sort of like this interesting negotiation that kind of like takes well, what are we doing because it implies frequently.
00:58:17.340 --> 00:58:35.070
Morgana and Devin: You know I mean we can point it's really horrible things that happened in society and around the world in our history as human beings that we could argue, is well this is unforgivable and maybe maybe that's true, but I think when you start looking at it from a perspective that.
00:58:38.220 --> 00:58:55.560
Morgana and Devin: Well, maybe there's more to this notion of you there's more to notions of love and compassion and forgiveness than maybe meets the eye, maybe it isn't that this is an evil person that's done this wrong to us right some girl who hurt my feelings by jilting made you know.
00:58:57.240 --> 00:59:04.410
Morgana and Devin: And maybe there's a larger larger purpose to these kinds of things I don't know if Teal neale Donald walsch is right or not.
00:59:04.770 --> 00:59:12.360
Morgana and Devin: But it opens the door to kind of see things in a new light and I think that's really important well and we're in our last minute, so there are a few things.
00:59:12.720 --> 00:59:25.950
Morgana and Devin: I want to cover to wrap it up again my gift for transforming your relationship with money from this unforgivable monster of scarcity, who tells you that you're not good enough and you can't have this to a lover.
00:59:26.820 --> 00:59:40.020
Morgana and Devin: Who wants to be with you that you can have for free no strings attached go to money magnet gift calm that's a good idea, and since we're talking about neale Donald walsch his wife I landed.
00:59:40.380 --> 00:59:55.230
Morgana and Devin: At a lunch table with her about 10 years ago and she knew who I was, and she loved my book financial alchemy, so you can find that, at my website morgana or just go to Amazon, but if you go to Amazon go back to my website
00:59:55.650 --> 01:00:00.660
Morgana and Devin: Because under the book tab you can get a free secret bonus gift.
01:00:02.010 --> 01:00:08.670
Morgana and Devin: That is a two and a half hour Q amp a call that nobody on Amazon knows about only you know about.
01:00:10.440 --> 01:00:17.670
Morgana and Devin: And speaking of forgiveness and we did not rehearse this or plan this, but our guests next week.
01:00:19.260 --> 01:00:32.430
Morgana and Devin: is all about adultery and right the sheet her book is the adulterers wife and she is all about the best revenge is not needing to get revenge.
01:00:33.000 --> 01:00:43.380
Morgana and Devin: So I think that this is a really good segue into next week really talking about forgiveness and living your best life and not being limited by.
01:00:45.300 --> 01:01:00.090
Morgana and Devin: The wounds and trespasses that arise in life, because we really want you to have limitless love and abundance and the fullest expression of who you are.
01:01:00.510 --> 01:01:05.400
Morgana and Devin: meant to be in this lifetime, as you as you desire and you determine so.
01:01:06.300 --> 01:01:19.680
Morgana and Devin: that's it for crazy sexy midlife love and today's episode all about love travel and living beyond limitation next week is about adultery we don't condone it, but what happens if it happens.
01:01:20.280 --> 01:01:27.630
Morgana and Devin: let's make sure that your life continues to be fantastic so we'll see you next week at 5pm Pacific time mm hmm.
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