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Voices of Courage, December 2, 2018

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The Courage to Find the Gift of Addiction
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with Sherry Burditt and Mary Lou Rodgers

Today we discuss getting to the root cause of addiction and exploring what it means to live a life of sobriety.


What is really going on with addiction? Is it good versus evil, is it a lack of morals or willpower, an ignorance of how addiction works, or is it something else altogether?

Addiction is a very complex disease, and most people don’t understand why or how people actually become addicted to drugs or alcohol. The truth is, quitting takes a lot more than good intentions or goodwill. This is because alcohol and drugs actually change the way the brain works and they change who we are.

Who do you know that’s suffering from a problem with addiction? Think about it. Maybe it’s someone you don’t really know all that well, or maybe it’s someone that’s very close to you. This show is all about understanding addiction and the solutions available to help those that are struggling get the help that they need.

My first guest, Sherry Burditt, is an RN, Board Registered in Holistic Nursing and the Clinical Director for Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat. As the child of an alcoholic father with addiction running throughout her family, Sherry, fortunately, did not inherit the addictive gene.

Rather, she spent the better part of her life engaged in personally experiencing it and professionally treating it. Sherry shares insight on why people become addicted, the heavy baggage that comes along with addiction, and how shifting our thoughts and energy can change our whole lives.

My second guest, Mary Lou Rodgers, is the founder and operator of Ohana House which is a luxury sober living for women who are seeking support on their path to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. As an adopted child, Mary Lou struggled with abandonment issues her entire life.

These issues along with the Irish gene for alcoholism turned what was once periodic binge drinking into what eventually became a diagnosis of alcoholism. Mary Lou shares her personal journey of lasting sobriety, the most critical component of getting sober, and how sober living helps transition people back into life after treatment.


We Discuss:

  • The widespread prevalence of addiction in our society today
  • The complexity of addiction and how it changes how our brain function and personality
  • Why certain people end up becoming addicts and/or alcoholics
  • The heavy and burdensome baggage that comes with addiction and how it can be removed
  • The management of Duality — Light energy (nurturing) vs. Dark energy (depleting)
  • How to reach the people that are high-functioning and don’t believe they have a problem
  • The importance of a peaceful, loving, and supportive environment on the road to sobriety
  • How sober living creates a safe place for treatment and transitioning back into life
  • The most critical component of getting sober and avoiding relapse and further suffering
  • The 7 energy centers in the body and how these Chakras relate to addiction

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